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Done Deal: Israel signs new MoU for more German Dolphin class submarines

This version of Memorandum of Understanding enables Germany to withdraw if developments on corruption case in Israel shows cause, and allows Israel to purchase another 3 Dolphins, in addition to the 6 already acquired.

By Ronen Bergman


Germany approved a secret Memorandum of Understanding Thursday night with Israel which will see the latter purchase three more Dolphin submarines, on top of the six already previously acquired, Yedioth Ahronoth has learned.

Israel navy Dolphine class sub. – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The MoU underwent several changes in the last week following pressure exerted by senior German officials who sought to create a framework which would enable Germany to easily pull out of the deal in accordance with developments relating to the ongoing investigation into the submarine scandal investigation, also known as Case 3000. Continue Reading »

Int’l nature conservation union designates Israel’s beaches important dolphin habitat


In response to Israel’s beaches being added as an important aquatic mammal habitat, Israeli dolphin center director says, ‘Israel is a beam of light in the darkness of a lack of information about marine mammals in eastern Mediterranean.’

By Dan Lavie


The beaches of Israel have been declared an important habitat for dolphins by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

Widely considered the world’s most important international entity in the field of nature protection, the IUCN is known for its “red lists” of endangered species.

Dolphin at Dolphin Reef in Eilat – Photo: רונן מרקוס/Wikimedia

Israel was one of 26 spots in the Mediterranean region named as being of importance to marine mammal life after a yearlong scientific process by the IUCN. Continue Reading »

Der Spiegel: Germany approves nuclear-capable submarine deal with Israel


Germany’s daily Der Spiegel reported Germany’s national security council has approved a deal to sell Jerusalem three additional nuclear-capable submarines for the IDF, despite accusations of wrongdoing in deal leveled against Israeli PM’s personal attorney.

By Reuters


Germany’s national security council has approved a deal to sell three further nuclear-capable submarines to Israel, magazine Der Spiegel reported on Friday, the latest act in a defense deal that has been overshadowed by corruption allegations.

The $1.5 billion transaction came to public attention when it emerged that shipbuilder ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems’ Israeli intermediary had retained Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s personal lawyer David Shimron to act on his behalf. Continue Reading »

Magazine: Training for Israel’s Dolphin-class submarine fleet


Walking from the periscope simulator to see the elevator-like diving simulator, one passes a poster of a sub’s conning tower peeking through the ocean surface and two real dolphins jumping from the water, reminding us of where this submarine class got its name.



‘Push the wheel forward,” the trainer says. The helm of a submarine looks like the controls of a large commercial airliner. It tilts forward and backward depending on whether someone wants the submarine to dive or surface. On either side of the steering column are two panels with buttons indicating alarms and autopilot functions. Continue Reading »

Israel’s menace from the depths, its new fleet of Dolphin class subs

Col. (res.) Michael Kesari, who headed the Israeli Navy’s Dolphin submarine project with Germany, offers an in depth look into how “the best conventional submarine in the world” was developed & built.

By Aharon Lapidot


A submarine is a an expensive tool of war, and if anyone thinks the public discussion over purchasing submarines for the Israeli Navy began only a few days ago, they need to think again.

 Israeli Dolphin-class sub during multi-national drill in the Mediterranean Sea - Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Unit.

Israeli Dolphin-class sub during multi-national drill in the Mediterranean Sea – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

The idea to buy submarines from Germany was first raised in the 1980s, after the Lebanon War. Continue Reading »

Israel, Germany discuss sale of advanced Dolphin-class submarines


Israel Navy has reached out to Germany about the possible purchase of three new, more advanced and larger Dolphin-class submarines to be delivered in the next decade.



Israel is seeking to buy three more advanced submarines from Germany at a combined price of 1.2 billion Euros ($1.3 billion), reported Maarivon Friday.

Israel navy Dolphine class – Photo courtesy: IDF

The Maariv daily said that a deal due to be signed on November 7 aims to replace the oldest vessels in its existing Dolphin fleet, which began entering service in 1999.

German government spokesman Georg Streiter told AFP that Israel is considering buying new submarines to replace its existing fleet “from 2027 on.” Continue Reading »

Photo Essay: 48 years after the Israeli Dolphin class submarine Dakar sank

A former Dakar crew member describes what it was like to search for the sunken submarine after he was ordered to return on a different sub from Portsmouth to Haifa, the journey the Dakar never finished.

By Yoav Zitun


It’s been almost 50 years since the Israeli Dolphin class submarine Dakar sank in the waters off of Crete. Now, new color pictures are being released of the crew and of the submarine – the last pictures of these young men before their submarine sank to the bottom of the sea, never to surface again.

The Dakar – Photo: Association of Former Dolphin Submariners

A short video of the sailors and the submarine has been gathering dust in the house of one of the submariners’ widows, Bat Sheva Tal.

Continue Reading »

Israel receives latest German-made submarine, with ‘2nd-strike (nuclear) capabilities’


view videoWATCH: Israel’s cutting edge 5th Dolphin-class submarine, the INS Rahav, with reported 2nd-strike capabilities, arrived at Israel’s Haifa port with much fanfare after first stopping to honor the INS Dakar off Israel’s coast, where in 1968 the Israeli submarine sank with its crew of 69 on board.

By i24news


Germany’s fifth Dolphin-class submarine arrived in Israel’s Haifa port Tuesday, where top government and military officials welcomed the newest addition to Israel’s navy.

The INS Rahav, which cost the Israel Navy two billion dollars, was first unveiled in a ceremony in April 2013 in Kiel, Germany. After the unveiling, the submarine underwent a year and a half of work to make it operational. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israeli Navy receives 5th Dolphin class submarine, INS Rahav




The Israel Navy’s fifth Dolphin submarine, and second new-generation AIP (air independent propulsion) platform has left its German manufacturing center for a 3000 mile journey to its home base at Haifa naval base, a senior naval source said Thursday.

Israel navy Dolphin class – IDF

The INS Rahav is carrying some 50 personnel, and “minimal weapons needed to protect itself,” before its arrival in Israel next month.

After its arrival, Israeli systems will be installed on board. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel’s ‘Nuke-Capable’ Stealth Submarine Sail Home

The Israeli Navy’s 4th & most sophisticated Dolphin-class submarine, the INS Tanin– is en route to Haifa from Germany.

By Gil Ronen



The INS Tanin, Israel’s fourth and most advanced Dolphin class submarine – is en route to Israel from Germany, and the Navy has released video of the vessel and the ceremony in which it was launched at Germany’s Kiel shipyards at week’s end.


Reports claim Israel has modified the Dolphin’s 650mm launch tubes to allow the launch of missiles that could carry nuclear warheads. Such missiles should give Israel the ability to deter belligerent neighbors like Iran, if it delivers a sufficiently convincing threat to make use of them. Continue Reading »

Israel welcomes 4th German-made Dolphin-II class advanced submarine

Jerusalem’s 2013 purchase of 6 Dolphin-II class submarines was made using an incredibly generous discount, with 1st 3 being delivered as a gift.

By i24news



A fourth German-made Dolphin II class submarine will reach Israel in next few days, Navy Commander-in-Chief Vice-Admiral Ram Rothberg announced Tuesday. “At this very moment, after leaving Germany, the INS Tanin, the Navy and the State of Israel’s fourth submarine, is making its way to Israel,” Vice Admiral Ram Rothberg said during the closing ceremony for a captain’s course at the Haifa naval base. “It can dive deeper, go farther for a longer time and can operate at a level we have not seen until today,” he stressed. Continue Reading »

Five Mind-Blowing Technological Wonders of the IDF


The Israel Defense Force is one of the most technologically advanced armies on the planet. Check out the IDF’s 5 most innovative weapons, (…at least the ones that we can tell you about) which help Israel’s soldiers on the battlefield every day.

Photos: IDF Spokesperson’s Office


1. The IDF Unmanned Ground Vehicle

The border with Gaza is one of Israel’s most tense regions. Hamas snipers, anti-tank missiles and explosives threaten IDF soldiers whose job it is to patrol the security fence on the border.

To counter these threats, the IDF has introduced the Guardium Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV), which patrols the Gaza fence around the clock. Continue Reading »

Israeli submarine operations increase in northern arena


Senior Navy commanders are awaiting the next 2 new submarines from Germany, to further enhance Israeli secret operations at sea. Naval commanders say Israel is on constant alert to secure assets against Syrian & Hezbollah threats.

By Yoav Zitun


Against the backdrop of Lebanese media reports claiming the Israeli Air force attacked a weapons convoy heading from Syria to Lebanon on Monday, a seemingly significant expression of IDF’s special operations is revealed Tuesday morning.


Israel’s Dolphin class submarine – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Figures presented by a senior Navy officer indicate that 58% of submarine squadron “sea hours” last year were executed within operational activities, and the rest were used for training. Continue Reading »

Israeli Navy submarine service – isn’t for everybody


Senior recruiting Officer: ‘One doesn’t have to know how to swim, but a good sense of humor is important.’



For the time being, there is no chance for young Israelis to become astronauts, but young men who are highly motivated and intelligent, able to withstand long bouts away from civilization, suited for combat duty, capable of reacting immediately to orders and not disturbed by being cooped up for weeks on end in a small space are invited by the IDF and Israel Navy to apply for military service in a submarine.

Always ‘Watching & Listening” – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokespersons Unit

A 13-month-long preparatory course for the difficult but meaningful job has just been completed. Continue Reading »

Report contradicts CNN: Israeli submarine strike hit Syria’s missile storage depot

UK daily contradicts a CNN report claiming that the Israeli air force bombed Syrian weapons depot, and they say attack was coordinated with the Pentagon.





Israeli Dolphin-class submarines carried out a July 5 attack on an arms depot in the Syrian port city of Latakia, according to a report in the British Sunday Times, which contradicted a previous CNN report that the attack was the work of the Israel Air Force.

A Dolphin-class submarine docks in Haifa port.

A German built Dolphin-class submarine docks in Haifa port. – Photo: Reuters

The alleged Israeli naval strike was closely coordinated with the United States and targeted a contingent of 50 Russian-made Yakhont P-800 anti-ship missiles that had arrived earlier in the year for Syrian President Bashar Assad’s regime, the Times cited Middle East intelligence sources as stating.

Continue Reading »