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Report: Hezbollah preparing to defend Damascus by striking at Israel if the U.S. attacks


Hezbollah source says 10,000 fighters have been recruited by the Shi’ite group, but will only attack Israel if Iran approves strike.



Hezbollah is preparing to defend Damascus from an invasion by the Syrian rebels following a possible US strike, as well as preparing for retaliation against Israel if the situation in the area calls for it, Lebanese sources told Saudi newspaper Okaz on Thursday.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorists marching with flags

Lebanon’s Hezbollah terrorists marching with flags – Photo: Jamal Saidi/Reuters

The sources told the paper that the Shi’ite organization recruited 10,000 fighters, who were tasked to defend the Syrian capital in the event the Syrian army fails to thwart attacks on it from both the rebels and the United States.

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6 Gulf States Targeting Hezbollah with Sanctions

Senior Gulf Cooperation Council officials met in the Saudi capital to coordinate sanctions against Hizbullah because of the Shiite terrorist organization’s support for the Syrian regime.

By Elad Benari


Senior Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) officials met in Riyadh on Thursday to coordinate sanctions in the six member states against Lebanon’s Shiite Hizbullah terror group over its support for the Syrian regime, AFP reported.

Hizbullah flag – AFP photo

The meeting was “to develop mechanisms to monitor movements, financial transactions and business operations of Hizbullah,” said Bahraini deputy interior minister Khaled al-Absi, according to the news agency.

The GCC monarchies decided on June 10 to impose sanctions on Hizbullah, targeting residency permits and its financial and business activities in reprisal for the group’s armed intervention in Syria. Continue Reading »

Scandinavian countries too intimidated to place Hezbollah on EU terror list


Israel focusing on getting Scandinavian countries to drop their opposition to the move since a decision would have to be unanimous within the EU for designating Hezbollah a terrorist organization.

By Shlomo Cesana

Israel is pushing for the U.S. and other Western countries to pressure Scandinavian countries to drop their opposition to adding Hezbollah to the European Union’s list of terrorist organizations.

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Nasrallah promoses Hezbollah victory for Assad

Speaking from his secret underground bunker via a televised speech, the leader of Lebanese guerrilla movement Hezbollah, says his group will stay in the Syrian war “to the end of the road” and will accept all sacrifices and consequences of position.




BEIRUT – The leader of Lebanese guerrilla movement Hezbollah said his group would stay in the Syrian war “to the end of the road” and bring victory to its ally President Bashar Assad.

Women are seen watching Nasrallah at an event marking Resistance and Liberation Day, May 25, 2013.

Women are seen watching Nasrallah at an event marking Resistance and Liberation Day, May 25, 2013. – Photo: REUTERS

Hassan Nasrallah, head of the militant Shi’ite Muslim group, said in a televised speech on Saturday Syria and Lebanon were under threat from radical Sunni Islamists.

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IDF shoots down Hezbollah drone off Haifa coastline

Israeli F-16 fighter bombers track unmanned aircraft apparently sent by Nasrallah, destroy it about 8 kms off Haifa shore.
Israel Navy vessels searching for wreckage

By Ynet



It has been cleared for publication that Israeli F-16 fighter jets downed a drone off of Haifa’s coastline at around noon Thursday.

Downing of drone that entered Israeli airspace in October - Screenshot of IDF video clip

Downing of drone that entered Israeli airspace in October – Screenshot of IDF video clip

The unmanned aircraft apparently entered Israel’s airspace from the north and was heading south. Explosions were heard in the area.

Israel Navy vessels were searching for the wreckage. The drone was apparently sent by Hezbollah in Lebanon. Continue Reading »

EU’s designation of Hezbollah would disrupt its financing of terror

Israel’s Homefront Defense Minister Avi Dichter is in Paris to suggest designation of Hezbollah as terrorist group: “Europe, that’s the real base of Hezbollah. … If they won’t be able to gather money … in Europe, they are going to be in trouble.”

By Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff



A decision by the European Union to blacklist Hezbollah would interrupt the group’s financing because much of the money it uses to fund terrorist operations comes from European capitals, Homefront Defense Minister Avi Dichter said on Tuesday.

Homefront Defense Minister Avi Dichter. – Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

Bulgaria is pressing the EU to toughen its stance toward Hezbollah after it blamed the Lebanese Islamist movement for a bus bombing that killed five Israelis at a Bulgarian Black Sea resort last year.

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Hezbollah status to be discussed at summit meeting by EU leaders

Despite Burgas bombing probe, European & Israeli officials are a bit skeptical that Hezbollah will be blacklisted.


Israeli officials expressed satisfaction Thursday that the question of placing Hezbollah on the EU’s terror blacklist was expected to be discussed at a two-day summit of the leaders of the 27 European Union states that began Thursday evening in Brussels.

Bulgaria bus bomb.

Bulgaria bus after terrorist’s bomb. – Photo: REUTERS

Though there was no expectation that any decision would be made at the meeting, one official said the very fact that it would be discussed by the European leaders was a step in the right direction.

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WATCH: Netanyahu Tells the World, Time to Stand Up to Hizbullah

Netanyahu releases a video clip: Bulgaria’s findings show it’s time to face facts about Hizbullah.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu released a statement Tuesday after Bulgaria officially blamed Hizbullah for a terrorist bombing in the country that killed five Israelis and one Bulgarian last year.

NetanyahuNetanyahu called on the international community to recognize Hizbullah as a terrorist organization.

The Bulgarian government said Tuesday that two people with Canadian and Australian passports linked to Hizbullah were behind the July bus bombing.

Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Canada “takes the reported involvement of a dual national living in Lebanon very seriously and is working with Bulgarian authorities.” Continue Reading »

‘Drone beamed “images of secret Israeli military sites”

Sunday Times: Iranian-made Hezbollah drone shot down over Negev surveilled ballistic sites & preparations for joint Israel-US military exercise

By Ynet


The Iranian-made Hezbollah drone shot down over the Negev last week beamed back “images of secret Israeli military sites” and images of the preparations of the joint Israel-US military exercise, the Sunday Times reported.

The British publication’s Tel Aviv-based correspondent Uzi Mahnaimi said that the drone was airborne for three hours before it was intercepted, and was able to relay “images of ballistic missile sites, main airfields and possibly the Dimona reactor.”

The aircraft, according to Mahnaimi, was apparently the Shahed-129, introduced in Iran in September. Continue Reading »

Nasrallah Admits Hizbullah’s Drone Violated Israeli Airspace

Nasrallah boasts that his group sent the UAV that was shot down by the Israeli Air Force.

By Elad Benari


The head of the Hizbullah terror group, Hassan Nasrallah boasted on Thursday that his group sent a sophisticated unmanned drone over Israel last week, saying the device was built by Iran, AFP reported.


Nasrallah – AFP/File

The Israeli Air Force shot down the drone on Saturday morning after it entered the country’s airspace from the Mediterranean Sea.

“A sophisticated reconnaissance aircraft was sent from Lebanese territory … and travelled hundreds of kilometers over the sea before crossing enemy lines and into occupied Palestine,” Nasrallah said on Hizbullah’s television station Al-Manar. Continue Reading »

‘Beirut banks funneling illicit funds for Hezbollah’

Report says Hezbollah using Lebanon’s banks in money-laundering scheme, calls on firms to dump Lebanese debt.



In a move that could destabilize Beirut’s financial position, a US pressure group urged international financial firms on Tuesday to ditch Lebanese debt and securities, saying that Hezbollah is using Lebanon’s banks in a large scale money-laundering scheme that is also helping Iran evade banking sanctions.

Lebanon’s Central Bank in Beirut – Photo: Mohamed Azakit/Reuters

New York based United Against a Nuclear Iran (UANI) made public the results of a three-month, confidential investigation into the influence of Iran and Hezbollah on Lebanon’s banking system and its sovereign bond market.

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Nasrallah Urges Kidnappers to Address Grievances With Him

Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah calls on the abductors of the Lebanese pilgrims in Syria to address their grievances directly with him.


Hizbullah chief Hassan Nasrallah said on Friday that the abductors of the Lebanese pilgrims in Syria should address their grievances directly with him, and not through kidnapping innocent people.


Nasrallah addresses supporters via video - Reuters

“If your problem is with me, there are lots of ways to resolve it. We can resolve it any way you want, whether through war or through love and peace,” Nasrallah was quoted by NOW Lebanon as having said during speech televised in commemoration of late Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini. Continue Reading »

Hizbullah Wants to Move Far-Reaching Scuds from Syria

Hizbullah looking to move Scud D missiles, which can reach Eilat, and modern anti-aircraft equipment from Syria to Lebanon.

The Hizbullah terror group wants to move Scud D-type missiles and modern anti-aircraft equipment from Syria to Lebanon, Channel 2 Newsreported on Thursday.

Scud missile reportedly in Hizbullah arsenal

According to the report, the group fears the weapons may come into the hands of the rebels against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The report said that Hizbullah has recently been considering moving to Lebanon the modern weapons it already owns but which are being kept in the group’s bases in Damascus. Channel 2 noted that the Scud D missiles are considered quite sophisticated and have the ability to reach as far as the city of Eilat.

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Syrian rebels abduct 5 top Hizballah officers, including Nasrallah’s nephew

Hizballah’s masters in Tehran were dismayed to find their leadership had fallen into hostile hands  – and practically under the nose of Syrian President Bashar Assad.

The first group of eleven was captured May 22 in a bus heading home through Aleppo from a pilgrimage to Iran. The second episode sent shock waves rolling as far as Tehran and the Al Qods Brigades command. debkafile’s military and intelligence sources reveal that still unidentified commandos, guided apparently by precise intelligence, this week commandeered a Hizballah vehicle driving through Syria and captured five top-ranking Hizballah officers. A sixth escaped. Upon reaching Beirut, he reported the officers were being held hostage by the SFA.
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