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EU to cover Palestinian’s ‘Pay to Slay’ deficit held by donor countries

EU has promised to cover PA’s April salaries/pensions since they were cut by 50% to maintain its ‘Pay for Slay’ monthly stipends to assassins and their families, after Israel began deducting tax revenues earlier this year.

By JNS and Israel Hayom Staff


The European Union has pledged to give the Palestinian Authority €15 million ($17 million) to cover the salaries of public employees – salaries that PA President Mahmoud Abbas cut to keep up payments to imprisoned and released terrorists, wounded terrorists and the families of dead terrorists.

Abbas has declared that the PA is “obligated” to continue rewarding the terrorist prisoners and families of so-called “martyrs.” Continue Reading »

White House supports bill suspending aid to Palestinians over ‘Pay to Slay’ Israelis

Because of the Palestinian Authority’s refusal to end its long-standing practice of rewarding Palestinian terrorists who have killed Israelis and American tourists, the US administration is working to finally put an end to US financial funding to the Palestinians.
– Trump to Palestinian leader: ‘Peace can never take root in an environment where violence is tolerated, funded and even rewarded.’

By The Associated Press


The Trump administration is backing legislation that would suspend US financial assistance to the Palestinian Authority until it ends what critics say is a long-standing practice of rewarding Palestinians who kill Americans and Israelis.

President Trump relays serious message to Palestinian in Bethlehem – Screenshot: White House:IsraelandStuff.

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US to enforce ‘Taylor Force Act’ starting in 2018

The Taylor Force Act, attached to the 2018 Foreign Operations budget in the Senate, was conceived to end decades of American taxpayers’ money given as aid to the Palestinians, but used by Abbas’ Palestinian Authority to pay terrorists, and their families, a monthly pension for killing Jews.

By Elad Benari


The Taylor Force Act was attached to the 2018 Foreign Operations budget in the Senate on Thursday, Haaretz reports.

The move means the legislation is almost certainly assured of being enforced in the United States from next year.

The Taylor Force Act would cut U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until it ends its policy which distributes $300 million to terrorists and their families annually. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Palestinian leader says US never demanded end to ‘Pay for Slay’ payments

Former Palestinian negotiator says in an interview that the Palestinian Authority will never stop monthly stipends to jailed assassins, attempted murderers, or their families, declaring them “heroes.”

By Tzvi Lev


Former Palestinian Chief Negotiator Nabil Saath ruled out the cessation of payments to imprisoned terrorists, telling Palestinian National Television Sunday: “We will never stop caring for these men and their families. These men are heroes.”

Shaath also denied that the United States had asked the Palestinian Authority to cease paying terrorists’ families. Continue Reading »

PLO totally rejects US Congress demand to stop ‘Pay for Slay’ monthly stipends

“The [PLO] Executive Committee condemned the legislators of the American Congress and their positions towards the Palestinian people” saying the ending of monthly payments to terrorists and their families is ‘unacceptable’ and that the Senators are engaging in ‘extortion,’ in order ‘to extract political concessions.’

By i24NEWS


The Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) criticized the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee over the weekend for advancing legislation that would penalize the Palestinian Authority for its continued policy of financially rewarding terrorists and their family members, according to a report this week by Palestinian Media Watch.

The bill, referred to as the “Taylor Force Act,” is named after a US military veteran who was killed in a terror attack in Israel last year. Continue Reading »

THANK YOU ♥ Senate committee passes legislation to cut off aid to Palestinians

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee passes Taylor Force Act, in a 17-4 vote, which would cut off financial aid to the PA until it ends its policy of distributing over $300 million annually to terrorists and their families by way of generous monthly stipends.

By Elad Benari


The Senate Foreign Relations Committee on Thursday passed the Taylor Force Act, which would cut U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority (PA) until it stops payments to terrorists and their families.

The bill passed the committee by a 17 to 4 vote, reported The Washington Free Beacon. It was supported by all of the Republican members of the committee and six of the Democrats. Continue Reading »

US Senate Foreign Relations Committee votes on Taylor Force Act


With this revised legislation against ‘Pay for Slay’, more Democratic support is expected from the committee beyond Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia, currently the only Democratic co-sponsor.
– AIPAC announces its support, advises bipartisan backing.



WASHINGTON – The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee will vote on Thursday morning to proceed with the Taylor Force Act, after its leadership made significant revisions to the legislation in consultation with the Trump administration, Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The bill – which threatens to cut aid to the PA should it continue with its program of paying staying stipends to Palestinians convicted of terrorist acts by Israel, and to the families of slain terrorists – was originally drafted exclusively by Republican lawmakers.

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REPORT: Palestinian Authority now allocates 50% of all foreign aid to promote terror


The Institute for Contemporary Affairs reports $344 million, equaling 49.6% of all foreign aid to the PA, funds a monthly stipend to each Palestinian imprisoned for attacking Israelis, to families of “martyrs” killed in the act, or bonuses, such as the $25 million just allocated to East Jerusalem residents who rioted against security precautions placed on the Temple Mount.

By Post Editorial Board


Your tax dollars at work: The Palestinian Authority is now using half of its foreign aid to reward terrorism.

Family of Palestinian terrorist who butchered American veteran Taylor Force, while he toured Israel, is receiving a generous monthly stipend, subsidized by American taxpayers.

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Abbas rewards East Jerusalem hooligans with $25 million for week of violence


Israel Police reports the Palestinian government’s generous subsidies that were announced last week at peak of violent clashes between Palestinians and the Israelis, are to be distributed among East Jerusalem residents to use at their discretion.

By i24NEWS


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has allocated some $25 million in government subsidies to support Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem in the wake of a violent standoff with Israel over a flashpoint holy site in the city.

Israel’s Channel Two television reported Sunday that the money will be distributed as grants for Palestinian residents to be used in a variety of ways, including to fund University studies, pay off municipal debts, assist private businesses, and subsidize electricity costs for residents of the Old City. Continue Reading »

Analysis: The Taylor Force Act, designed to stop funds for Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’

WATCH VIDEO: Breaking down largely along partisan lines, democrats debate against legislation that would deduct funding to the Palestinians if PA leadership continues to divvy out monthly stipends to jailed terrorists and the families of terrorists that were killed.

By Charles Bybelezer/The Media Line


Twenty-nine-year-old Taylor Force survived military tours in both Afghanistan and Iraq, but never returned home from a visit to Israel. In March 2016, the US veteran was stabbed to death in Jaffa (located adjacent to Tel Aviv), a victim of a months-long violent uprising—dubbed the “Stabbing Intifada”—which killed dozens of Israelis and resulted in the deaths of more than 200 Palestinians (mostly attackers subsequently killed by security forces). Continue Reading »

Senate Hearing to end Palestinian ‘Pay for Slay’ begins Wednesday, Democrats stand opposed

The bill, named after the slaughtered American, Taylor Force, to be discussed in the US Senate would cut aid to the Palestinian Authority should it continue paying huge monthly stipends to jailed terrorists or deceased terrorists’ families, but the Democrats stand opposed.



WASHINGTON – The US Senate Foreign Relations Committee will hold its first hearing this week on a bill that would cut aid to the Palestinian Authority if it continues to pay stipends to terrorists and to the families of deceased terrorists.

The bill, titled the Taylor Force Act, was introduced by Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, and has earned mostly Republican support. Continue Reading »

REVEALED: Red Cross has crucial roll facilitating ‘Pay for Slay’ payments to terrorists


Ironically, an Arab media report pointed out how it’s the Red Cross who must provide imprisoned terrorists with power of attorney paper-work to sign that ultimately facilitates receiving monthly stipends for their heinous crimes, directly to their bank accounts.

By Shimon Cohen


A subsection of a Palestinian Authority guideline stipulates that imprisoned terrorists must receive their salaries only after they fill out a form provided by the Red Cross, Arab media reported.

According to the report, the Palestinian Authority’s 18th guideline is intended to regulate payments to imprisoned terrorists. This guideline designates someone or something called “Wakill” as authorized via power of attorney to receive the salaries in the prisoner’s name. Continue Reading »

Palestinians create NGOs for ‘Pay for Slay’ monthly stipends for assassins and their families


To continue funding terror, terrorists, and their families, the Palestinian Authority fooled Obama by transferring hundreds of millions of dollars each year to a newly formed ‘Palestinian Prisoners Society’ within the PLO. Now, in a ‘copycat’ attempt to circumvent the Trump administration, dozens of NGOs will be established by the PA to receive the donated financial aid for continuing the monthly ‘Pay for Slay’ payments.

By Daniel Siryoti & Israel Hayom Staff


Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas has possibly found a way to circumvent U.S. pressure to stop payments to security prisoners and terrorists’ families.

The Palestinian Authority spends millions of dollars annually paying stipends to the families of terrorists who are either jailed in Israel or were killed while carrying out terrorist attacks against Israelis, a practice Israel has repeatedly condemned. Continue Reading »

Abbas admits ‘Pay for Slay’ monthly stipends to assassins and their families will continue


Abbas acknowledged in his speech that it’s a ‘social responsibility’ for the PA to maintain payments to Palestinian prisoners & their families, and went on to say that referring to the jailed attackers/assassins as ‘Palestinian terrorists’ is “racist.”

By i24NEWS


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has defended payments made to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails as an important function of his government.

“The political prisoners are in effect the victims of the occupation, not the creators of the occupation,” Abbas wrote in a speech that was delivered on his behalf by an adviser at the Herzilya conference on Thursday.

“Payments to support families are a social responsibility to look after innocent people effected by the incarceration or killing of their love ones,” he said. Continue Reading »