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Released for Publication: Israel’s Yamam Police Bust Arab Weapons Trafficking Ring


The closing of the weapons trafficking began ten days ago when the lead suspect, an Israeli Arab, was arrested carrying 3 pistols, an AK-47 automatic assault rifle, ammunition & various weapon parts.

By Shoshana Miskin


Ten days ago, Police of the Judea and Samaria District arrested a 45-year-old Israeli Arab resident of Shu’fat in Jerusalem, as part of an investigation that dealt with allegations of weapons trafficking.

The suspect was caught in the possession of a bag which contained three handguns, an AK-47 rifle, ammunition and various weapons parts.

The arrest was made following an investigation which was conducted by the Central Unit of the Judea and Samaria District, that dealt with a large scale weapons trafficking. Continue Reading »

Last Night was a Good Night: Israel security find weapons & uniforms in multiple raids


Shin Bet, Israel Police, and IDF find real & fake army uniforms and weapons in multiple West Bank counter-terror raids.


Judea and Samaria District Police together with army infantry units uncovered counterfeit IDF uniforms and firearms during overnight counter-terrorism raids in the West Bank between Saturday and Sunday.

In one raid, held in the village Beit Omer near Hebron, police officers and IDF soldiers, together with the Shin Bet domestic
intelligence agency, found two handguns, one of which was homemade and the second industrially produced, as well as ammunition, two radio devices, and army uniforms that could have been used to carry out attacks. Continue Reading »

Watch: Israel Police Uncover Terrorists’ Weapons Cache

view videoIsrael Police, IDF and special forces bust terrorist network throughout Palestinian areas of Judea-Samaria, recovering large weapon cache hidden in most unusual places.

By Uzi Baruch


Undercover police agents of the Judea-Samaria police have busted 23 Palestinian Arab suspects over the past few months, the Israel Police released for publication Wednesday, on charges of arms smuggling, weapons manufacturing, and drug trafficking.

Israel Police Uncover Terrorists’ Weapons Cache – Screenshot: Courtesy Israel Police

Over the past 36 hours, the police conducted an extensive arrest operation in which police, the IDF, the Border Police, and special forces acted to arrest the suspects in Arab villages across Samaria (Shomron), Binyamin, and Hevron. Continue Reading »

Rocket cache found inside United Nations’ Gaza school

Israel repeatedly claimed that Hamas is exploiting mosques, schools, hospitals & private homes for stockpiling weaponry.

The relief agency UNRWA, condemned the storing of rockets, which arose during a routine inspection at a Gaza school.

By i24news


The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) disclosed Thursday in a statement that they have located a cache of twenty rockets in a school operated by the agency.

UNRWA school

Israeli forces bomb a school run by the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip. On 17 January 2009, – Photo: Iyad El-Baba / UNRWA

The weapons were found “in the course of the regular inspection of its premise,” the statement detailed, “in a vacant school.” Continue Reading »

Alert IDF Soldiers Discover Illegal Weapons in Terrorist’s Possession

Late Tuesday evening, soldiers from the IDF’s Kfir Brigade discovered 2 automatic assault-rifles & a handgun while carrying out an arrest in the Judea & Samaria region.

Major Shai Kedem, deputy commander of the battalion responsible for the operation, explained how his soldiers uncovered the weapons.

By IDF Blog



“The incident started as a routine arrest that we carried out after receiving intelligence information,” said Maj. Shai Kedem, an IDF commander whose soldiers uncovered several weapons south of Jenin late Tuesday. During the arrest, the soldiers performed searches and found concealed weapons in the house of a Palestinian terror suspect.

Continue Reading »

Israel Security Forces Uncover Palestinian Weapons Cache in Hebron


2 Arab residents of Hebron were arrested for possessing a variety of unregistered weapons in their home, including M-16 assault rifle, an Uzi submachine gun, a carbine rifle, assorted hand guns & some 8,000 bullets.

Weapons believed to be for terrorist attacks.

By Efrat Forsher and Israel Hayom Staff



Continue Reading »

IDF Reveals Huge Weapons Cache – Arrests Terrorists

IDF arrests terrorists after discovering massive weapons cache.

IDF Commander: The weapons were hidden behind fake walls in bedrooms.

By Maayana Miskin


Soldiers and Border Police found a large weapons cache in an operation in a Palestinian town in the “seam zone” – the area located east of the 1949 armistice line, and to the west of the Judea and Samaria security barrier.

Weapons cache discovered – Photo courtesy: IDF Central Command

Lt-Colonel Roi Nahari, who heads the regiment which made the discovery, spoke to Arutz Sheva about the operation, which took place in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Continue Reading »

Arab Weapons Smugglers Busted in Palestinian Town By Israel Police

Border Guard police along with police from Maaleh Adumim discovered a weapons cache in the PA-controlled village of Azariya, just outside of Jerusalem.

By Ari Yashar


Police officers from Maaleh Adumim and border police have discovered an illegal weapons cache in the Palestinian Authority (PA) controlled village of Azariya, located off Highway 1, several minutes outside of Jerusalem on the way to Maaleh Adumim.

Captured weapons from Azariya smuggling – Police Spokesperson Unit

During the police search, components of various weapons models were found, along with tools to clean and equip them, as well as ammunition consisting of over 100 bullets of different types. Continue Reading »

Are Palestinian Embassies Fronts for Europe’s Weapons Smuggling Operation?

Unnamed Czech Officials: The explosion in home of killed Palestinian envoy exposed illegal weapons cache that could be the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’ of an European weapons smuggling ring.




A weapons cache that exploded inside a locked safe at the site of the future Palestinian Authority embassy in Prague was entirely unregistered, and the illegal cache may be just the tip of the iceberg of a Europe-wide weapons smuggling ring, according to Czech officials. The sources made the allegation in interviews with Czech-language Aktualne.cz, which were translated by the Elder of Ziyon blog.

weapons - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

weapons (illustrative) – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

According to available information, 70 firearms, unregistered by Czech authorities, were found in the future embassy building, in Prague 6-Suchdol, after an explosion killed Ambassador Jamel al-Jamal last week. Continue Reading »

Israel Police Arrest 18 in Israeli-Arab Weapons Ring

Israel Police bust ring of 18 young men from the Israeli Arab town of Kfar Kassem for smuggling Palestinian weapons into Israel.
By Maayana Miskin


Police swept into the Israeli Arab city of Kfar Kassem in central Israel early on Sunday morning and arrested 18 people in connection with a weapons smuggling ring.

weapons collection (illustrative) - IsraelandStuff/PP

weapons cache (illustrative) – IsraelandStuff/PP

Border police were involved in the operation, which followed an investigation into illegal weapons trade in the area.

Sixteen of those arrested are men in their 20s, and an additional two are minors, police said. Additional arrests are expected.

The suspects are accused of having smuggled weapons into Israel from Palestinian Authority-controlled territories in Judea and Samaria (Shomron). Continue Reading »

IDF raids terrorist’s home in Samaria confiscates bullets, guns & IDF uniforms


The IDF entered area under Palestinian Authority responsibility to raid a wanted terrorist’s home in Samaria where they confiscate hundreds of bullets, guns, knives and IDF uniforms & bullet-proof vests.




The IDF prevented potential kidnappings and murders by Palestinian Authority terrorists this week in a raid on a wanted terrorist’s home in Samaria, where the Palestinian Authority always is reported to be controlling terror.

Part of hoard of weapons uncovered by IDF at wanted terrorist's home near Shechem

Part of hoard of weapons uncovered by IDF at wanted terrorist’s home near Shechem – Photo Credit: IDF


The terrorist still is at large.

Soldiers confiscated a shotgun, a pistol, and various parts of weapons, ammunition and other military equipment at the site. Continue Reading »

Police Confiscate Illegal Weapons Stashed in Arab School

For the 3rd time in 30 days, security officials have taken possession of a large weapons cache hidden in schools

By David Lev


For the third time in a month, security officials have confiscated a large cache of weapons hidden in an educational institution in northern Israel. The haul on Monday in the Arab village of Abu Snan in the western Galilee included handguns, rifles, and even mortar shells. Police believe that the weapons were being stored by criminal groups.

Weapons Cache Hidden in Arab School

Weapons Cache Hidden in Arab School

Police moved in on the school after getting a tip that weapons were being stored at the school. Continue Reading »