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EU postpones summit with Israel as ‘punishment’ for passage of Regulation Law


The EU chastised Israel over the Regulation Law’s passage and postponed indefinitely a meeting between EU and Israeli officials, seen as a step towards mending strained relations.

By David Rosenberg


While the United States has refused to condemn passage of the Regulation Law Monday night, Britain and the European Union slammed the legislation on Tuesday, saying that it threatened the pursuit of a two-state solution. Neither referred to the previous situation on Cyprus, when Greeks were allowed to recompense Turks for building on their land when the island was divided rather than abandon their home, this with the consent of the Hague Court. Continue Reading »

Publicly EU denounces BDS, then passes €MILLION$ to pro-BDS organizations


Despite the often repeated, publicly given anti-BDS declarations, the EU continues funding millions of euros to pro-BDS organizations that promote anti-Israel protests, accuses Israel of perpetrating “massacres,” “cultural genocide,” “apartheid” and regularly issues posters and caricatures demonizing the Jewish State, some of which are virulently antisemitic.

By Mordechai Sones


Organizations receiving European Union funding to promote goals such as peace, cooperation and human rights, exploit the largesse to promote the anti-Israel boycott campaign (BDS) and legal warfare operations that deny Israel’s legitimacy to exist as a Jewish state, according to a study conducted by the NGO Monitor research institute. Continue Reading »

EU considering dropping Hamas from bloc’s terror blacklist


The European Court of Justice advocate-general suggests that, “The council cannot rely on facts and evidence found in press articles and information from the internet,” in keeping Hamas on the sanctions list.



The European Union appears on its way to declaring that Hamas is not a terrorist organization.

An advocate-general at the European Court of Justice, whose advice is usually followed by judges, recommended on Thursday that they reject an appeal by the Council of Europe against the lower EU court’s decisions in late 2014 to remove both Hamas and the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka from the sanctions list due to flawed procedures. Continue Reading »

EU follows UNESCO lead to disregard Jewish connection with Temple Mount


In response to the Palestinian-Jordanian draft decision an Israeli official said the Europeans’ proposal also denies any Jewish connection to the Temple Mount, despite France’s apology & admission of error in supporting last April’s UNESCO proposal that did the same.

By Itamar Eichner


The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem is fuming over a draft decision distributed on Thursday by representatives of the European Union at meetings of UNESCO’s World Heritage Committee in Istanbul on the subject of the Israeli capital’s Old City that completely ignores the Jewish connection to the site.

Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount. – Photo: AFP

The proposal is an alternative to the Jordanian-Palestinian one announced earlier this week.
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Israeli NGO Thanks the UK for choosing Brexit


The Israeli NGO Regavim praises and congratulates the Brits for voting to leave the EU, who has for years conspired and engaged in covert, illegal interference in Israeli internal affairs, at a cost (waste) of hundreds of millions of Euros.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Regavim has offered its congratulations to the UK for voting in favor of leaving the European Union.

Regavim is  an NGO focused on “ensuring responsible, legal, accountable and environmentally friendly use of Israel’s national lands and the return of the rule of law to all areas and aspects of the land and its preservation.” It has strongly criticized the EU for funding illegal Palestinian construction. Continue Reading »

EU thinks ‘throwing Israel to the crocs means Europe will be eaten last’


The fourth German-Israel Congress held in Frankfurt sent a strong message to the EU bureaucrats.



More than 3,000 supporters of Israel attended a pro-Israel event in Frankfurt on Sunday, sending a message to European foreign ministers who were expected to endorse a French diplomatic initiative opposed by Israel in Brussels the next day.

AYOUB KARA (second left), the deputy regional cooperation minister, attends the German Israel Congress in Frankfurt yesterday. – Photo:Courtesy

Billed as the largest pro-Israel event of its type in Europe, the fourth German Israel Congress marked the close of the year of celebrations commemorating 50 years of diplomatic relations between Germany and Israel. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Convicted terrorist, now European Parliament Member: Israelis are ‘like a rash’


view videoIn response to convicted IRA terrorist, Martina Anderson’s slur, Amir Ohana, a member of Israel’s Knesset said, “In her entire tenure as a member of European Parliament she has dealt with no issue and focused on no other goal, than to attack Israel.”

By Michael Zeff/TPS


Martina Anderson, an Irish member of the European Parliament, said Israeli lobbyists were “all over this place like a rash” during a parliament meeting on Wednesday.

European Parliament – Photo: Michael Zeff/TPS

Anderson was moderating a discussion dedicated to health issues and sanitation in Gaza and the West Bank when she compared the lobbying efforts of Israeli and Jewish groups to the efforts by Palestinian groups. Continue Reading »

MUST SEE VIDEO: The EU blatantly ignores Israel sovereignty with total disregard


view videoNew video by Regavim going viral highlights European Union’s illegal role in unauthorized Arab structures in Israel controlled Judea & Samaria, in violation of Israeli law, the Oslo Accords and international law.

By David Rosenberg


With illegal construction by the European Union in Judea and Samaria rising dramatically, an Israeli watchdog organization is launching a new campaign to expose the EU’s actions.


Regavim, an Israeli NGO which monitors illegal building and unlawful land-grabs, is working to publicize an ongoing campaign by the European Union to create dozens of unauthorized Arab outposts in strategic areas across Judea and Samaria. Continue Reading »

Czech Parliament rejects EU decision to label products from Jewish settlements




The Czech Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday urging their government not to implement a European Union decision to label Israeli products exported from the West Bank, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. Continue Reading »