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London: Armed assailant arrested for trying to behead Jewish man

In the latest rash of violent anti-Semitic attacks in London this week alone, a knife-wielding suspect was running, yelling, ‘I’m going to chop off your head,’ as the Orthodox Jewish man ran for his life.

By David Rosenberg


An Orthodox Jewish man was threatened with beheading after he was confronted by a knife-wielding man in London Monday.

The incident occurred in the Whitechapel section of London Monday morning, when a 34-year-old man accosted an Orthodox Jewish man in his 40s who was walking down the street to his place of work.

Flag of terror organization Hezbollah is hoisted during anti-Israel demonstration in London.

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British Police protect pro-Hezbollah, Iranian supporters at Al-Quds Day March in London


Among the chants by the pro-terrorist groups protected by the Metropolitan Police at London’s anti-Israel demonstration included: “Zionists/ISIS are the same. Only difference is the name,”  “Zionist are to blame for the apartment fire” and “We are all Hezbollah.”



Marchers in the annual Al-Quds Day parade in London blamed a fire in a low-income apartment complex that left at least 58 dead on “Zionists.”

Hundreds marched Sunday afternoon behind the Palestinian flag and behind a flag of Hezbollah, which has been named in Britain as an illegal terror organization. Many marchers also carried paper versions of the Hezbollah flag. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Caught London terrorist was ‘humanitarian’ on Gaza 2010 flotilla ship Mavi Marmara


Khalid Omar Ali, arrested with concealed knives near the parliament on Thursday, claimed to have been an activists aboard the Mavi Marmara, where IDF soldiers were attack with knives and metal rods.

By i24NEWS


The man arrested carrying knives close to the parliament in London on Thursday, was on board a Gaza flotilla ship raided by Israeli soldiers in 2010, the Reuters news agency reports.

The man, named by sources to the agency as 27-year-old Khalid Omar Ali, is being held in custody on suspicion of terrorism offense and possession of an offensive weapon. British police said that he was being monitored by security services, and was arrested as part of a security operation. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Hateful al-Quds Day Protest in London Meets Pro-Israel Protesters


view videoEvery year, hundreds of pro-terror Hezbollah, Hamas and pro-Palestinian supporters march through London professing their hate unopposed, but this year the Israel Advocacy Movement planned a counter-protest.

By Israel Today Staff


Every year, hundreds of pro-terror Hamas, Hezbollah and Palestinian supporters march through London unopposed.

This year, the Israel Advocacy Movement had a great surprise for the protesters and it was epic.

Initially a handful of Zionist supporters stopped the progress of the hateful marchers in their tracks.

It was not not long afterwards that the terror supporting marchers were outnumbered by a sea of blue and white to counter the annual ‘Al Quds Day’ anti-Israel, pro-terror march in London. Continue Reading »

Watch: Pro-Israel supporters neutralize BDS mob protesting in London


WATCH: The UK’s Israel Advocacy Movement mobilized activists, including a number of pro-Israel Muslims, seriously outnumbering the bewildered group of ignorant far-left extremists who were waving their Palestinian flags upside down.

By Ari Soffer


Things didn’t go quite as planned for a group of anti-Israel activists, who hoped to force the closure of an Israeli-owned shop in honor of “Nakba Day” – the day dedicated to mourning the failure of combined Arab armies to destroy the State of Israel at birth.

Several dozen members of the London Palestine Action organization targeted the Sabon cosmetics store on Sunday, mimicking campaigns by other anti-Israel boycotters – belonging to the so-called Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) – to force the closure of businesses owned by Jewish Israelis. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: British authorities remove anti-Israel ads from London Underground trains


Around 500 anti-Israel posters nefariously placed on London’s Tube as part of BDS’s ‘Israel Apartheid Week’ sparks outrage.
• PM Netanyahu rejects Knesset member Lapid’s claim of credit for the removal of the posters.

By Shlomo Cesana, Israel Hayom Staff & Reuters


Around 500 anti-Israel posters are being removed from London Underground trains after sparking outrage that echoed all the way from the British capital to Jerusalem.

Anti-Israel posters on a London Underground train

The posters were put up by pro-Palestinian activists as part of the annual “Israel Apartheid Week,” which began in the United Kingdom on Sunday.

A spokeswoman for Transport for London, the authority responsible for the underground “Tube” network, said the ads had been posted without authorization and constituted “an act of vandalism which we take extremely seriously.” Continue Reading »

London supermarket empties shelves of kosher food amid fears of anti-Israel protests

A London Sainsbury’s supermarket removes its Kosher food-stuffs made in Britain & Poland, after pro-Palestinian protesters ransacked a Tesco store in Birmingham.

By Ynetnews


A supermarket chain branch in central London removed kosher food from its shelves on Saturday afternoon over fears it would be a target for the anti-Israel protesters who were demonstrating nearby, the Guardian reported on Sunday.

Empty kosher food shelves at Sainsbury's in Holbon (Photo: Colin Appleby on Twitter)

Empty kosher food shelves at Sainsbury’s in Holbon – Photo: Colin Appleby on Twitter

The kosher section in the Holborn Sainsbury’s store was emptied out after pro-Palestinian protesters ransacked a branch of competing supermarket chain Tesco in Birmingham on Saturday. Continue Reading »

Thousands of Hamas Supporters Protest Against Israel in Paris & London

Pro-Palestinian & Hamas supporters, demonstrating by the thousands in UK & French capitals, call for the end of Israeli military strikes on Hamas in Gaza.

By Elad Benari, Canada


Thousands of pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators turned out on the streets of London and Paris on Friday to call for an end to Israeli military strikes on Gaza.

Pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators protest against Israel in London

Pro-Palestinian Arab demonstrators protest against Israel in London – Reuters

According to The Associated Press (AP), several thousand people crowded the streets outside the Israeli Embassy in west London, waving placards that read “Gaza: End the Siege” and “Freedom for Palestine.”

The crowds blocked an entire road and several protesters managed to climb on top of a double-decker bus stuck in traffic, but police said the protest was largely peaceful, according to the report. Continue Reading »

Teacher at London School threatened to send Jewish student to ‘gas chambers’

Commenting on the incident at North London Collegiate School, a Community Security Trust official said, “This would be highly offensive in any circumstance, but to be directed at a (Jewish) pupil by a teacher is unheard of and makes it far worse.” 



The parents of a Jewish student at an exclusive girls’ school in London are angry over an incident in which a teacher told their daughter that she would be sent “to one of your gas chambers.”

Auschwitz death showers – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The incident at North London Collegiate School occurred in January, London’s Daily Mail reported on Sunday.

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London-UAE cable car deal included an Israeli boycott

Israel is the only country that the Transport for London, 10-year partnership deal, subjected to a total boycott.



London’s main transportation agency has come under fire for a deal with a United Arab Emirates-based company that excludes Israel from future business dealings.

File:Emirates Air Line towers 24 May 2012.jpg

The Emirates Air Line a.k.a. the Thames cable car – Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Transport for London signed a 10-year partnership deal with Emirates Air Line on the Thames cable car, which opened in June 2012 ahead of the London Olympics.

According to the 2011 contract, which was revealed by the online watchdog group MayorWatch through a Freedom of Information request, Transport for London agreed to abide by the UAE’s foreign policy in the deal.

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Group of Orthodox Jews Promise to Protect London Mosque

The local Shomrim group, numbering 22 Jews, was set up in 2008 in part as a reaction to anti-Semitic incidents, have agreed to include the local mosques & other buildings as part of their routine patrols.




An Orthodox Jewish patrol group in London said it would protect a mosque after a rise in hate crimes against Muslims.

North London Community Centre Mosque at Cazenove Road, London - Photo Courtesy

North London Community Center Mosque at Cazenove Road, London – Photo Courtesy

The Shomrim patrol group accepted a request for protection by the North London Community Centre in Cazenove Road, an Islamic institution situated in the heavily-Jewish Borough of Hackney in northern London.

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