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Syrian refugee baby born in Cyprus flown to Israel for successful heart surgery

Israeli surgeons successfully operate on a 3 days-old Syrian baby boy, suffering from a serious congenital heart defect.
• Baby and his Syrian refugee father were air-lifted in after Cypriot Health Ministry requested Israel’s help.

By Maytal Yasur Beit-Or


Doctors in central Israel performed a successful operation on Sunday on a Syrian baby who had been flown to Israel from Cyprus three weeks ago for urgent medical treatment.

The baby is recovering and is said to be in stable condition.

The baby in a special incubator on his flight to Israel in late December – Both Photos: Aviation Bridge (<— Visit website)

The baby was only three days old when he arrived in Israel to undergo a procedure to correct a serious congenital heart defect. Continue Reading »

500 IDF Special Forces commandos participate in extensive military drill in Cyprus


WATCH: The first of its kind and one of the largest exercises by Israeli commandos held on foreign territory, it involved close to 500 combat soldiers from the Egoz special forces unit as well as 3 Super Hercules transport planes and 10 Black Hawk helicopters.



Israeli commandos wrapped up a large scale drill in Cyprus on Thursday, returning to Israel after an intensive three-day drill on the island nation.

500 combat soldiers from the Egoz special forces unit during-a-large scale drill in Cyprus June 2017 – IDF Spokespersons-Unit

The advanced drill involved close to 500 combat soldiers from the Egoz special forces unit as well as Super Hercules transport planes, 10 Black Hawk helicopters, and around 100 Cypriots. Continue Reading »

Israeli PM sends firefighting planes to extinguish Cyprus blaze


Following request from Cypriot government, PM Netanyahu dispatches Israeli firefighting aircraft to assist in dousing blaze.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Israel said Saturday it was sending firefighting planes to a blaze in Cyprus, returning the neighboring island’s helping hand when the Jewish state suffered a devastating forest fire in 2010.

A plane filmed battling the Carmel Forest fire in 2010. – Photo: יחידה אווירית

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered that firefighting planes be sent to Cyprus to help put out a giant fire that is raging in Paphos,” on the island’s west coast, Netanyahu’s office said.

It said the decision followed a formal request from the Cyprus government. Continue Reading »

Israel, Greece and Cyprus vs: potential Russia, Iran and Syria regional power


The tripartite alliance between Cyprus, Greece and Israel in natural gas partnerships, defense agreements and economic cooperation, could serve as a basis for an ever wider regional front.



THE PAST several weeks have seen a flurry of diplomatic activity reinforcing the tripartite alliance between Israel, Greece and Cyprus.

On January 28, the three leaders, Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu held a summit meeting in Nicosia; the day before Tsipras brought 10 of his cabinet colleagues to Jerusalem for a government to government session with their Israeli counterparts; and the day before that Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon held security talks in Athens and a month later in Cyprus. Continue Reading »

Israel and Cyprus Consider Linking Natural Gas & Electricity to European Markets

Cyprus to expand cooperation in energy issues and security with Jerusalem after uncovering  covert Iranian terror plot across Europe from arrested Hezbollah agent in Larnaca.



NICOSIA – Israel and Cyprus agreed on Tuesday to expand their cooperation on energy issues, including the use of pipelines and electricity grids to link to European markets, as both countries develop natural gas fields off their coasts.

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Cyprus, Greece & Israel push for EU gas pipeline link


Cypriot & Greek officials say the pipeline, linking Israel, Cyprus, Italy and Greece, would reinforce the European Union’s energy security with its 8-12 billion cubic meter capacity.

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Israel may have misstepped into intracommunal dispute with gas-partner Cyprus

Visit to Tel Aviv as a keynote speaker by foreign minister of self-styled Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has angered EU-member Cyprus.


The visit to Israel this week of Özdil Nami, foreign minister of the self-styled Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has landed Israel in hot water with its ally in the southern part of the divided island.

Özdil Nami

Özdil Nami – Photo Courtesy TRNC Foreign Ministry

Nami was a keynote speaker at the Israel Energy and Business Convention 2014 in Tel Aviv – at exactly the same time that Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman was visiting Cyprus and meeting with his Cypriot counterpart Ioannis Kasoulides. Continue Reading »

Cyprus edges into the Middle East frying pan


Turkey’s population outnumbers that of Cyprus by nearly 100 times. But Nicosia can create alliances, especially with Israel, to enhance its security. Israel in turn gains, by combined gas operations, strategic depth for its air force, and a diplomatic friend in the European Union.

By Daniel Pipes

The Republic of Cyprus has entered the maelstrom of the world’s most volatile region, thanks to new-found gas and oil reserves combined with an erratic Turkish foreign policy and a civil war in Syria. Even as leaders of this Mediterranean island show skill dealing with these novel threats and opportunities, they need support from a strong U.S.

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Israel’s the Mid-East’s upcoming energy superpower

The impact of Israel as the regional energy superpower plainly heralds imminent & significant changes in the Middle East & signals a very real change in the geopolitics of the region.

By Peter C Glover

Israel’s transformation from a land of milk and honey into a land awash with oil and gas money is under way. When the country’s offshore Tamar field finally started pumping domestic natural gas direct to Haifa on the last day of March 2013, it meant that Israel was no longer in the thrall of its Arab neighbours for gas imports. And it also signalled the beginning of Israel’s rise to energy superpower status.

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Cyprus signs Gas & Oil deal with Israel

Two Israeli firms Anver & Delek signed an energy agreement Monday to acquire 30% of rights to explore for oil & gas off the Cyprus shore.

By Chana Ya’ar


Israeli firms Delek Drilling and Anver Oil and Gas Exploration signed an agreement Monday to acquire a 30 percent stake in exploration rights for gas and oil off the southern shore of Cyprus.

The drilling is to be carried out by U.S.-based Noble Energy. Both Delek and Anver own majority rights in Israel’s own mammoth gas discoveries, the Leviathan and Tamar fields off Israel’s northern coast.

Cypriot Commerce Minister Neoclis Sylikiotis acknowledged in making the announcement that the deal provided a “new era of Cyprus-Israeli strategic cooperation which includes economic and political dimensions,” AFP reported.

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Cyprus interested in importing Israeli liquefied natural gas

Following Cypriot delegation’s visit to Israel, a Cyprus’ CI&T Minister says natural gas could flow to Cyprus by 2015 at low price.




Cyprus hopes to begin importing liquefied natural gas from Israel by early 2015, Cypriot Commerce, Industry and Tourism Minister Neoklis Sylikiotis was quoted as saying by Famagusta Gazette Online Tuesday.

Israel is in favor of supplying Cyprus with between 0.5 and 0.7 billion cubic meters of natural gas for electricity production, Sylikiotis reportedly said. The island country is planning to import natural gas in the short term, before exploiting its own offshore reserves around 2018.

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