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Israel Space Agency, NASA sign deal for moon-bound mission

The cooperation agreement allows Israel’s nonprofit SpaceIL’s lunar mission access to NASA tools and services, while NASA will have access to the scientific data returned from the magnetometer installed aboard the Israeli spacecraft.

By ISRAEL21c Staff


The United States space agency, NASA, signed an agreement on October 3 with the Israel Space Agency to cooperatively utilize the Israeli nonprofit SpaceIL’s commercial lunar mission, expected to land on the moon in 2019.

As a part of the agreement, a retro-reflector from NASA will be installed on SpaceIL’s unmanned spacecraft. This instrument reflects laser beams, which will enable NASA to locate the spacecraft precisely on the lunar surface after the landing. Continue Reading »

‘Made in Israel’ Anti-Radiation Vest to be Tested by NASA In Deep Space


NASA plans to use Israeli firm’s StemRad’s upper-body vest, that protects vital organs, bone marrow & tissues that are especially sensitive to radiation, in future manned missions to space.

By Tofi Stoler


The Israel Space Agency (ISA) announced on Tuesday that it is entering an agreement with NASA to test a radiation suit manufactured by Israeli company StemRad Ltd. during a deep space mission. The agreement is scheduled to be signed at the 34th Space Symposium in Colorado later that day.

StemRad’s anti-radiation vest. – Photo: PR

Dubbed AstroRad, the vest-like suit, first adapted for female astronauts, protects vital body organs and tissues which are especially sensitive to radiation damage such as lungs, bone marrow, the large intestine, the chest and the ovaries, the agency said in a statement. Continue Reading »

Japanese philanthropist dedicates $3 million planetarium in Netanya


view videoJapanese businessman, Rikoho Madarame, 79, who said, “I have a special place in my heart for the Jews,” funded $2 million of the $3 million to the Madarame Planetarium and Meditation Center in Netanya.
• Meanwhile, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden is also in Israel, participating in the Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment science & education initiative, of which NASA is a partner.

By Nitzi Yakov and Ilan Gattegno


The city of Netanya was set to dedicate a $3 million science and space center on Monday. The 1,000-square-meter (11,000-square-foot) Madarame Planetarium and Meditation Center was largely funded by Japanese businessman and philanthropist Rikoho Madarame, 79, who arrived in Israel on Sunday with his wife and daughter. Continue Reading »

Astronaut Jeff Williams ‘fascinated’ by view of Israel from Int’l Space Station


Just before Passover, NASA astronaut on the Int’l Space Station uploads on his social media accounts a breathtaking photo of North Africa and the Middle East.

By Shoshana Miskin


Days before Passover, NASA astronaut Jeff Williams uploaded a breathtaking photo of Israel from the International Space Station, and shared his feelings with the world.

“We finally have a Sunday (no cargo vehicle this weekend!) with some personal time to take in the view out the window,” Williams wrote on his Facebook page. Continue Reading »

Moonwalker Buzz Aldrin speaks at Astronautical Congress in Jerusalem


Famed astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin, was honored speaker at the 66th Int’l Astronautical Congress, where over 2,000 people from 58 nations met in Israel. 

By Yaron Druckman


The second man to walk on the moon, former American astronaut Dr. Buzz Aldrin, told a press conference in Jerusalem on Monday that the only reason Neal Armstrong was able to make the historic first step on the moon in July 1969 was “because he was standing closer to the door.”

Aldrin arrived in Israel this week to participate in the 66th International Astronautical Congress (IAC) in Jerusalem, the largest annual event designed for the study and development of the space industry, which is being hosted by the Israel Space Agency.  Continue Reading »

Israeli Gamma Ray Protective Vest to Serve U.S. Astronauts

Israeli company teams up with Lockheed Martin to begin joint R&D to evaluate the viability of its gamma radiation defense shields for deep-space exploration.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


An Israeli company is partnering with Lockheed Martin for joint research and development (R&D) to see if its radiation shielding technology – initially designed to protect nuclear first responders from gamma radiation – can be used to defend astronauts exploring deep space.


StemRad, based in Tel Aviv with a branch in Palo Alto, California, works with militaries, nuclear energy sources and governmental agencies to create protection equipment for first responders to radiological events and disasters.
Continue Reading »

Israeli scientists determine correct length of Saturn’s day

New research at Tel Aviv University established that the 6th planet takes 7 minutes less than what scientists previously determined to complete a full turn on its axis.

BY Ynet


Israeli scientists have solved the mystery of Saturn’s days, determining that one day on the planet lasts 10 hours and a little more than 32 minutes – seven minutes shorter than originally calculated.

Saturn – Photo: NASA/JPL/Space Science Institute

The new research at Tel Aviv University was published this week in the Nature journal.

The length of a day for most of the planets in the solar system is clear physical data and well-known to modern science. Continue Reading »

PICTURE ALBUM: An Astronaut’s Perspective of Israel

NASA astronaut Barry Wilmore, currently on board the Int’l Space Station, photographs incredible images of the Holy Land on a particularly beautiful day.

By Ynetnews


Barry Wilmore, an astronaut currently aboard the International Space Station (ISS) recently snapped some images of Israel and its neighboring countries from his unique point of view on a particularly clear day.

Photo1 Barry Wilmore

The photos, published on NASA’s ISS Facebook page on Friday, were accompanied by the following description: “Israel – completely clear – on Christmas morning from the International Space Station. Astronaut Barry Wilmore woke up early on Christmas to reflect upon the beauty of the Earth and snap some images to share with the world.”

The photos from space garnered tens of thousands of likes and thousands of shares. Continue Reading »

Israel’s nanosatellite will locate lost travelers despite no cellular reception

Israeli high-school students designed a ‘mini’ satellite that can precisely identify travelers’ location in global areas where there’s no cellphone reception.


Good things come in nano-packages: Israeli high-school students launched on Thursday night Israel’s first nanosatellite, which will aid stranded travelers worldwide to pinpoint their location, JNS reported.

Duchifat-1 nanosatellite

Duchifat-1 nanosatellite – Photo: Royroy903

The satellite, an 860-gram cube measuring 10 centimeters in each dimension, was designed and built by teens studying at the Herzliya Science Center, sponsored by the Israel Space Agency and the Herzliya Municipality.


Duchifat (Hoopoe): Israel’s national bird – Photo: Wikicommons

Called Duchifat-1, after Israel’s petite national bird, the device was launched into space from the Yasny Airbase in Russia. Continue Reading »

Second Israeli Astronaut Set to be Shot Into Space

Report from Jerusalem says Israeli Space Agency is coordinating with he US to have an Israeli astronaut sent to space, 1st one since Ilan Ramon’s tragic death in ’03.

By Ari Yashar


On Tuesday reports surfaced indicating that Israel is intending to send another astronaut into space, the second since Ilan Ramon tragically died in the Space Shuttle Columbia accident in 2003.

Reshet Bet reported that the Israeli Space Agency is managing advanced talks with several space agencies to send another Israeli astronaut into space. The astronaut would likely go to the International Space Station (ISS) according to reports.

However, in January 2013, NASA Administrator Charles Bolden said while visiting Israel that although there was a good chance of another Israeli astronaut, he didn’t think an Israeli could be sent to ISS because the country is not a participant in the program. Continue Reading »

NASA’s Pod Transports Are Getting Closer to Tel Aviv

If all goes as planned, within the next 2 years Israel will be the first country to adapt this futuristic NASA transport pod, into a suburban public rapid transit system.



Transport pods that look like silvery fish could soon be whizzing above the streets of Tel Aviv. The Israeli city is looking to become the world’s first to get a mass-transit system co-developed at NASA’s Ames Research Center, Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai said during a Monday visit to Bloomberg News.

Courtesy Skytran

The SkyTran system, which Huldai said could help relieve the traffic congestion that plagues his Mediterranean city, consists of two-person vehicles that hang from rails above street level. Continue Reading »

Israel Too is a Leader in Space Exploration

State of Israel has successfully launched 13 satellites that have collectively accumulated 66 orbiting years & has achieved 100% success in all orbit missions.


Israel is among the global leaders in many areas of space exploration, such as the possession of an extensive satellite system for research purposes.

Amos5 geostationary satellite attached to rocket - Photo: REUTERS

Amos5 geostationary satellite attached to rocket – Photo: REUTERS

Science and Technology Minister Daniel Hershkowitz briefed other ministers at Sunday’s cabinet meeting on the nation’s activity in space and satellites, stressing the areas in which the country is a leader as well as its cooperative activities in the fields with other nations. Continue Reading »