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Iran places ‘suicide drones’ in Yemen, capable of hitting Israel

In a report published by Newsweek, Iran positioned ‘suicide’ UAVs with an effective range of 2,000 – 2,200 kms in northern Yemen  to hit Saudi Arabia, Gulf states, or Israeli targets, so that from there, it will give the ruling Ayatollahs “plausible deniability,” having been fired from Yemen.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Iran has apparently sent deadly “suicide drones” to Yemen capable of hitting Israeli targets, Newsweek reported.

Imagery seen by Newsweek and confirmed by an expert on Iranian activities showed the existence of Iranian Shahed-136 loitering munitions in the northern Yemeni Houthi-controlled province of Al-Jawf.

Shahed-136 – Screenshot: Newsweek

According to the expert, “The Iranians have delivered to their Houthi proxies in Yemen advanced UAVs.” Continue Reading »

REPORT: Yemenite gov’t to Jews: Convert or leave Yemen




Yemen’s remaining Jews have been given a stark choice by their government: Convert to Islam or leave the country.

Chief rabbi of the Jews in Yemen Yahya Yosef Mosa with his family carries a picture of the ousted president of Yemen Ali Abdullah Salehin in his home in Sanaa. – Photo: REUTERS

According to acting Regional Cooperation Minister Ayoub Kara, a Druse lawmaker who maintains ties with contacts across the Arab world, a representative of Yemen’s small Jewish community reached out to him with a written ultimatum from the country’s government. Continue Reading »

Iran’s Shi’ite Militia in Yemen Begin Battle to Control Israel’s Red Sea Entry

After replacing Yemen’s gov’t, the Shi’ite Houthi militia, launches conquest of strategic port city of Aden, that controls Eilat access.

By Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar


The Shi’ite Houthi militia which is loyal to Iran and receives support from the Islamic regime has moved its conquest of Yemen into a new stage, opening its battle for the southern port city of Aden which controls access to the Red Sea and ultimately to Eilat and Israel.

Aden, Yemen

Earlier this month the Houthis established their temporary government, the Supreme Revolutionary Council, in the presidential castle in the capital city of Sana’a after besieging the previous government in the castle until it disbanded.

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Rare Interview Reveals Yemenite Jewry Being Driven to Extinction

Rabbi Yahya Youssef Salem, the leader of Yemen’s embattled Jewish community reveals in a rare televised interview, the precarious plight of his dwindling flock.

By Ari Soffer



The leader of Yemen’s embattled and dwindling Jewish community has spoken of his community’s harrowing struggle to survive, in a rare interview with Yemen Today TV.

Yemenite Jews in Sana’a (Illustration) – Reuters

Rabbi Yahya Youssef Salem’s interview, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), provides a rare glimpse into the tragic existence of the few remaining Jews in the Middle East’s poorest country; trapped between Muslim extremists and unsympathetic government officials, and forced to completely submit their fate to state authorities just to survive. Continue Reading »

Iranian Arms Shipment Seized Off Coast of Yemen

Yemeni coast guard intercepted a ship carrying a “substantial” cache of illegal weapons that officials suspect were being smuggled from Iran.

By Rachel Hirshfeld


Yemeni authorities working with the United States Navy intercepted a ship carrying a substantial cache of illegal arms that U.S. officials suspect were being smuggled from Iran.

Followers of Yemen's al-Houthi Shi'ite group armed with weapons

Followers of Yemen’s al-Houthi Shi’ite group armed with weapons – Reuters

The arms, intercepted aboard the ship in Yemeni territorial waters in the Arabian Sea last Wednesday, included surface-to-air missiles, potent explosives and rocket-propelled grenades, a U.S. official and Yemen’s government announced Monday.

The crew of the USS Farragut, a Naval destroyer, was working with Yemeni authorities when they spotted the vessel, said an official in the Obama administration, speaking on the condition of anonymity. Continue Reading »

Qatar Is Quietly Assisting Yemenite Jews Reach Israel

A Lebanese source says that a group of Jews from Yemen are on their way to Israel – via Qatar.

Preparations are being made to continue transporting the few remaining Jews from Yemen to Israel.

By Chana Ya’ar


A Lebanese source says that a group of Jews from Yemen are on their way to Israel – via Qatar.

A Jewish family in Rida, Yemen. [Archive] – Photo: Boaz Bismuth

The operation was carried out under the auspices of the State of Israel and is intended to extract the remaining Jews from Yemen.

One group has already arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport, according to “informed Israeli sources” quoted by Manar.com Continue Reading »

‘Hamas, Hezbollah helping Iran in Yemen’

US envoy to Sanaa tells ‘al-Hayat’ that Washington believes Tehran working with Shi’ite Muslim rebels in northern Yemen.


Washington believes that Hezbollah and Hamas are helping their backers in Iran to expand its influence in Yemen at the expense of Yemen’s Gulf neighbors, the US envoy to Sanaa told pan-Arab daily al-Hayat on Sunday.

In a London interview, Gerald Feierstein was quoted as accusing Hezbollah and Hamas of helping their backers in Shi’ite Iran at the expense of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), a bloc in which Sunni-led oil giant Saudi Arabia’s influence is dominant.
Iran is working with Shi’ite Muslim rebels in northern Yemen and secessionists in the country’s south to expand its influence, Feierstein said.

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