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Incredible Byzantine church of Marble, mosaics & glass windows discovered

It is unknown to whom the 1,500 yr-old structure near Jerusalem is dedicated to, but its size & rich trappings of the most complete collection of Byzantine glass windows and lanterns ever found in one excavation site leads archaeologists to believe it was a popular pilgrimage site, until it was abandoned in the 9th century CE.

By Ynet, Agencies


Israeli archaeologists this week revealed the elaborately decorated Byzantine church dedicated to an anonymous martyr that was recently uncovered near Jerusalem.

The Israel Antiquities Authority showcased some of the finds from the nearly 1,500-year-old structure, whose compound covers around one third of an acre, after three years of excavations. Continue Reading »

Antiquities thieves vandalize burial site, skeletons at ancient Judean Desert fortress

The desecrated cave, at one of the seven Hasmonean fortresses ordered built by King Herod to protect the eastern border of the Judean Kingdom, came under attack by antiquities robbers since they’re unprotected due to a systematic lack of funding.



Tomb raiders recently destroyed human skulls and skeletal remains buried in a mysterious cave near the ancient Hasmonean fortress of Horkania in the northern Judean Desert between Jericho and the Dead Sea.

The fortress, believed to have been constructed around 120 BCE by its namesake, John Hyrcanus, was one of seven ordered built by King Herod to protect the eastern border of the Judean Kingdom from the Edomites and other enemies. Continue Reading »

9 Byzantine-era bronze coins discovered in roadwork west of Jerusalem


The rare trove of nine bronze coins dating back to the 7th century C.E. was found during excavation held to allow the expansion of a major highway.
• The coins display embossed Byzantine-era emperors and Christian crosses, that were all minted in locations that are now present-day Turkey.

By Yori Yalon


A cache of nine bronze coins dating back to the end of the Byzantine period, or the seventh century C.E., was recently uncovered during an Israel Antiquities Authority excavation.

The excavation, which began last June as part of roadwork to expand a section of Highway 1 running west of Jerusalem, uncovered what was a large two-story building and a wine press — part of a larger complex apparently used by Christian pilgrims on their way to Jerusalem. Continue Reading »

Byzantine era ship discovered off Israel’s coast


view videoIsrael’s newest maritime archaeological discovery is a ship dating back to the 7th century AD, that may shed light on the evolution of ship building techniques of the time.

By Uri Shapira


Twenty archaeologists and volunteers flocked to Kibbutz Ma’agan Michael last week, eager to explore and excavate Israel’s newest maritime archaeological discovery- an ancient ship dating back to 7th century AD.

Underwater excavation sheds light on 1500-year… by i24news-en

Like in many discoveries from the sea, this one, located about 35 kilometers (22 miles) south of the port city of Haifa, came by accident.

Excavator Natan Helfman told i24news about the day he and a friend discovered the ship. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Christians outraged over Hamas destruction of unearthed church ruins in Gaza


West Bank Palestinian Christian cleric asks, “How are the Wakf officials in Gaza different from ISIS when they bulldoze antiquities and a religious and cultural treasure?”



Palestinian Christians on Wednesday expressed anger over the way the Palestinian Authority and Hamas have handled the ancient ruins of a Byzantine church that were uncovered in Gaza City last week.

They said that bulldozers removed the antiquities and continued with their work without supervision. They accused the two big Palestinian parties of seeking to obliterate Christian history and identity in the Holy Land.

Kids removing sand covering carving from ancient ruins, which archaeologists say may be part of a Byzantine church or cathedral dating from around 1,500 years ago, were found in Gaza City April 4, 2016.

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Tenth Roman Legion bathhouse and nearby winery found in Jerusalem

Ahead of construction on a new housing project, ancient finds were unearthed including a large winery from the Roman or Byzantine period and a bathhouse dating back around 1,600 years ago.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


Ancient 1,600-year-old finds were recently unearthed during archaeological excavations on the Schneller Compound in Jerusalem, prior to the construction of residential buildings for the capital’s haredi population.

The winery – Photo: Guy Fitoussi, 

The excavations, financed by the Merom Yerushalayim Company and conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), focus on the site of the Schneller Orphanage, which operated in Jerusalem from 1860 until the Second World War. Continue Reading »

Archaeological dig in central Israel unearths 2700 yr-old farm with 1,500 yr-old Byzantine church


 view video“Among other things, the rapid spread of Christianity at that time is apparent, as evidenced by the many impressive rural churches,” said the excavation director.



A community excavation overseen by the Antiquities Authority in the center of the country has unearthed a rare and well-preserved 2,700-year-old farmhouse and 1,500-year-old church featuring colorful mosaics and numerous Greek inscriptions, the authority announced on Wednesday.

The findings were discovered during an excavation in Rosh Ha’ayin initiated by the Construction Ministry in coordination with the city’s municipality prior to building new neighborhoods in the area.

“So far, scores of teenagers from preparatory programs and youth villages have participated in the excavation, as part of the Israel Antiquities Authority policy of increasing public awareness of our cultural heritage,” the authority said in a statement. Continue Reading »

Newly Discovered Roman-era Mosaic Opened to the Public


Israel opens for public viewing a 1,700 yr-old mosaic floor recently discovered during the construction of a new visitor center in Lod.

By Ynet 


A 1,700-year-old mosaic floor uncovered in Lod was opened for public viewing for the first time on Monday. The mosaic was discovered during the building of a visitor center meant to display another mosaic that had been found in the same place 20 years ago. “At that time Lod was called Diospolis and was the district capital, until it was replaced by Ramla after the Muslim conquest. The building was used for a very long time,” Dr. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv construction site uncovered Byzantine period well


Work on site to continue after Byzantine period Water well unearthed during construction of medical clinic building in Tel Aviv. 

By Gilad Morag


Residents of the neighborhood of Ramat HaHayal in Tel Aviv were surprised to find that a well dated to the Byzantine period in Israel was unearthed in a construction site in one of the neighborhoods’ streets. The Israel Antiques Authority refused to provide details concerning the project.

construction site with Byzantine well -  Ynet Screenshot: Gilad Morag

Construction site with Byzantine well – Ynet Screenshot: Gilad Morag

The findings were discovered last week, while excavation work was conducted at a construction site of a real estate project for doctors’ clinics. Continue Reading »