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Israel downs intruding unmanned aircraft from Syria


The IDF successfully launched a Patriot missile & destroyed an unknown UAV that violated Israeli airspace over the Golan Heights.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli Defense Forces on Thursday launched a patriot missile at an unmanned aircraft (UAV) from Syria nearing the Israeli border, violating Israeli airspace.

“The IDF will not allow any breach of Israel’s airspace and will act against any attempt of infiltration,” said the IDF in a statement.

The target was successfully intercepted and shot down over the Golan Heights in northern Israel, confirmed the IDF, stating the UAV was under full surveillance by the Israeli Air Force. Continue Reading »

IDF retaliates, hitting Syrian targets after 3 mortars land in Israel’s Golan Heights


IDF unit opened fire on a position where 3 mortars were fire on Friday afternoon that landed & exploded in the Golan Heights. –  No physical injuries or damage were reported.

By i24NEWS


The Israeli military said on Friday that it had hit targets in Syria in response to three projectiles that landed in the Israeli Golan Heights earlier, in what the army said was likely stray fire from Syria’s civil war. There were no injuries or damage.

A mortar landed in an open area in the northern area of Israel, followed about an hour later by two additional projectiles, which triggered rocket alert sirens. Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force Strikes Syria in Response to Mortar Fire on Israel

Although no injuries were reported in Israel from mortar explosion that was assumed to be spillover from Syrian turmoil, the IDF holds Syria responsible and “will continue to act in order to preserve Israeli sovereignty and safeguard Israel.”

By i24news


The Israeli air force on Tuesday carried out a strike in Southern Syria in response to a stray mortar that landed in the Israeli Golan Heights earlier in the day.

UN base outside of Quneitra, on the Syrian part of the Golan Heights – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

A statement from the Israel Defense Forces said that “the IAF has successfully targeted the source of the fire in Syria. Continue Reading »

Israeli Produced Food Aiding More Syrians to the Ire of Many


Not all Syrians are happy with the aid from the ‘Zionist Entity’ that’s been more evident of late, especially the food that’s been reaching families of Syrian rebels fighting in the southern Qunietra region on Israel’s Golan Heights border.

By Roi Kais


Israeli produced food is showing up on the frontlines in Syria, and has been causing a firestorm in Arabic media and social media.

The food has been showing up in Qunietra province which is on the border with the Israeli Golan Heights, specifically in areas controlled by rebel groups. While many of the rebel groups seem to be happy with this aid, there are others who are not too pleased with it, saying “it is a disgrace to be receiving food from the Zionist Entity which has stolen the Golan.” Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF eliminates terrorists planting explosives on Syria/Israel border

view videoIDF source says, “The explosives belonged to Hezbollah & were set to be detonated remotely. Iran stood behind the operation.”



The IDF released a video on Sunday showing the Israel Air Force firing missiles and killing four terrorists who crossed into Israel from Syria and planted explosives in April near the border at an abandoned IDF post.

Screen Shot 2015-08-16 at 20.22.24

Screenshot – Courtesy IDF

Combat Intelligence Collection units identified the suspects planting the explosives on the eastern side of the border fence in the Golan Heights near Majdal Shams within Israeli territory.

The suspects were placed under a top priority observation for several minutes before action was taken. Continue Reading »

Reveled: Israel Aiding Syrian Rebels On Condition They Don’t Attack Druze Towns

Israel’s Defense Minister Yaalon: ‘Rebels near Israel’s border receive humanitarian aid on condition that they don’t attack Druze and block terrorists.’

By Gil Ronen and Ari Soffer


Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon said Monday that Israel is offering humanitarian assistance to Syrian rebels near the border, “on condition that they prevent terrorist organizations from nearing the border fence and that they refrain from attacking Druze.”

Yaalon was speaking at a briefing for Israel’s diplomatic correspondents. He said that the rebels are taking over the Golan and defeating Syrian strongman Bashar al Assad.

Regarding the Druze in Israel and Syria, Yaalon said that surprisingly: “No terror attacks [against Israel] have emanated from the area under rebel control, but there have been terror attacks from the area under Druze control.” Continue Reading »

Hezbollah attacks al-Qaida-linked group in Lebanon, near Syrian border

Fighters from pro-Assad Lebanese terror group Hezbollah clash in Lebanon with invading Syrian mujahideen, Nusra Front, opponents of the Damascus regime.


BEIRUT – Hezbollah fighters and gunmen from al-Qaida’s Syria wing Nusra Front clashed on Tuesday in eastern Lebanon near the border with Syria, Hezbollah’s television channel and a military source in the Lebanese group said.

Mujahideen members of al-Qaida’s‏ Nusra Front – Photo: REUTERS/file

The source said the group ambushed Nusra fighters in “advanced positions” in the outskirts of the mountain towns of Toufeil and Britel. Nusra Front fighters have regularly been active in areas close to the Syrian border and have targeted Hezbollah and Lebanese army positions in the past. Continue Reading »

BREAKING: Israel Air Force just killed 4 terrorists who entered Israel from Syria with bombs


IDF reports armed terrorists with explosives along the Israeli-Syrian border were en route to an imminent attack on our forces. The IAF has neutralized that threat.



The Israel Air Force struck and killed four terrorists who crossed into Israel from Syria and planted explosives near an IDF post on Sunday night, said a senior IDF source.

IAF F-16 ‘Fighting Falcon’. There are two versions operating today, whose Hebrew nicknames are Netz & Barak respectively. – IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The source declined to say which organization the terror cell belonged to, saying it was too soon for such details. Continue Reading »

IDF Deploys Iron Dome in Northern Israel to Neutralize Hezbollah & Iranian Threats


Sky News Arabic reports of Israeli anti-missile system deployment in light of possible retaliation for purported IAF strike that killed 6 Hezbollah members & 6 Iranian soldiers.

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Israel Defense Minister: What were Hezbollah & Iranian doing in Syrian Golan Height?

Israel’s Defense Minister Yaalon refuses to confirm IAF airstrike that reportedly killed Jihad Mughniyeh, son of former Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh.

By Shlomo Pitrikovsky, Gil Ronen


Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon refused to say anything Sunday evening about the reported IAF strike in the Syrian Golan that killed Jihad Mughniyeh, a senior Hezbollah man whose father, Imad Mughniyeh, was also assassinated by Israel.

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon – Photo: Xinhua/Corbis

However, Yaalon did respond to the reports from Hezbollah about the incident, and said that they contradicted Hezbollah’s own official claims, made in recent years, that they do not operate in the Golan.

Continue Reading »

Son of Imad Mughniyeh and 5 members of Hezbollah killed in IDF airstrike in Syria

Six Hezbollah terrorists, including the son of former Hezbollah chief Imad Mughniyeh, killed in attack near Quneitra, Syria, preparing to attack Israel.

By i24news


The son of former Hezbollah commander Imad Mughniyeh along with five other terrorists were killed in an alleged Israeli air strike in Syria on Sunday, Hezbollah-linked media reported.

Jihad Mughneye speaking in front of Imad Mughneye’s picture, his father that was allegedly assassinated by Israel – Photo: ARAB MEDIA

Sources linked to the Islamist organization said that Jihad Mughniyeh, who oversaw the Syrian Golan Heights division of the group, was killed in the attack.

“Hezbollah’s leadership will decide how to respond to this new Israeli aggression, but this strike is unthinkable,” a statement from the group read, according to the Al-Akhbar news site.

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Foreign media report: IAF helicopter fires two missiles at Syrian rebels attacking Israel


IDF spokesperson said in response that the IDF does not makes comments regarding foreign reports & even the state media in Syria did not comment on the attack.



Syrian sources said that Israeli helicopters fired two missiles into the Syrian Golan Heights on Sunday, the Hezbollah-affiliated al-Manar website reported.

IAF apache, resting but protected. – Photo Courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

AFP cited an Israeli security sources as saying the strike had targeted purported terrorists who were planning an attack on the Jewish state.

The IDF said in response that it does not comment on foreign reports and Syrian state media did not mention the attack. Continue Reading »

Syria, Gaza & Lebanon Fire Rockets at Israel

No injuries reported in Golan from Syrian rocket attack
2 children lightly injured after Katyusha rocket attack from Lebanon hits Upper Galilee.
2 rockets fired from Gaza landed in a residential area in Beersheba 



Five rockets from Syria landed across the border with Israel in the Golan Heights overnight between Saturday and Sunday.

A rocket is launched from the northern Gaza Strip towards Israel. - Photo: REUTERS

A rocket is launched from the northern Gaza Strip towards Israel. – Photo: REUTERS

The rockets landed in open areas and no injuries were initially reported. Multiple alert sirens sounded in the Golan Regional Council warning of the attack

The projectile strike from Syria came hours after a separate incident on Saturday night in which a rocket fired from Lebanon hit a building in an open area in the Upper Galilee. Continue Reading »

10 Syrian Soldiers Killed in Israel’s Retaliatory Airstrikes

Damascus moaning over Jerusalem’s response to the spillover, after IDF retaliatory measures for explosion in Golan Heights leave 10 soldiers dead.

By Tova Dvorin


At least 10 Syrian soldiers were killed in Israeli overnight air raids on positions near the Golan Heights, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) monitoring group said on Monday.

IDF patrol in Golan Heights

IDF patrol in Golan Heights – Reuters

“At least 10 Syrian soldiers were killed in Israeli raids against military positions [near the Golan – ed.],” SOHR said Monday. “Nine missiles were fired by aircraft and at least two tanks and two artillery batteries were destroyed.”

On Sunday, Syrian soldiers fired a mortar shell or other explosive into the Golan, killing a 15 year-old boy and seriously injuring several Israelis, including a civilian subcontractor for the Ministry of Defense. Continue Reading »

In IDF retaliatory airstrike, 9 Syrian military targets near border hit


Israel Air Force strikes follow unprovoked cross-border missile attack which killed Israeli 14 yr-old & wounded 3 others on Sunday morning.


The Israel Air Force struck several Syrian military targets on Monday night, in response to Sunday’s cross-border missile shooting which killed an Israeli boy and wounded his father and two other civilians.

F-15I Ra'am Israel Air Force - Photo: IDF Spokespersons Unit

F-15I Ra’am Israel Air Force – Photo: IDF Spokespersons Unit

The strikes were carried out shortly after midnight. Nine targets belonging to the Syrian military were hit, among them command centers, according to a statement released by the IDF Spokesman.

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