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Ignoring Erdogan, Egypt refuses to confront U.S. and Israel

Egyptian official says his country has no interest adopting the confrontational stance concocted by the Turkish president in response to the US’s recognition of Jerusalem.
– ‘Egypt comes first.’

By Arutz Sheva Staff


An Egyptian official told Israel Hayom that his country had no interest in confronting the United States over its recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, even as representatives of the member states of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation have attacked Israel and President Donald Trump.

At an emergency meeting of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) on Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who chaired the event, demanded Muslim-majority nations counter President Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital by declaring the city the capital of a future Palestinian state.

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Southern Israel Hit By Rocket from Egypt

Jihadists in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula fire rocket that explodes in southern Israel, forcing residents into bomb shelters.

By Ari Soffer


A rocket fired from Egypt exploded in southern Israel’s Gaza belt region Friday afternoon.

Residents of the area were forced into rocket shelters after sirens sounded at approximately 4:20 p.m.  No damage or injuries has been reported.

The IDF temporarily closed Route 12 as a “security precaution.”

Unlike other recent rocket attacks, which have broken the relative calm since the truce signed between Israel and terrorist groups in Gaza, this attack did not come from the Gaza Strip but from within Egyptian territory.

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IDF ready for multi-pronged terror attack on Eilat from Sinai Islamists

IDF official says, “On the one hand you have here a peaceful border, and on the other hand you have a frontier area in Sinai that has developed into a hotbed of terror activity.”


“The scenario that we are preparing for is a multi-pronged terror threat directed against our forces and civilians in the Eilat area,” Col. Arik Chen, deputy commander of Division 80 (the Red Division) said Thursday. Division 80 controls Israel’s longest expanse of border, across from both Egypt and Jordan. His comments take on added relevance amid the preparations for the Passover holiday, when tens of thousands of visitors and tourists are expected to hit the beaches of Eilat and the Dead Sea area. Continue Reading »

Amidst falling rockets, Egypt boasts of destroying 1,370 Hamas tunnels into Gaza

In a show of yet another sign of Cairo’s antipathy towards Hamas, the French media’s announcement from Egypt comes as Gaza rockets land in southern Israel.


As Gaza was rocketing the south on Wednesday afternoon, Egypt announced it had destroyed 1,370 tunnels into the Strip from the Sinai, Agence France Presse reports.

Egyptian Army soldiers patrol in Sinai.

Egyptian Army soldiers on duty in northern Sinai. – Photo: AP


The tunnels carry everything from rockets to food and are crucial to both Gaza’s military and its civilian economy. They run mainly under the Gazan border town of Rafah.

Egyptian authorities did not say when they began destroying the tunnels. Continue Reading »

Egypt’s leading daily presents its latest “Zionist conspiracy” theory

Egypt’s top newspaper is basically using a camel-droppings angle in its latest ‘Jews-poisoning-the-well’ story.

What is strange here is that Al-Ahram effectively admits this is a conspiracy theory. Weird…



Today, the most widely circulating Egyptian newspaper, Al-Ahram, has run a front-page report headlined in red and bold, ”Israeli conspiracy on Sinai’s underground water.” 


Is this a Zionist camel? – Photo source: the commentator

In a black bold lead, the report stresses that ”liberating Sinai and restoring its territories from Israeli occupation was not merely our dream; the dream was to develop this region to be our real exit from all economic troubles.”

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After Surfing on Israeli Websites, Egyptian Accused of Spying

Owner of Internet cafe noticed an Egyptian lawyer surfing on Israeli websites, then reported him to security forces.

By Elad Benari


Israel and Egypt may have a peace treaty with one another, but studying Hebrew is apparently frowned upon in Egypt.

Illustrative – IsraelandStuff/PP

Egypt’s Al-Nahar TV aired a report last month about an Egyptian lawyer who was accused of spying for Israel because he was surfing on Israeli websites. The report was translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

According to the report, the lawyer was sitting in an Internet cafe when the cafe owner began to suspect he was a spy after seeing that the lawyer had entered the website of the Israeli Mossad, and was talking on the phone in many languages – Italian, French, and Hebrew, among others. Continue Reading »

Jerusalem grants additional Egyptian infantry units’ entry into Sinai

Special authorization granted due to recent terrorist attacks in Sinai.


Main Morsi opposition group calls to suspend Camp David accords.


Senior US diplomat Burns urges ‘inclusive’ transition to democracy.

By Yoav Zitun

Israel authorized the Egyptian army on Monday to deploy two infantry battalions in the Sinai Peninsula, despite the fact that an appendix to the peace treaty between the two countries forbids Egyptian military presence in the area.

בקשת הצבא המצרי התקבלה על רקע ההחרפה בסיני (צילום: רויטרס)

Egyptian tank in Sinai – Photo: Reuters

The battalions are expected to deploy in the El-Arish and Rafah sectors as part of the effort to quell the increased Islamist terrorist activity, which included an attempt on the life of a senior military official. Continue Reading »

In coordination with Jerusalem, Egypt moved additional troops to the Sinai-Gaza border

After Morsi told to resign, Egypt’s army takes over key logistical structures and positions troops to avoid civil bloodshed.

JERUSALEM — Egypt, amid major unrest in the country, has moved troops and armored vehicles to the Sinai-Gaza border area in coordination with Israel.

Egyptian SecurityThe movement on Tuesday comes as the Egyptian military issued an ultimatum to Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, calling on him to step down or face an escalation of the protests against his government. Millions of Egyptians already have taken to the streets to protest Morsi’s rule.

Under the 1979 peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, Egypt must coordinate troop movement in the Sinai with Israel.

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Egyptian Army Intercepts Rockets being Smuggled to Gaza

Egyptian Armed forces in the Sinai foiled an attempt to smuggle 17 rockets to Gaza.

By Elad Benari


Armed Forces personnel in North Sinai, in cooperation with local Bedouins, foiled an attempt on Monday to smuggle 17 rockets to Gaza, the Egyptian state news agency MENA reported.

A military source told the agency that the rockets are a French-made TDI model, caliber 68 mm, range three kilometers and can be used air to land or land to land.

The Armed Forces have been engaged in an ongoing mission to secure the Sinai Peninsula and borders with Gaza and Israel, said MENA. Continue Reading »

Jewish documents were confiscated by Egyptian authorities

Egyptian security services reportedly seized about 1.7 million documents packed in 13 cartons detailing Egyptian Jews’ assets from  1940-1960’s.


Some 1.7 million documents – purportedly containing details about the assets of Egyptian Jews in the 1940s, 50s and 60s – were seized by Egyptian security services in recent days just before they were exported to Israel, according to several online newspapers.

Jewish refugees arrive in Palestine – Photo: REUTERS

A report in the Egyptian government- owned Al-Ahram daily newspaper holds that the “Jewish documents,” packed in 13 cartons, were confiscated by Egyptian authorities ahead of them being “smuggled” out of the country from Jordan. Continue Reading »

Israel is to return stolen sarcophagus lids to Egypt

After lengthy negotiation, Cairo says Israel agreed to return 2 stolen sarcophagus covers that were found in Jerusalem’s Old City, back to Egypt.

By Roi Kais


Israel will return to Egypt two wooden artifacts that had been plucked out two ancient caskets dating to the Modern Kingdom, Cairo said Wednesday.

Inspectors of the Unit for Prevention of Antiquities Robbery foundparts of two stolen Egyptian sarcophagus covers in April while checking shops in a marketplace in the Old City of Jerusalem.

אחד ממכסי ארונות הקבורה שחלקים ממנו נתפסו בשוק בירושלים (צילום: קלרה עמית, באדיבות רשות העתיקות)

Sarcophagus cover -Photo Clara Amit, courtesy of Antiquities Authority

The two plaster-covered wooden lids had been sawed in two, causing irreparable damage. Continue Reading »

Egypt expands its Sinai campaign against local terrorists

Israel voices concerns over increased deployment in Sinai peninsula as Egyptian military offensive against terrorists is to be expanded.

By Reuters


Egypt’s military said on Wednesday it would broaden its offensive against terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula, a campaign that has raised concerns in Israel  about the movement of heavy armor into the area near its border.

Egyptian forces during their recent campaign to eradicate global jihad elements in Sinai. – Photo: AFP

Egyptian forces during their recent campaign to eradicate global jihad elements in Sinai. – Photo: AFP

After terrorists attacked and killed 16 border guards on August 5, Egypt launched an operation using the army and police to raid terrorist hideouts, arrest suspects and seize weapons, including rockets and other arms, which are rife in the area. Continue Reading »

Egypt stationed Anti-Aircraft Missiles in the Sinai

Egyptian Anti-aircraft missiles can only be intended for Israel’s jets, terrorists don’t have any.

By Gil Ronen


According to a report on Voice of Israel government-sponsored radio, Egypt has moved anti-aircraft missiles into the Sinai Peninsula.


Egyptian, trunk mounted K-136 from Republic of Korea – Photo: Wikipedia commons

The radio station’s Arab affairs analyst, Eran Zinger, reported Saturday that Egypt has deployed both anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles near Israel’s border in the Egyptian Sinai, without Israel’s permission.

Such equipment is prohibited in Sinai by the Egypt-Israel peace treaty. “Egypt is trying to change the situation in Sinai,” Zinger said.

If the report is true, the move is an overtly hostile one toward Israel and can only mean that Egypt is preparing for hostilities with the Jewish state. Continue Reading »

Israel Asks Egypt to Recall its Armor from Sinai

Report: Israel was informed retroactively about Cairo’s deployment of armored forces into Sinai.

By Gil Ronen


The Israeli government has asked Egypt to withdraw the armored vehicles it deployed in Sinai ten days ago, in contravention of the peace treaty between the two nations, according to Al-Quds Al-Arabi, which quotes Israeli sources.

Egyptian armor enters Rafah

Egyptian armor enters Rafah

Israel said that the deployment of armored forces in the EL Arish area was only reported to it retroactively by Egypt, after the forces had already been deployed. Once Egypt supplied Israel with the full details about the extent of the deployment, the Jewish state asked Egypt to withdraw its armor from northern Sinai. Continue Reading »

IDF guarding African migrants hiding in underground viaduct on Israel-Egypt border

Migrant Workers’ Hotline writes to IDF legal adviser, allow asylum-seekers into Israel.

By Talila Nesher


A group of African migrants that attempted to enter Israel through Sinai is currently located in a viaduct in Israeli territory, close to the Israel-Egypt border, and under guard of Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

The group descended into the viaduct three days ago, while attempting to cross the border through the water passageway, which is open on the Egyptian side of the border. The group was stopped by IDF forces on the Israeli side of the border near the Carmit post. Soldiers from the post, responsible for patrolling the border, have given the migrants food and water. Continue Reading »