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Israel tech company displays its drone/UAV interception technology

ORAD’s DROM system is the “most capable and cost-effective” system to counter the threat posed by taking control over device’s piloting from hostile UAV operator.



With weaponized drones bringing a whole new assortment of security threats, several companies at the Israel Defense Exhibition in Tel Aviv this week, showcased the latest technology in neutralization and interception of the devices.

ORAD, an Israeli company based in Holon, presented the latest version of its DROM Drone Defense System, which it says can detect approaching drones at more than 3.5 kilometers away and take over the unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV’s, piloting abilities, neutralize them and land them far from the operator. Continue Reading »

Israel Police unveils first 3-D printed manufactured vehicle


Introduced at Israel’s annual defense technology conference, the Israel Police force unveiled the 1st-ever 3-D printed new jeep-style police vehicle that incorporated steering and motor components taken from existing police vehicles, including a police helicopter.

By Itsik Saban


Design. Save. Print. The Israel Police force has unveiled the first-ever 3-D printed police vehicle.

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Israeli firm first to be granted license to fly a fully automated drone

Manufactored by an Israeli drone maker, the 7.5 kg quadcopter, called Optimus, is capable of carrying a one kilogram payload at a speed of 36 kilometres per hour for 30 minutes with no human operator.



The sky’s the limit for an Israeli drone maker that says it has recently been granted the first certificate in the world to fly a fully automated drone, with no human operator.

“We just made history…It flies itself, it’s completely automatic and the best metaphor I can give is if tomorrow somebody gets that same certification to operate an autonomous car with no driver…it’s huge,” Airobotics co-founder and CEO Ran Krauss, told Reuters. Continue Reading »

Israeli-Swiss company sends mini lab designed for experiments in space


SpacePharma says its miniature lab is a new way for researchers to work in microgravity for extended periods. Founder Yossi Yamin, “We upload the link with the command files to the lab and the experiment takes place.”

Reuters and Israel Hayom Staff


Orbiting the earth at more than 500 kilometers (300 miles), a tiny satellite with a laboratory the size of a tissue box is helping scientists carry out experiments that take gravity out of the equation.

Launch of the Indian Space Research Organization’s PSLV-C37 rocket, which carried SpacePharma’s DIDO nanosatellite – SpacePharma website

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Chinese invest $20 million in Israeli ‘smart clothing’ startup


view videoKfar Saba-based cardiac monitoring clothing HealthWatch, raises $20 million from Chinese company Yiling, who will also market HealthWatch’s product in China.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Israeli startup HealthWatch Technologies, which develops cardiac monitoring garments, announced Monday a $20 million investment by Chinese company Yiling, which specializes in Chinese medicine and is now in the process of branching out into conventional medicine.

According to the financial daily Globes, the investment puts HealthWatch’s value at $65 million.

HealthWatch develops smart-digital garments with interwoven sensors measuring vital signs - Screenshot from HealthWatch website

HealthWatch describes itself as “a pioneer in harnessing textile technology to produce fashionable, smart-digital garments with interwoven sensors unobtrusively measuring vital signs of hospital-grade quality.” Continue Reading »

Intel launches 7th generation processors designed & developed in Israel


As well as being energy-saving, Intel’s latest Israel developed processor provides record-breaking performance rates and are the strongest, fastest processors available to the public.



Intel announced on Tuesday the official launch of its full line of advanced seventh generation computer processors. According to Intel’s Israel division, the majority of development and design for the new high-performance processors came from the company’s Haifa development center.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the new Intel production line in Kiryat Gat, Monday - Photo: Kobi Gideon, Israel's GPO

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the new Intel production line in Kiryat Gat, Monday – Photo: Kobi Gideon, Israel’s GPO

“Today, many of Intel’s core products are being developed through Intel Israel’s development branch, specifically the sixth generation processors that were announced last year and the seventh generation that was just announced today,” Ran Sanderovitz, vice president and general manager of Intel Israel’s development centers, told The Jerusalem Post on Tuesday. Continue Reading »

Israeli missile boats modified to repel naval cyber ‘intrusions’ by foreign military vessels


Israel’s Navy is equipping its missile boats with crews & electronics that will safeguard the country’s shores from probing cyber encroachments.

By Udi Etsion

Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov has recently arrived at the shores of Syria accompanied by its companion vessels. The ships are in the area as a deterrent measure, but also in order to collect intelligence via electronic means. As a response, the Israeli Navy has upgraded its cyber warfare capabilities, placing special crews onto its missile boats.

Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier - Wikimedia Commons/Mil.ru.

Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier – Wikimedia Commons/Mil.ru.

“The (fight) isn’t just with the possibility of infiltration into your systems – you need to ensure that if there is an infiltration, the infiltrator won’t be able to cause damage or collect critical intelligence and will be identified quickly,” said an IDF cyber warfare official.Cyber

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Israel Aerospace Industries signs $15 million global cyber protection for Asian client 


Israel’s multimillion dollar contract with one of its major Asian clients is for the development of “advanced, national level, strategic cyber solution,” to deal with current and future global cyber challenges.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Israel Aerospace Industries has announced that it has signed a $15 million contract with one of its major Asian clients for the development of by cyber security solutions.


Inserting code, cyber security – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

A statement posted on IAI’s website said the contract is “for an advanced, national level, strategic cyber solution, which combines cellular systems and cyber and includes establishing an intelligence center and infrastructure and providing unique sensors.”

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After rocky launch, Israel’s Ofek 11 spy satellite fully operational


The head of the Israel Aircraft Industries space division said following initial difficulties after the launch, that Israel’s latest homemade satellite, Ofek 11 is operational and taking fabulous photographs, ‘You should smile when you look up.’

By Associated Press

A new Israeli spy satellite is operational and taking high-quality pictures after suffering technical difficulties during its launch earlier this month, defense officials said Thursday.

Ofek-11 spy satellite launch - Israel Ministry of Defense

Ofek-11 spy satellite launch – Israel Ministry of Defense

Amnon Harari, director of the Defense Ministry’s space administration, said satellite operators downloaded the first images from the Ofek 11 satellite at about 5:10 p.m. Thursday.

“The images are splendid, very good,” he told reporters. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Ofek 11 recon satellite launched into space from Israel


Israel’s latest surveillance satellite is capable of filming 64,000 minutes of footage yearly to complement Israel’s predecessor, Ofek 10, that was launched in April 2014, presumably to monitor Iran and radical militant islamic groups in the region.

By i24news


Israel on Tuesday together with Israel Aerospace Industries launched the Ofek 11 recon satellite into space, the Defense Ministry said.

Launch of “Ofek 10” – Photo: CHANNEL 2

Israel on Tuesday together with Israel Aerospace Industries launched the Ofek 11 recon satellite into space, the Defense Ministry said.

“A short while ago, Israel’s Ministry of Defense, along with Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI), launched the Ofek 11 satellite into space,” A Defense Ministry statement said. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Robots and Drones From European Defense Expo 2016


view videoCheck out these impressive Israeli innovations featured at Europe’s most prominent defense conference, the Eurosatory: An anti-drone defense system, a new robotic vehicle, and a unique stealthy UAV to name but a few.

By Udi Etsion


Israel’s presence at the Euro 2016 soccer championships, taking place in France, may be limited to the audience at home (and some lucky spectators who managed to get tickets), but at Eurosatory—Europe’s most important weapons and defense expo—Israel will have a central role. A large number of innovative new products made by firms from the holy land will be shown at the conference. 

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Israeli elementary school near Gaza generates its own electricity


Nitzanei Eshkol elementary school near the Gaza border has completed construction of a solar power network that completely meets all the school’s needs.

By Matan Tzuri


This week, Nitzanei Eshkol, an elementary school in the Eshkol Regional Council near the Gaza Strip, began operating an electrical system powered entirely from solar energy. This system is expected to meet the school’s energy demands in their entirety.

View of the school’s solar panels

After long months of planning and installing solar panels, the construction ceased this week, and connecting the new system was successfully completed. The environmentally conscious school’s pupils led the excitement: the first through sixth grades had been observing the process and learning about the environmental benefits of using solar energy for electricity. Continue Reading »

Watch: Israel Aerospace Industries Drone Guard disrupts flight of enemy drones

view videoIsrael’s solution for enemy drone detection, identification & flight disruption was developed to counter the increase in recent years of Hezbollah’s small drones which theoretically, could pose a threat to sensitive areas.

By Yoav Zitun


Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) revealed the Drone Guard- a new system for drone detection, identification and flight disruption on Tuesday .

The IAI said that it has recently begun to sell this system to some customers, after it was also successfully tested in scenarios of simultaneous drone attacks.

visit to border as defense minister, Lieberman briefed by IDF chief Eisenkot and says priority is to ‘maintain the calm.’ Continue Reading »

WATCH: World Seeks Israeli Technology For Fighting Global Terrorism


view videoA few Israeli companies have developed advanced solutions in fighting terrorism more effectively & without security personnel being placed in harm’s way, for example, an automatic interrogation of suspects at airports, advanced cameras with ‘In Motion Identification’ recognition software, & radar that pinpoints drones in sensitive air-space.

By Moshe Glantz


Attacks on airports have always been among terrorist organizations’ preferred objectives, leading to increased security. But from time to time, despite the investment of billions on security personnel and a range of security measure, terrorists still manage to strike. Brussels was the latest casualty, sending shockwaves throughout Europe.

Airport entrance – Photo:GettyImages

Ben-Gurion International Airport is considered one of the safest airports in the world, which led to unprecedented interest in security measures developed in Israel, with several Israeli companies now selling their wares all over the world. Continue Reading »

On F-35 arrival to Israel, ‘Jewish conversion’ with ‘Made in Israel’ electronic systems


On the Dec. 12 arrival of the 1st two F-35 ‘Adir’ jets, still plagued with numerous glitches, the aircraft will be immediately fitted with ‘Made in Israel’ electronic systems making the stealth fighter the most advanced jet-fighter in the world.

By Aharon Lapidot


he development of the F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter has been the subject of widespread criticism over performance issues, but the Israeli Air Force has already made extensive preparations to welcome the next-generation aircraft, which will be known as the Adir.

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