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Syrian kids traveled by donkey to receive medical aid from Israel

After a 12-year-old boy lost his vision & sustained serious wounds to his arms & legs during fighting near Damascus, his older brother placed him on a donkey and took him to an IDF post on Syria’s border.

By Ahiya Raved,


A 12-year-old Syrian boy was brought to the Ziv Medical Center in Safed for medical treatment over the weekend after he was severely wounded near Damascus. This was not the first time a wounded Syrian arrived in an Israel hospital for treatment – but no patient has ever crossed the border in this fashion.

The wounded Syrian boy. Arrived at an IDF post near Israel-Syria border riding a donkey (Photo: Courtesy of Ziv Hospital)

The boy told the hospital staff that he had been taken by his brother to the Israeli border near the Syrian slopes of the Hermon, on the back of a donkey.”

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Injured Syrians in Israel call on the IDF to bomb Syria

Ziv Medical Center in northern Israel is currently treating 16 Syrian patients who call Hezbollah ‘Satan’s organization’ and express their gratitude for the treatment they are given.

By Hassan Shaalan


“I’ve always thought of Israel as an enemy state that is not willing to help us. My case changed my thinking entirely. Israel is a good country that saves our lives, while the Syrian regime murders its citizens,” said one of the Syrian patients currently treated at the Ziv Medical Center in Safed.

Of the 16 Syrian patients in the Israeli hospital, three are in serious condition. Among them are children and rebels who fought against Syrian President Bashar Assad’s army. Continue Reading »

BBC Reports How Israel Loves its Enemies

BBC, known for its bias against Israel, was astonished by the non-stop loving care provided to wounded Syrians, from first contact on the Israeli border, to their discharge from an Israeli hospital.

By Yossi Aloni


Israel has taken great pride in a recent BBC report regarding the Jewish state’s genuine care for its enemies. The BBC is often seen as biased against Israel, but the report in question had nothing but good things to say about Israel over its selfless care for victims of the ongoing civil war in Syria, a nation still officially at war with Israel.

Israeli medics on Syrian border awaiting to receive wounded civilians – BBC Screenshot

BBC Middle East correspondent Kevin Connolly visited Ziv Hospital in the northern Israel town of Safed and brought back a story of Syrians under fire whose lives were literally saved by their worst enemy. Continue Reading »

First Syrian baby born Israel


Israeli soldiers evacuates a 20 yr-old pregnant Syrian woman to Ziv Medical Center in Safed.



A pregnant Syrian woman gave birth at Safed’s Ziv Medical Center on Sunday morning.

Her son is the first baby from a mother fleeing Syria’s civil war to be born in Israel.

When the mother realized there was no one in Syria who could deliver her, she asked to be taken to the border, where she hoped Israeli soldiers would pick her up and send her to an Israeli medical center, she said.

“I was very afraid to go, but I was even more worried about giving birth at home by myself,” she added.

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2 Syrian Shells Again Fall in Israeli Golan Heights

IDF Analysis:  Syrian fire into Israeli territory likely unintentional.

3 more Syrians admitted into Israel for hospital attention.



Two mortar shells fired from Syria landed in the southern Golan Heights adjacent to the Israeli-Syrian border on Thursday.

 An IDF Lieutenant-Colonel (front) and comrades during a patrol along Israel's border with Lebanon.

An IDF Lieutenant-Colonel leads and comrades during a patrol along Israel’s border with Lebanon. – Photo: REUTER/Baz Ratner

Initial evidence suggests that the shells were a result of errant fire from Syria’s civil war that accidentally entered Israeli territory, the IDF stated.

No injuries or damage were reported in the incident. IDF soldiers were searching the area for the spent shells.

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After 6 weeks 15 yr-old Syrian Girl Released from Israeli Hospital

The young female teen was hospitalized for 6 weeks in northern Israel after incurring massive injuries from an explosion in Syria.

By Kochava Rozenbaum


A fifteen-year-old Syrian girl severely injured by a violent attack over a month ago, was released from the Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat on Tuesday, walking with crutches and wearing a smile.

Syrian Teen Smiles Leaving Ziv Medical Center – Hannah Bickle

Israel Defense Forces transferred the young girl to Israel from a field hospital in Syria where she underwent surgery for abdominal wounds and shrapnel injuries on both of her legs. The Syrian medics decided to amputate one of her legs, while the Israeli medical team was able to save the girl’s other leg from being amputated. Continue Reading »

IDF Hummer overturns in Galilee- driver injured


Investigation launched after driver loses control of field vehicle during training exercise; sources say she was driving longer hours than IDF protocol permits.

By Yoav Zitun

Following a Monday incident in which a Hummer driver sustained light injuries as the Hummer she was driving overturned, anonymous sources told Ynet that the driver was behind the wheel for a longer period of time than IDF protocol permits. The IDF said an investigation into the circumstances was launched.

During the training session, Hummer drivers were starting drills at nighttime and were supposed to sleep during the afternoon and evening for five days. Continue Reading »

2 wounded Syrian kids treated in Israeli hospital – 2nd time this week

IDF medics transferred the 2 civilian casualties, a child & a teenager into Israel late Tuesday night for treatment in Safed’s Rivka Sieff Medical Center.

30 Syrian civilians have been hospitalized there since start of civil war.


Israel Defense Forces medical teams transferred two wounded Syrian children into Israel late Tuesday night for treatment in Safed’s Rivka Sieff Medical Center.

IDF troops on Israel-Syria border

IDF troops on Israel-Syria border, June 25, 2013. – Photo: Ap


One of the wounded, a 15-year-old, is in serious condition after suffering multiple internal wounds and having already undergone surgery in Syria. The other, 9-years-old, is in moderate condition after suffering shrapnel wounds all over his body and losing his right eye. Continue Reading »

First time a Direct Syria Hospital to Israeli Hospital transfer

Over a dozen wounded Syrians have been ferried to their border and given to IDF medics for transfer & treatment in Israel’s Northern hospital.

To guarantee the patients life, a wounded man after surgery was sent by his Syrian doctors to an Israeli hospital. This cooperation should be made public with hopes of ending hostilities between two old neighbors.

By Sara Gates  


A Syrian doctor recently asked Israel for help in saving the life of a critically wounded patient. Continue Reading »

Wounded Syrian sent to Israel with thank you note from doctor.


Syrian being treated in Safed hospital brings note from doctors who treated him before being transfer to Israel.

Note reads: ‘Patient was hit by bullet that penetrated his chest and caused a fracture in the lungs. Please do what is needed. Thank you in advance’ 

By Maor Buchnik

One of the two injured Syrians who were admitted to Safed‘s Ziv Medical Center on Saturday entered Israel with a note from the doctor who gave him first aid on the other side of the border.

The note, which was written in Arabic and addressed to Israeli doctors, includes details about the injured young Syrian’s condition: “To the respectable surgeon hello. Continue Reading »

Safed hospital evacuated when hand-grenade found on wounded Syrian

One of the 2 wounded Syrian men sent to Israel’s Ziv Medical Center with gunshot wounds in the chest and abdomen, were found with a stun grenade in his pocket.




Security personnel at Ziv Medical Center in Safed Thursday evacuated the emergency room and trauma unit after a stun grenade was found in the pocket of one of two wounded Syrian nationals who were transferred to the hospital earlier in the day, Channel 10 reported.

According to the report, sappers were called to the scene to neutralize the weapon, after which patients were permitted to return to the previously evacuated areas.

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Again, Syrian wounded seek treatment in Israel

Number of Syrians wounded  in critical condition secretly transferred to hospital in Israel with IDF chief’s authorization. One Died.

Maor Buchnik


A number of injured Syrians made their way to the border with Israel Wednesday morning, the IDF said. Two of the Syrians, who were critically wounded, were evacuated to Israeli hospitals with the authorization of IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz.

Illustrative – Photo Courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Office

The two, who are in their 30s, were initially taken to the Ziv Medical Center in Safed, but were later transferred to a hospital in Nahariya. One of them was pronounced dead several hours after being hospitalized. Continue Reading »

7 hurt Syrians treated in Israeli Hospital

IDF confirms 7 Syrians hurt on Syrian Golan in battles between Syrian army & rebels, were taken to Ziv Medical Center in Safed.

Ynet reporters


Seven Syrians hurt in battles between Syrian army forces and rebels were taken to the Ziv Medical Center in Safed, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit confirmed Saturday. One of the men is in critical condition.

Fighting in SyriaThe seven made their own way to the border area in the northern Golan Heights.

“An IDF force administered medical care to the wounded men near the border fence and they were taken for further treatment,” a statement said.

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