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Israeli Bedouin: “Yes, this is my country, and I want to serve it.”

Marzuk Suaed, Master-Sgt., a Bedouin father of three, “Mostly, I want the Bedouin/Arab sector to understand and internalize that military service will only do our society good. Social distancing and separation will lead us nowhere.”

Gadi Golan


Master Sgt. Marzuk Suaed, 37, a Bedouin father of three residing in northern Israel, sees his job as a recruiter of Bedouin, Arab, Christian and Muslim youths to the Israel Defense Forces as a personal and Zionist mission.

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UN human rights chief slams Bedouin reorganization bill


UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights criticizes Prawer Bill, claims Israeli ‘gov’t must respect rights of its Bedouin communities, including recognition of Bedouin claims of land ownership. 

By the Associated Press

The UN human rights chief on Thursday criticized Israel’s plan to demolish dozens of Bedouin villages and move up to 40,000 Arab residents to Israeli-built communities.

מאהל בדואי מזרחית לרהט (ארכיון) (צילום: באדיבות Lowshot)

An unrecognized Bedouin village – Photo: Lowsho

High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay said the Prawer Bill working its way through the Knesset would wipe out legitimate land claims for the Bedouins in the Negev. Her office said the bill, introduced Wednesday, could pass by the end of July. Continue Reading »

Rabbi: Last Bedouin Attack Indicative of a Pattern of Violence

The latest attack, this time on a Jewish woman in the Negev, is part of a pattern of Bedouin violence, says former IDF Chief Rabbi .

By Maayana Miskin


An attack on a Jewish woman in the Negev on Monday was part of a greater pattern of Bedouin violence against Jews in the region, according to Rabbi Avichai Ronsky, a former IDF Chief Rabbi and former resident of the Negev.

On Monday, Bedouin men threw a massive stone at an Israeli woman’s car as she drove near Kfar Retamim. “She was a hair’s breadth away from serious injury,” Rabbi Ronsky told Arutz Sheva. Continue Reading »

Arabs’ Standard of living in Israel is in a ‘different league’

Article carried by Arab media, Al Arabiya, highlighted Bedouin soldiers of the Jewish state.

By Israel Today Staff


Continuing with the theme of debunking accusations that Israel imposes institutional racism and apartheid on the Arabs of the region is a story by the AFP on a senior Bedouin tracker in the Israeli army.

Standard of living for Arabs in Israel in a 'different league'

IDF training – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Office


Lt.-Col. Magdi Mazarib, the highest ranking Israeli Bedouin army tracker, is featured in the story. He tells the news agency that compared with neighboring countries, the status and position of Arabs in Israel “is better…It’s a different league.” Continue Reading »

One of the 3 brother’s body found on Ashkelon beach


2 days after Nahed, Suliman, & Ateff Sariye were swept off to sea at Delilah Beach, Suliman’s body discovered by divers.

Neri Brenner


A body discovered by rescue divers off Ashkelon‘s coast has been identified as Suliman Sariye, 19, one of the three brothers who were swept off to sea by a powerful current and presumed drowned on Thursday.

Suliman Sariye – Reproduction Ze’ev Trachtman

Suliman Sariye – Reproduction: Ze’ev Trachtman

Police helicopters, divers and volunteers on jet skis and speedboats continued to search for his brothers, Nahed (26) and Ateff (16).

At approximately 5 pm Thursday, the three brothers were swept away while swimming during a family outing at Ashkelon’s Delilah Beach, while ignoring instructions that forbade swimming in the area. Continue Reading »

Three brothers missing off Ashkelon beach

Rescue divers continue searching for 3 brothers who were swept to sea off the Ashkelon beach, after 2 entered trying to save youngest.

‘I hope at least one survives,’ says father.

By Ilana Curiel


A diving team started searching on Friday morning for three brothers where last seen at a beach near Ashkelon Thursday night.

ההיערכות על החוף. כוחות רבים ממתינים  (באדיבות משטרת ישראל)

Rescue teams at the beach – Photo: Courtesy of police

According to testimonies, the youngest brother bathed in the sea with a cousin. They shouted for help and the two elder brothers came to their rescue, but were swept into the sea themselves.

“I hope at least one of them survives,” said the father of Shenhad, 26, Suleiman, 19 and Ataf, 16. Continue Reading »

Bedouins & Jews Charged with Planning Terror Strike

2 Jews are accused of supplying stolen explosives to a pair of Arab brothers who planned a rocket strike against Israel.

By Gil Ronen


Two Bedouin Arabs and two Jewish accomplices have been charged with planning a terror rocket strike on Israel.

The Shin Bet and the Negev Central Unit of the Israel Police arrested two Bedouin brothers, Mahmoud Abu Quidar, 25, and Sameh Abu Quidar, 22, in recent weeks. The two have admitted to being in contact with terror elements in Gaza and abroad, preparing explosive charges and attempting to build rockets for launching at Israel.

Two additional suspects in the case are Jewish Israeli citizens, one of them an IDF soldier, who supplied the main suspects with weapons stolen from the IDF, which were used in preparing the explosive charges. Continue Reading »

NABBED: Jerusalem-Arab Indicted in Bedouin Kidnapping Ring

Nadal Tubasi, a 35-year-old Arab resident of Jerusalem, was indicted for kidnapping with the intent to murder or blackmail & extortion.

By Annie Lubin


The Jerusalem District Attorney filed an indictment Wednesday against Nadal Tubasi, a 35-year-old Arab resident of Jerusalem, who is charged with kidnapping with the intent to murder or blackmail and extort.

According to the indictment, filed by prosecutor Aviad Dwek, the accused participated in the kidnapping of Sudanese and Eritreans in Sinai by marauding Bedouins. The hostages were held in harsh conditions and threatened with execution by kidnappers if their families did not pay a ransom. Continue Reading »

BGU Study: Hamas Rockets Worse on Bedouin Youth Than Jewish Youth

A Ben-Gurion University study shows Bedouin kids were more psychologically distressed than Jewish kids by the rocket fire during Operation Pillar of Defense

By David Lev


Bedouin youth were angrier and more psychologically distressed than their Jewish counterparts by the rocket fire in November, according to a new Ben-Gurion University of the Negev study. It is the first follow-up study after the two weeks of rocket fire and subsequent Operation Pillar of Defense.

Prof. Shifra Sagy, Dr. Sarah Abu-Kaf and Dr. Orna Braun-Lewensohn of the Conflict Management and Resolution Program interviewed 78 Jewish youths and 91 Bedouin youths from the South of Israel about their reaction to the barrage of rockets fired at the South by Hamas in Gaza. Continue Reading »

F-16 Engines Missing from Israel Air Force Base

The IAF only recently discoverd that several jet-engines have been stolen. The IDF Suspects Arab metal thieves with the help of soldier/s from the base.

By Gil Ronen


The Air Force has discovered in recent days that several F-16 fighter jet engines were stolen from one of its bases, news website Walla reported Thursday.

IAF F-16

IAF F-16 – IAF Website

Senior IAF sources said that the thieves who stole the engines had to have been assisted by someone within the base. This determination is based, among other things, on the fact that there was no damage to the base’s perimeter fence. Continue Reading »

British family claims they own Negev village land

Regavim group filed a complaint to stop building on private land near Beersheba & relocate 7,000 residents from Bedouin village.


Mark Ismailoff, who moved to Israel from the UK in 1979, lives in Jerusalem. But his sights are on the Negev, where he owns 6.25 percent of a 640,000-square meter plot of land southeast of Beersheba that he inherited from his grandfather – who bought it in 1935.

Beduin village of El-Zarnoug in the Negev - Photo: Courtesy Regavim

Beduin village of El-Zarnoug in the Negev – Photo: Courtesy Regavim

Standing on the plot today, however, is the unrecognized Beduin village El-Zarnoug. Ismailoff, aided by Regavim – a group which defines itself as having a “Zionist agenda to protect national lands” – is trying to force the state to stop building on the land, vacate a school and a kindergarten built there, and eventually relocate all of the residents.

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European Parliament condemns Israel’s policy toward Bedouin population

Human rights groups hail resolution as unprecedented; European Parliament calls on Israel to withdraw government-approved plan to regulate Bedouin communities in Negev.

By Jack Khour

The European Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday condemning Israel’s policy toward the Bedouin communities living in unrecognized settlements in the Negev Desert. Human rights groups have called the resolution, which passed 291 to 274 with 39 abstaining, unprecedented.

Bedouin children of the Jahalin tribe near the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim, June 16, 2012.

Bedouin children of the Jahalin tribe near the Israeli settlement of Maale Adumim (seen in the background) – Photo by Reuters

The European Parliament called on Israel to withdraw its government-approved Prawer plan to regulate the Bedouin communities in the Negev. Continue Reading »

Bedouin soldiers champion universal draft into I.D.F.

Remarking on Arab-haredi draft debate, Bedouin soldiers say ‘we have no other country, anyone who lives here must defend the state’

by Ilana Curiel



“You want rights? Make your contribution. If not in the army, then help the community, your sector, your town.” These are not the words of the Plesner Committee chairman but of Ibrahim al-Huzeil, a Bedouin from Rahat who says “I see no problem with everyone enlisting, including Arabs and haredim.”

Arab Knesset members are just some of the strong opponents of the Plesner Committee which has been tasked with regulating the enlistment of haredim and Arabs. Continue Reading »

Southern Command honors outstanding Bedouin soldiers

Certificates of excellence awarded to soldiers and officers in recognition of their exemplary service in the IDF

Last week, in honor of Israel’s 64th Independence Day, a special ceremony was held at which officers and soldiers were awarded certificates of excellence in recognition of their service in the IDF. Among the awardees was Lt. Ibrahim Alhuashalah – who was presented with his certificate by the Chief of Staff – in addition to 10 additional soldiers from the Bedouin sector who were recognized by the commander of the Southern Command for their outstanding service in the field.

“I accept this honor for my activity throughout my military service, for this recognition that I do my work in the best way,” award recipient Sgt.

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Sinai Bedouin factions demand Egypt amend peace accord with Israel

Demands come as Israel Counterterrorism Bureau calls on Israelis to leave Sinai, citing immediate threats.

The heads of Bedouin communities in northern Sinai are demanding the Egyptian parliament amend the Camp David Accords with Israel, claiming they do not guarantee national security and do not provide for the Bedouin population’s participation in security plans for the Peninsula.

Bedouin Sinai - Reuters - 15.3.12

Bedouin squat over a hilly area overlooking Gaza, in Rafah city, north Sinai - Photo by: Reuters

The Bedouins’ demands were made on Thursday, when members of the Egyptian national Security Council visited the coastal town of Al-Arish to inspect the community’s economic situation and assess the security situation. Continue Reading »