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Jerusalem’s Mayor to remove UNRWA from Jerusalem, exposes sham

Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat goes to war on UNRWA, having formulated a detailed plan of action to completely remove the corrupt organization & their officials from Israel’s capital and replace its services with municipal services that are shared by the entire city.

By Tzvi Lev


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat revealed on Thursday evening a detailed plan of action he had devised to remove the UNRWA organization from Jerusalem and to replace the services it provides with municipal services.

Since 1965, the organization has been responsible for some 20,000 “refugees” living in the Shuafat camp, who also bear Israeli identity cards and are entitled to the National Insurance, Education and Health Services of the State of Israel and the Jerusalem Municipality as residents of Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Major #BDSfail When Israel Won Eurovision Song Contest

After the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) worked hard to make sure Netta didn’t amass votes outside of Israel, they were devastated to learn Saturday night, it was a huge waste of time & money.
– Watch Netta’s winning performance.
– Watch Netanyahu’s reaction…it’s hilarious.

By Israel Today Staff


War with Iran seems more likely than ever, and the United States is about to move its embassy to Jerusalem. But on Sunday morning Israelis could talk of little else than the nation’s victory at the Eurovision song contest.

Final tally of top 26 of 43 entries to the 63rd edition of the annual Eurovision Song Contest.

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Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre closes its doors in protest

The proposals being protested by the Church is to block Jerusalem municipality’s intention to apply property tax on land used solely for commercial enterprises, and allow the State of Israel eminent domain expropriations, ending the Church’s extensive land sales in Israel’s capital by the Catholic Church & Greek Orthodox Church to private and/or foreign companies.

By Mordechai Sones


Christian leaders today took the rare step of closing the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem, in protest of Israeli tax measures and a proposed property law.

Tomb of Jesus inside the edicule Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem -Photo: Wikipedia

The decision was made in protest against the bill, which is expected to be discussed today by the Ministerial Committee on Legislation, allowing the State to expropriate land that the churches have sold since 2010, as well as to protest the Municipality’s intention to collect municipal property taxes. Continue Reading »

Israel approves 671 new homes in Jerusalem, will American displeasure be forthcoming?


Netanyahu’s government approves 671 new homes for Jewish families in Jerusalem and its mayor says he hopes the public denunciations from the White House have ended.

By Yedidya Ben-Or


The Jerusalem District Planning and Building Committee approved on Sunday 671 new housing units in various Jerusalem neighborhoods.

Jerusalem, the old & the new – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Previous discussions regarding the approval of new Jerusalem housing units were canceled in late December, reportedly at the request of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.

324 new housing units will be built in Ramot, and 174 in Ramat Shlomo. In Pisgat Ze’ev, 68 new housing units will be built. Continue Reading »

Palestinian: ‘After They “Judaize” Jerusalem, Jews Will Next Try to Take Mecca’


Palestinian officials get hysterical over Jerusalem mayor’s plans to build a cable car network accessing multiple attractions of Israel’s capital including sections of Jerusalem’s Old City.

By Israel Today Staff


That was the gist of a charge leveled by a senior member of Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas’ ruling Fatah faction in protesting the Jerusalem Municipality’s plan to build a cable car to ease access to the Old City.

Jerusalem cable car route

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has openly endorsed the plan, which envisions a cable car stretching from the city’s old train station (which is now a popular pedestrian venue) to the City of David to the Mount of Olives and back to the Lion’s Gate of the Old City. Continue Reading »

Travelers of the cable-car will see first-hand, Jewish connection to Jerusalem is immutable


The latest Jerusalem cable-car controversy may have been sparked by the Mayor, Nir Barkat, who announced that the capital’s cable-car will have an additional station in Silwan, at the foot of the City of David.

By Yoel Domb


A new controversy may have been sparked in Jerusalem by Nir Barkat, who announced that the Jerusalem cable-car will have a station in Silwan. Barkat announced the decision in a Likud activists’ assembly and they were reported this morning by Haaretz reporter Nir Hasson.

Jerusalem cable-car – Photo: Jerusalem Municipality Public Relations

The original plan for the cable-car called for four stations where it will pick up passengers, from the Khan theater near the old railway station via Upper Silwan to the Mount of Olives (near the Intercontinental hotel) and ending at Lion’s gate. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem to become film & TV hub to attract international filmmakers

Noting major Hollywood projects by  Richard Gere & Natalie Portman in Jerusalem, Mayor Barkat says time has come to incorporate the Jewish capital into a global production destination.


On the heels of several high-profile Hollywood productions filmed, or filming, in the capital, Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat announced on Tuesday his intention to build a major film and television complex in the city to attract more international filmmakers.

Old city of Jerusalem – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

“After Richard Gere and Natalie Portman made Hollywood films in Jerusalem, and NBC filmed here last summer for the series ‘Dig,’ now it’s time to move to the next stage in the development of the film industry in the capital,” Barkat said in a statement. Continue Reading »

WATCH: HERO Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat & bodyguard neutralize Palestinian terrorist during stabbing attack


City of Jerusalem CC camera records terrorist attack and dramatic video footage by passer-by shows Jerusalem mayor instructing his security team to lift Palestinian terrorist onto sidewalk.

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Surveillance balloons tracking rioters in East Jerusalem for subsequent arrests

3 surveillance balloons currently operating now with 2 more to come for police to use to bust youngsters throwing ‘Molotov cocktails’ & stones at light rail & passing cars.


The Jerusalem municipality said this week that it was deploying three surveillance balloons over East Jerusalem to aid police in stopping Palestinian rioting. Two more balloons will soon be added as part of a new municipal unit for aerial surveillance.

The Israeli Surveillance balloon, Skystar aerostat, includes the advanced thermal camera SPEED-A. – Photo: iHLS

The balloons have been hovering high above hot spots on the capital’s eastside – the Shoafat neighborhood, the light rail route, and Jewish enclaves within Arab neighborhoods. Continue Reading »

December’s snowstorm cost Jerusalem $80 million in damages

Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat, asks for state funds to rebuild, calling the storm Israel’s ‘tsunami.



The unusual snowstorm that swept Jerusalem last month will cost the capital more than $80 million in damages, Mayor Nir Barkat said Wednesday.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. – Photo: Reuters


Appearing before the Knesset Finance Committee, Barkat demanded that the state compensate the municipality for the estimated 290 million shekel cost of repairs. “This was a tsunami that the city has never seen before,” Barkat said. “The state must recognize this storm as a natural disaster.”

“The municipality expects the government to volunteer and provide significant financial assistance to enable the city to return to its pre-storm state and to ensure that the damage does not fall on the residents’ shoulders and double their suffering,” he said. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem’s Mayor Asks IDF & Police to Extricate Stranded Drivers

Mayor Barkat enlists the IDF & Israel Police to assist the many drivers & cars that have been caught stranded due to the ice & snow.

By Elad Benari


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has enlisted the IDF and the Israel Police to help out the many drivers who have been stranded on the city’s roads because of the snow.

On Thursday night, after the snowstorm which hit the capital caused many road closures and traffic jams, Barkat contacted IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and the head of the Jerusalem District of the Israel Police, Yossi Pariente, and asked them to help clear the roads of stranded cars and people. Continue Reading »

Lapid sees new housing tenders as ‘double mistake’


Finance minister upset at decision to build new Jewish settlement homes beyond Green Line, but Jerusalem’s Mayor Barkat welcomes decision.





Finance Minister Yair Lapid lashed out Sunday at the decision to build more than one thousand new homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, calling it “a double mistake.”

Finance Minister Yair Lapid

Finance Minister Yair Lapid – Photo: REUTERS

Lapid’s comments came on the heels of similar condemnation by Meretz leader, Zahava Gal-On, who accused the government of trying to stymie the nascent peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians.

“Announcing the decision to market 1,200 housing units in east Jerusalem and in the larger settlement blocs at this time is a double mistake,” Lapid said in a statement.

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J’lem Mayor: If peace fails to materialize because of Jerusalem, so be it


Nir Barkat, running for re-election as Jerusalem’s Mayor has big plans for Jerusalem, & none of them has anything to do with dividing it.

Barket says mayoral challenger, Moshe Lion, is supported by backroom wheeler-dealers & doesn’t even reside in the capital.

By Shlomo Cesana


When Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat was asked in private conversations why he believed that after five successful years on the job, two wily, veteran politicians — Yisrael Beytenu Chairman Avigdor Lieberman and Shas Chairman Aryeh Deri — had decided to challenge his position as mayor with their candidate, Moshe Lion, he replied: “There were political wheeler-dealers who tried to find out from me whether they could get what they wanted in exchange for their support for me.

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Formula 1 speeds through Jerusalem, putting capital’s traffic jams to shame

Thousands of spectators – religious & secular Israelis, Palestinians, & tourists – stand together to watch the fastest cars Jerusalem has ever seen.



Tens of thousands of Israelis, Palestinians, and tourists flocked Thursday for the first day of Formula One road show on the streets of Jerusalem.

Route of Formula One show in Jerusalem.

The route of the Formula One “peace road show” in Jerusalem.


The exhibition, which included eight Formula One race-cars and a few motorcycles, is scheduled to continue on Friday. Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, a fan of motor sports, initiated the bid for his city to host the world’s greatest race-car show. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem to Host Historic Debut of Formula 1 Road-Race

Jerusalem’s “Peace Road Show” to traverse Old City & downtown streets  and will feature ‘Blue & White’ Formula 1 race car built by Ben Gurion University students.



In a first, Formula 1’s internationally renowned race cars and drivers will traverse the capital’s streets Thursday through Friday, accompanied by models designed by the nation’s leading race car engineers.
Mayor Nir Barkat preparing for Formula 1 race in Jerusalem - Photo Courtesy

Nir Barkat preparing for Formula 1 race in Jerusalem Photo: Courtesy

The event, part of Formula 1’s “Peace Road Show,” will feature world-class cars and drivers representing Ferrari, Mercedes and Audi – as well as models constructed by Ben-Gurion University’s student race car team, “Ben- Gurion Racing.”

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