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Gaza electricity to be cut further as Abbas holds back payment to Israel


As part of the ongoing power struggle between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority, Abbas decides to reduce the financial support the PA pays for electricity sent to Gaza, leading the Israel Electric Corporation to cut over a quarter of electricity it provides to Gaza.

By Elior Levy


In two weeks’ time, Israel will cut over a quarter of the electricity it provides the Gaza Strip, the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) announced Thursday.

Every month, Israel provides the Gaza Strip with 125 megawatts of electricity, which costs NIS 40 million on average. Israel takes that sum out of the tax money it collects for the Palestinian Authority.Two Continue Reading »

Pro-Palestinian NGO press Hamas to open Gaza’s only foot crossing into Israel

Arab rights groups remind Hamas that its “Security goals should not come at the expense of human rights.”



Arab NGOs and rights groups on Thursday called on the Hamas regime in Gaza to reopen the only foot crossing into Israel, after the Islamist movement closed it following an assassination.

Before Hamas took control of Gaza, Palestinian workers in Israel wait at the Erez Crossing to return to the Gaza Strip, July 2005. – Wikimedia Commons

The ‘Palestinian NGOs Network,’ a coalition of more than 100 charities and rights groups, demanded the “lifting of restrictions and restrictive measures which violate human rights”, a statement said. Continue Reading »

Khaled Mashal replaced, Ismail Haniyeh ignored after Hamas elections in Gaza


Following elections for the terror organization’s internal leadership, Yahya Sanwar, a renowned radical in Hamas who was released as part of the Shalit deal, will rule the strip replacing Khaled Mashal, despite Ismail Haniyeh having been slated to hold the top position.

By Elior Levi


Yahya Sanwar has been elected to lead Hamas in the Gaza Strip after internal elections were held for the organization’s institutional and leadership positions, according to reports from Al Jazeera.Sanwar was on the most senior officials released by Israel in the Shalit deal in which hundreds of terrorists and political prisoners were released in exchange for the return of captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Continue Reading »

REPORT: 21 Hamas terrorists died in collapses of terror-tunnels in 2016


Hamas reported that 21 members of its Islamic Palestinian militant groups were killed by the collapse of their attack-tunnels in Gaza during 2016.

By Ben Ariel


Hamas said on Sunday that 21 of its members were killed in tunnel collapses in Gaza during 2016, Kol Yisrael radio reported.

According to the terror group, seven of the 21 were killed in a tunnel in eastern Gaza City which collapsed six months ago during work to repair the damage caused to the tunnel by Israel during Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

Hamas terrorists from-the izz ad din al qassam brigades at funeral - photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hamas terrorists from the Izz ad din al Qassam brigades at funeral – Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Hamas has been busily reconstructing its terror tunnel network breaching into Israeli territory and which was targeted by Israel during the 2014 counterterror operation. Continue Reading »

Analysis: How Hamas is dividing up Palestinian land among supporters



The lands that once housed Jewish settlements were supposed to transform the Gaza Strip into the Middle East’s Singapore.

The corrupt Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (R) talks with Hamas’ corrupt leader and fellow multimillionaire, Ismail Haniyeh. – Photo: REUTERS

Instead, all the grandiose and ambitious plans went down the drain when Hamas seized control over the Gaza Strip in 2007. Since then, the entire Gaza Strip has been transformed into a base for various Islamist groups, which have used Gaza to launch terror attacks against Israel and threaten Egypt’s national security.

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Israel Strikes Back: After Multiple Rockets Fired at Israel, Air-Strike Hits Hamas in Gaza

Israeli Air Force successfully strikes a terrorist target belonging to Hamas following Friday’s two separate rocket attacks on Southern Israel.

By Elad Benari, Canada


Israeli Air Force (IAF) aircraft on Friday evening struck a terrorist infrastructure belonging to Hamas in central Gaza, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

Israeli airstrikes in Gaza – Reuters

A direct hit at the target was identified, according to the statement.

The airstrike was in retaliation for Friday afternoon’s rocket attack from Gaza on the Eshkol region in southern Israel, the statement continued, adding that Hamas bears responsibility for any rocket fire from Gaza on Israel. Continue Reading »

Hamas Rocket Engineer Receives 21 Years By Israeli Court

Engineer Dirar Abu Sisi, who headed Hamas’ ‘terrorist military academy’ in Gaza, extended the range of Qassam rockets to kill even more innocent Jewish civilians in Israel.

By Ari Soffer


An Israeli court sentenced a Palestinian engineer from Gaza to 21 years in jail Tuesday for helping the Islamist terrorist movement Hamas to improve the range of rockets used against the Jewish state.

Dirar Abu Sisi went missing in Ukraine in February 2011, and Israel said a month later that he was in its custody and would be put on trial. He was apparently arrested in an operation by Israeli secret service agents.
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Allowed for publication: 2 Israelis held hostage in Gaza by Hamas

An Israeli Bedouin, and earlier, a 29 yr-old mentally ill Israeli apparently crossed the Israel-Gaza border fence on their own volition and were subsequently captured by Hamas.

By Yoav Zitun, Matan Tzuri & Elior Levy


Two Israelis are believed to be held captive in the Gaza Strip, one of them missing for ten months, it was revealed on Thursday morning following the lifting of a gag order.

Avraham Mangisto

Avraham Mangisto. – Family Photo

One of them, Avraham Mangisto, 29 from Ashkelon, has hone missing in the early hours of September 8, 2014, and was seen crossing the border into Gaza out of his own volition. Continue Reading »

UNRWA chief in Gaza: A year after war’s end, the Strip’s reconstruction to begin

The process of rebuilding was delayed when restrictions were imposed by Palestinian Authority to prevent Hamas ‘skimming’, however UNRWA boss in Gaza hopeful construction can begin soon.

By Reuters


Robert Turner has no quick and easy answer when asked to name the worst of times in his three years running the United Nation’s relief effort in Gaza.

Hundreds of truckloads of goods each day enter Gaza – Photo: Yoav Zitun

“The worst day? It will be hard to rank the worst day,” the Canadian diplomat told Reuters as he prepares to leave Gaza, where two-thirds of the 1.8 million people receive some form of aid.

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