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Guard tower being erected outside Damascus Gate in Jerusalem sparks criticism

Israel Police observation posts being erected outside the Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City are part of enhanced security measures announced last summer, including additional surveillance cameras and more security personnel.
 – Arab resident of Jerusalem, ‘This makes me sad, and angry.’
 – Public Security Minister Erdan,  ‘Damascus Gate is going through a revolution.’

By John T. Huddy, The Media Line


A new Israeli Border Police guard tower stands at the base of the Damascus Gate entrance to Jerusalem’s Old City.It’s a noticeable part of the landscape and an example of Israel’s increased security presence at the ancient entrance to the Muslim Quarter, which in the recent past has been a flashpoint for violence. Continue Reading »

3 terrorists neutralized in Jerusalem attack, stabbed Border Policewoman in critical condition

In ongoing Palestinian terrorist attack, a female Magav police officer was evacuated to hospital in serious condition, with 4 other injured in light to moderate conditions, with police searching Jerusalem to see if forth terrorist was involved.
– Attack in Jerusalem was in 2 places, using knives and automatic rifle.



Authorities said Friday that a police officer was critically wounded following a stabbing attack near the Damascus Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Israel Border Police officer stabbed outside Damascus Gate – Screenshot: J’lemPost


The female police officer, 20, was evacuated to nearby Hadassah University Medical Center for treatment. Continue Reading »

Israel responds to Jordanian accusations with video of Jerusalem’s terrorist killed


view videoIsrael sent Jordan video footage of Friday’s attempted stabbing of a policewoman at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City, as proof, after the Kingdom’s Foreign Ministry, the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist’s family all condemned the shooting of Sayid Amro as unprovoked & intentional.

By i24news


Footage was released on Sunday from security cameras installed at Damascus Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City capturing Friday’s attempted attack against Israeli security forces.

According to Israel’s Channel 2 news, Israel has given the footage to Jordanian authorities after Amman condemned the killing of one of its nationals by calling it a “barbaric act”. Continue Reading »

Jordan’s Foreign Ministry condemns police killing Jerusalem armed terrorist


The Jordanian Foreign Ministry, the Muslim Brotherhood and the terrorist’s family all condemned the shooting of Sayid Amro who was killed while trying to stab Border Police officers at the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem.

By Roi Kais


The Jordanian Foreign Ministry strongly condemned the killing of terrorist Sayid Amro on Saturday after he was shot to death while attempting to stab a border police officer at the Damascus Gate in Jerusalem on Friday. The Jordanian Foreign Ministry response said the “killing is an act of barbarism,” and questioned the Israeli version of events.The Jordanian Foreign Ministry added that they are following details closely and are working to ensure the return of Amor’s body to his family. Continue Reading »

Arab Terrorist shot dead during stabbing attack at Damascus Gate


An Arab terrorist from Jordan was neutralized Friday by Israel Police during a stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem.

By Ido ben Porat


An Arab terrorist tried today, Friday, to commit a stabbing attack at the Damascus Gate of the Old City of Jerusalem, when he was killed by police.

Magen David Adom paramedics at Damascus Gate – Photo- MDA

From a police investigation, it appears that the terrorist, a Jordanian resident in his twenties, arrived near Damascus Gate, where he noticed border police. He advanced towards them quickly, a knife in his hand. Continue Reading »

Two Israelis injured at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate by Palestinian terrorist, killed during knife attack


2 Israel Border Policemen were lightly wounded by stab wounds to their upper body in yet another barbaric knife attack by a Palestinian terrorist seeking martyrdom.

By i24news


Attacker was shot and died from his wounds shortly after.

Two Israelis were injured in a stabbing attack at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate by the Old City on Friday.

The site of a stabbing attack that injured a police officer at Jerusalem’s Damascus gate on October 11, 2015 – Photo: i24news

The injured were reportedly border police and were lightly wounded by stab wounds to the upper body.

A Palestinian bystander was also lightly injured by shrapnel. Continue Reading »

2 Palestinian Terrorists Permanently Neutralized After Opening Fire in Jerusalem


Shooting attack by two Palestinian terrorists thwarted outside the Damascus Gate when Border Police officers responded, killing both before hurting anyone.

By Uzi Baruch


Two Arab terrorists on Sunday night opened fire on Border Police officers at the Damascus Gate of Jerusalem’s Old City.

Site of Damascus Gate attack (file) – Photo: Heiki Ezra

The two were eliminated by the security forces, and fortunately were unable to inflict any wounds.

Police officers are searching the area and are looking into suspicions that the terrorists hid explosives nearby before the attack.

Earlier on Sunday evening, terrorists from the village of Jilazun opened fire at homes in the nearby town of Beit El in Binyamin.

Continue Reading »

Arab teens watched incitement videos, bought knives and went to butcher Jews


After viewing incitement videos online, two young Arab teens went to buy knives, prayed at Al-Aqsa, then set out to become Palestinian terrorists who murder Jews to become “martyrs.”

By Ido Ben Porat


The Jerusalem District Attorney submitted indictment letters to the Jerusalem District Court on Wednesday against two Arab teenagers, who are accused of attempting to carry out a murderous knife attack against Jews. They are indicted on two counts, one of attempted murder and a second for possession of a knife.

According to the indictment letter the two teens watched a series of inciting videos on the internet which negatively portrayed Israeli authorities in Jerusalem and aired libels as to how soldiers “search” Palestinian women, following which they decided to carry out an attack to murder Jews and become “martyrs.” Continue Reading »

1 killed, 2 wounded in J’lem attack before 3 Palestinian terrorists permanently neutralized


The 3 Palestinian terrorists committed a combined knife & gun attack at Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate, killing a Border Police officer and wounding two people.
• All 3 Palestinian terrorists were shot dead at the scene.

Roy Yanovsky, Elior Levy and Yoav Zitun


One of the guards, Hadar Cohen, 19, was critically wounded and later died from her injuries while hospitalized in Hadassah Medical Center.

The scene of a combined shooting and stabbing attack in Jerusalem.

The scene of a combined shooting and stabbing attack in Jerusalem by 3 Palestinian terrorists.

Cohen, a resident of Or Yehuda, was a recent recruit to the Border Police, and leaves behind her parents, brother and sister. Continue Reading »

Watch Video: Arab Anti-Jewish Riots in Jerusalem

Violent Arab mob smashes windscreens of cars with metal rods & debris as frantic Jews make their getaway. – This is Jerusalem, 2013.

By Gil Ronen and Ari Soffer


A video uploaded Wednesday shows a frenzied Arab mob targeting cars driven by Jews as they pass near Jerusalem’s Damascus (Shechem) Gate.

The video was uploaded to the “Free Qudss” account on YouTube, and to a group by a similar name on Facebook.

The text at the start of the video reads: “Destroying the settlers cars and arrests”, and claims to have been taken near Damascus Gate.

The account’s operators and the videographers claim the events are from Tuesday evening, and that the identities of the attackers had been blurred out to protect them from being identified. Continue Reading »