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Ignored by US media, Gulf media hot on Clinton’s emails on Muslim Brotherhood

Al-Ain media reports emails showed Obama/Biden backed the religious extremist Muslim Brotherhood control over Egypt; another just days after US Amb. Chris Stevens was murdered in Benghazi, referenced a Muslim Brotherhood media venture. Articles asserted how the Democrat administration sought to “bring the Brotherhood in all of the Mid-East.”



Media in the Gulf, particularly Al-Ain and Al-Arabiya, have focused on an ostensibly new trove of emails linked to Hillary Clinton. It was not entirely clear, since western and US media seemed to only cover the fact that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was going to release more emails, what was new and old in the reports. Continue Reading »

Bill Clinton: “I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state,” Hamas rejected deal to get all of Gaza.


When Clinton’s wife was heckled at a campaign event regarding her support for Gaza, the former US head of state said, “Hamas is really smart… they insinuate themselves in the hospitals, in the schools, in the highly populous areas.”



Former US President Bill Clinton came to his wife’s defense on Friday when the focus of a campaign event for the Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton shifted to Israel, Politico reported.

Former US President Bill Clinton – Photo: REUTERS

Amid a speech discussing his wife’s positions on the major issues at an event in New Jersey, a member of the audience interjected “What about Gaza?” Continue Reading »

Israeli Media Reacting Favorably to Hillary Clinton’s Candidacy Announcement

While several pro-Israel Republican candidates have spoken of their support, it’s Clinton’s announcement that drew the most positive media attention in the Jewish state.

By Israel Today Staff


A number of openly pro-Israel Republican candidates have already thrown their hats into the ring of the upcoming US presidential election. But they are largely unknown in the Jewish state. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is well known and widely admired, so her announcement elicited a much stronger Israeli response.

Most reflecting the mainstream media response was Israel’s Yediot Ahronot newspaper, which ran a cover story on Hillary, complete with a two-page photographic look at her life and rise to power. Continue Reading »

Clinton’s memoir: Obama’s demand for 2009 settlement freeze was ‘tactical mistake’

In soon to be released memoir, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, (& possible 2016 presidential candidate) says White House hard line on Jewish construction did not work, and describes Obama’s fury at PM Netanyahu.


Former U.S. Secretary of State claims in a new memoir that the American administration made a tactical error by demanding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to freeze construction in the settlements in 2009.

 Washington, September 1, 2010.

U.S. President Barack Obama with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in the White House in Washington, September 1, 2010. – Photo: Reuters

“In retrospect, our early, hard line on settlements didn’t work,” Clinton writes in Hard Choices, to be released next week, AP reported.

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Will Bill & Hillary Clinton have Jewish grandchildren?


Looking at the responses generated by Chelsea Clinton’s announcement, it’s anybody’s guess.




Chelsea Clinton’s announcement Thursday afternoon that she and Jewish hubby Marc Mezvinsky are expecting their first child has set off a fairly predictable wave of reactions Jewish-wise, not unlike the interest their 2010 wedding generated.

File photo: Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky. February 9, 2011.

Chelsea Clinton and her husband Marc Mezvinsky. February 9, 2011.- Photo: AP

Interfaithfamily.com quickly seized the pregnancy as an “opportunity to share with ALL expecting parents” its various resources for new interfaith parents, including a booklet called “To Circumcise or Not: That is the Question.”

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, The Jewish Press chose this headline: “Chelsea Clinton Pregnant With Non-Jewish Child.”

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Clinton: Israel’s Criticism is Good for American Diplomacy

Israeli criticism of P5+1 deal with Iran helps American diplomacy, says former Secretary of State.

By Maayana Miskin


Israeli leaders’ criticism of Western powers recent agreement with Iran has been good for America, former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said, according to Maariv/nrg.

Clinton reportedly said in a closed meeting in Washington that Israel’s open concern that the plan would be ineffective has kept the pressure on Iran and its allies.

Israel’s status as a perceived ally of the United States means that its warnings of a possible military strike are taken seriously in Iran, she explained. Continue Reading »

Americans in Israel Sue Clinton for American Funding of Palestinian Terror

2 dozen Americans in Israel are suing Hillary Clinton for negligence, relying on the basis that they are among those that Congress sought to protect through the safeguards & regulations that the White House, State Department and USAID are disregarding.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


Two dozen Americans in Israel are suing U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for negligence in allowing the United States to fund the Palestinian Authority, which used money for terror.

The suit was filed in a federal U.S. court in Washington by the Israel Law Center (Shurat HaDin), which has revolutionized the war against terror through “lawfare,” winning colossal lawsuits against terrorist organizations and banks that handle their funds. Continue Reading »

U.S. Secretary of State: Our Commitment to Israel is Rock Solid

PM Netanyahu welcomed Sec. Clinton to Jerusalem & commented how Israel was fighting against terrorists who fire rockets against innocent civilians.

By Elad Benari


U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in Israel on Tuesday night for meetings with officials, in an attempt to achieve a ceasefire in the fighting between Israel and Gaza.

Clinton and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu made statements to the press shortly before they met one on one.

Netanyahu welcomed Clinton to Jerusalem and noted that Israel was fighting against terrorists who fire barrages of rockets against innocent civilians.

“President Obama asked me to come to Israel with a very clear message. Continue Reading »

Clinton tells IOC: Hold memorial for Murdered Israeli Olympians

U.S. Sec. of St. joins int’l calls on Olympic Committee to honor slain Israeli athletes when games open on Friday • Athletes’ widows meet with chief to hand over petition, & call on spectators to stage silent protest at opening ceremony.



U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is calling on the International Olympic Committee to commemorate the massacre of 11 Israelis by Palestinian gunmen at the Munich Games in 1972 with a moment of silence at Friday’s opening ceremony of this year’s games in London.

Ankie Spitzer, widow of an Israeli Olympian killed by Palestinian gunmen in 1972 Munich Olympics: We are outraged, we are angry, we are sad.

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Egyptians throw tomatoes at Clinton’s motorcade

Anti-Islamist protesters threw tomatoes & shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade during her visit to Egypt. They accuse the U.S. of backing Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power • Clinton rejects claim that U.S. is taking sides in power struggle between ruling military council & the Brotherhood.

By Reuters


Protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade on Sunday during her first visit to Egypt since the election of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi.

Seeing red: Protesters threw tomatoes and shouted “Monica” at Clinton prior to her meeting with Egyptian military chief Field Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi – Photo credit: Reuters

A tomato struck an Egyptian official in the face, and shoes and a water bottle landed near the armored cars carrying Clinton’s delegation in the port city of Alexandria after she gave a speech on democratic rights.

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In joint appearance with Peres in Washington, Clinton condemns Syria for using attack helicopters to quash uprising

Secretary of State appeared alongside Israeli President at Washington event; Peres to raise issue of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard in a meeting with President Obama.



WASHINGTON – Israeli President Shimon Peres and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared on Tuesday at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy, where they spoke about the escalating violence in Syria, the negotiations with Iran and the peace process with the Palestinians.

At the event, Clinton expressed deep concern over Russia’s reported shipment of attack helicopters to the Syrian regime. “Attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria will escalate the conflict quite dramatically,” she said. Continue Reading »

Report: U.S. asked Russia to warn Iran of ‘last chance’ to avoid military strike

Clinton reportedly told her Russian counterpart to rely message to Tehran that it must engage in talks with world powers or face a military strike within months, according to Russian daily Kommersant.

The United States has asked Russia to deliver an ultimatum to Iran, warning the Islamic Republic that it has one last chance for talks before a military strike, the Kommersant daily quoted Russian diplomats as saying on Wednesday.

Clinton, Lavrov, Ahmadinejad - Reuters and AP - March 14, 2012

Clinton, Lavrov, Ahmadinejad - Photos Reuters and AP

According to the Russian newspaper, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked her Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov in New York on Monday to tell Tehran that it has one last chance to solve the conflict peacefully by making progress in the talks with the P5+1 group – United States, Britain, France, Russia, China, and Germany.

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