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The Rolling Stones’ Ronnie Wood: Dylan said go to Israel


Iconic musician, Bob Dylan, suggested that the band make ‘Like a Rolling Stone’ and perform in Israel on the Stone’s European tour this summer.



Ronnie Wood, guitarist for The Rolling Stones, revealed Monday that Bob Dylan put the idea in the Stones’ circle to include Israel as a tour stop.

Stones Ticket

Ticket to upcoming Stones concert in Tel Aviv – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

In an interview with Channel 2 in response to written questions ahead of the Stones’ Israel debut on June 4, Wood said that one time after seeing Dylan perform, the singer made the suggestion.

He was coming offstage and said “we’re going to Tel Aviv.” He had a big smile on his face, and he said he loved it there,” said Wood. Continue Reading »

The Falafel Index: Israel home to the most expensive Falafel in pita

Forbes magazine’s new purchasing index concludes that Israel’s shekel is one of the most overvalued currencies in the region.


The Israeli shekel is among the most overvalued currencies in the Middle East and food prices in Israel have increased more than in any other developed country since 2005, according to a new purchasing index from Forbes magazine called the Falafel Index.

The Falafel Index

The Falafel Index is a version of the Economist’s Big Mac Index tailored for the Middle East.

Like its older counterpart, the Falafel Index determines the purchasing power of different currencies – but rather than comparing hamburgers, it compares the prices of falafel across the region. Continue Reading »

Foreign networks buy Israeli TV programs at media fair in Cannes

Canada, Thailand, U.S. & France sign deals with Israeli production companies at French media event.

“The ideas from Israel are very advanced & sophisticated, but execution in the U.S. is more polished, since we have bigger budgets & more experience.” said Sharon Tal Yguado, a Fox executive.

By Noah Smith


At this week’s MIPTV Media Market in Cannes, France, which officially kicked off on Sunday, Israeli production companies Armoza Formats and Keshet Media Group have already closed major deals for TV formats to be developed and distributed in the United States, Canada, France and Thailand.
A scene from 'Hostages'

A scene from ‘Hostages’ – Photo: Itiel Zion

From Armoza, “Hostages,” “While You Were Sleeping” and “You, Me and My Ex” will all be developed in Canada while Keshet’s “Boom!” has been purchased by Fox for development in the United States.

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Award-winning ‘Son of Hamas’ documentary to be adapted to Hollywood film


Based on Israeli director Nadav Schirman’s Sundance-winning documentary ‘The Green Prince’, “Son of Hamas” will be made for the Silver Screen



The true story of the son of a Hamas leader who turned against his family in the service of the Shin Bet will be adapted for the silver screen.

Still from 'The Green Prince'

Still from ‘The Green Prince’. – Photo Sundance Institute

The feature film will be based on the award-winning Israeli documentary “The Green Prince,” which tells the story of Mosab Hassan Yousef – the son of a top Hamas leader who turned into an Israeli agent. Directed by Nadav Schirman, “The Green Price” clinched the Audience Award for at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

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Israeli Arab finishes victorious in TV reality cooking program ‘Master Chef’


‘Master Chef’ winner Nof Atamna-Ismaeel, says she’ll use TV show’s prize money to open Arab-Jewish cooking school.


Nof Atamna-Ismaeel won the fourth season of Israeli reality cooking show “Master Chef” on Saturday night.

Noff Otmana Ismail, Israeli Arab winner of 'Master Chef'

Noff Otmana Ismail, Israeli Arab winner of ‘Master Chef’ – Photo: Oded Karni

Atamna-Ismaeel, 32,,  from the Israeli Arab town Baqa al-Gharbiyyewho cooks Arab food with a modern twist. She has a PhD in microbiolog and is  married with three kids.

Upon winning, Atamna-Ismaeel said it was “the most exciting moment in her life,” and said she plans on using the prize money to open an Arab-Jewish cooking school.

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Lars von Trier’s latest film ‘Nymphomaniac’ too racy for Israel


The Danish director’s latest film hasn’t been purchased for distribution in Israel. Could that be because of the financial risk, the director’s admiration of Hitler, or simply the explicit sex?

Included: Nymphomaniac – official trailer – Viewer Discretion Advised – Sexual Content


The first installment of Lars von Trier’s much talked-about “Nymphomaniac,” starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård and Shia LeBeouf, premieres in the United States this weekend.

Screenshot from Official Trailer

Screenshot from Official Trailer

In Israel, however, no release date has been announced, and although von Trier’s previous films have received positive welcomes from Israeli critics and audiences alike, it’s not even known whether “Nymphomaniac” was even picked up for distribution.

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25,000 runners to participate Friday in annual Int’l Jerusalem Marathon

The 4th Int’l Jerusalem Marathon is set for this Friday with 25,000 runners from 54 countries are expected to take part in one of several tracks.

The 800-meter social race, the International Jerusalem ”Winner” Marathon, supports the needy.

By Yori Yalon


Rolling Stones to fetch $6.7 million for Israel concert


The Rolling Stones are expected to draw a crowd of 70,000 on June at Hayarkon Park, Tel Aviv.


“You can’t always get what you want,” goes the classic Rolling Stones song. But when it comes to their June 4 concert in Israel, the British rock legends have certainly come close, with a guarantee of $6.7 million for that one performance.


Promoter Shuki Weiss, who has reportedly said in the past that he would retire after bringing the Stones to Israel, beat other promoters to the punch by guaranteeing the astronomical sum, according to Israel’s Channel 2.

No matter how many tickets are sold, the Stones will earn $6.7 million for this single appearance at Hayarkon Park in Tel Aviv.

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Beauty From Southern Israel Named Miss Israel 2014


A high-school arts major & computer graphics student Mor Maman, 18, named Israel’s new Miss Israel in yesterday’s pageant held in Haifa.

The soon-to-be Israeli Air Force soldier is currently managing a Facebook group promoting nutrition among teens.

By Eran Suissa



Holy City of Jerusalem Becomes Break-Dancing Mecca

Israel’s style may yet meet the Bronx standards, but Israeli immigrants from the Ukraine, Ethiopia & Russia are putting together their own unique repertoire.


They have names like Elastic, G-Rock, Aladdin, Pac Man and Splinter. They sport hoodies, backwards baseball caps and Adidas footwear. They dance in circles, but they don’t do the hora; they’re Israeli b-boys and b-girls, and they have serious flavor.

Break dancing

Action from a Break dancing competition at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village in Jerusalem, February 2014. – Photo: Emil Salman

Israel’s top break dancers took part in the “Prove Yourself B-Boy Jam” on Thursday, competing in head-to-head battles before a transfixed crowd of students and friends at the Israel Goldstein Youth Village in Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Portman confronts local resistance over filming in Jerusalem

Israeli directorial debut to be shot in Haredi neighborhood of capital, to the chagrin of its residents.

By i24NEWS


Ultra-Orthodox residents of Jerusalem are reportedly trying to forestall Hollywood star Natalie Portman from shooting scenes from her upcoming directorial debut in Israel’s capital, increasingly defined by its religious majority.

Natalie Portman – Photo: AFP

According to the Haaretz daily, Portman, is set to film in an ultra-Orthodox part of the Nahlaot neighborhood. While she coordinated the shoot with the Jerusalem Municipality, officials apparently failed to inform the residents, who wrote a letter complaining that the filming will take place near synagogues and yeshivot. Continue Reading »

Israeli documentary wins at Sundance Film Festival


“The Green Prince,” garners one of prestigious Utah film festival’s top honors. It tells the story of the son of Hamas co-founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, Mosab Hassan Yousef, who spent a decade as an Israeli informer in the West Bank.

Yishai Kichlis and News Agencies


Listen: Israeli song top hit in Yemen

The illegal disk, “Sana’a al-Yemen” blares from stereos & car speakers. “Come with me to Sanaa,” Zion Golan, a religious Jew, sings in Yemeni Arabic.



A song from an Israeli singer with Yemenite roots – but who has never visited the country – has become a surprise hit in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, the Economist reported on Tuesday.

Zion Golan

Zion Golan – Photo: Moti Milrod

Zion Golan’s song “Sana’a al-Yemen” is frequently heard blaring from stereos and minibus speakers. “Come with me to Sanaa,” Golan sings in Yemeni Arabic. “Sanaa, my home, you’ll like it.”

But although the lyrics refer to Sana’a as home, Golan has never been there. Continue Reading »

The Cameri Theater performs in Ariel but without 3 actors

The director of the Ariel theater, “We don’t want those who don’t want to come here.”

The Cameri said in its statement, “Those who are not interested are replaced by their colleagues.”



Three Cameri and Beit Lessin actors have been excused from performing in a play staged at a cultural center in the West Bank settlement of Ariel.

'Best Friends.'

Members of the cast of ‘Best Friends.’ – Photo by Courtesy Cameri

The cast members will be replaced by understudies for the performances of the play “Best Friends,” the theaters said in a statement.

The Cameri said in its statement that it respects the political views of its employees.  Continue Reading »

Lady Gaga is coming to perform in Israel


Two strikes for the BDS movement: Justin Bieber’s Israeli concert set for May 14th,  then Lady Gaga will be here for her show in summer of 2014.



Lady Gaga will arrive in Israel in the summer of 2014 for her second performance in the country, Channel 2 reported.

Lady Gaga

Pop music superstar Lady Gaga poses next to her look-alike doll called “Gagadoll” during a press conference in Tokyo on December 1, 2013.- Photo: AFP

Israel will be one stop on a tour promoting the release of her new album ARTPOP. She launched off in London and is expected to hit New York City in March and April. Continue Reading »