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Arab Stabs IDF Soldier in Tel Aviv Terrorist Attack

Unnamed soldier with multiple stab wounds was evacuated to Sheba Medical Center in critical condition. Israel police capture assailant, 18 yr-old Arab male from Nablus.


An Israel Defense Forces soldier was stabbed near a train station in the city of Tel Aviv on Monday in what police say was a terror attack.

Magen David Adom paramedics evacuate the victim of a stabbing at Haganah train station, Tel Aviv, No

Magen David Adom paramedics evacuate the victim of a stabbing at Haganah train station, Tel Aviv, Nov. 10, 2014. – Photo: Magen David Adom

Emergency rescue services treated him at the site before evacuating him to Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer, in critical condition. According to Magen David Adom spokesman Zaki Heller, the soldier, aged about 20, was found with a number of stab wounds. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv makes list of world’s top culinary cities as “Outstanding”


Tel Aviv is home to over 4,500 eating establishments & 3 vibrant open fresh-food markets that food purveyors are proud of, & tour guides flock to with their groups.

By Yehuda Shlezinger


Tel Aviv-Jaffa, the cultural capital of Israel, has now been declared an international culinary capital in Saveur Magazine’s annual rankings of the best food destinations around the world.

Denizens of Tel Aviv were unsurprised to hear their city’s food lauded, but some think there is still room for improvement [Illustrative] – Phoot: Yehoshua Yosef

The prestigious American food and lifestyle magazine rated Tel Aviv “Outstanding” along with Florence, Italy and Lyon, France in the category of Best Culinary Destination, Small International, which refers to cities with a population of under 800,000.

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Tel Aviv Cocktail Bar voted Best Bar in Africa & Middle East

Israel’s Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar in Tel Aviv was voted the Best Bar in Africa & The Middle East at the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards.


Ever wondered where in the Mideast you should go for the perfect Manhattan or the dirtiest Dirty Martini? It turns out that the region’s best bar is hidden away in a small, unassuming hotel in Tel Aviv.

Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar.

Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar. – Photo: Courtesy

On Thursday, the Imperial Craft Cocktail Bar in the Imperial Hotel on the city’s Hayarkon Street, was voted the Best Bar in Africa and The Middle East at the World’s 50 Best Bar Awards. Continue Reading »

Lady Gaga’s spectacular sci-fi artRAVE concert exhilarates Tel Aviv


Gaga displayed her pure manic energy with her strong voice, 20 songs & 7 outfit changes, and along with the dozen dancers, it was more than a ball, it was an extravaganza.



If Lady Gaga lives for “Applause,” as she sings, then she got one hell of a life force coming from the crowd in Tel Aviv Saturday night – and the pop star certainly reciprocated.

Lady Gaga with Tony Bennett Israel Concert, 13 Sept 2014, ArtRAVE Live – YouTube Screenshot


An adrenaline shot laced with Gaga’s brand of insanity and sex appeal was exactly what Israel’s “non-stop city” needed, in the first major concert by an international act after a summer in which rockets from Gaza forced it to take a couple of naps and cancel performances by acts like Neil Young, the Backstreet Boys, and Lana del Rey. Continue Reading »

Despite prior cancellations, Lady Gaga will perform in Tel Aviv as planned

Announcement of Lady Gaga to perform on September 13, comes after a number of artists canceled shows due to IDF’s Operation Protective Edge.


Lady Gaga will appear in Israel as scheduled, on September 13, one of the producers of her show affirmed on Sunday.

Lady Gaga.

Lady Gaga affirms that she’ll be appearing for the second time in Israel, in a Tel Aviv show on September 13, 2014. – Photo: AP

The announcement comes as a number of artists have canceled or postponed their shows because of the rocket attacks that accompanied Israel’s conflict with Hamas in Gaza.

Tickets for Lady Gaga’s show, set for Tel Aviv’s Hayarkon Park, went on sale in June.

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Tel Aviv Municipality drafts legislation to allow groceries open on Shabbat


City Municipality proposes handing out 2-year permits to businesses that ask to be open on Shabbat. Tel Aviv Deputy Mayor Assaf Zamir says, “We will not stop until we know we exhausted all possible avenues to preserve the city’s character as an open, liberal city.”

By Yehuda Shlezinger and Yori Yalon


The Tel Aviv Municipality has introduced a new proposal to allow grocers and supermarkets in Tel Aviv to remain open on Shabbat, after their original bylaw was rejected by Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar in June.

A supermarket in Tel Aviv – Photo: Gideon Marcowicz

“The proposal is part of city’s fundamental stance on preserving the character of Shabbat in the city, providing necessary services to residents as had been done for years.

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Tel Aviv Municipality orders city’s supermarkets closed on Shabbat


Mini-markets & Supermarkets have received official written notices from Tev Aviv’s municipality warning them to remain closed on Saturday or risk fines & possible permanent closure.

Larger chains say they plan to stay open, business as usual.

By Yehuda Shlezinger, Gideon Allon & Hili Yacobi


Chances are, the incoming Shabbat on Friday night will be one Tel Aviv’s supermarket owners will never forget.

A store of the AM:PM chain in Tel Aviv. – Photo: Yehoshua Yosef

The Tel Aviv municipality distributed a advance notice on Wednesday to hundreds of small stores, kiosks, minimarkets and larger chain stores such as AM:PM, Tiv Taam and Super Yuda, warning them not to open their doors this coming Saturday.

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Tel Aviv holds its annual all-night culture & entertainment event ‘White Night 2014’


Tel Aviv annual all-night arts & culture festival includes live music, street theater & a yoga session by the Mediterranean at dawn.

By Ynet


Tel Aviv is on Thursday night holding its annual all-night culture and entertainment event, running from the early evening hours to the break of dawn. Most of the events are free of charge or at a discount price. On the menu: music concerts, parties, art exhibitions, multimedia theatre, dance performances, fashion, shopping and more.

Tel Aviv White Night 2014 (Photro: Shutterstock)

Tel Aviv White Night 2014 – Photro: Shutterstock

The events are taking place across the city, including various activities at the Jaffa flea market, Jaffa port, Hatikva market, Rabin Square, Sarona, the old Ottoman railway station (HaTachana) and many more locations. Continue Reading »

Guinness world record made in Tel Aviv for largest Shabbat dinner

Israel: 2,226 people were counted by Guinness, participated at Hangar 11, at the Tel Aviv Port, to set newest world record for largest Shabbat dinner ever.



Girls in miniskirts and high heels; rabbis in black hats and white Shirts; the revelry of the Gay Pride parade in the background – this is Friday night in Tel Aviv and a Shabbat for the record books.

shabbat dinner

Tel Aviv hosts shabbat dinner, June 13 Photo: LAURA KELLY

Exactly 2,226 people gathered at Hangar 11 at the Tel Aviv Port to participate in the record making largest Shabbat meal ever, organized by White City Shabbat, the Tel Aviv-based NGO that organizes public shabbat meals once a month at the Goren Synagogue on Modigliani Street, as well as other events geared toward the English-speaking and olim community that include holiday learning classes, chalah baking classes, and religious lectures. Continue Reading »

The Tel Aviv real estate market remains strong

Southern Tel Aviv & Jaffa are still the places for investors, with peripheral neighborhoods like Kiryat Shalom, Kfar Shalem & Neve Sharett heating up.



The big new trend TheMarker identified a year ago in the Tel Aviv real estate market was a shift to the south, and this year that trend is expected to continue. Over the past year, many new apartment buildings aimed at investors were built, mostly in the south Tel Aviv Florentin neighborhood, for young renters and others who have been priced out of rentals in central and northern areas of the city.

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A high-flying selfie too good to censor

Israel Air Force posts photo of one of its pilots flying over Tel Aviv on its Facebook page without customarily censoring his face.


The Israeli military is normally very strict about protecting the identities of their pilots, but one flier’s selfie seems to have proved too impressive not to share on social media.

The selfie that  is now the Israel Air Force Facebook page's cover picture. - Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

The selfie that is now the Israel Air Force Facebook page’s cover picture. – Photo courtesy: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The picture of the aerobatic team pilot powering over Tel Aviv’s Rabin Square appeared on Sunday on the Israeli Air Force’s official Facebook page bearing the hashtag #selfie. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv mayor facilitates grocery stores opening on Shabbat


‘We cannot turn this issue into a religious war… We are all Jews, and Judaism has many faces.’ said Mayor Ron Huldai, who was slammed by a religious councilmen, who called the move ‘a black day for Jews’ while bursting into tears.

By Gilad Morag


A limited number of grocery stores and kiosks would be allowed to operate in Tel Aviv on Saturday and holidays, the city’s municipality approved Monday.

Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai – Photo: Dan Keinan

The decision, an amendment to the municipal by-law, still depends on the approval of the Interior Ministry. If passed, it would allow any grocery store that meets the criteria to request permission to open on Saturday. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv Hosts ‘Largest Shabbat Dinner’ Attempt for New Guinness World Record

In an attempt to inspire world Jewry to connect to Shabbat in Israel’s largest city, a non-profit aims to host world record setting meal in Tel Aviv on June13th.

By Tova Dvorin


White City Shabbat, a non-profit organization dedicated to building Jewish life in Tel Aviv, has announced Monday that it will attempt to set the Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Shabbat Dinner.

The dinner, which is scheduled for June 13, 2014, will be held at the Tel Aviv Port. The organization aims to host 1,000 people at the dinner, including Israelis, new immigrants, and public figures.

The guest list will reportedly include Mayor Ron Huldai, former Chief Rabbi of Israel Rav Yisrael Meir Lau, and Deputy Minister of Religious Affairs, Rabbi Eli Ben-Dahan. Continue Reading »

Tel Aviv Marathon won in record time by Kenyan runner

Top 3 runners all Kenyans with winner, Ezekiel Koech, 28, finishing in 2:14:40.

Despite excellent weather, 85 of 40,000 participants required medical assistance during race.



Kenyan runner Ezekiel Koech, 28, won the Tel Aviv Marathon on Friday, finishing the race with a record-breaking time of 2:14:40.

Ezekiel Koech

Ezekiel Koech, far right, won the Tel Aviv Marathon Friday, February 28, 2014.- Photo: Hadar Cohen

The second- and third-place finishers at the 42-kilometer (26.2-mile) race were also Kenyans who came to Israel especially for the marathon.

Despite the comfortable weather Friday, 85 runners required medical treatment during the race.

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The 1st marathon runner was Jewish…not Greek

In honor of Friday’s Tel Aviv Marathon, we note that a run described in the bible predates the Greek myth on which modern marathons are based.

Plus: A note from Jewish Runner Hall of Fame.


Tomorrow, Friday morning, thousands of runners will be taking to the streets. Yes, it’s the Tel Aviv Marathon, and the perfect time to debunk some myths about Jews and sports, specifically – running.

Pheidippides (Wikimedia)

Pheidippides delivering the message of victory after the Battle of Marathon, Luc-Olivier Merson, 1869.- Photo: Wikimedia

The first modern marathon was at the first latter-day Olympics, held in Athens in 1896.

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