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IDF Exposes 6th Hezbollah attack-tunnel, notifies UNIFIL of another 1701 violation

With the discovery of the sixth Hezbollah cross-border attack tunnel that penetrated dozens of meters into Israeli territory, the IDF announced Sunday the end of Operation Northern Shield.
– Special IDF team will destroy the tunnel in the upcoming days.



The IDF announced the end of Operation Northern Shield on Sunday after it discovered a sixth cross-border attack tunnel belonging to Hezbollah in northern Israel.

According to the military, the tunnel was the largest tunnel discovered so far, stretching hundreds of meters from the southern Lebanese village of Ramiya and infiltrated several dozen meters into northern Israel. Continue Reading »

Russia warns Lebanon over Hezbollah’s violations of Israeli sovereignty

London-based Arabic media outlet reports that the Russian government sent a stern warning to Lebanon to not permit ongoing violations of Israeli territory by a member of its government, Hezbollah, following the IDF’s discovery, and UNIFIL’s verification, of 4 attack-tunnels thus far.

By David Rosenberg


The Russian government has warned Lebanon not to permit violations of Israeli territory by the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah, the London-based Arabic media outlet Asharq Al-Awsatreported.

According to the report, Moscow warned the Lebanese government in a letter “not to play games with United Nations [Security Council] Resolution 1701”, referring to the August 11th, 2006 motion by the Security Council marking the end of the second Israel-Lebanon war. Continue Reading »

IDF exposes Hezbollah exploiting agricultural NGO posts for military use

IDF: Hezbollah is using multiple posts under the auspices of the NGO environmental group, ‘Green Without Borders’ to observe and report on IDF troop movements, a violation of UN Resolution 1701.

By Mordechai Sones


The IDF has revealed another Hezbollah position under the auspices of the “Green Without Borders” agricultural front organization.

“Hezbollah violates Resolution 1701 on a regular basis, operating in the area south of the Litani River, using civilian camouflage and reinforcing military capabilities in the rural areas of the Shi’ite villages in violation of UN resolution,” the IDF said.

Hezbollah uses Green Without Boundaries as a front for operations in the contact zone and establishes observation posts for gathering information about IDF troop movements. Continue Reading »

Victory for Israel: UN Security Council resolution requires UNIFIL to confront Hezbollah

Revised Security Council Resolution now requires supplemented UN forces to demonstrate a robust physical presence on the ground, to now enter every village and to report, in real time, Hezbollah’s violations of Security Council Resolution 1701.

By Nitsan Keidar


Israel’s Ambassador to the United Nations, Danny Danon, on Wednesday welcomed the adoption of a new UN Security Council resolution regarding the mandate of the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL).

According to the decision made upon the annual renewal of this mandate, UNIFIL is now required to expand its reports to the Security Council and take deliberate action against Hezbollah’s violations. Continue Reading »

IDF posts videos documenting illegal Hezbollah activities, UN Resolution 1701 violations

WATCH IDF Video expose an ostensible ‘environmental group’ as civilian facade for Hezbollah intelligence-gathering activities against Israel in Southern Lebanon.
• IDF General: Lebanon turns blind eye, allows Hezbollah use its Lebanese Army infrastructure against Israel.

By Lilach Shoval


The IDF on Tuesday released two videos documenting Hezbollah operatives violating a U.N. Security Council resolution aimed at preventing the Shiite terrorist organization from maintaining a presence on the Lebanon-Israel border.

Security Council Resolution 1701, drawn up to resolve the 2006 Second Lebanon War, stipulated that only armed U.N. peacekeepers and the Lebanese army would be deployed in southern Lebanon.

In the first video, Hezbollah operatives can be seen gathering intelligence along the Lebanon-Israel border after evading UNIFIL inspectors with the help of warnings from the Lebanese army. Continue Reading »

Lebanon PM Hariri asks UN to mediate end to “continuous violations” by Israel


PM Hariri, “I urge the UN secretary general to support efforts to secure, as soon as possible, a state of permanent ceasefire. This is long overdue and my government is committed to move this agenda forward.”



Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri asked the United Nations on Friday to help Lebanon and Israel move towards a permanent ceasefire and end what he called Israel’s “continuous violations” of Lebanese territory.

Israel and Lebanon’s Shi’ite Hezbollah group fought a month-long war in 2006 that concluded with a cessation of hostilities but without a formal peace deal.

From top to bottom: Snow capped Mt Herman, the Golan Heights, with Har Dov (center) and Shabba farms on its left (Underneath the snow capped mountain tops) with Kfar Ghjar village below.

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UN Ignores Reports of Hezbollah’s Daily Violations on Israel’s Northern Border


Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, says the UN is giving Hezbollah free pass when 2,374 reports of violations of Israel-Lebanon Security Council resolution 1701 were completely ignored in 2015.

By David Rosenberg


Israel’s border with Lebanon is violated on a daily basis, according to a new report by the Israeli Mission to the United Nations.

The report also shows the degree to which UN resolutions are ignored and even tolerated – despite the presence of United Nations observers. In 2015 alone, there were fully 2,374 documented violations of the most recent UN ruling on the Israel-Lebanon border, UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

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UN complains over Israel’s violation of Lebanese airspace

UNIFIL sent official complaint to Israel after it observed increased violations of Lebanon’s air space by IAF.



UNITED NATIONS – The UN peacekeeping force in southern Lebanon has protested to Israel after it observed increased violations of Lebanese air space by Israel, which carried out raids in Syria to target what it said were Iranian missiles bound for Hezbollah militants.

IAF plane takes part in maneuvers [file]

IAF plane takes part in maneuvers – Photo courtesy IDF spokesperson

Intelligence sources said Israel on Friday and Sunday attacked Iranian-supplied missiles stored near the Syrian capital of Damascus, awaiting transport to Hezbollah, an ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad.”UNIFIL

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