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Israel Downs UAV Near Syria Border


IDF spokesman says drone downed with Patriot missile by the IAF, appeared to have belonged to Syria’s military & had flown inadvertently into Israeli airspace.

By Ahiya Raved, Roi Kais, Itay Blumental


The IAF fired a  Sunday afternoon, shooting down an unmanned aerial vehicle that strayed into Israeli airspace from neighboring Syria, the IDF said.

Patriot missile battery. (Photo: Avihu Shapira)

Patriot missile battery. – Photo: Avihu Shapira

The IDF said the incident occurred near Quneitra in the Syrian Golan Heights, the scene of heavy fighting between Syrian government troops and rebels.

Lt.-Col. Peter Lerner, a spokesman for the IDF, said the drone appeared to have belonged to the Syrian military and had flown accidentally into Israeli airspace. Continue Reading »

Unidentified Foreign Customer Seeks $1.2 billion in Israel’s Electronic Systems

Israel Aerospace Industries impending $1.2 billion deal with a foreign customer, evidently includes advanced radar systems.


Israel Aerospace Industries is negotiating the sale of $1.2 billion in electronic systems to an unidentified foreign customer, the state-owned company said in a terse Tel Aviv Stock Exchange announcement Sunday.

IAI drone.

An Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) Heron 1 unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) stands on display at the Singapore Airshow, February 11, 2014. – Photo: Bloomberg

If IAI wins it, the contract will be for a five-year period and appears to include advanced radar systems.

IAI released the announcement shortly after another one forecasting negative cash flow from operations for the second quarter ended June 30, citing a delay in payments it is owed from the Defense Ministry.

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Israeli drones to secure Brazilian skies for World Cup


The fleet of Elbit’s Hermes 900, which will be equipped with a new & advanced intel gathering systems, will be carrying out “safety & security missions” to secure the 2014 World Cup.




Elbit’s Hermes 900 unmanned aircraft system will be deployed by the Brazilian Air Force to help secure the 2014 World Cup, the Israeli defense firm announced on Wednesday.

Drone to be deployed at 2014 World Cup

Elbit’s Hermes 900 unmanned aircraft to be deployed at 2014 World Cup

The drone will be equipped with a new and advanced intelligence gathering system, and will fly together with Elbit-produced Hermes 450 drones, which the Brazilian Air Force purchased in the past, to secure the games. Continue Reading »

Not American Stealth UAV, but Hamas gleaming over fallen Israeli drone in Gaza


Just Hours after the small Israeli Skylark UAV crashed in the Gaza Strip, Hamas proudly showcases pictures of its captured IDF intelligence aircraft.

By Elior Levy


Gaza-ruler Hamas released photos of the Israeli Skylark drone that crashed Tuesday morning in Gaza due to a technical malfunction.

Hamas militant holds up Israeli Skylark drone that crashed earlier Tuesday

Hamas militant holds up Israeli Skylark drone that crashed earlier Tuesday

It was reported by the Popular Resistance Committees that its men were the first to get their hands on the drone after its crash; however Hamas security official quickly reached them and forcefully took the UAV away.

The crash occurred Tuesday morning during a routine operational activity of the IDF’s Gaza division, about a kilometer west of the southern Gaza border fence. Continue Reading »

Who does Israel export sophisticated weaponry to? The Defense Ministry is silent

Although, most of the countries are already known, Jerusalem refuses to disclose a detailed list of recipients to avoid a morel debate over selling arms to autocratic regimes.



The Defense Ministry objects to any transparency or openness about Israeli arms sales, despite the serious failures that have recently been revealed in its export control department, as reported in Haaretz by Gili Cohen, and the recent forced resignation of department head Meir Shalit. The ministry almost always refrains from launching criminal investigations of exporters who break the law, preferring to settle the cases with administrative fines – or in other words, behind closed doors in the Defense Ministry, without anything being revealed. Continue Reading »

India to Buy 15 Israeli Drones

The Indian gov’t approved a purchase Monday to acquire Israeli manufactured UAVs with the goal of boosting India’s surveillance capabilities.

By Tova Dvorin


India will purchase 15 unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) from Israel, news outlets reported Monday.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh approved the purchase at a Cabinet meeting, according to Defense Update. The goal: to boost India’s line of surveillance against northern border countries and regional rivals Pakistan and China.

Heron UAV – IAF photo

The purchase will cost about 1,200 crores / 120 million rupees, or just under 2 million dollars. 

News Pakistan reports that while India has already invested in IAF technology, the upgrade will give the Indian government long-range control over survey and reconnaissance missions via satellite. Continue Reading »

U.S. Air Force debuts its newest secretly built new stealth drone


The U.S. Air Force developed its new batwing shaped stealth drone at the infamous Area 51, capable of covert electronic attack missions, as well as maintaining reconnaissance of enemy territory.


The US Air Force has secretly developed a new stealth drone for long-range reconnaissance missions that could be operational by 2015, according to a report Friday in an industry magazine.

Northrop Grumman RQ-180

Northrop Grumman RQ-180

The unmanned drone, dubbed RQ-180, is currently in the testing phase at the top secret Groom Lake air base in Nevada in the infamous “Area 51” where the Air Force tested the U2 spy planes in the late 1950s, Aviation Week said. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Elbit Systems profit soars as do their UAVs


Business & Finance News: One of Israel’s top Defense electronics firm reports higher than expected quarterly profit due to sales growth in airborne systems, UAVs & cost cutting measures.

By Reuters



Israeli defense electronics firm Elbit Systems reported higher quarterly profit that beat estimates due to sales growth in airborne systems and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) as well as cost cutting measures.

Elbit drone

Elbit drone

Elbit earned $1.32 per diluted share excluding one-time items in the third quarter, up from $1.18 a share a year earlier, the company said on Thursday.

Revenue grew to $730.6 million from $677.5 million. Continue Reading »

U.S. Congress Cancelled Predator Drone Delivery to Turkey

Reports fromTurkish newspaper: The American Congress cancelled the scheduled delivery of US made UAVs to Turkey because of Ankara’s  exposing of Israeli spies to the Iranians.

By Elad Benari


The United States Congress cancelled the delivery to Turkey of 10 Predators – unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – following Turkish intelligence chief Hakan Fidan’s disclosure of the identity of 10 Iranians who had been working for the Mossad, the Turkish Taraf daily reported on Monday.

File:MQ-1 Predator unmanned aircraft.jpg

Predator – unmanned aircraft, Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

According to the newspaper, the claims about Fidan can be traced back to the year after the Mavi Marmara incident in 2010. Continue Reading »

Iran shows off new attack drone called Shahed-129

The Shahed-129, is Iran’s newest UAV with a range of 1,700 km (1,060 miles), 24-hr non-stop flight capability with the ability to carry up to 8 missiles or bombs.

Tehran is also developing a kamikaze drone.

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


Iran unveiled two new locally produced unmanned aerial drones over the weekend, one of which it described as its most sophisticated drone to date that can reach much of the Middle East, including Israel.

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France in talks with Israel to acquire IDF drones

Defense Minister Le Drian says France in dire need to introduce intelligence-gathering drones suitable for modern warfare into their arsenal.



France is in talks with the United States and Israel to buy intelligence-gathering drones to build up a modern fleet, Defense Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Sunday.

Israels Eitan (UAV-Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Office.

France’s existing hardware is outdated and its military intervention in Mali this year has exposed its shortage of surveillance drones suitable for modern warfare. The United States provided French commanders with intelligence from its drones based in Niger.

“We need this capacity in the short term. Continue Reading »

IAF shoots down own drone due to malfunction

Israel Air Force shoots down one of its own UAVs over Mediterranean due to engine malfunction.

By Yoav Zitun


An Air Force Shoval-type drone engaged in routine activity was shot down over the sea due to an engine malfunction on Saturday. IAF helicopters searched for its remains in the sea between Tel Aviv and Netanya.

פצצת תאורה מול חוף נתניה  (צילום: רוני גיל-עד)

Illuminating bomb over Netanya – Photo: Roni Gil-Ad

Web surfers reported that illuminating bombs were fired over coastal cities as part of the search.

Shoval is one of Israel’s largest and most advanced drones.

The IAF has launched an investigation to discover out the reason for the malfunction. Continue Reading »

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Behind Downed Drone

IDF believes Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, Hezbollah’s patrons, was behind UAV launch  which penetrated Israeli air space Thursday only to be downed by Israel Air Force.

By Yoav Zitun



Assessments that Iran is behind the launch of the unmanned drone into Israel airspace Thursday is gaining popularity among Israel’s senior military and political echelons.

ספינות חיל הים מחפשות אחר שברי המל"ט בצהריים (צילום: עידו ארז)

Navy vessels search for wreckage near Haifa – Photo: Ido Erez

According to current assessments, the drone, which was downed by an IAF F-16 jet a few kilometers west of Haifa’s shore line, was sent by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, in contradiction to previous assessments that Hezbollah was behind the launch. Continue Reading »

Lebanese Army Strengthens its Presence on Lebanon-Israel border

The day after Israel shot down a UAV, the Lebanese gov’t increases its military presence along their border with Israel.

By Elad Benari, Canada


The Lebanese army has increased its presence along the Lebanon-Israel border, the official Lebanese National News Agency reported on Friday.

A Lebanese soldier looks at an Israeli army patrol across the border - Photo AP

A Lebanese soldier looks at an Israeli army patrol across the border – Photo: AP


According to the report, the IDF increased its presence along the border as well, and IAF aircraft were seen flying over Lebanese territory.

The news comes a day after an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) penetrated Israeli air space from Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Germany favors procuring Israel’s Heron attack UAV


German magazine Der Spiege Reports: Israel’s Heron TP has attack capabilities & is considered by Germany to be more cutting-edge than the U.S.-made Predator.

Germany’s air force chief was in Israel recently to attend a presentation on the Heron UAV.

By Eli Leon, Lilach Shoval, News Agencies & Israel Hayom Staff


Germany is examining the procurement of the Heron TP unmanned aerial vehicle manufactured by Israel Aerospace Industries, which has attack capabilities and is more technologically advanced than the American UAVs it currently uses, according to the German magazine Der Spiegel.

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