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North Carolina now 22nd US state to forbid state from doing business with BDS supporters


In another major #BDSfail: The new legislation signed by North Carolina’s governor, not only prohibits the state’s agencies from engaging in business agreements with companies supporting BDS, it also mandates divestment from organizations/businesses that do.

By i24NEWS


The governor of the US state North Carolina, Roy Cooper signed legislation last Thursday making it illegal for the state to conduct business with companies associated with the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement aganst Israel (BDS), the Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) reported.

The action, making North Carolina the 22nd US state to outlaw state agencies from doing business with BDS affiliated organizations, received praise from the local Jewish federation of Raleigh- Cary as well as from the Israel Action Network, an initiative of the Jewish Federations of North America and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Legislative Architects on the ‘War on Terror’


In recent years, mainly due to the increase in Europe’s radical Islamic terrorism, Israeli jurists have become the world’s most in-demand lecturers in dealing with counter-terrorism legislation.

By Tova Tzimuki


Of all of Israel’s specialties, one field of exports is matchless, and global demand for it only continues to grow: the war on terror.

Last week, Deputy Attorney General Raz Nazari completed the drafting of a bill to combat terrorism. This task was remarkably complex, as the facts did not cease changing, the challenges and requirements kept being modified, and time and time again, Nazari had to update the wording to adapt to the current situation and the recent wave of terrorism. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Justice Minister seeks fines on parents of underage Palestinian attackers


Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked plans on placing responsibility on parents that encourage stone-throwing kids under the age of 12, by levying heavy fines to keep them from exploiting the children as a tool in the terror machine.

By Tova Tzimuki


Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked published on Thursday evening a legal memo that will introduce heavy fines for parents of stone-throwers under the age of 12. The aim of the memo is to give law enforcement agencies the tools to address criminal activities that are carried out by children who are under the age of criminal responsibility.

A Palestinian throwing stones in Silwan, East Jerusalem.

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Knesset passes groundbreaking law to break up huge conglomerates


By breaking up large conglomerates this cornerstone legislation aims to stimulate competition by halting pyramid structures controlling markets.

By Reuters

The Israeli parliament passed legislation this week aimed at improving economic competition by halting pyramid structures in companies and breaking up large conglomerates blamed for high living costs.

Knesset (Israel's Parliament)

The Knesset (Israel’s Parliament) under snow12 Dec 2013

The move will, over the next several years, reduce the amount of concentration of corporate power in Israel, one of the highest in the developed world. The government estimates that the country’s 10 largest business groups control 41 percent of the market value of public companies. Continue Reading »

C’tee bans smoking in some outdoor areas

‘Watered-down’ amendment banning smoking in some outdoor public places could be tougher, say public health experts.


The Israel Cancer Association both congratulated MKs on Wednesday for increasing the types of places where smoking will be prohibited, and expressed disappointment that the legislation had been watered down.


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The amendment to no-smoking laws, approved by the Knesset’s Labor, Social Affairs and Health Committee and implemented by order, makes it illegal to light up cigarettes and other tobacco products at outdoor performances; within 10 meters of entrances to hospitals and clinics; or in bus and train stations, swimming pools, indoor stadiums, outdoor wedding locations, swimming pools, public shelters; and in other outdoor locations.

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