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Survey: 40% of British Jews considering emigration over rampant anti-Semitism

A poll conducted by the U.K.’s Campaign against Anti-Semitism finds 90% of the British Jewish community believe Labour Party is inherently anti-Semitic.
• European Jewish ‎Association ‎appeals to EU political parties to classify ‎BDS movements as anti-Semitic‎.

By Dan Lavie


A new survey has found that British Jews are growing ‎increasingly concerned over anti-Semitism in the ‎country. ‎

According to data presented by Gideon Falter, ‎chairman of the Campaign against Anti-Semitism NGO, ‎‎90% of British Jews believe the Labour Party is ‎anti-Semitic and 40% are considering leaving the U.K. ‎over the rise in anti-Semitism.‎

Jeremy Corbyn seen here leading a pro-Gaza/Hamas demonstration in the summer of 2014 also later attended a ceremony at the grave of a terrorist behind the Munich Olympics massacre.- Photo: Social Media screenshot

Falter presented the data Tuesday at a European Jewish ‎Association conference in Brussels, during a session ‎on the challenges facing British Jews. Continue Reading »

Today’s role of “Black Propaganda” and the Holocaust

Europe’s rise in anti-Semitism stems from an acute indifference to the horrors of the Holocaust, that stems from the lack of a proper education, the ongoing ‘black propaganda’ and disinformation still being waged against the Jews, vis-à-vis Israel.



The Shoah was one of the gravest tragedies in history, yet many countries were apathetic and indifferent at the time. It took quite a while for the United States to take action. The United Kingdom was aware of what was happening, nevertheless, it initially followed a policy that emboldened Hitler. Today, even though in Western countries the Holocaust has acquired its status and is affirmed in the legislation of many, things are quite different in the Muslim world. Continue Reading »

Greek Jews Condemn Local Bishop’s Anti-Semitic Rant


Greek Orthodox Bishop spreads more hate filled yarn of Jewish world domination in another of his anti-Semitic tirades, this time after being withdrawn by his Church from a Jerusalem visit.

By European Jewish Congress


A Greek Orthodox bishop has been sharply criticized by the local Jewish community after he made a series of antisemitic remarks following the Church’s refusal to send him as its representative to the Easter Festival of the Holy Fire at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem.

Following  the Synad’s decision to replace Bishop Seraphim, the Metropolitan of Piraeus with Metropolitan Athinagoras of Ilion, Seraphim accused Israel of preventing his visit and interfering in an internal Church matter. Continue Reading »

As More Jews Are Attacked Daily In Europe, Aliyah Keeps Breaking Records


The increase of anti-Semitic attacks throughout western Europe has Jews so worried for the personal safety of their families, the Jewish Agency figures 8,000 new immigrants have come from France in the past year, as a result.

By Shoshana Miskin


The Jewish Agency revealed on Thursday that the number of Jews who made Aliyah to Israel from Western Europe has reached an all-time high.

Jewish new immigrants from France are welcomed upon their arrival at Ben Gurion Int’l Airport on December 8, 2015 – Photo: AFP/Jack Guez

According to the figures, 9,880 Western European Jews immigrated to Israel in 2015 – the highest number ever recorded. Continue Reading »

Survey: European Jews Afraid to be Recognized as Jewish


Record breaking number of anti-Semitic inspired acts of violence has manifested into overt fright with over 85% of European Jewry not attending Rosh Hashana services this year, for fear of possible anti-Semitic repercussions.

By Haim Lev


An alarming majority of Jews living in Europe today are afraid to reveal their Jewishness, a survey carried out by the Rabbinical Centre of Europe(RCE) published on Tuesday found.

The data indicates a severe erosion in the sense of security felt by European Jews.

French soldiers guard a Jewish institution in western Paris. – Photo: Reuters

The survey found that over 85% of Jews in Europe do not bring their children to synagogue on Rosh Hashana to hear the shofar, out of fear of anti-Semitism. Continue Reading »

Belgian Police Investigate EU Official After Directing Anti-Semitic Diatribe At Coworker 



A European Union official is the subject of a probe by  Belgian police after he allegedly physically and verbally attacked a co-worker, calling her a “dirty Jewess,” during an anti-Semitic diatribe. The Belgian League against anti-Semitism (LBCA) said Thursday that it had filed a complaint against 45-year-old Maltese official Stefan Grech, who is president of an EU labor union called Generation 2004, after the 50-year-old Italian complainant reached out to the organization, providing it with copies of the complaint she filed, as well as testimony from a friend and witness. Continue Reading »

Intelligence report: 1250 Hezbollah operatives & Hamas members in Germany

German agency reports: Radical Islamists are the ‘greatest danger for the country.’ 



The number of Islamists in Germany increased to 43,890 in 2014 from 43,190 in 2013, according to a report released on Tuesday by the country’s domestic intelligence agency.

Lebanese Hezbollah supporters gesture with their Nazi salute as they march during a religious procession to mark Ashura in Beirut’s suburbs. – Photo: REUTERS

Radical Islamists are “the greatest danger to Germany,” said Hans-Georg Maassen, the president of the agency, the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV). “Germany is on the spectrum of goals for Islamic terrorists,” he added. Continue Reading »

Foreign Ministry caucus seeks to eliminate anti-Semitic websites

With current laws on hate speech not being enforced, Israeli task-force of experts begin working to stop the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe by having Google remove search results that lead users to anti-Semitic, Holocaust denial websites.

By Shlomo Cesana


A special forum of some 1,000 experts put together by the Foreign Ministry has decided to act to combat the spread of anti-Semitism in Europe, including online.

Expert Says European Anti-Semitism at Worst Levels Since Holocaust

With Jews attacked and murdered in Europe with increasing frequency, ADL president Abraham Foxman warns anti-Semitic occurrences hitting levels the worst since the 1930s.

By Ari Soffer


Anti-Semitism has reached “critical mass” in Europe, and stands at its worst levels globally since the 1930s, a senior anti-hate campaigner has warned.

Critical mass: French soldiers guard a Jewish institution in western Paris. – Reuters

Speaking to Arutz Sheva at the 5th Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism on Wednesday, ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said that although anti-Semitism was not yet at the same levels as it was immediately prior to the holocaust, Jews are certainly being subjected to the worst levels of hatred since then. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Rap Video Tells Jews to Save Themselves, Leave Europe

Unlike the days of their parents & grandparents, European Jews now have Israel as a safe-haven, but they must open their eyes to see the storm that’s coming.

By Israel Today Staff


There’s no question that anti-Semitism in Europe is on the rise, and in a big way. And there are no shortage of those warning that today’s anti-Semitism is comparable to the atmosphere in the run-up to the Nazi Holocaust.

YouTube screenshot

Will the Jews of Europe heed the warning signs? Unlike their grandparents and great-grandparents, Jews today have a homeland to which to escape, a safe haven with a strong Jewish army. Continue Reading »

With Elections Over, EU to Continue anti-Israel Sanctions for ‘Polarizing Jerusalem’

Leaked bias EU report blames Israel’s “settlement activity”, i.e. building homes for its growing Jewish population, for the situation in Jerusalem, recommends sanctions.

By Elad Benari, Canada


A new European Union (EU) report says that Jerusalem is at a “boiling point” and recommends sanctions against Israel over the “polarization” in the capital.

The report, obtained by the British Guardian on Friday, says that Jerusalem has reached a dangerous boiling point of “polarization and violence” not seen since the end of the second intifada in 2005.

The report calls for tougher European sanctions against Israel over its “continued settlement construction in the city”, which it claims is exacerbating recent conflict.

Continue Reading »

EU foreign policy chief praised for supporting EU task force on anti-Semitism

ADL president applauds Federica Mogherini & leading Italian parliamentarians for taking steps to ‘help Europe’s Jews to truly feel more secure.’

By Ynet news


The European Union’s foreign policy chief, Federica Mogherini, has expressed support for the creation of a European Union task force on anti-Semitism.

Jewish graves desecrated in Hungary. ‘Anti-Semitic assaults, hate speech, harassment, and vandalism are severely impacting Jewish communities across the EU’ – Photo: Feher Gabor

Mogherini, vice president of the European Commission and High Representative of the EU for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, announced her support in a statement published in Italian newspaper La Repubblica and indicated that she had sent a proposal to Frans Timmerman, the European Commissioner whose portfolio includes human rights and non-discrimination. Continue Reading »

Jewish exodus could trigger economic crisis in Europe

Viatcheslav Moshe Kantor, the European Jewish Congress head says continent’s spike in violent anti-Semitism has every Jewish family considering whether to “leave or stay,” so European authorities will need to “deliver some real gestures” to keep them.

PM Netanyahu urges ‘massive immigration’ to Israel by European Jews

After second shooting in Danish capital, Netanyahu says cabinet to discuss $46 million plan to expedite Jewish immigration from Belgium, France and the Ukraine.
Minister Naftali Bennett reiterates: European Jews must remember Israel is their home.

By Moran Azulay & Attila Somfalvi


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on Sunday morning for the “massive immigration” of European Jews to Israel following the shooting attack outside a Copenhagen synagogue that killed a Danish Jew.

Netanyahu at this morning’s cabinet meeting – Photo: Amit Shabi

Netanyahu says the government on Sunday will discuss a $46 million plan to encourage Jewish immigration from France, Belgium and Ukraine. Continue Reading »