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Iran blocks Waze GPS navigation for being ‘Made in Israel’


Although the app is widely used among Iranian drivers, the Iranian news agency FARS reports a temporarily block of the GPS navigation application Waze is currently in effect due to gov’t concerns, since its development was in the Jewish State.

By Ynet



Authorities in Iran have temporarily blocked people from using the navigation app Waze because it was developed in Israel.

In a report publicized by the Iranian news agency FARS, it was stated that a final permanent decision regarding the use of the program will be made soon. As of now, the app is unavailable for download, and the actual use of the program is being blocked by the government. Continue Reading »

PM Netanyahu thunderstruck to hear street named after Yasser Arafat


After learning that WAZE displayed a street named after the late PLO chief in the northern Arab town of Jatt, PM Netanyahu vowed to have the street renamed.

By Israel Hayom Staff


“I heard about the IDF veterans’ efforts to combat the decision to name a street in the Jatt local council after [former PLO leader] Yasser Arafat,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on his Facebook page on Saturday. “I spoke to Interior Minister Aryeh Deri about it, and he told me that his ministry never approved such a move. No street in the State of Israel shall be named after Arafat — we will take action to have the sign removed. Continue Reading »

Waze in Israel Launches Pilot Carpooling Program

A test program running in Tel Aviv using a new Waze application called RideWith, uses the navigation system to learn routes drivers most frequently take to school or work & matches them up with people looking for rides in the same direction.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


Google-owned traffic navigation app Waze is launching a carpooling pilot program in Israel in which commuters pay fellow drivers a small fee for a ride to and from work.
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Israel’s high-tech boom is double-edged sword on local economy

As foreign companies are acquiring the ‘Start-up Nation’s high-profile companies that were providing hundreds of jobs locally, Israel’s market is being brain-drained as they move abroad.

By Reuters


Israeli entrepreneur Avi Brenmiller says he was coaxed by investors into selling Solel, his solar-thermal power firm, to Germany’s Siemens for $418 million in 2009. Today, little is left of it after Siemens pulled out of the business.

ScanDisk in USB port – IsraelandStuff/PP

From a thriving company that employed over 500 people, Solel has been reduced to a factory with 50 workers. Brenmiller’s experience is one of a growing number of cases illustrating the double-edged nature of Israel’s high-tech boom. Continue Reading »

American Feds examine Google-Waze deal

Federal Trade Commission to investigate possible anti-trust issues in Internet search giant’s $1 billion acquisition of Israeli social mapping service Waze, which may drive Google to re-sell Israeli company

By Sagi Cohen

The Federal Trade Commission has launched an investigation into Google’s $1 billion acquisition of Israeli company Waze, the New York Post reported over the weekend. The FTC will look into possible anti-trust issues in the deal.

WAZE - Photo by IsraelandStuff,PP

WAZE – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

According to the report, although the agreement was finalized on June 11, Google believed it did not need to submit the deal for review because Waze’s US revenue is less than $70 million. Continue Reading »

It’s Official! Google announces acquisition of Israeli app Waze

World Record paid for app.  Acquisition comes after speculation involving Facebook & Apple. Google says Waze remains in Israel.

Netanyahu calls to congratulate owners and thanks them for their ‘contribution’ to putting Israel on the map and the future taxes they’ll be adding to the country’s treasury.




Google and Waze on Tuesday announced that the search giant had purchased the Israeli traffic app, but did not specify the sum of the deal.”[Google’s leaders] share our vision of a global mapping service, updated in real time by local communities, and wish to help us accelerate,” Waze CEO Noam Bardin wrote in a post on the company’s site.
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Israel to receive about $55 million in taxes from the $1.1 billion Waze deal


Since most of Waze’s stockholders are foreign residents they are not obligated to pay taxes in Israel.

WATCH: Ilan Gattegno breaks the deal down.

By Ilan Gattegno, Zeev Klein, Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


The government is expected to receive only about 200 million shekels ($55 million) in taxes from the reported $1.3 billion acquisition deal signed between Google and the Waze traffic and navigation app. While the final amount of the tax payment will depend on the ultimate structure of the deal, most of the Israeli startup company’s stockholders are foreign residents who are notobligated to pay taxes in Israel.

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Google to acquire Israeli navigation app Waze for $1.3billion


Sources says Google’s acquisition of Israel’s navigation app set to be completed shortly.





The acquisition of the Israeli navigation app and traffic report start up will be completed after months of speculation involving Google, Facebook and Apple.

Waze traffic software Photo IsraelandStuff PP

Waze traffic software – Photo IsraelandStuff/PP

Sources inform ”Globes” that Google Inc. will acquire Waze for $1.3 billion. The acquisition of the Israeli navigation app and traffic report start-up will be completed after months of reports that Waze would be sold to either Google or Facebook Inc.

Ra’anana-based Waze has almost 50 million users. This is a big number for an Israeli company, which probably helped it achieve the hoped-for exit.

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Israel’s navigation app turns down $Billion acquisition by Facebook

Israeli start-up traffic GPS app ready to pass on serious payday, just to keep its firm at home in the Jewish state.

By Israel Today Staff


Israeli start-up Waze, which provides a real-time navigation and traffic report app for smartphones, is reportedly set to turn down a $1 billion dollar acquisition bid by Facebook in order to keep its team in Israel.

WAZE - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

WAZE – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

With the improved GPS capabilities of newer smartphones like the iPhone and various Android handsets, Waze has seen a huge increase in usage in recent years, and today has an estimated user base of 48 million worldwide. Continue Reading »

Facebook in talks to buy Israeli GPS mega-hit Waze

If the $500 million deal happens, this will be Facebook’s 3rd acquisition in Israel, along with Face.com & Snaptu.



Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) is in advanced talks to buy Israeli navigation and traffic congestion app company Waze Ltd. for $500 million.

Waze traffic software Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Waze declined to respond to queries by “Globes” on the subject. When asked whether Facebook would close the company, as it has done with its previous acquisitions, Waze replied, “Don’t worry, we’ll be all right.”

There were reports in January that Waze was in talks with Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) at a company value of $400 million, but no deal materialized.

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Israeli navigator Waze beats out all other contenders for 2012 app ‘Oscar’ prize

Waze benefited from Apple’s iOS-6 mobile map operating system flaws last year with Waze reporting that 36 million drivers used the app in 2012 to help them drive nearly 10 billion kilometers.


Waze, the Israeli-developed free mobile navigation app, won the Mobile World Congress Judges’ Choice award this week for best overall mobile application, beating out major players like the file-hosting service Dropbox, the personalized news magazine Flipboard and the electronic payment service Square.



“This is a huge win for our community — thanks Wazers, for making us number 1!” the company said on its Facebook page. Continue Reading »

Apple seeking to acquire Israeli application Waze


Apple is in talks to buy the Israeli mapping & navigation application Waze for up to $500 million.

Technology industry sources say Waze is worth closer to $1 billion, but neither Waze nor Apple are commenting on reported negotiations.

Ilan Gattegno



Computer giant Apple is apparently involved in initial talks to acquire the Israeli mapping and navigation application Waze for between $400 million and $500 million.

Waze to go: The company may soon become part of the Apple empire.

Technology industry sources estimate that Waze is worth around $1 billion, meaning that it is likely Waze would try to get Apple to increase its offer.

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