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Analysis: The Arabs will never make peace with Israel & Trump can’t make them

UPDATED: The U.S. & EU are no longer able to continue funding the Palestinians, while both are struggling with millions of illegal migrants pouring into their countries.
– President Trump’s ‘Deal of the Century’ will theoretically supply answers/solutions, but will Palestinian leaders break from tradition, and accept Statehood?

By Phillip Pasmanick


The only way to change what has been going on for the past few decades, is get statehood for the Arabs; design a workable infrastructure of services & production, and have a viable economy stimulated by taxes and an efficient government.  But, a number of existing dynamics are currently in play (and well oiled), that are in direct contradiction to such a hearty goal. Continue Reading »

UPDATED: Why A Two-State Solution Will Never Happen

There are three major reasons why a two-State Solution has never materialized, in spite of previous attempts by several Israeli prime ministers & American presidents. They are Religion, Politics, and of course, the exorbitant personal financial gains to the leaders themselves, proving the need to change the Palestinian leadership, and their national agenda of funding violence to perpetuate the status quo.

By Phillip Pasmanick


The political reasons:

Every attempt to secure an agreement of peace has been refused by Arab leadership.

    • Peace would/should mean the Arab’s end to ‘war/conflict’ with Israel and the Jews. – But that thought is seen as intolerable, unacceptable, even as a total betrayal of beliefs among radical Islamists in the Palestinian Authority.
Continue Reading »

World leaders support Palestinian police-state despite arbitrary arrests, torture

VIDEO REPORT: Except Trump, world leaders support and defend the kleptocratic Palestinian heads, finance the corrupt and brutal police-state governments in both Gaza and the West Bank, and remain silent as hundreds of arbitrary arrests and torture are regularly used to crush dissent.

By Human Rights Watch, agencies, Israel and Stuff


A 2 year investigation by Human Rights Watch into patterns of arrest & improper detention conditions of 86 cases in the West Bank and Gaza, show that the Palestinian governments in both of the authorities routinely arrest those whose peaceful speech offends them and torture those in their custody. Continue Reading »

An anthology of reasons why the Arabs detest the Palestinians

The Arab world has never facilitated a move for Palestinian statehood since they’ve long known the Palestinians don’t really want it, not just the kleptocratic leaders and Parliamentarians, that skim for a living, but also the refugees that pay fewer taxes, receive free food staples, free health & education.
– So why kill the “refugee” goose that lays the golden eggs?

By Dr. Mordechai Kedar


In Israel, and in much of the Western world, we tend to think that the Arab world is united in support of the Palestinians, that it wants nothing so much as to solve the Palestinian problem by giving them a state, and that all the Arabs and Muslims love the Palestinians and hate Israel. Continue Reading »

West Bank Arabs see Abbas’ 50 new police jeeps from U.S. as ‘Hypocrisy’

Outraged Palestinian admits general feelings among West Bank population, “We don’t trust them [PA leadership] anymore. Their stated positions are different from their real ones…even Hamas, I don’t trust them; they are all corrupt.”



Angry Palestinians have accused their own government of “hypocrisy” over a new batch of American-made jeeps recently delivered to the Palestinian Authority’s Police Department in Ramallah.

The jeeps came from the United States Consulate in Jerusalem despite the diplomatic boycott that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas imposed on American officials. The PA has been protesting the American move to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital since last December—a move many Palestinians regard as “unfair” toward their cause. Continue Reading »

The Arab world speaks out on Palestinian violence and rejectionism

Arab leaders and media are openly exposing the painful truths about the exploitation & oppression of the Palestinian people by their own leaders, both in Fatah and Hamas, as they also totally disregard the slaughter of Palestinians in Syria while praising Assad.

By Barry Shaw


I read an amazing news item bearing the headline ‘Hamas Double Standard on Syria.’

This piece of journalism reported on the Palestinian community suffering massive destruction with over ten thousand displaced and many hundreds killed in artillery bombing and aerial bombardments.

The journalist, Kheir Allah, called it “one of the biggest tragedies in Palestinian history, one that calls for widespread condemnation and denunciation.” Continue Reading »

UN agency places blame on Israel for failed Palestinian economy

Based on “speculation and a non-scientific ‘what-if’ logic,” the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development published a report that blames Israeli military rule on the failed Palestinian economy, ignoring rampant corruption throughout the PA & Hamas governments, inept leadership, misappropriation of humanitarian aid for terror-tunnel construction, and laws deterring cooperation with Israelis.



A United Nations agency accused Israel on Wednesday of impeding Palestinian economic development amid a half-century of military rule over the West Bank and a decade-long joint Egyptian blockade of Gaza.

The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development published a report that tries to estimate the cost of Israeli military rule on Palestinian industries such as agriculture, fisheries, quarry mining, tourism and manufacturing. Continue Reading »

UNRWA asks US to reconsider decision after Conference seeking donations flop

At failed emergency donors’ meeting in Rome to replenish the $364m. the U.S. is holding back due to Palestinian entrenchment in refusing to negotiate a peace deal with Israel, it was announced that services to Palestinian refugees may halt this summer since 70 yr-old refugee problem lacks it’s annual budget of $1.2 Billion.



UNRWA called on the United States to help avert a summer shutdown after pledges at a donors’ meeting in Rome on Thursday for humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees fell short.

Some $100 million in pledges for 2018 were received from the dozens of countries that gathered for the morning conference to help fix a $446m. Continue Reading »

Palestinians at 5 Star Hotel, $14,250 bill, with $900 “miscellaneous charges”

Luxury living for Palestinian leadership in the midst of a decade long humanitarian crisis is an old story, but racking up a $14,250.20 hotel bill, with $140.09 breakfast in bed, or a late-night room service snack costing $91.31, while cursing Trump for ‘starving the Palestinian children’ is the real, cynical face of their self-appointed kleptocratic representatives.



With the US announcing cuts in aid money to the Palestinians, one might think the Palestinian Authority would try to cut expenses, but an invoice from a hotel stay by top Palestinian officials this month indicates the exact opposite.

The document, obtained by The Jerusalem Post, shows that PA Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki and General Intelligence Service chief Majed Faraj, as well as two lower-level officials, stayed at the five-star Four Seasons Hotel in Baltimore, racking up a $14,250.20 bill, including room service and minibar purchases such as $42 on champagne, and a $4 Snickers bar. Continue Reading »

Quō vādis, Palestinians; envious of your brethren in Chile yet?

Op-Ed: Chile has the largest Palestinian Arab community outside the Middle East – 500,000 out of nearly 18 million – where they have prospered & successfully integrated into all avenues of society, yet 2.5 million of their mid-east brethren, destined to be manipulated, exploited and punished to yet another generation of indoctrination,  suffer as puppets to their kleptocratic leaders, who perpetuate the status quo for their personal self-enrichment and that of their families.

By Ron Jontof-Hutter


Palestinian Arabs are constantly urged by their leaders to engage in rage. Indeed, Abbas walked out of the UNSC meeting, not bothering to hear Ambassador Haley’s speech. Continue Reading »

Hamas Sentences Female Journalist in Absentia for Exposing Common Corruption in Gaza & PA

Hajer Harb, a female Palestinian journalist who is currently receiving medical treatment in Jordan for cancer, was found guilty and sentenced in absentia by a Hamas court for exposing a corrupt health care system in Gaza and under Abbas’ PA, where patients are extorted if they seek better treatment.


A Palestinian journalist who exposed corruption in the Gaza Strip was prosecuted by Hamas, the terrorist group that governs the enclave, veteran Palestinian affairs correspondent Khaled Abu Toameh reported Monday.

Palestinian journalist, Hajer Harb reporting from a Hamas training center in Gaza. – Screenshot: Hager Press/YouTube

In June 2016, Hajer Harb reported that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority extorted Palestinians seeking medical care in Israel, Europe and elsewhere in the Arab world. Continue Reading »

After failed reconciliation attempts with Hamas, Abbas turns off electricity to Gaza


Hamas, who refuses to purchase fuel for Gaza’s local power-station, receives electricity from Israel that Abbas pays at least $11 million a month for, which Hamas then profits from after selling it to the Gazans.
• Aide to Mahmoud Abbas says next step will be to limit the free medical aid that Hamas receives for Gaza residents, but is ‘selling the medicine and pocketing the profits.’

By The Associated Press & Israel Hayom Staff


Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will stop paying for electricity in the power-starved Gaza Strip and “dry up” the flow of funds to the territory’s Hamas rulers, a senior official said Wednesday. Continue Reading »

REPORT: Over a million Palestinian Authority Arabs plan to emigrate – mostly to the U.S.


Arab media reports over 20,000 Arabs leave Palestinian controlled areas each year since most of the int’l aid given to Gaza & Abbas’ PA goes into financing (Hamas) rockets & terror tunnels, paying (Fatah) terrorists & their families salaries, and turning the Palestinian leaders (PLO, Hamas, Fatah) into billion/millionaires, leaving little to improve the lives of the Palestinians.

By Chana Roberts


More Arabs are leaving Judea and Samaria every year reported an Arab48 journalist, referring to Areas A and B, under Palestinian Authority control.

“A guy named Ahmad told me there were 44 kids in his high school class, all of them from Kfar Ramon. Continue Reading »

Israeli Envoy: History proves Palestinians don’t want a state, leaders exploit conflict for money


Ambassador Danon tell the UN very clearly: Palestinian leadership’s real goal is to maintain the conflict, exist as a corrupt entity, living off the financial goodwill of the int’l community.

By Elad Benari


Israel’s Ambassador to the UN, Danny Danon, on Tuesday addressed the UN General Assembly as the UN marked “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”, which takes place annually on November 29, the day in which the UN in 1947 approved the Partition Plan, which recommended the partition of then-Palestine into a Jewish state and an Arab state.

During “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People”, the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) delegation to the UN initiates a special session which it uses as an annual occasion to pass a number of anti-Israel resolutions. Continue Reading »

Canada restores aid to UNRWA with $25 million pledge


Canadian funding to UNRWA had been stopped under former PM Stephen Harper’s Conservative gov’t in 2010, after examples of how the corrupted UN agency was linked to Gaza-based Hamas, deemed a terrorist group by Canada.

By i24news


Canada will provide $25 million in aid to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for Palestinian refugees, it was announced Wednesday, restoring government support for the agency that had been frozen over alleged ties to the Islamist militant group Hamas.

UNRWA aid reaches Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria. - Photo courtesy UNRWA.ORG

UNRWA aid reaches Yarmouk refugee camp in Syria. – Photo courtesy UNRWA.ORG

International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal Liberal government was granting the agency $20 million to support education, health, social services and immediate humaitarian assistance for millions of Palestinians, and an additional $5 million in response an appeal for assistance for those refugees impacted by the crisis in Syria. Continue Reading »