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Kerry Tells UN Human Rights Council They’re Obsessed With “Unbalanced Focus” on Israel

“We will oppose any group within the UN system (attempting) to regularly and arbitrarily de-legitimize Israel,” the top US diplomat warns the council in Geneva.

By i24news


US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday slammed the  for what he called its “unbalanced focus” on Israel and said he would defend the latter against allegations of abuses.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu prays at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, on February 28, 2015 – Photo: Marc Sellem/Pool/AFP

Speaking to the Council in Geneva, Kerry also enjoined the group to probe human rights abuses in eastern portions of Ukraine by pro-Russian rebels as well as in North Korea. Continue Reading »

Analysis: Maybe Kerry doesn’t want Netanyahu as PM, Again, – but Abbas definitely does



Mahmoud Abbas’ actions over the last few months, & definitely over the last few days, clearly shows that he’s interested in keeping Netanyahu well-ensconced as Israel’s premier.


Long-time State Department Middle East hand Aaron David Miller wrote a piece on Foreign Policy’s website this week under the entertaining headline “All John Kerry Wants for Christmas Is an Israel Without Bibi.”

Netanyahu and Abbas

Netanyahu and Abbas. – Photo: REUTERS

In this piece, Miller – for the third time this month – warned the US against intervening in the upcoming Israeli elections, saying such intervention could lead to the opposite of what Washington really wanted. Continue Reading »

UK-based newspaper: Kerry Threatened Abbas by Imposing Sanctions Over UN Bid

Palestinian sources tell London Arabic based daily that Kerry threatened PA president with financial & political sanctions should he turn to UNSC.

By Elad Benari


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry threatened to impose sanctions on the Palestinian Authority (PA) if it goes ahead with unilateral moves, such as asking the United Nations Security Council to set a deadline for Israel to withdraw from Judea and Samaria, the London-based al-Araby al-Jadeed newspaper reported on Monday.

Kerry and Abbas meet at the latter’s home in Amman, Jordan – Reuters

Speaking on condition of anonymity, official sources confirmed to the newspaper that Kerry called PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and warned him against taking any unilateral measures, threatening to impose financial and political sanctions on the PA. Continue Reading »

Kerry to meet Abdullah & Netanyahu in Jordan over Jerusalem tensions, without Abbas

US Sec of state will meet separately with Abbas to discuss ways to end incitement to Jerusalem violence.

Abbas spokesman: ‘The Israeli violations are a red line & cannot be tolerated.’ 

By AFP & Reuters



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US Secretary of State John Kerry and Jordan’s King Abdullah II will meet Thursday to discuss rising tensions in Jerusalem, particularly at the flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque compound, the US State Department said.

Clashes in East Jerusalem (Photo: Mohammed Shinawi)

Clashes in East Jerusalem – Photo: Mohammed Shinawi

Kerry was also set to meet separately with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Thursday in an attempt to ease a surge of violence across Israel and Palestinian territories. Continue Reading »

REPORT: John Kerry’s wife gave $50,000 to support anti-Israel propaganda campaign


The Washington Free Beacon reveled an endowment, chaired by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s wife, gave a $50,000 grant to Conflict Kitchen, a restaurant that is spreading anti-Israel propaganda by rapping its food in anti-Israel leaflets.

By Yoni Hirsch


A storm in a sandwich wrapper: A Pittsburgh snack bar that sells sandwiches wrapped in paper printed with pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel slogans received a $50,000 grant from a foundation run by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s wife, according to a Washington Free Beacon report.

Conflict Kitchen during its Iranian cuisine period – Photo: AP

Conflict Kitchen is a pop-up restaurant that sells food from the cuisines of countries it says are in conflict with the United States.

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Report: Abbas accepted US request to postpone Palestinian Security Council bid for statehood


Sources in Ramallah told the London-based daily that the Palestinian Authority is prepared to return to the negotiation-table with Israel, but not according to “old mechanisms.”



The London-based pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat reported on Thursday that the Palestinian Authority has agreed to delay by two months its plan to seek a Security Council resolution calling for an Israeli withdrawal to the pre-1967 lines within three years.

Palestinians in Gaza celebrate cease-fire

Palestinians in Gaza celebrate cease-fire. – Photo: REUTERS

The paper quoted Palestinian sources in Ramallah as saying that the PA leadership will give US Secretary of State John Kerry a two-month window to present his own plan for peace. Continue Reading »

88 Senators Direct Kerry to Place Gaza Under PA Control

88 U.S.Senators urge the White House to enact measure that take Gaza away from the Hamas terrorists and hand it over to the Palestinian Authority.

By Ben Ariel, Canada


88 senators are urging the Obama administration to act to take Gaza away from its Hamas terrorist rulers and hand it over to the Palestinian Authority (PA), The Daily Beast reports.

John Kerry

John Kerry – Reuters

In a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry obtained by the website, the 88 senators write, “We must support efforts to enable the Palestinian Authority to exercise real power in Gaza. Hamas has demonstrated conclusively both that it has no interest in peace with Israel and that it has no concern for the well-being of Gaza residents.” Continue Reading »

Council of Jewish Women support probe of UNRWA for improper actions during Gaza crisis

ICJW sent letters of support to 3 American Senators that have called for an independent investigation into UNRWA’s role during ‘Operation Protective Edge’



NEW YORK – The International Council of Jewish Women has called on US officials to investigate the UN agency responsible for Palestine refugees for its actions during the current Gaza war.

Florida Senator (Rep.) Marco Rubio

Florida Senator (Rep.) Marco Rubio – Photo: REUTERS

On August 21, ICJW sent letters of support to three US senators who have called for an independent investigation into UNRWA’s role during the current round of fighting between Israel and terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

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Kerry’s Dept. of State is Severely Restricting Entry Visas for Israelis

US embassy announces Tourist visa process for Israelis cancelled until further notice.

Is it a matter of security, or punishment for not accepting US demand to stop Operation Protective Edge?

By Tova Dvorin


The US embassy in Tel Aviv has cancelled tourist visa applications for Israelis, according to a statement on its official website, in a move it claims is a matter of staffing and security.

US Entry Visa

US Entry Visa

“Due to the current security situation in Tel Aviv, U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv remains open but is operating at reduced staffing until further notice, and has canceled routine visa application processing and American Citizen services,” the statement says.  Continue Reading »

US Sec. of St. John Kerry blasts Hamas for ignoring ceasefire with Israel

Secretary Kerry, totally frustrated says, “I cannot condemn strongly enough the actions of Hamas in so brazenly firing rockets in the face of a goodwill effort to offer a ceasefire.”


VIENNA — US Secretary of State John Kerry blamed Hamas for powering through a ceasefire with Israel, brokered by the Egyptian government and accepted by Israel’s cabinet Tuesday morning.

John Kerry

John Kerry – Photo: REUTERS

At least 35 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip since the ceasefire was set to begin, mere hours ago.

“I cannot condemn strongly enough the actions of Hamas in so brazenly firing rockets in multiple numbers in the face of a goodwill effort to offer a ceasefire, in which Egypt and Israel worked together, that the international community strongly supports,” Kerry told reporters in Vienna on Tuesday morning. Continue Reading »

Kerry looks at Hamas as kidnappers of 3 Jewish teens in Israel

U.S. secretary of state recommends full cooperation between Palestinian security forces and Israeli to return teens.

Worldwide condemnations made for kidnapping.


U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry condemned Sunday the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank, adding that “many indications point to Hamas’ involvement.”

John Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in Lebanon. June 4th, 2014. – Photo: AP

In a statement to the press, Kerry called for the immediate release of the three victims, who went missing Thursday from the Gush Etzion cluster of settlements, and stated that the United States is still “seeking details on the parties responsible.”

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Obama’s Administration Promised PLO-Hamas Elections in Israel’s Capital

Jordanian newspaper reports the U.S. promised to convince Israel to allow unity government elections in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu ‘deeply troubled’ by the new White House policy.

By Dalit Halevy, Ari Yashar


According to new reports, the American administration has promised the new Fatah-Hamas unity government, which was sworn in this Monday, that it will convince Israel to allow that new government’s elections to be held in the eastern part of Jerusalem.

“A source that knows things,” apparently from within the Palestinian Authority (PA) or Hamas, was quoted in the Jordanian paper Al-Arab Al-Youm, reporting the American promise to work for parliamentary and presidential elections for the new unity government to be held in the Israeli capital. Continue Reading »

John Kerry: Israel’s response to Fatah-Hamas unity deal ‘appropriate’


US Sec. of State says Israel’s wait-&-see approach to formation of Palestinian reconciliation gov’t is “appropriate.”



US Secretary of State John Kerry said Israel’s wait-and-see approach to Fatah-Hamas unity talks was “appropriate.”

John Kerry

John Kerry – Photo: REUTERS

He made the remarks in an interview Thursday night on PBS, adding that he was “disappointed that the [peace] process, what is in place, that that didn’t produce the next step.”

Asked about the negotiations on unity between Hamas and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement, Kerry said that Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu “and Israel are waiting to see what happens with the Hamas reconciliation, with the announcement of a new government, with the question of what that new government may or may not choose to do. Continue Reading »

U.S. envoy Indyk said to resign for collapse of peace-talks

Special U.S. envoy for peace talks Martin Indyk said to blame Israel for breakup of peace negotiations.

The U.S. special envoy for peace talks, Martin Indyk, is considering resigning following the blowup of talks between Israel and the Palestinians, and in light of President Barack Obama’s intention to suspend American mediation, according to Israeli officials in Jerusalem who are close to the matter. The officials asked to remain anonymous due to the issue’s sensitivity.
Kerry and Indyk.

Kerry and Indyk at the State Department in Washington. – Photo: Reuters

The officials said Indyk had already informed the Brookings Institute – where he is vice president and director for foreign policy – that he might soon be returning to his post, from which he took a leave of absence nine months ago.

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Kerry admits to being clueless during peace talks of Fatah meetings with Hamas.

Kerry: ‘I’ll publicize peace talks’ progress at appropriate time’ while echoing Obama in calling for ‘pause’ in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.



U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said Thursday that he will make public the “progress” made during the nine months of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. At the same time, Kerry, echoing the recent statement by President Barack Obama, said that in view of the breakdown in the negotiations, the time had come to for a “pause” in the talks.

John Kerry

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry. – Photo: AP

At a news conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, Kerry referred to the discussions he conducted in recent months with Israeli and Palestinian negotiators toward a so-called framework agreement on the core issues they would be negotiating: borders, Jerusalem, refugees, security, water and settlements.

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