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Palestinian terrorist killed by IDF tank after shooting at soldiers on Gaza border

After a single Arab terrorist from Hamas controlled Gaza opened fire on an Israeli army unit along the northern border with Israel, IDF Merkava tank eliminates the terrorist.

By David Rosenberg


A terrorist operating out of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip opened fire on IDF forces stationed along the Gaza border Monday morning, before being killed by Israeli tank fire.

The incident occurred along the border of the northern Gaza Strip, an IDF spokesperson said Monday, when a single terrorist opened fire on an Israeli army unit.

Earlier this month a Hamas snipper firing into Israel was eliminated by IDF tank-fire.

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IDF tank Kills 3 Gaza terrorists, just hours after previous retaliatory strike

Palestinian terror group Islamic Jihad vows revenge for the 3 killed from IDF tank fire, a few hours after IAF planes carried out a reprisal for 4 Gazans that infiltrated into Israel earlier on Sunday.

By i24NEWS


Islamic Jihad vowed revenge on Sunday after Israeli tank fire killed three of is members after an IDF tank fired at the groups observation post in the Gaza Strip, in response to the detonation of an explosive device on the border fence earlier.

“IDF troops detonated an explosive device that was placed adjacent to the security fence in the southern Gaza Strip yesterday, with the intention of harming IDF soldiers who were present in the area,” an army statement said. Continue Reading »

IDF begins training women to become integrated as tank crew members


IDF launches pilot program, with the training of 15 women that will begin this coming summer, after completing their basic training. “We’re giving this a real chance,” says Armored Corps chief Brig. Gen. Guy Hasson.

By Lilach Shoval


The military on Thursday launched a pilot program in which women will be trained as tank operators. The program is part of the IDF’s efforts to increase gender integration in infantry combat units.

The screening process for suitable candidates among new recruits is already underway, the IDF said. The pilot will include 15 women, who will begin training in the summer after completing basic training. Continue Reading »

IDF Command Rejects Female Integration Into Tank Crews

After conducting extensive trials, Israel’s army rejects allowing female recruits to join the Armored Corps tank crews.

By Yoav Zitun


A series of trials conducted in recent months by GOC Army Headquarters – in coordination with the Medical Corps – concluded that female soldiers could not serve as combat troops in the IDF’s Armored Corps.

Tank crews from the Seventh Brigade’s 75th Battalion train with their new Merkava Mk. 4 tanks. – Photo courtesy: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT

The field tests were undertaken as part of an IDF initiative to increase the number of combat positions available to women.

“Medical Corps officials examined the workloads and noted that integrating female soldiers into tanks was harmful,” a senior Army officer told Ynet. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Newest Merkava Mark IV Tanks Rolls Out For Potential Hezbollah Conflict


Senior IDF source: The new Merkava Mark IV  platforms will enhance “our ability to both fight in closed areas, & effectively hold & defend areas against the type of organizations we deal with, Hamas and Hezbollah.”




The IDF’s Seventh Armored Brigade is in the midst of a modernization process that will see all tank battalions equipped with the Merkava Mk. 4 tank by 2016, a senior army source said Tuesday.

Tank crews from the Seventh Brigade’s 75th Battalion train with their new Merkava Mk. 4 tanks. – Photo courtesy: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT

The brigade’s 75th battalion will complete the switch over from the Merkava Mk. Continue Reading »

Gaza Wars Demonstrated Need for Tank Cartridge Specifically for Urban Warfare

The new Israel Military Industries 120mm Hatzav delayed action tank shell penetrates outer wall of structure first, then explodes.

By Gil Ronen


The IDF Armored Corps has begun using the Israel Military Industries (IMI) Hatzav shell (M329 APAM-MP-T), after first deploying it operationally during Operation Protective Edge in the Gaza Strip.

Merkava fires shell

Merkava fires shell – IDF Spokesman’s Unit

The projectile was developed by IMI and the IDF Ground Arm following to lessons drawn from the Second Lebanon War and Operation Cast Lead. The 120mm Hatzav shell, fitted with a delay mechanism, is intended to penetrate the first, outer wall of a building and only detonate inside the building. Continue Reading »

WATCH: 7th Armored Brigade upgrades to Merkava Mark IV with Trophy missile shield

Based in the Golan Heights, the 7th Armored Brigade has traded in their Merkava Mark II tanks for the worlds most undated tank.



An Armored Corps brigade based in the North is set to do away with its aged tanks and begin receiving the IDF’s last word in tank warfare, the Merkava Mark IV, equipped with the Trophy antitank- missile shield.

Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Based in the Golan Heights, the 7th Armored Brigade has relied on Merkava Mark II tanks for more than 20 years. Some of the older tanks were manufactured in the late 1970s, but have since undergone a series of technological upgrades. Continue Reading »