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Australia: Brothers sentenced 40, 36 years after IDF tip to blow up plane

Following a tip from the IDF’s elite military intelligence Unit 8200, 2 Australian-Lebanese brothers were sentenced to 40 and 36 years in prison for their Islamic Slate-inspired plot to bomb a jet departing Sydney in 2017.

By i24NEWS


Two brothers, Khaled and Mahmoud Khayat, were sentenced to 40 and 36 years in prison respectively over a thwarted Islamic Slate-inspired plot to bomb a plane in 2017.

Australian-Lebanese Khayat brothers were planning to hand a bomb disguised as a meat grinder to a third brother, Amer, as he was about to board an Etihad Airways jet from Sydney to Abu Dhabi. Continue Reading »

IDF Thwarts ISIS Attack on United Arab Emirates Airliner

Released: An Etihad Airways’ civilian airplane en route from Australia to Abu Dubi had been targeted by ISIS, but then Israel’s secretive cyber intelligence Unit 8200 stepped in and saved hundreds back in July 2017.

By Tsvi Sadan


The IDF on Wednesday decided to provide a quick glimpse into the clandestine activity of Unit 8200, the Israeli military’s equivalent to America’s NSA. This secretive unit was able to thwart an ISIS attempt to blow up a civilian airplane en route from Australia to Abu Dubi. The IDF referred to a July 30, 2017 news report about Australian police arresting four suspects in Sydney who were planning to “commit a terrorist act using an improvised device.” Continue Reading »

Aliyah: The incredible journey of being smuggled out of Damascus


The intelligence gathered by these two immigrants from Syria, who were smuggled into Israel in 1985, is unknown to the Israeli public, but the IDF sees these two brothers, now in their 40s, and the eldest’s son as well, as an invaluable strategic asset to the Jewish State.

By Yair Altman


“Today, when I look back, I have no regrets,” says Chief Warrant Officer A., 46, who serves in the Israel Defense Forces’ elite 8200 intelligence unit with his brother, Warrant Officer M., 42, and his son.

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An inside look at IDF’s 8200’s combat intelligence unit


view videoFrom obtaining real time information on Hamas in Gaza, to listening to a Hezbollah telephone conversation, the soldiers of IDF’s 8200 combat intel battalion are giving Israel an added technical edge in protecting the Jewish State before going into battle.

By Yoav Zitun


It’s only been around for five years, and still doesn’t have a name or insignia. They are the combat soldiers of the elite intelligence unit 8200. Although 8200 is more known for its glasses wearing computer geniuses, this section of the unit helps to gather field intelligence for the most elite combat units in the IDF – including Sayeret Matkal and the Israeli Navy’s Shayetet 13. Continue Reading »

Defense Minister & Opposition Leader Slams Reservists Claims of Elite Intelligence Unit

Defense Minister Ya’alon says leftist reservists’ letter was ‘Foolish & Disgusting’ and those who accused the elite intel unit of abuse, are taking part in a ‘delegitimization’ campaign against Israel.

By Uzi Baruch


Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon reacted with disgust Saturday night to a letter of refusal signed by leftist reservists from an elite intelligence unit.

The letter, signed by 43 reserve officers and soldiers, called for insubordination after accusing the elite intelligence Unit 8200 of being an “inseparable part of the military control of the territories,” referring to Judea and Samaria, and alleging the unit was being used to spy on “innocent” Palestinians. Continue Reading »