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Israeli lab discovers alarming amount of ‘Sunset Yellow’ in US-produced M&Ms


The manufacturing process for European M&Ms leave the product at acceptable levels because they use natural food dyes.

Now, a Class-action lawsuit was filed against American manufacturer & the Israeli importer of the US-made chocolates.

By i24NEWS



US-produced M&M chocolate candy, which is imported to and sold in Israel, was found to contain artificial food coloring at levels far exceeding limits set by Israel’s health ministry, a report by Israeli Channel 2 revealed on Thursday.

A 46 foot piñata in the form of an orange M&M candy, filled with thousands. Aug. 4, 2011 ( Sam Yeh/AFP )

A 46 foot piñata in the form of an orange M&M candy, filled with thousands. Aug. 4, 2011 – Photo: Sam Yeh/AFP

The food coloring used in the production of the famous chocolate lentils, more specifically the color “Sunset Yellow” used to make the orange M&Ms, contains a petroleum-based dye, which, if present in elevated levels, can increase hyperactivity in children, Dr Ilana Dariel, a clinical dietician, told Channel 2. Continue Reading »

Israeli research proves ‘kangaroo care’ advances development in preemies

A Bar Ilan University study shows direct & constant physical contact with a premature newborn baby improves brain development well into its childhood.


A simple form of skin-to-skin contact between mothers and premature babies right after birth enhances the babies’ brain development until age 10, according to research conducted at Bar-Ilan University.


Technology is no substitute for a mother’s touch.- Photo: AP

The touch-based treatment, called “kangaroo care,” was first developed in 1978 in Bogotá, Columbia, in the absence of costly incubators. The new study shows that kangaroo care has profound effects on the development of preemies in affluent societies as well.

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Israel’s Nat’l Health to cover abortions for women ages 20-33

All the patients are required to receive approval from a gov’t panel prior to undergoing the procedure.

The panel approves nearly all cases.




JERUSALEM — Israeli women between the ages of 20 and 33 will be eligible to receive government-funded abortions in 2014.

Surprisingly, Israel's religious sector is responding positively to the idea of harvesting organs after the heart stops. - Photo by GettyImages

Operating theater, Illustrative – Photo by GettyImages

The new eligibility is part of the country’s state-subsidized basket of health services for 2014, approved on Monday. Currently, the government only pays for abortions for medical reasons and for girls under 18.

Some 6,300 women between ages 20 and 33 are expected to have abortions in Israel in 2014.

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Israeli Arabic video guide for nursing, big hit in Arab world



While Israel remains unpopular among Arab countries, its locally produced HMO’s breastfeeding training videos have been watched by half a million Arab viewers world-wide so far.

Yaron Kelner

VIDEO – In almost every Arab country, threats, curses or swears are heard when Israel is mentioned. But in this sea of hostility there is now a new ray of light: Breastfeeding training videos in Arabic by Clalit Health Services, an Israeli health maintenance organization, are gain tremendous popularity in countries which have mostly been fighting Israel in the past few decades.


Israeli Health Care Service produced an educational video for it’s Arabic speaking population.

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Israel begins countrywide Polio vaccination campaign


After 50,000 plus children have already been vaccinated in southern Israel, Health authorities gear up to vaccinate all children under age 9 nationwide.

By Yaron Kelner

Parents of children residing in northern and central Israel who were born after January 1, 2004 were called on Sunday morning to join a nationwide campaign of vaccinations against polio.

Vaccines in Tel Aviv (Photo: Motti Kimchi)

Vaccines in Tel Aviv – Photo: Motti Kimchi

Vaccinations have been administered in southern Israel for the past two weeks in the form of a live and weakened vaccine against the deadly virus. The vaccinations will take place in Health Ministry‘s Tipat Halav baby clinics, as well health care clinics in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

WHO Physician: Polio Virus Found in Israel came from Pakistan

Tests proved the polio virus discovered in southern Israel originated in Pakistan. Israel to commence emergency inoculation program.

By Gil Ronen



The strain of polio virus recently discovered in southern Israel is exactly the same kind as the type of virus that is prevalent in Pakistan, and which existed exclusively in Pakistan until recently, reports the Pakistan-based publication Dawn.

Dr. Nima Abid, a representative of the World Health Organization (WHO) in Pakistan, told Dawn that the virus was “definitely” from Pakistan, since “The virus genotype (genetic make-up) is the same as prevalent in Pakistan and this is what the research has indicated.” Continue Reading »

Israel’s wrist ‘watch’ monitor will eliminate unnecessary heart attack deaths


It’s a wearable watch-like mobile device, synched with Bluetooth, Android or iPhone devices, that takes minute-by-minute readings of heart rate & oxygen levels in the blood.

About half of all people at risk of death from heart attacks could gain the chance to live, once Israeli entrepreneur Leon Eisen’s new Oxitone device goes to market in about 18 months.

A prototype of the Oxitone device, heading to market in about 18 months.

A prototype of the Oxitone device, heading to market in about 18 months.


Using two optical sensors, and another special high-tech tool, he’s developed the world’s first “watch” that can just about tell when your time may be up. Continue Reading »

Boston Hospital Chief Credits Israel With Setting Up Disaster Team

The terrorist attack at last week’s Boston Marathon was unprecedented for the city’s doctors – but they were prepared, thanks to Israel.



Minutes after a terrorist attack killed three at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, doctors and nurses at the city’s hospitals faced a harrowing scene – severed limbs, burned bodies, shrapnel buried in skin.

Alastair Conn, Chief of Emergency Services at Massachusetts General Hospital. -  Photo Screenshot.

Alastair Conn, Chief of Emergency Services at Massachusetts General Hospital. – Photo Screenshot.

For Boston doctors, the challenge presented by last week’s bombing was unprecedented – but they were prepared.

Many of the city’s hospitals have doctors with actual battlefield experience. Continue Reading »

Health Ministry seeking to drop salt from Israeli tables

With 75% of Israeli salt consumption coming from processed foods, the Health Ministry released a plan to reduce salt intake by 3 grams a day in the average Israeli’s diet within 7 years.

The Health Ministry has unveiled a new program to reduce the amount of salt in food in Israel. The move is expected to have a gradual effect on the taste of most processed foods sold here.

The Health Ministry is revising salt-intake recommendations

The Health Ministry is revising salt-intake recommendations. – Photo: Bloomberg

Sunday was World Health Day and the theme for 2013 was high blood pressure. In honor of the event, the Health Ministry released a plan to reduce salt intake by 3 grams a day in the average Israeli’s diet within seven years. Continue Reading »

Licensed U.S. Doctors can now practice in Israel without retaking medical exam

Israeli citizens who went to the U.S. for school and immigrant American doctors will no longer be required to retake medical licensing exam.


The Knesset Labor, Welfare and Health Committee voted Wednesday to exempt Israelis who studied medicine abroad, as well as immigrant physicians, from the Israeli medical licensing exam if they have passed the U.S. licensing exams.

Medical students at Hadera’s Hillel Yaffe hospital

The committee also approved the retroactive licensing of any physician who has passed the U.S. exam, the USMLE, during the past 10 years. However, the committee also ruled that candidates who failed the Israeli medical exam cannot take the USMLE instead. Continue Reading »

Report: Jewish births increasing, Muslim births decreasing

In Israel, the fertility rate among Jewish women is rising while birthrate in the Muslim sector drops, according to latest demographics report.

Yaron Druckman


According to a demographics report released by the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) on Monday, the State of Israel has a population of 7,836,600, of which 75.4% is Jewish.

Population growth – Photo: Shiran Granot

The data, which was compiled for 2011, also indicates that Jewish births are on the rise, while Arab and Druze births are decreasing.

According to forecasts, by the end of 2035 the number of Jews is expected to be somewhere between 7.7-9.9 million and the Arab population is to total between 2.3-2.9 million. Continue Reading »

BGU Study: Hamas Rockets Worse on Bedouin Youth Than Jewish Youth

A Ben-Gurion University study shows Bedouin kids were more psychologically distressed than Jewish kids by the rocket fire during Operation Pillar of Defense

By David Lev


Bedouin youth were angrier and more psychologically distressed than their Jewish counterparts by the rocket fire in November, according to a new Ben-Gurion University of the Negev study. It is the first follow-up study after the two weeks of rocket fire and subsequent Operation Pillar of Defense.

Prof. Shifra Sagy, Dr. Sarah Abu-Kaf and Dr. Orna Braun-Lewensohn of the Conflict Management and Resolution Program interviewed 78 Jewish youths and 91 Bedouin youths from the South of Israel about their reaction to the barrage of rockets fired at the South by Hamas in Gaza. Continue Reading »

New Law against anorexic models in Israeli media begins

Models in Israel with a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5 will not be shown on Israeli websites, in media, or walk down catwalks at fashion shows.


Starting on Tuesday, female and male models who have a body mass index (BMI) of less than 18.5 may not be shown in the media or on Israeli websites or go down the catwalk at fashion shows.

modelThe law, initiated by then-Kadima MK Rachel Adatto, aims to protect impressionable teens from eating disorders.

Every year, an average of 30 young adults and teens die of anorexia or bulimia.

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Fitting cement boots on the sperm cells

Not yet out of the lab, Hervana’s non-hormonal, non-invasive & long-acting birth control solution could be a game-changer for women, especially in developing countries.


The Israeli company behind a new contraceptive won a $1 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop and test its formulation for a safer, long-acting, non-invasive contraceptive solution, and also won second place in a startup competition at the Israel Life Sciences Biomed Conference in Tel Aviv last May.

Hervana founder Rachel Teitelbaum explaining her new contraceptive suppository to Bill Gates.

Hervana founder Rachel Teitelbaum explaining her new contraceptive suppository to Bill Gates.

The Gates Foundation is most interested in the product’s potential to provide a more accessible, cheaper and socially acceptable family planning option in developing countries, though it would be marketed in the United States and Europe as well. Continue Reading »

Positive interim results for psoriasis treatment reports Can-Fite

Can-Fite BioPharma will continue patient enrollment in view of the results of the Phase II/III clinical trial.

By Globes’ correspondent

Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. (TASE:CFBI; Bulletin Board: CANFY) today announced positive interim results of its Phase II/III clinical trial of CF101 for the treatment of psoriasis, and said that it is continuing enrolling patients in the study.

Investor Information

Can-Fite BioPharma Ltd. – Photo taken from: canfite.com


Can-Fite said that interim analysis of safety and efficacy data from the first 103 patients who completed 24 weeks of treatment in the trial found positive clinical effects of CF101 compared with the placebo in a variety of standard psoriasis assessment parameters, with the responses accumulating steadily over the treatment period.

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