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EU to examine hate taught in Palestinian schoolbooks it finances

Investigation by IMPACT-se, reveals hundreds of examples of extremism encouraging Jihad, violence, demonization & incitement against Israel & Jews in new Palestinian schoolbooks funded by the EU.

By Itamar Eichner


Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, announced Wednesday that the body will scrutinize the new Palestinian textbooks for content that incites hate and violence, out of concern that EU aid funds are being used to promote hatred.

Courtesy of The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center At the Israeli Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center

The announcement follows an investigation and campaign by IMPACT-se (Institute for Monitoring Peace and Cultural Tolerance in School Education). Continue Reading »

Belgium ends financial aid to PA education after school named for terrorist

Following Norwegian Foreign Minister’s lead that ended Norway’s financing of Palestinian schools, Belgium ends cooperation with the PA education ministry after their refusal to change school’s name glorifying Palestinian terrorist who massacred 38 Israeli civilians, 13 of them children.

By i24NEWS


Belgium’s Education Ministry announced Friday it would suspend its relations with the Palestinian Authority’s education ministry after it neglected to adhere to demands from Brussels to change the name of a school honoring a Palestinian terrorist, according to a report from Joods Actueel Jewish newspaper.

The move reportedly followed several appeals from Brussels to the PA to change the name of a Belgian-funded school named for Dalal Mughrabi located in the West Bank city of Hebron. Continue Reading »

Poll: 48% of E. Jerusalem parents would prefer Israeli school curriculum

Although the Jerusalem Municipality is investing massive resources in east Jerusalem education, including enrichment programs, a poll in the city’s Arab schools reflects a spike in preference for Israeli curriculum, rather than the Palestinian’s.

By Yori Yalon


Forty-eight percent of parents whose children are enrolled in schools in east Jerusalem do not want them studying the curriculum provided by the Palestinian Authority, according to a recent poll conducted by the Jerusalem Municipality.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett visiting Israeli classroom – Photo source: Naftali Bennett/Facebook

The city, which polled hundreds of parents of east Jerusalem students, found a sharp decline in parents’ satisfaction with the Palestinian curriculum, which is used in Arab schools in the east of the city, as well as a notable rise in demand for the Israeli curriculum. Continue Reading »

UNRWA reports sealing Hamas terror tunnel discovered beneath 2 UN schools

Although Hamas has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to rehabilitate their attack tunnel network since its last war with Israel, Hamas denied any connection to the tunnel found under the 2 schools saying it “strongly condemned” the UNRWA statement because it can only be exploited by Israel to “justify its crimes.”

By i24NEWS


A Hamas tunnel passing between two Gaza schools belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) discovered during construction work in June has been sealed.

UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness confirmed that the agency in charge of Palestinian refugees had closed the tunnel underneath the two boys schools in the Maghazi refugee camp, which was found during the summer holiday at a time when the schools were empty. Continue Reading »

PA charges Israel with ‘terrorism’ for closing Hamas affiliated school in Jerusalem


The PA’s public diplomacy bureau said school closure was demonstrative of Israel’s “terrorist activities”, calling Israel’s claims of incitement in the school’s curriculum as “lies”.

By  Dalit Halevi


The Palestinian Authority (PA) on Thursday blasted as “terrorism” Israel’s decision to close an Arab elementary school in Jerusalem due to its spreading of incitement.

The closer houses are Sur baher. The farther houses on the mountain, on the left are the edges of al-Ubeidiya. On the mountain on the right is believed to be Wadi al-Arayis and Juhdum. – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The Al Nkhba School in the Sur Baher neighborhood of eastern Jerusalem was ordered to be closed after it was discovered that the school had been established by officials affiliated  with the Hamas terrorist organization, and that the curriculum included severe incitement against the State of Israel. Continue Reading »

UN Deletes Israel From Textbooks Used in UN Financed Palestinian Schools


UN-financed schools in Gaza & the West Bank use textbooks which ignore the existence of Israel and teach the Western Wall & the Cave of the Patriarchs are exclusively Muslim holy sites, which the Jews strive to occupy.

By Elior Levy & Eitan Goldstein


An Israeli investigation into school books used by United Nations-run schools in the West Bank were found to consistently delegitimize and demonize the State of Israel.

 Picture of the countries of the Middle East in one of the textbooks. "Palestine" is superimposed on the whole of Israel.

Picture of the countries of the Middle East in one of the textbooks. “Palestine” is superimposed on the whole of Israel.

These textbooks—written by the Palestinian Ministry of Education—are used in schools run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) in both Gaza and the West Bank. Continue Reading »

On First Day of School Israel’s PM Tells Kids to Study Bible, Seek Coexistence

On the first day of the new school year, PM Netanyahu has an important message for both Jewish & Arab children, ‘First of all, study the Bible….We are meant to live together.’

By Israel Today Staff


Much to the delight of parents, the new school year has begun in Israel, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had two related messages for students: study the Bible and seek peaceful coexistence.

Earlier this week, Netanyahu told his cabinet that he wants to “carry out an education revolution based on two things: excellence and Zionism.”

Central to achieve that is the study of the Bible, the prime minister insisted. Continue Reading »

Hijab ban causes protests at East Jerusalem’s Christian schools

Christian schools’ refusal to allow its Muslim  students wear a hijab on school grounds has begun to test the institutions’ famed openness.


The church-run schools in East Jerusalem are considered the best schools in that part of the city — some would say in the entire city. Their Christian administrators are proud of the religious tolerance and openness that typifies their institutions, where a majority of the students are Muslim.

Women have made the hijab into a symbol of Islamic feminism and empowerment.

Women have made the hijab into a symbol of Islamic feminism and empowerment. – Photo: Reuters

But in recent years, these schools’ adamant refusal to let female students wear a hijab on school grounds has threatened to disrupt this openness.

Continue Reading »

Israeli Christians don’t want Arab & Muslim history in school curriculum



Local Christians say they want official Christian school curriculum, don’t want to learn Arab & Muslim history and are asking the Israeli gov’t to change the curriculum in local schools.

By Israel Today Staff




The growing movement of local “Arab” Christians who identify with Israel are now asking the state to establish an official school curriculum.

A conference titled “Israeli Christians: Breaking Free? The advent of an independent Christian voice in Israel” in Jerusalem – Photo: Dudi Vaaknin

The Israeli Christians Recruitment Forum, which encourages young local Christians to join the Israeli army, is behind the new petition. Continue Reading »

Police Confiscate Illegal Weapons Stashed in Arab School

For the 3rd time in 30 days, security officials have taken possession of a large weapons cache hidden in schools

By David Lev


For the third time in a month, security officials have confiscated a large cache of weapons hidden in an educational institution in northern Israel. The haul on Monday in the Arab village of Abu Snan in the western Galilee included handguns, rifles, and even mortar shells. Police believe that the weapons were being stored by criminal groups.

Weapons Cache Hidden in Arab School

Weapons Cache Hidden in Arab School

Police moved in on the school after getting a tip that weapons were being stored at the school. Continue Reading »