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India recruits IDF K-9 life-savers


India begins integrating elite IDF ‘Oketz’ sniffers into their security forces that specialize in search and rescue missions, guard duty, and locating explosive material.



Israeli elite sniffer and attack dogs have been imported to India to add teeth to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s security team, the Indian Telegraph reported.

IDF ‘Oketz’ handler with K-9 – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

A ‘senior’ security official told the paper that 30 “attack dogs, bomb sniffers and chasers,” were brought from Jerusalem during the past year.

He also added that the canines were also “very effective” in combat.

The IDF employs dogs to fill several tasks including bomb sniffing, attack and guarding duties and search and rescue missions. Continue Reading »

Hamas military parade featured a K-9 unit annexed to elite tunnel forces


Although it’s known Hamas had donkeys & dogs that would explode near IDF soldiers, Hamas’ recently revealed canine unit is seen as just bravado, with Israeli experts remaining skeptical.

By Mordechai Sones


In a recent Hamas parade in Gaza, a yet-unseen capability was displayed: attack dogs, apparently styled after the IDF’s Oketz canine unit.

Hamas’ canine unit is a part of the Nohba (“elect”) tunnel unit of the organization, and has been used so far for patrolling the new paved patrol road that runs along the border with Israel – 250 meters running inside PA territory. Other tasks have included distancing Arab protesters confronting Israeli soldiers, throwing stones, and damaging the fence. Continue Reading »

2 IDF soldiers attacked after mistakenly entering Arab village


IDF, Shin Bet & Special Forces swarmed into Palestinian village of Qalandiya in large number in search of 2 soldiers who got separated after firebomb attack, but luckily escaped the mob of rioters & were extracted unharmed.

By Elisha Ben Kimon, Elior Levy, Yoav Zitun


Two non-combat soldiers from the IDF’s Oketz (canine) Unit came under attack after accidentally driving into the Qalandiya refugee camp on Monday night.

Fire in Qalandiya.

Fire in Qalandiya.

Palestinians hurled stones and Molotov cocktails at them, which set the army vehicle on fire. The two soldiers were able to escape the vehicle, but got separated.

IDF, Shin Bet and Special Forces swarmed into the camp in large numbers to search for the two soldiers, surrounding the camp, firing flash bang grenades into the air, with helicopters flying overhead. Continue Reading »

Dutch parliamentarians fail at blocking export of canines to Israel


Stymied by EU regulations, the Dutch government failed in attempts to ban sale of dogs to Israel, claiming the IDF uses them as ‘weapons.’

By Matt Wanderman


The government in the Netherlands attempted to ban the export of dogs to Israel, claiming that the IDF uses them as “weapons,” but was unable to find a legal means to do so.

An injured IDF soldier with his unit K-9, who is allowed to stay with him. – Facebook

EU Observer reports that Minister for Foreign Trade Lilianne Ploumen investigated the possibility through the European Commission and other supervisory organizations.

EU countries can only restrict exports in certain cases, and such cases are typically decided by the EU as a whole. Continue Reading »

Meet the IDF’s ‘Royal Family’

Meet the 5 brothers, all serve as combat soldiers in IDF’s elite units, including the family dog, a decorated explosive-sniffing veteran.

By Yoav Zitun


A family living in a small community in the Arava region of southern Israel could be a definite contender for the title of the IDF’s “royal family”, with five of them serving as combat soldiers in elite units, both in regular service and in the reserves. Another member of the family is Toby, a Belgian Shepherd and former service dog in the Oketz canine unit.

Toby the Belgian Shepherd, another hero in the family – Photo: IDF Spokesman Unit

The five members of the family include Major J.,

Continue Reading »

IDF’s Oketz K9 Unit: Dog Killed in Gaza Blast While Saving Handler’s Life


IDF canine Tamara, took the worst of the impact in explosion of booby-trapped Gaza house

• Tamara‘s handler, Staff Sgt. T., was moderately wounded, and “he’s grieving for her”
• The Paratroopers’ Oketz Unit holds memorial ceremonies for its dogs KIA

By Meytal Yasour Beit-Or


A dog from the IDF’s Oketz K9 unit who was killed last week when a booby-trapped house in Gaza exploded saved her handler’s life.

Tamara and Staff Sgt. T. – IDF

Last Wednesday, Tamara and her handler, Staff Sgt. T. of the Oketz Unit, went into action in Gaza. The pair were inside an explosives-rigged house when it blew up.

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IDF K-9 discovers weapons hidden inside mattress

During special night operation in West Bank, IDF dog succeeds where soldiers fail, runs into bedroom, then reveals hidden arms & munitions.

By Yoav Zitun

The resourcefulness of one IDF’s dogs led to the discovery of a weapon cache: During a military operation conducted Wednesday night in a Palestinian village near Nablus, a soldier in the IDF‘s Oketz Unit discovered – with the aid of her military canine – a firearm and munition concealed in the house of a Palestinian suspected of terrorist activities.

החיילת והכלב. צוות לעניין

IDF dog refused to give up  – Photo Courtesy the IDF

Givati Brigade soldiers, together with the IDF’s Oketz Canine Unit raided the village of Bita Al Fuka, not far from Nablus, early Thursday morning after receiving intelligence information regarding a suspected terrorist. Continue Reading »

IDF dogs now get personal files including serial numbers

IDF opens computer project directed at tracking history of dogs from the Paratrooper’s Oketz Canine Unit.  Performance reports,

medical background & photographs are all included in their personal files.

By Yossi Yehoshua

From now on, it’s not only IDF soldiers who get the full induction day red carpet – so do four legged friends. Over the past few days, all the dogs of the Oketz unit have received a military serial number which the army will use to track their activities.

Oketz members – two and four legged – Photo: IDF

The Ground Forces Computer Services Directorate has implemented a unique computer project focusing on the combat canines. Continue Reading »

IDF on High Alert on its Border with Syria

Israel’s forces are on high alert in the Golan Heights as Rebel forces enter DMZ & begin to take pot-shots into Israel.

By Chana Ya’ar


IDF forces are on high alert in the Golan Heights, carefully scrutinizing the border with Syria, as opposition forces begin to consider a new target: Israel.

Syrian rebels have penetrated the demilitarized zone (DMZ) separating Syria from Israel. The status of the area respected by both Israel and Syria since the end of the Yom Kippur War, though both are technically still at war, is apparently respected no longer.

In a video posted Saturday on the Internet by Syrian opposition forces, the rebels are seen in the Syrian side of the Golan Heights DMZ, firing guns right next to a U.N. Continue Reading »

IDF Paratroopers’ K-9 Unit hounding for new ‘draftees’

Military spokesperson says IDF’s Oketz Unit will be indispensable in case of any upcoming conflict with the Hezbollah

Yoav Zitun


Israel’s defense establishment is closely monitoring the situation on the northern border, as concerns grow over the possibility that Hezbollah may get hold of Syrian President Bashar Assad‘s chemical weapons arsenal; considered the largest in the world.

Ears perked and finger on the trigger – Oketz soldier and his dog define collaboration – Photo Courtesy Israel Defense Forces

But the GOC Northern Command and the Home Front Command are not the only ones gearing for all scenarios: The IDF’s Oketz Canine Unit has been placed on high alert as well, over the IDF’s concerns that should another violent conflict between Israel and Hezbollah ensue, the military’s reconnaissance and rescue dogs would be indispensable. Continue Reading »