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Intel Plans Investment of $6 Billion Dollars in Israel

Israeli Ministers welcome Intel’s plan to upgrade its Kiryat Gat plant, which involves a reciprocal investment in the Israeli economy.

By Yishai Karov


Major hi-tech and computing company Intel is investing 5-6 billion dollars to upgrade its plant in Kiryat Gat, the company announced Wednesday.

The investment plan includes a deal between the company and the state, by which Intel will receive a 750 million shekel ($216,706,500) construction grant from the government in return for its commitment to invest 5% of the investment money into the Israeli economy.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu welcomed the investment plan Wednesday night.

“This investment plan is the result of the process we’ve been working on for several years,” the Prime Minister stated. Continue Reading »

Lapid: NIS 1 billion national plan to financially assist Holocaust survivors


Israel’s finance minister Yair Lapid says, “The state of Israel has a historical debt to Holocaust survivors & our mission is to ease their burden in the final years of their lives.”



Finance Minister Yair Lapid announced a NIS one billion ‘National Plan to Assist Holocaust Survivors’ on Sunday.

File:Ebensee concentration camp prisoners 1945.jpg

Starved prisoners, nearly dead from hunger, pose in concentration camp in Ebensee, Austria. Ebensee was a sub-camp of the main camp ‘Mauthausen’ near the town of the same name. The camp was reputedly used for “scientific” experiments. It was liberated by the 80th Division of the U.S.

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Finance Minister: Settlement freeze preferable to release of imprisoned murderers

Israel’s Finance Minister Lapid calls for ending the Chief Rabbinate’s monopoly over Jewish marriage & conversion, and for an end to all forms of religious coercion.


TEL AVIV (JTA) — Israeli Finance Minister Yair Lapid said he supports freezing settlement growth to help jump-start peace negotiations and vowed that his centrist Yesh Atid party would leave Israel’s governing coalition if Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were responsible for the collapse of the peace process.

Yair Lapid (Elad Gutman)

Yair Lapid says he would leave the coalition if the Israeli government did not “exhaust all options” in its peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

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Lapid: Abbas’ incessant unreasonable demands guarantee cessation of talks

Finance Minister & Yesh Atid party leader Lapid, still supports diplomatic solution but says Abbas is working against himself by making new set of demands. There’s doubt that PA leader Abbas really wants an agreement.




There is great doubt that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is interested in reaching a peace agreement with Israel, Finance Minister Yair Lapid said on Friday morning.

Finanace Minister Yair Lapid

Finance Minister Yair Lapid in the Knesset – Photo: Reuters

Lapid implied that his party, Yesh Atid, was disappointed by a list of demands published on Thursday by the PA for continuing talks past the end of April. Continue Reading »

Israel’s President tells Lapid: ‘Go Easy’ on Hareidi Draftees

Israel’s President Peres asked Finance Minister Lapid to reconsider criminalizing draft-dodging by the ultra-Orthodox. – The Finance Minister respectfully declined.

By David Lev


President Shimon Peres met on Monday morning with Finance Minister Yair Lapid to discuss the latter’s thoughts about the impending vote in the Knesset on the the enlistment bill, which will see hareidi yeshiva students become eligible for the draft for the first time in Israel’s history. In the meeting, Peres expressed his concern for the hareidi community’s feelings on the matter telling Lapid that he should go “a bit easier” on them.

Peres and Lapid meet Monday morning – Mark Neiman/GPO

According to Peres, many members of the community have complained to him about what they perceive as a negative attitude towards them and their lifestyle on Lapid’s part. Continue Reading »

Lapid: Israel needs ‘to get rid of’ the Palestinians


Finance Minister Lapid tackled numerous pressing issues in Tel Aviv event, saying Israel’s rabbis should not meddle in issues unrelated to halacha, settlements  should continue to be funded if/until evacuated and ‘his brother’ Bennett was recently demoted to ‘cousin’.

By Shachar Chai

In what state is the relationship between Yesh Atid chairman and Habayit Bayehudi chairman, why are the settlements still funded by the State and what will be their future – Finance Minister Yair Lapid addressed all of these pressing questions Friday morning at a Tel Aviv panel event.

Lapid: Won't allow a non-democratic Israel (Photo: Yaron Brener)

Lapid: Won’t allow a non-democratic Israel – Photo: Yaron Brener

When Lapid was asked about the issue of women’s recruitment to the army and his past remarks noting that he would act to dismiss the chief rabbis for going against female IDF recruitment, he said: “I am not the minister responsible for (the chief rabbis), Naftali Bennett is.” Continue Reading »

Finance Minister: Israel’s economy will be hurt if peace talks fail

Yair Lapid says Jerusalem’s announcement of plan to construct 1,400 more homes in settlements is harmful & will lead to int’l isolation.


Finance Minister Yair Lapid said Friday that Israel will be hurt economically by growing international isolation if it fails to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid. – Photo: Emil Salman

Yair Lapid said his ministry has run through various scenarios and found that “a continuation of the existing situation will hurt the pocketbook of each of us.”

Lapid spoke to the Israeli news website Ynet in response to an announcement Friday that Israel plans to build 1,400 more homes in Jewish settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, territories the Palestinians seek for a state. Continue Reading »

Lapid: U.S. Forced Israel to Choose Freeing Imprisoned Terrorists, as the Lesser Evil

Without discussing what the White House would have orchestrated against Israel had Jerusalem refused to choose, Israel’s Finance Minister admitted that ‘America presented our options – and the others were worse’.

By Maayana Miskin



Finance Minister Yair Lapid, whose Yesh Atid party is the second-largest in the coalition, spoke out Tuesday in defense of the government’s decision to free terrorists convicted of horrific murders.

In an interview with IDF Radio (Galei Tzahal) Lapid argued that freeing terrorists was the best option from among several options United States diplomats had put forth.

“There are always options around the table. Continue Reading »

Public committee to decide feasibility on Israeli ‘White House’ &/or Israeli ‘Air Force 1’


Cabinet ministers authorize the establishment of a public committee to examine the feasibility of purchasing a plane for Israeli PM and President, and the building of a new official PM Residence.

Lapid objects, ‘Gov’t must maintain modesty,’ 

By Moran Azulay

The government has authorized the establishment of a public that will look into purchasing a plane for the travel purposes of the prime minister and president.

Visualization of potential new PM residence planned in 2009

Visualization of potential new PM residence planned in 2009

The committee will also examine the possibility of building a single structure to house the Prime Minister’s Office and his residence – the Israeli “White House.” Continue Reading »

Cabinet to discuss Netanyahu’s proposal to purchase plane for PM & President

Finance Minister Lapid objects to PM’s proposal, saying gov’t should demonstrate austerity in times of financial hardship.



The cabinet will discuss Sunday a proposal by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to purchase a private airplane for official state trips as well as building a new office and official residence for the prime minister.

PM Netanyahu boards a plane – Photo: Baz Ratner/Reuters

Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres are expected to make use of the airplane.

If passed by the cabinet, a public committee will be formed to examine the cost-effectiveness of the proposal.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid expressed objection to the proposal on Sunday morning, saying there is no financial justification to purchasing an airplane and building a new residence. Continue Reading »

Minister Lapid: Teheran’s new tone has to be backed by action


In CNN interview, finance minister says, “If you want to negotiate, you better have a big stick in your hand – or in this case a big Tomahawk,” Lapid said regarding negotiations with Syria.

By Yitzhak Benhorin


WASHINGTON – In interview with CNN’s Christiane Amanpour, Finance Minister Yair Lapid expresses cautious optimism regarding the new Iranian regime and commented on Israel-PA peace talks and the Syrian crisis.

Lapid during Facebook chat

Lapid during Facebook chat

“When the reactor in Qom will be closed, when (Iran) will stop enriching uranium, when they take off the enriched uranium they already have,” he said, “then we can discuss the fact whether we can all hold hands and sing hallelujah together,” Lapid told the world. Continue Reading »

Lapid sees new housing tenders as ‘double mistake’


Finance minister upset at decision to build new Jewish settlement homes beyond Green Line, but Jerusalem’s Mayor Barkat welcomes decision.





Finance Minister Yair Lapid lashed out Sunday at the decision to build more than one thousand new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, calling it “a double mistake.”

Finance Minister Yair Lapid

Finance Minister Yair Lapid – Photo: REUTERS

Lapid’s comments came on the heels of similar condemnation by Meretz leader, Zahava Gal-On, who accused the government of trying to stymie the nascent peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Announcing the decision to market 1,200 housing units in east Jerusalem and in the larger settlement blocs at this time is a double mistake,” Lapid said in a statement.

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MK Steinitz slams Yair Lapid as Supercilious, Arrogant


Likud Minister Yuval Stinitz reacts bitterly to incident in which PM forced him to leave security cabinet meeting at Lapid’s request.



International Relations Minister Yuval Stinitz referred to Finance Minister Yair Lapid as “boastful and arrogant” on Saturday, in response to Lapid’s request late last month that Steinitz be removed from a security cabinet meeting.

Ougoing finance minister Steinitz and incoming minister Lapid at office change over, March 19, 2013.

Outgoing finance minister Steinitz and incoming minister Lapid at office change over, March 19, 2013. – Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

Steinitz, who is not a member of the security cabinet, was incensed after he was forced by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to leave the meeting in question at Lapid’s request, according to a Channel 2 report. Continue Reading »

Lapid: Peace process must bring about ‘fair divorce ‘ from Palestinians


Meretz & Labor leaders offer PM support in attaining a peace treaty should coalition partners abandon Netanyahu.




Finance Minister Yair Lapid expressed cautious optimism about peace talks Saturday, after US Secretary of State John Kerry announced the opening of negotiations.

Yair Lapid

Yair Lapid – Photo: Baz Ratner/Reuters

“To the left we say: We must negotiate the way that is accepted in the Middle East – toughly, suspiciously, while trying to ‘sell at a high price’ and not compromise on the essential assets of the State of Israel,” Lapid wrote on Facebook.

The Yesh Atid leader’s message to the right is “we must separate ourselves from the Palestinians, because a bi-national state means the end of Zionism.

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Cabinet adopts historic draft bill to ultra-Orthodox’s dismay & anger

Lapid: Historic day; MK Porush: Black day for Jewish settlement


Ministers approve outline for haredi draft, to commence in 4 years.

By Omri Efraim


The cabinet adopted the equal share of the burden outline, according to which 21-year-old haredim will be drafted to the IDF, beginning in 2017, excluding 1,800 who have proven themselves scholarly-gifted and will continue to study the Torah.

Haredim in enlistment bureau – Photo: Yaron Brener

Fourteen ministers voted in favor of the outline, while only four opposed it.

The outline, finalized last May by a committee headed by Minister Yaakov Peri, also recommends that haredi draft-evaders will be criminally sanctioned. Continue Reading »