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Israel’s PM Netanyahu to make historic visits to 3 countries


As an “indication of the major change that is taking place in Israel’s global relations,” Netanyahu is set to visit 4 countries, including 3 that have yet to be visited by a sitting Israeli prime minister.



Binyamin Netanyahu will visit four countries in the coming months, including three that he said have never been visited by a sitting Israeli prime minister.

Netanyahu announced Sunday at the weekly Cabinet meeting that he will travel to Australia, Singapore and Kazakhstan, as well as Azerbaijan, where he made a quick stop in 1997.


In addition, Netanyahu said that President Reuven Rivlin will visit India in two weeks. Continue Reading »

Australian FM says Palestinians share blame for stalemate


Foreign Minister Julie Bishop condemned the BDS movement in Australia as anti-Semitic, and refuses to call Israeli settlements “illegal” something the EU, UN, US and the Arab world does, saying that doing so would prejudice the outcome of negotiations.



Unilateral actions toward statehood and violence by Palestinians – not only Israeli settlement construction – are hurdles to the peace process, Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop – Photo: REUTERS

“We call for the peace negotiations to recommence, and likewise we publicly and privately say that any unilateral action that is seen as damaging or impeding the peace process should be called what it is,” Bishop said in an interview, shortly after meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Australia’s Newly Sworn In Prime Minister Has ‘Jewish Roots’


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, who was sworn in Tuesday, has expressed interest at a meeting in August that Australia should collaborate much more with Israel.

By Cynthia Blank


Australia has a new prime minister – one who claims to have Jewish roots and has also expressed a desire in advancing and increasing relations with Israel.

Malcolm Turnbull, a former communications minister, was sworn in on Tuesday as Australia’s latest leader, replacing outgoing prime minister Tony Abbott.

Screen Shot - Arutz 7

In an interview with the Australian Jewish News in 2013, Turnbull asserted he had Jewish roots, saying his “mother always used to say that her mother’s family was Jewish.” Continue Reading »

Israel & Australia sign 1-yr work visa agreement


18-30 yr-old Israelis with no children will be eligible for a 1-year Australian work visa
• Israel decided that draft dodgers won’t be eligible for the work visa, with exceptions, including Israeli Arabs and those who did national service instead.

By Shlomo Cesana


Israel and Australia signed an agreement on Wednesday that will allow young adults from both countries to get work visas from the other. The deal was part of a recent effort to secure work arrangements for young Israelis abroad, to prevent them from getting in legal trouble when looking for work.

Israelis will soon be able to apply for one-year Australian work visas – Photo: Rafael Ben Ari

The agreement was signed by Israeli Ambassador to Australia Shmuel Ben Shmuel and Australian Deputy Immigration and Border Protection Minister Senator Michaelia Cash.

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Australian MPs Outraged at Local ‘Pallywood’ Attempt at Deceptions About Gaza



In an email to Australian MPs that attacked Israel’s ‘Operation Protective Edge’, the activist group ‘Australians for Palestine’, has prompted outrage & disgust by misrepresenting an image of killed Syrian children as young Palestinian victims from the conflict in Gaza.

By CHRISTIAN KERR, The Australian


The group, Australians for Palestine, whose August 10 email compared those killed in Gaza to victims of the Holocaust, has declined to correct the error or apologize, even after the deceptive use of the image was exposed.
The email photos and text.

Photos From The Australian, August 28, 2014

Underneath the image of dead children, Australians for Palestine editor
Sonja Karkar wrote that “some people may find the above photo disturbing and we hope it is”.
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Islamic organization strong-arm Australia over East Jerusalem terminology

OIC urges its 57 Islamic ambassadors to Australia to strenuously condemn Canberra’s description of East Jerusalem as ‘disputed’ instead of ‘occupied.’


SYDNEY – The Organization of Islamic Cooperation has strongly condemned Australia for refusing to refer to East Jerusalem as “occupied,” and urged its 57 member states to take “necessary measures” against Canberra’s “illegal position,” leaving open the possibility of a trade boycott.

Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Has he softened the Australian government’s stance on East Jerusalem? – Photo: AP

The OIC’s Council of Foreign Ministers, which met late last week in Saudi Arabia, blasted “the orientation of the Australian government not to describe the city as occupied.”

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Australia follows Canada preferring truth over EU, US, UN lies about Israel


The Australia government joins Canada in extending real hands of friendship to Jerusalem as it expands it’s pro-Israel shift in policy.


A year ago, Australia joined the handful of countries that voted against, or abstained from voting for a series of one-sided anti-Israel resolutions that were put forward in the UN. Since then, Australia, under Tony Abbot’s government, has repeatedly made it clear that it’s actually going to be taking a balanced position when it comes to Israel.

On Wednesday evening, the Australian government unequivocally stated it would not use the word “occupied” in reference to eastern Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Australia’s Woodside buys 25% of Israel’s largest gas well, the Leviathan


Australian energy firm to acquire 25% ownership of Israeli reservoir in $2.71 billion deal.


Amid months of uncertainty and lack of transparency surrounding Leviathan gas reservoir arrangements, Australian hydrocarbon firm Woodside is expected to sign a $2.71 billion agreement to acquire a 25-percent share of the field on Thursday evening.
Leviathan gas field - Albatross - 09012012

Leviathan holds 453 billion cu.m. of gas [file] Photo: Courtesy of Albatross

The agreement will build upon a memorandum of understanding signed with the reservoir’s partners on February 7, which provided a framework for final negotiations, following months of uncertainty and anticipation surrounding the agreement. An original agreement in principle occurred among the parties in December 2012, which had called for Woodside to acquire a larger, 30% stake of the reservoir.

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Israel Law Center challenges BDS in Australian court

Lawsuit is the 1st time that Australia’s anti-racism laws have been utilized against those seeking to harm Israeli academics or businesses because of their national origin.


A landmark case that could determine whether the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel breaches Australia’s antiracism laws returns to court this week, The Australian reported on Monday.

Hebrew U.

Mount Scopus, one of the Hebrew University’s four campuses.- Photo: Lior Mizrahi

The parties will “debate potentially decisive orders this week,” according to the report.

Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center, an Israel-based civil rights organization, last year filed suit against Jake Lynch, director of the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Sydney.

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Australia’s Woodside Petroleum to pay $2.5 billion to enter Israeli gas field

Aussie energy firm will pay more than it had originally offered to enter Israel’s Leviathan field, located 80 miles west of Haifa.



The Australian Woodside Petroleum company signed a $2.5 billion deal to enter the Leviathan gas field in offshore Israel.

A natural gas rig west of Haifa, Israel. - Photo: Albatross Aerial Perspective/AP

Leviathan holds 453 billion cu.m. of gas. – Photo: Albatross Aerial Perspective/AP

The owners of Leviathan were in Australia this week to try to finalize a year-old non-binding deal, worth up to $2.3 billion, The Australian daily reported.

Woodside will pay more than it had originally offered to enter the gas field because its owners want to pipe much of the gas to Turkey and other regional countries. Continue Reading »

Australian FM: Exactly Which Law does ‘Israeli Settlements’ Break?

Australian Foreign Minister Bishop again comes out swinging in defense of Israel, saying the world has it all wrong labeling Jewish settlements as ‘illegal’.

By Israel Today Staff


Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop this week continued to demonstrate what is, on the international diplomatic stage, rare support not only for Israel, but for its historic right to this land.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - Photo Source: The Australian

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop – Photo Source: The Australian

In a must-read interview with The Times of Israel, Bishop said it was wrong for most in the international community to speak of Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria as “illegal.” Continue Reading »

Australian FM to United Nations: Stop the Constant Israel Bashing

Australia’s recent abstentions “reflected the  gov’t’s concern that Middle East resolutions should be balanced.”

By Israel Today Staff



Australia recently surprised everyone by abstaining on two UN General Assembly resolutions targeting Israel, signaling that the folks “down under” are growing fed up with the world body’s biased approach to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop - Photo: SBS/AAP

Australia’s Foreign Minister Julie Bishop – Photo: SBS/AAP

Like most other nations, Australia typically votes in favor of the dozens of UN resolutions targeting Israel every year. By the end of the General Assembly’s current session, it will have passed 22 resolutions against Israel, and only four against the rest of the world combined. Continue Reading »

Israelis & Christians join forces to aid Palestinian children

Australian Christian humanitarian aid group joins forces with a Jerusalem hospital to provide life-saving medical care for Palestinian Arab children.

By Israel Today Staff



Israel, and in particular Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, is joining forces with Christians in Australia to provide life-giving medical care to Palestinian Arab children.

Child in hospital - Illustrative - Times of Israel

Child in hospital – Illustrative – Times of Israel


Project Rozana is a collaboration between Hadassah Australia, Anglican Overseas Aid and Hadassah Hospital, which has two locations in Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Report on Israeli TV may prevent Australian meat exports to Israel

An Israeli Channel 2 report on animal cruelty has made its way to Australia & now beef exports to Israel may be halted

By David Lev


An Israeli television report about animal cruelty has made its way to Australia – and as a result, animal rights activists are demanding that Australia withhold exports of cows and sheep to Israel.

The report, on Channel Two’s Kolbotek consumer affairs magazine, showed workers at Tnuva’s slaughterhouse mistreating animals, including using electric shockers to subdue them, hitting them over the head with blunt objects, and dragging animals. The report garnered calls by Knesset members and Israeli animal rights group for an investigation of Tnuva, and the Israeli activists transferred the Kolbotek video to the Australian groups, asking that they pressure their government to halt animal exports to Israel.

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Australia’s Woodside buys 30% of Israel’s largest gas well, the Leviathan

Country’s 2nd largest gas producer agrees to $696m. initial payment

CEO: We’ll pursue a Liquified Natural Gas  plant (for

export from Israel ) as quickly as we can.



Woodside Petroleum, Australia’s second-largest gas producer, agreed to pay an initial $696 million for a stake in Israel’s largest natural gas field.

Leviathan holds 453 billion cu.m. of gas. - Photo: Albatross

Leviathan holds 453 billion cu.m. of gas. – Photo: Albatross

Woodside will acquire a 30 percent interest in the Leviathan field, estimated to contain 17 trillion cubic feet of gas, from partners Noble Energy Mediterranean Ltd., Delek Drilling, Avner Oil Exploration and Ratio Oil Exploration, the Perth-based company said Monday in a statement.

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