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Israel Port Authority Discover 450 Liters of Rocket Fuel Component on Way to Gaza




A Palestinian truck was discovered smuggling hundreds of liters of the banned substance TDI, with the intention of transporting the goods to the Gaza Strip, the Defense Ministry revealed on Monday.


TDI – Wikipedia

The truck, which was crossing from Judea into Green Line Israel through the Tarkumiya crossing, was registered as carrying a delivery of “soybean oil.” The vehicle aroused the suspicion of inspectors from the Defense Ministry’s Crossings Authority, and a preliminary chemical test on the oil containers discovered an unidentified substance. Continue Reading »

Hamas Exploits Egypt’s Opening Border to Smuggle Cement For Rebuilding Tunnels

Egypt’s opening of Rafah border crossing allows Gaza’s Islamist gov’t to smuggle in some 4,000 tons of cement a day to rebuild terror-tunnels.

By Yossi Yehoshua


The Egyptian authorities decided on Tuesday the keep the Rafah border crossing between Gaza and Sinai open until Friday, allowing Hamas to smuggle thousands of tons of cement into the Strip, which could be used for the reconstruction of terror tunnels. 

Terror tunnels being rebuilt


Egypt has only recently started opening the Rafah border crossing again after closing it during Operation Protective Edge last summer.

At first, the terminal was to be opened for three days from Saturday in what was considered a rare occurrence, but Egypt has since extended its opening time by two days until Wednesday and now in two additional days until Friday. Continue Reading »

Attempted smuggling of advanced night optics into Gaza thwarted by Israel security

Israeli security forces find unauthorized sophisticated optic devices, including remote controlled security cameras & infrared cameras hidden within an ordinary electronics shipment entering Gaza
•100 such smuggling attempts into Gaza have been thwarted by authorities this year.

By Shlomi Diaz


For the second time in as many weeks, Israeli security forces on Monday thwarted an attempt to smuggle unauthorized equipment — including advanced communication gadgets — into the Gaza Strip via the Kerem Shalom crossing. The prohibited items were suspected to be en route to terrorist groups within the Gaza Strip.

The prohibited equipment found at the Kerem Shalom crossing – Photo: The Defense Ministry’s border authorities

The equipment, which included infrared cameras, radio communication devices and advanced remote controlled security cameras, was hidden within an electronics shipment in an Israeli truck destined for Gaza. Continue Reading »

Gag order lifted: 3 Israelis arrested for smuggling materials into Gaza for Hamas

Cleared for publication: Three Israelis indicted for smuggling materials into Gaza, in return for huge financial gains, thereby assisting Hamas rehabilitate and rebuild tunnels & destroyed infrastructure.

By Ilana Curiel & Yoav Zitun


Three Israelis were charged Monday with smuggling goods into the Gaza Strip, including materials used by Hamas to rehabilitate its tunnel operation in the wake of Operation Protective Edge last summer. During questioning, the three claimed that they had been trying to make a living.

The materials transferred by the three, one a resident of the Gaza border area, included iron, electronic equipment and other prohibited items. Continue Reading »

A Week After Tel Aviv Stabbing, Jews Still Smuggling PA Arabs Into Israel

Violent illegal Arabs have committed horrendous high profile terror attacks – and now a Jew from an ultra-religious Tel Aviv suburb was caught trying to smuggle 3 ‘potential terrorists’ in his car trunk.

By Ari Yashar


There have been two high-profile stabbings in Tel Aviv in recent months committed by Arab residents of Judea and Samaria who illegally crossed the 1949 Armistice line – and yet a Jewish resident of a haredi suburb of the city on Tuesday was arrested bringing Arab illegals into the Tel Aviv area in his car trunk.

A 32 year-old Jewish resident of Bnei Brak, a haredi suburb of Tel Aviv, was arrested on Tuesday evening at a security point in Samaria on Highway 5.
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Israel’s Navy intercepts weapons-building contraband bound for Gaza


Since the end of the operation in Gaza, Israeli Naval units have intercepted multiple attempts to smuggle contraband to Hamas.



The Israel Navy has intercepted multiple attempts to smuggle weapons manufacturing material into Gaza since the end of the war in August, a senior navy commander told The Jerusalem Post on Thursday.

Israeli Navy - Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israeli Navy – Photo courtesy IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

Cmdr. Eli Soholitski has commanded the navy’s Squadron 916 for two years. Squadron 916, the navy’s largest formation, is responsible for defending the whole sector from Ashdod to the Gaza Strip, and was involved heavily in the 50-day conflict with Hamas and Islamic Jihad last summer. Continue Reading »

Fatah SIM Smuggling Ring Busted in Israeli Prison

Convicted & incarcerated terrorist offered prison guard 20,000 shekels to allow Israeli-Arab smuggle SIM cards into the Ramon prison.

By Gil Ronen, Yoni Kempinski


A sting operation by an undercover prison guard at the Ramon Prison in the Negev has resulted in the arrest of an Israeli Arab on suspicion of helping terrorist prisoners smuggle SIM cards into the jail. The cards were to be used by the terrorist prisoners for communicating with the outside world.

SIM cards seized.

SIM cards seized. – Photo courtesy: IPS Spokesman

In the course of the last few months, the guard worked undercover for the Israel Prisons Service’s Dror unit, in cooperation with the Israel Police Northern District’s Central Unit, which has been tasked with fighting the phenomenon of cellphone smuggling by terror prisoners. Continue Reading »

Hamas & Hezbollah run NY smuggling ring evading $80 million in taxes

The New York state Attorney General’s Report: NYPD bust cigarette-smuggling ring funneling $Millions to terrorist groups.



New York law enforcement late Wednesday busted a smuggling ring, consisting of suspected members of Hamas and Hezbollah, that has been funneling millions of dollars of funds to terrorist organizations from the sale of tax-free cigarettes, the New York Daily News reported citing local law enforcement officials.

Woman smokes a cigarette

Woman smokes a cigarette – Photo: Daniel Munoz/Reuters

According to the report, The New York state attorney general and the New York Police Department (NYPD) arrested 16 members of the group.

The ring had infiltrated the market with the sales of over one million cartons of tax-free cigarettes smuggled from Southern states, where they were bought at cheaper prices, legal authorities were reported as saying .

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Egyptian flooding of Hamas’ smuggling tunnels adds to unemployment

Egypt’s policy to shut down the smuggling tunnels to Gaza will mean unemployment for 10,000 Palestinians.

By Reuters


Egypt‘s campaign to shut down smuggling tunnels running under its border into the Gaza Strip threatens to throw thousands of Palestinians out of work in the Hamas-run enclave.

Gaza Egypt smuggling tunnel

Palestinian waits for a cart containing gravel inside a smuggling tunnel beneath the Egyptian-Gaza border in November 2012. – Photo by Reuters

The network of tunnels has been a vital lifeline for Gaza, bringing in an estimated 30 percent of all goods that reach the enclave and circumventing a blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt for more than seven years. Continue Reading »

Negotiations in Egypt begin hammering out cease-fire details with Israel & Hamas

US links end to munitions smuggling to easing security restrictions on Gaza

Washington’s unequivocal support of Israel’s right to self defense is key element in making cease-fire possible.




Washington understands well that Israel’s restrictions on the Gaza Strip are related to arms smuggling, and that a total relaxation of the restrictions would necessitate assurances that arms stop pouring into the enclave, a senior US official said Monday.

IDF vehicle patrols along Gaza border fence  - Photo: REUTERS

IDF vehicle patrols along Gaza border fence – Photo: REUTERS


The official’s comments came as Egyptian mediators began separate talks Monday with Hamas and Israel to flesh out details of last Wednesday’s cease-fire.

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More Missiles for Hamas are on their way as Iran Loads Ship

Iran is dispatching a ship loaded up with more missiles for Hamas in Gaza.

Israel says they will destroy any attempt to smuggle weapons into Gaza.

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


Iran has loaded a ship with new missiles to replace those destroyed by Israel in Operation Pillar of Defense, the London Sunday Times reported.

IAF photo of Fajr site

IAF photo of Fajr site
IDF Spokesman’s Unit

The missile-laden ship was reportedly spotted by Israeli satellites. The report comes one day after de facto Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh claimed that the ceasefire agreement hammered out last week does not prohibit Hamas from manufacturing new weapons and the smuggling of others, which he said Hamas needs for “defense.” Continue Reading »

Egypt intercepts 108 explosive warheads from Libya via Sinai & onto Gaza

Egyptian security officials confiscated trucks carrying a variety of small-arms ammunition and 108 explosive warheads for Soviet-designed Grad rockets, that were smuggled from Libya.

By the Associated Press and Israel Hayom Staff


Egyptian security officials said Wednesday that authorities have confiscated trucks carrying explosive warheads and a variety of small-arms ammunition smuggled from Libya.

Grad rockets are fired at Israel by Palestinian and Sinai-based terrorist groups. [Illustrative] – Photo: Reuters

They said authorities seized the pickup trucks, carrying some 108 warheads for Soviet-designed Grad rockets, near Marsa Matruh, 430 kilometers (270 miles) northwest of Cairo on the Mediterranean coast.

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IDF boards ship allegedly smuggling arms to Gaza

Israel Navy vessels intercept ‘HS Beethoven’, detected about 160 miles from Israel flying a Liberian flag.


Commandos from the navy’s Flotilla 13 unit boarded a cargo ship, the HS Beethoven, in the Mediterranean Sea on Sunday night on suspicion it was trying to smuggle weapons to the Gaza Strip.

illustrative photo - Photo: Andreas Manolis / Reuters

illustrative photo - Photo: Andreas Manolis / Reuters

The ship, which was flying a Liberian flag, was intercepted by Israel Navy vessels approximately 260 km. from Israel’s coast. Commandos boarded the ship with the captain’s consent and began searching cargo containers for arms.

IDF officers said that searches aboard the ship could continue until the morning. Continue Reading »