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Sold! US Army to protect tanks, armored vehicles with Israeli counter-measures

The Israel-developed TROPHY defense system that protects IDF tanks and other battlefield vehicles from hostile missiles & rockets was just procured by the US army for immediate integration on its Abrams tanks.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. and DRS LEONARDO announced the signing of an agreement to sell the TROPHY missile defense system to the American military. The agreement is worth $193 million in its initial stage.

The Trophy active missile defense system, developed by Rafael, is designed to protect tanks and other armored vehicles from missiles, rockets, and other projectiles. The system consists of a radar detection system that identifies the launch of hostile projectiles their trajectories, and launchers that fire metal pellets which are similar to shotgun rounds. Continue Reading »

Australia upgrades military with Israel’s Trophy Defense System, Iron Dome, Spike Missiles

In the Australian Army’s plan to upgrade their armed vehicles with the latest defense systems, Israel’s defense giant Rafael has begun talks on opening factories in Australia to help provide those military needs.



As Australia overhauls its LAND 400 armored vehicles program, Israeli defense giant Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is in the running to provide its Trophy Active Protection System and SPIKE missiles to the land Down Under in deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

In order to meet the anticipated demand, Rafael will be opening a local company in Australia to jointly produce the SPIKE missiles with Australia’s Varley and will be purchasing metal for various system from Australia’s Bisalloy Steel Group, the company announced on Monday. Continue Reading »

Pentagon tasks Israel to install anti-missile defense systems on US Army tanks

Pentagon gives green light for the installation of Israel’s Trophy active-protection system on selective US Army’s M1A2 Abrams tanks, making it the first military force other than the IDF to use this technology.
– Watch video of Trophy demonstration.



The US Army has approved the installation of Israel’s Trophy active-protection system on a number of its M1A2 Abrams tanks, making it the first army aside from the IDF to use the system.

The Pentagon said Thursday the decision was made following “an urgent material” request.

Designed to detect and neutralize incoming projectiles, the Trophy system has four radar antennae and fire-control radars to track incoming threats such as anti-tank guided missiles and rocket-propelled grenades. Continue Reading »

WATCH: US Army eyes Israel’s Trophy active protection system for M1A1 Abrams tanks

Should the US Army decide to acquire the added defensive technology, they will be the first army outside the IDF to install the battle-tested, ‘Trophy’ active protection system.



After years of testing Israel’s Trophy active protection system, the US Army is close to giving the green light to having it installed on the M1A1 Abrams tank.

Trophy LV By Rafael Advanced Defense Systems for all combat vehicles. – YouTube

The US Army would then be the first army outside the IDF to use the system.

Maj.-Gen. David Bassett, who is in charge of the US Army’s programs in the area of ground combat systems, was quoted by the DefenseTech website as saying that he plans to make the decision on the system as soon as possible. Continue Reading »

Watch: IDF’s new upgraded ‘Namer’ APC for counter-terrorism urban warfare


The IDF announced the new upgraded ‘Namer’ APC, has Merkava Tank armor, is outfitted with the Trophy anti-tank missile protection system and now with a 30 mm cannon to improve its urban warfare capabilities.

By Tzvi Lev


The IDF’s Ground Forces Command and the Merkava Tank Division of the Defense Ministry announced that the ‘Namer’ Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) will be getting a 30 mm cannon, and has now reached the experimental stage. The move is part of an IDF’s effort to upgrade its urban warfare capabilities.

Israel’s ‘Namer’ APC, has Merkava Tank armor, is outfitted with the Trophy anti-tank missile protection system and now with a 30 mm cannon. Continue Reading »

IDF: Aim is every tank and APC off assembly line has ‘Trophy’ defense system


view videoIn a deal estimated at hundreds of millions of shekels, Israel’s Defense Ministry is acquiring hundreds of Trophy missile defense systems to ensure its intergraded into every tank and APC coming off the assembly line.

By Lilach Shoval


The Defense Ministry announced Thursday plans to acquire hundreds of Trophy tank protection systems in a deal estimated at hundreds of millions of shekels.

Trophy, also known as Windbreaker, is an active tank protection system designed to intercept and destroy incoming anti-tank missiles and rockets with a shotgun-like blast.

The system is the product of a collaborative project between Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and Israel Aerospace Industries’ Elta Group. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF wheels out its first 8-wheeled armored personnel carrier


The IDF’s Eitan high speed APC will enable rapid deployment of forces to critical areas and will also be equipped with the Trophy active protection system, that intercepts RPGs and neutralizes anti-tank missile threats.



The Defense Ministry unveiled on Monday the IDF’s first wheeled armored personnel carrier (APC). The platform will soon enter service, joining the tracked Namer APC to eventually replace the aging and vulnerable M113 platforms.

Continue Reading »

Israel’s Rafael announces ‘Trophy’ tank defense system debut at US expo


view videoIsrael’s Rafael Trophy LV, a ‘light version’ anti-missile system for smaller all-terrain military vehicles, will make its 1st field demonstration at the world’s largest defense industry event.

By Hezi Sternlicht, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is poised to debut a new version of its Trophy tank defense system at this week’s Association of the United States Army’s annual exhibition in Washington, the largest defense industry event in the world. Also known as Windbreaker, Rafael’s tank defense system has been successfully protecting Israeli tank crews against anti-tank missiles, RPGs and other threats since 2009. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Newest Merkava Mark IV Tanks Rolls Out For Potential Hezbollah Conflict


Senior IDF source: The new Merkava Mark IV  platforms will enhance “our ability to both fight in closed areas, & effectively hold & defend areas against the type of organizations we deal with, Hamas and Hezbollah.”




The IDF’s Seventh Armored Brigade is in the midst of a modernization process that will see all tank battalions equipped with the Merkava Mk. 4 tank by 2016, a senior army source said Tuesday.

Tank crews from the Seventh Brigade’s 75th Battalion train with their new Merkava Mk. 4 tanks. – Photo courtesy: IDF SPOKESMAN’S UNIT

The brigade’s 75th battalion will complete the switch over from the Merkava Mk. Continue Reading »