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Israeli PM confirms WSJ report of Iran stealing classified IAEA documents

Proving the veracity of the Wall Street Journal’s report of how Iran fooled UN inspectors by using secretly stolen IAEA documents to hide their nuclear weapons program, Israeli PM Bennett shared a link to a Google Drive that includes the stolen IAEA files, obtained a few years back in a Mossad operation.



Iran used stolen documents to deceive the International Atomic Energy Agency, and continues lying to the world, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett warned on Tuesday, ahead of the UN atomic agency’s board meeting next week.

IAEA Director-General Rafael Grossi released a report to the agency’s Board of Governors a day to earlier estimating that Iran had enough enriched uranium for a nuclear weapon, 18 times more than the 2015 deal with world powers permitted. Continue Reading »

WSJ: Palestinian diplomacy based on denying reality isn’t helpful

In the Israel-Palestinian conflict, Trump gives reality a chance by his refusal to indulge the Palestinians’ fantasies of destroying Israel.

By Reuel Marc Gerecht


A lot of people are in a funk over President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The liberal media, most former government officials who’ve dealt with the Israeli–Palestinian imbroglio, and just about everyone at the United Nations appear certain that the decision had a lot to do with Mr. Trump’s disruptive nature, the president’s son-in-law Jared Kushner, Evangelical Christians and pro-Israel Republican donors.

President Trump obviously incredulous of Abbas and his promises. Abbas, satisfied with himself, ecstatic to pose with Trump in a photo.

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Wall Street Journal: Israel secretly supplies Syrian rebel groups


The WSJ reports that Israel’s policy is to ensure that Iranian-allied militant groups operating in Syria, most notably Hezbollah, are kept away from Israeli territory, including the Golan Heights.

By i24NEWS


Israel has been supplying Syrian rebel groups in the Golan Heights with funding, medical supplies, food and hard cash in an effort to create a security buffer to protect the country’s border from the maelstrom of the Syrian civil war, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) set up a military unit that is specifically tasked with supporting certain independent rebel groups who are not currently backed by Western powers, the Journal reported, adding that Israel provides money which the groups use to pay fighters and buy weapons. Continue Reading »

WSJ Report: Obama considers initiating UN resolution to restart peace process


Although the White House has repeatedly vetoed such resolutions in the past, the US president is mulling using the UN Security Council to apply pressure to restart negotiations.
• White House ‘surprised’ at Netanyahu’s decision to cancel Washington trip later this month, after have been invited to meeting with Obama.

By Ynetnews and Reuters


US President Barack Obama’s administration is considering a United Nations Security Council resolution to serve as a blueprint for Israeli-Palestinian talks, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday. The US has repeatedly vetoed such resolutions in the past.

PM Netanyahu and President Obama in the Oval Office – Photo:Avi Ohayon

That move would be just one element of a plan to receive the peace process, according to the Journal. Continue Reading »

WSJ oped: Where’s all the Palestinian aid really going?


Israel’s Deputy Foreign Minister accuses int’l donor states of not even bothering to track how their $billions, earmarked for humanitarian aid, are being misused to perpetuate intolerance and fund terror.

By Ari Soffer


Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely has taken to the pages of the Wall Street Journal, to challenge international donors over how billions in aid to the Palestinian Authority have been used to fund terrorism, instead of for the humanitarian and economic purposes they were earmarked for.

In her oped, which was published late on Sunday, Hotovely acknowledges that there is “broad agreement about the importance of extending development aid to help the Palestinians build the physical and social infrastructure that will enable the emergence of a sustainable, prosperous society.” Continue Reading »

WSJ reports: Obama orders NSA to spy on Netanyahu


WSJ reports that under Obama’s direction NSA’s “targeting of Israeli leaders & officials also swept up the contents of some of their private conversations with US lawmakers & American-Jewish groups.”

By i24news


Fearing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is working to derail the nuclear deal with Iran, the White House has authorized the National Security Agency to monitor the leader’s communications, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday.

Obama & Netanyahu – Photo : REUTERS

The report detailing the minutiae of NSA’s snooping and once more propelling into the spotlight Washington’s mistrust of the hawkish Israeli premier could usher in a new crisis in the already tense relations between Netanyahu and President Barack Obama’s administration. Continue Reading »

Wall Street Journal: Western Media Coverage is Blatantly Biased Against Israel


While Palestinian leaders stir up blood-lust attacks on Jews, it’s time the media “stop furnishing Palestinians with the excuses they don’t bother making for themselves,”  says Wall Street Journal analyst Bret Stephens.

By Yoni Hersch & Eli Leon


Complaints are frequently voiced in Israel about how the international media covers events in Israel, but it’s not every day that the debate spills over into one of the most important newspapers in the U.S. On Tuesday, Wall Street Journal analyst Bret Stephens published an article in which he lambasted the coverage of the latest escalation of political violence in Israel. Continue Reading »

WSJ report thinks Israel spied on hotels which hosted P5+1 nuclear talks



Cybersecurity experts believe that Israel is most likely the party responsible for a wave of espionage targeting hotels used by negotiators in the P5+1-Iran nuclear talks, The Wall Street Journal is reporting on Wednesday.

Cyber hackers [illustrative] – Photo: REUTERS

According to counterhacking experts quoted by the Journal, analysts at a cybersecurity firm discovered traces of a viral software that is widely believed to have been used by Israel in the past to conduct sophisticated digital espionage.

The company, Kaspersky Lab ZAO, conducted an investigation which revealed that it had been targeted by an “improved version” of Duqu, a spyware that American officials believe has been used by Israel in the past to hack into computer systems. Continue Reading »

Pulitzer-prize Winning WSJ Editor Counsels Israel to Ignore World after Obama’s Betrayals

Pulitzer-prize winning foreign-affairs columnist Bret Stephens tells Jerusalem to revive its past strategies, when Israel wasn’t afraid to go ‘rogue,’ because since Obama, the US isn’t the US anymore.

By Ari Yashar


In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, Pulitzer-prize winning journalist and deputy-editor of the paper Bret Stephens argued on Monday that due to US President Barack Obama’s irreversible actions, the US doesn’t have Israel’s back anymore – and Israel should learn to stand on its own.

Lee C. Bollinger, President of Columbia University (left), presents the 2013 Pulitzer Prize on Commentary to Bret Stephens of The Wall Street Journal.

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Pulitzer Prize winner Bret Stephens slams Obama as ‘Orwellian’ in WSJ column

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Israel vehemently denies outrageous White House allegations of spying on nuclear talks

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman: ‘We are not spying on the U.S.’
• No basis to Wall Street Journal article as U.S. lawmakers say they weren’t privy to said information.

By Israel Hayom Staff


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WSJ Reports: Israel spied on secret P5+1 nuclear talks then updated US Congress

The Wall Street Journal reports Israel allegedly obtained data from closed-door meetings, then informed American lawmakers among others, in order to expose capitulating deal with Iranians.

By Yitzhak Benhorin


Israel allegedly spied on closed-door negotiations world powers were holding with Iran on its nuclear program, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday, quoting White House officials.

US President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu – Photo: Reuters/File

According to the report, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government also gathered information from confidential US briefings, informants and diplomatic contacts in Europe.

The Journal reports that the Obama administration was less concerned with the fact Israel spied on the talks and more concerned by Israel leaking this confidential information to American lawmakers and others in order to build a case against the deal being negotiated.

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