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PLO outright rejects Hamas leader’s proposal of West Bank-Gaza Strip federation


With Palestinian President Abbas not representing Hamas or the 1.8 million Gazans, “A federation between the West Bank and Gaza Strip may be better than the ongoing division,” admitted Mousa Abu Marzouk, of the Hamas Politburo, to a London-based Arabic satellite network.



A senior Hamas official said on Friday that a federation between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip could be a feasible solution to the ongoing division between Hamas and Fatah.

“A federation between the West Bank and Gaza Strip may be better than the ongoing division,” Mousa Abu Marzouk, the vice president of the Hamas Politburo, told Al-Ghad, a London-based Arabic satellite channel. Continue Reading »

Hamas claims Abbas’ PA arrest members in bid to manipulate election outcome


Hamas officials admit their Islamic organization expects a crackdown of arrests of their members, orchestrated by Fatah ahead of October elections in order to skew voting results.

By i24news


Hamas officials are expecting a clampdown on its members in the West Bank at the hands of rival party Fatah in a bid to skew the upcoming elections, the Times of Israel news site reports.

Palestinian security forces in Bethlehem on December 24, 2015 – Photo: MOHAMED AL QASEM

The Palestinian Authority regularly arrests activists suspected of being linked to Hamas, often in coordination with Israeli security forces to stop attacks within Israel. Continue Reading »

Hamas divvies out land to loyal employees in lieu of pack-pay

Facing continuous financial troubles and ignoring the disapproval of the Palestinian Authority, the Hamas terrorist group offers a solution to compensate loyal employees who are owed months in back pay.

By The Associated Press


Hamas has begun handing out plots of the land to 40,000 civil servants loyal to the Islamic militant group, to make up for millions of dollars in salaries it owes them for the past two years. The land giveaway is the latest sign that Hamas is struggling financially after almost a decade of uncontested power in the coastal strip.

Building materials in Gaza – Photo: AP

Gazans grumble about a lack of jobs, constant electricity shortages and a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt that has confined the territory’s 1.8 million people to the tiny strip.

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Palestinians bicker, skeptical of Israel’s plan for off-coast island port for Gaza


view videoStrategic affairs adviser to West Bank based PA President Abbas, accused Israel of trying to reinforce the split between the West Bank & Gaza, “a lethal blow to the prospects of a two state solution.”



A proposal by an Israeli minister to construct an island to serve as a port that would open up the blockaded Gaza Strip to the world has gained adherents from Israeli security experts, who view it as a way to avoid further rounds of conflict with the coastal enclave run by the militant Hamas movement.

But the initiative by Transportation and Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz is receiving a cold reception from both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, both of which doubt Israel is actually interested in alleviating the suffering of Gazans. Continue Reading »

Analysis: How Hamas is dividing up Palestinian land among supporters



The lands that once housed Jewish settlements were supposed to transform the Gaza Strip into the Middle East’s Singapore.

The corrupt Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (R) talks with Hamas’ corrupt leader and fellow multimillionaire, Ismail Haniyeh. – Photo: REUTERS

Instead, all the grandiose and ambitious plans went down the drain when Hamas seized control over the Gaza Strip in 2007. Since then, the entire Gaza Strip has been transformed into a base for various Islamist groups, which have used Gaza to launch terror attacks against Israel and threaten Egypt’s national security.

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Hamas to pay officials’ salaries with evacuated Jewish settlement land


Fatah chief & PA President Mahmoud Abbas calls Hamas’ decision to divvy up old settlement land among their officials as ‘dangerous, illegal, & politically unfair.’

By i24news


The Hamas government in the Gaza Strip announced on Sunday that it will compensate its officials’ partially paid salaries by distributing land from former Israeli settlements evacuated during Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the strip in 2005.

Gush Katif, a former Israeli settlement evacuated in Israel’s 2005 disengagement from the Gaza Strip – Photo: GADI KABALO

Around 40,000 Hamas officials earn only partial salaries, equivalent to approximately $260 for 50 days of work.
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Abbas: Israel & Hamas negotiating with Egypt to annex part of Sinai to Gaza


Hamas officials, Abbas has lost his legitimacy as president of the PA and no longer represents the Palestinians. Another said that Abbas was behaving like a “clown.”



Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was quoted on Monday as claiming that Israel and Hamas have been conducting direct negotiations to expand the Gaza Strip so that it would include some 1,000 square kilometers of Sinai.

Hamas members at an anti-Israel rally in Rafah in southern Gaza, November 13, 2014. – Photo :REUTERS

Abbas, who is currently visiting Cairo, told Egyptian journalists who met with him on Sunday night that the idea of slicing off land from Sinai to expand the Gaza Strip was first proposed by ousted Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi. Continue Reading »

The Palestinian Authority Arrests West Bank Hamas Group Planning to Attack It

PA security claims it discovered a large Hamas cell in Samaria planning to attack its security apparatus.

By Ari Yashar


The Palestinian Authority (PA) claimed its security forces caught a large Hamas cell that was planning to harm the security of Arab residents in Judea and Samaria by attacking the PA security apparatus.

PA Security Forces spokesperson Adnan Damiri said that Hamas had established a cell in the region to undermine security, according to the report on Israel Radio (Kol Yisrael) on Monday.

Damiri added that members of the cell – who were arrested in northern Samaria likely near the PA governmental seat of Ramallah – admitted to planning an attack and training to be able to carry it out. Continue Reading »

Hamas Accuses PA President of Treachery, Responsible for Gaza’s Recent Bombing Attacks

After allegedly securing confessions, the ruling Islamist group of Gaza reverses its claim that Salafis have been committing bombings, saying orders came from President Abbas’ PA.

By Elior Levy


Hamas claimed on Wednesday that the Palestinian Authority is responsible for a series of bombings in recent weeks, after previously accusing local Salafis who support the Islamic State.

Naim Abu Ful in his alleged confession
Naim Abu Ful in his alleged confession

The Interior Ministry of Hamas in Gaza said at a midday press conference that the PA tried to exploit the regional security situation in order to destabilize the Gaza Strip.

Hamas claimed it arrested a number of people involved in the alleged conspiracy, which it said was led by senior political and security officials in Ramallah.

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Drenched in Mistrust, Corruption & Personal Interests, Palestinian Leadership Block Elections

Fatah & Hamas are only concerned about its own interests, while at the same time lying to the world that it’s Israel’s fault. Both parties continue to incited and reward violence, & Hamas continues to invest reconstruction aid in digging new attack tunnels for its next war with Israel.


One year after Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas announced the establishment of the Palestinian Fatah-Hamas “national consensus” government, the two rival parties remain as far apart as ever.

Mahmoud Abbas (L) & Ismail Haniyeh (R) More interested in Palestinian money than Palestinian interests. – Google Images

The “national consensus” government, headed by Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, was formed after a series of “understandings” between Fatah and Hamas on the basis of previous “reconciliation” agreements between the two sides.

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ICC Mum On Amnesty’s Report Supporting Lawsuit Against Hamas Chief Khaled Mashaal

Despite Amnesty International’s corroborating war crime report charging Hamas, the ICC seems to be ‘Stonewalling’ lawsuit already brought by NGO Shurat HaDin (Israel Law Center).

By Ari Yashar


Amnesty International made waves last Tuesday with its report detailing how Hamas executed citizens in Gaza last summer in war crimes at the close of Operation Protective Edge, but just what impact will the development have on the legal struggle to bring the terrorist organization to justice?

Hamas terrorist leads ‘collaborator’ to execution – Reuters

To find out Arutz Sheva spoke with attorney Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Director of the legal NGO Shurat HaDin (Israel Law Center) which is currently in the midst of a lawsuit against Hamas politburo chief Khaled Mashaal and other terrorist leaders at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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Palestinian Authority ministers leave Gaza early after Hamas has them on house arrest

Palestinian Authority ministers were first dispatched by Hamas to Gaza to solve salary dispute, then ordered to return to Ramallah, after having been placed on house arrest by Hamas.



Palestinian Authority ministers who arrived in the Gaza Strip earlier this week returned to the West Bank after Hamas imposed severe restrictions on their movements and contacts.

Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah. – Photo: REUTERS

Palestinian sources said that Hamas had placed the ministers under house arrest in their hotel, preventing them from receiving or talking to anyone.

The 10 ministers were dispatched to the Gaza Strip as part of the PA government’s effort to solve the problem of thousands of public employees who have not received their salaries for several months. Continue Reading »

PA official: Hamas negotiating to create Palestinian entity in Gaza

Senior Hamas official denies claims they conduct negotiations with Israel, saying “We negotiate with the occupation only through the rifle.”

Palestinian officials claimed over the weekend that Hamas was seeking to establish a separate Palestinian entity in the Gaza Strip.

A Palestinian waves a flag near a destroyed section of the border wall between the Gaza Strip and Egypt. – Photo: REUTERS

The officials also claimed that Hamas was negotiating with Israel about its plan to turn the Gaza Strip into a separate Palestinian entity.

Mahmoud Habbash, the chief Palestinian Authority religious judge, who also serves as PA President Mahmoud Abbas’ advisor on religious affairs, said on Saturday that Hamas’ “plan” to create a separate entity in the Gaza Strip was a “dangerous Israeli conspiracy.” Continue Reading »

Fatah spokesman: 90% of Gazans want to emigrate because of Hamas

Fatah spokesman Qawassmeh, asks Hamas leaders: “Do you feel any national responsibility toward the Palestinians and their cause?”


More than 90 percent of Gaza Strip residents want to leave because of Hamas, Fatah spokesman Osama Qawassmeh said on Wednesday.

Fatah official Azzam al-Ahmad (L) and Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh – Photo: REUTERS

Addressing Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh, the Fatah spokesman asked: “Do you know that more than 90 percent of our people in the Gaza Strip want to emigrate, if given the chance, so they could escape from your regime? Do you feel any national responsibility toward the Palestinians and their cause?” Continue Reading »

Treachery among Palestinian parties leaves Fatah official in hospital after stabbing attack


Still unclear on Saturday night whether the stabbing attack on Munir al-Jaghoub, who heads Fatah’s Information Department, was linked to the power struggle between Hamas & Fatah or a power struggle within Fatah leadership.


A senior Fatah official in the West Bank was seriously injured in a stabbing attack on Friday.

Palestinian militants from Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, demonstrate against the Hamas government in the West Bank town of Ramallah October 4, 2006. – Photo: REUTERS

Munir al-Jaghoub, who heads Fatah’s Information Department in the Office of Mobilization and Organization, was attacked after walking out of a mosque in his village of Beita, south of Nablus. Continue Reading »