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PM Netanyahu to Ashton: Ask Iranians about intercepted weapons shipment




PM Netanyahu: Ship’s takeover was meant to stop missiles from reaching terrorists and to expose ‘true face’ of Iran

By i24news


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Sunday the seizure of the cargo ship carrying missiles from Iran bound for Gaza had two goals – to prevent the weapons from reach terror groups and to “expose the true face of Iran” to the world.

Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu

“Iran denies its involvement, but it’s lying. We will provide proof of this tomorrow,” Netanyahu said at the start of the weekly cabinet meeting. The prime minister and Israel’s top brass are expected to head to the Red Sea port of Eilat Monday for a news conference and display of the captured weaponry. Continue Reading »

IDF chief heads to NATO defense meeting in Brussels


Israel’s Chief of Staff of the IDF, Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz will meet with NATO counterparts in Brussels, to present Israel’s security challenges with an emphasis on Iran, the Middle East & global terrorism.

By Lilach Shoval


Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz landed in Brussels for a two-day work visit on Tuesday to attend the 170th NATO defense chiefs’ meeting.

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Jerusalem’s Mayor Asks IDF & Police to Extricate Stranded Drivers

Mayor Barkat enlists the IDF & Israel Police to assist the many drivers & cars that have been caught stranded due to the ice & snow.

By Elad Benari


Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat has enlisted the IDF and the Israel Police to help out the many drivers who have been stranded on the city’s roads because of the snow.

On Thursday night, after the snowstorm which hit the capital caused many road closures and traffic jams, Barkat contacted IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz and the head of the Jerusalem District of the Israel Police, Yossi Pariente, and asked them to help clear the roads of stranded cars and people. Continue Reading »

Iron Dome deployed near Haifa amid heightened tensions on Northern borders

IDF: The Anti-rocket battery move was dictated by changes in security situation.





The IDF deployed an Iron Dome anti-rocket battery in the Haifa area early Friday morning, amid heightened tensions in the North stemming from the ongoing Syrian civil war.

Iron Dome battery deployed in North

Iron Dome battery deployed in North – Photo: Ben Hartman

The IDF Spokesman’s Office stated that Iron Dome batteries are redeployed periodically in accordance with appraisals of the security situation.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.- Gen. Benny Gantz told pilots receiving their wings at the Hatzerim Air Base Thursday, “The region is shaking, from south to north.

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IDF Chief Ganz: The Flames are Creeping Up on Nasrallah


In graduation ceremony of Air Force’s 166 flight course, IDF chief says Israel should prepare for ‘changing reality.’ Over 200 Hezbollah operatives killed in fighting rebels in Syria & Lebanon with thousands injured.

By Ilana Curiel



“Syria is still bleeding, and in Lebanon the flames have started to creep up on Nasrallah,” said IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz Thursday, at the graduation ceremony of the IAF’s 166 flight course, adding that the Israeli Air Force is “the strategic arm of the IDF; it can make our enemies pay, anytime, anywhere.”

מזכ"ל חיזבאללה נסראללה (צילום: EPA)

Gantz: Nasrallah is burning – Photo: EPA

“All fronts – from south to north – are turbulent,” Gantz noted. Continue Reading »

Syrian rebels receive weapons from the West with Israel next target

Western countries have begun training & even arming the Syrian rebel groups in spite of warnings from Israel that these groups are radical Islamists that are likely to turn those newly acquired weapons on Israel.

By Ryan Jones


Israeli army chief Gen. Benny Gantz on Monday warned that the Syrian rebel groups that America and Europe are now helping to arm and train might turn their hostility toward Israel after ousting the regime of dictator Bashar Assad.

UNDOF soldiers watching for rebel fighters who've infiltrated the Golan Heights DMZ - Photo Israel Today

UNDOF soldiers watching for rebel fighters who’ve infiltrated the Golan Heights DMZ – Photo: Israel Today

“The situation in Syria has become unstable and incredibly dangerous,” Gantz said at the 2013 Herzliya Conference. Continue Reading »

If hostilities resume, it would be better to be Israeli than Lebanese

IDF chief of staff says Israel may be facing multi-arena instability with Syrian unrest, but, the IDF is ready to meet all new challenges, including Syria & the Hezbollah.


The ceasefire between Israel and Hezbollah is holding steady seven years after the Second Lebanon War ended, but should hostilities resume, it would be better to be an Israeli citizen than a Lebanese citizen, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. told the Herzliya Conference on Monday evening.
Benny Gantz at military forum, January 7, 2013 - Photo IDF Spokesperson

Benny Gantz at military forum, January 7, 2013 – Photo: IDF Spokesperson

During a speech that opened the annual gathering, Gantz said Israeli deterrence against Hezbollah remained “authentic.”

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Poor Driving causes massive damage to Chief of Staff’s car

Chief of Staff’s personal vehicle was foolishly damaged after driver attempts to traverse flooded road.

MP’s launches investigation.

Yoav Zitun


The Military Police have launched an investigation into a driving blunder that has resulted in massive damage to IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz‘s security detail’s vehicle.

GantzThe Toyota Land Cruiser reportedly sustained damage estimated at hundreds of thousands of shekels to its chassis and on-board security systems after the driver attempted to cross a flooded road and failed. No one was hurt in the incident.

The Military Police’s investigation is standard procedure for cases where damages to IDF equipment exceed NIS 5,000 (roughly $1350). Continue Reading »

IDF names its 2012’s ‘Best of the Best’

IDF Chief Gantz to honor 2012 winners of annual military achievement & performance awards in a special ceremony

Yoav Zitun


The Israel Defense Force will be holding its annual IDF Chief Honorary Awards ceremony on Monday, when the most outstanding IDF units will be honored for their hard work during the passing year.

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen Benny Gantz will present the awards to the winning units, according to three main categories: Battalion, Brigade and Division.

The IAF‘s Nachshon Intelligence Squadron won first place in the Battalion Category, followed by the Bedouin Reconnaissance Unit. The Bedouin brigade mostly consists of volunteers and is known for its ability to prevent terror cells from penetrating Israeli territory. Continue Reading »

Injured Soldier Evacuated to Hospital by Chief of Staff

An IDF soldier who suffered moderate wounds from a ricochet bullet Sunday was evacuated in the helicopter of the Chief of Staff.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


A soldier who suffered moderate wounds in a training exercise Sunday was evacuated by the helicopter of the Chief of Staff, who had been in the area moments before.

The unidentified soldier was wounded by a ricochet bullet in a paratroopers drill in the Jordan Valley approximately 15 minutes after IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz took off from the area.

Having been informed of the training accident, the Chief of Staff ordered his pilot to turn back rather than make the wounded soldier wait for the helicopter rescue unit to arrive. Continue Reading »

Gen. Gantz: Carry on attacks as if there are no diplomatic talks

IDF continues to hit Gaza targets but senior officers say most painful blow yet to come.

Bridges struck for first time.

Gaza residents begin to move towards coast.

By Yoav Zitun


IDF officials said Wednesday that talk of an imminent ceasefire is irrelevant. Late Tuesday night, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz authorized strikes on dozens of Gaza targets and instructed commanders to “carry on as if there is no diplomatic dialogue.”

Gantz, Barak and Netanyahu – Photo: Kobi Gideon, GPO

The Palestinians reported a total of 133 fatalities, half of which they said were civilians.

The IDF is stepping up its assaults on prominent Hamas governmental facilities and hit the internal security ministry, police headquarters and a bank on Tuesday night. Continue Reading »