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Israel arrests ‘journalists’ charged with incitement, operating Hamas TV channel

IDF detains 20 in a large-scale joint IDF-Shin Bet-Israel Police operation, with forces apprehending five Hamas terrorist operatives as well as a number of Al-Quds TV employees, suspected of incitement relating to their role in operating the Hamas run television channel, which is defined as a terrorist organization.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The IDF arrested twenty wanted suspects over their involvement in terrorism and rioting against both security forces and civilians.

The operation was held in conjunction with the Shin Bet internal security service and the Israel Police.

Internal-memory removed by IDF forces – Screenshot: Al-Quds TV report, Facebook

In a joint IDF-Shin Bet operation in the Ephraim Regional Brigade, forces detained five Hamas terrorist operatives in Qalqilya who are suspected in promoting Hamas terror activities in recent months. Continue Reading »

In overnight sting, Israeli security forces arrest 19 wanted Palestinians


In addition to the 19 wanted Palestinians arrested on assorted terrorism charges during the overnight operation to uncover illegal weapons manufacturing workshops, a number of pistols, weapons parts, cartridges & ammunition were seized.

By i24news


The Israeli Defense Forces in cooperation with the Shin Bet security service arrested 19 wanted Palestinians overnight in the West Bank and uncovered three weapons manufacturing workshops.

Israeli forces carry arrested 19 wanted Palestinian overnight in the West Bank, September 26, 2016. – Photo: IDF’s Spokesperson’s Unit

According to a statement from the IDF, two of the workshops were discovered in the northern West Bank city of Jenin and the third in Dahriya in the south. Continue Reading »

Watch Video of IDF night raid on Palestinian weapons factory in Samaria


view videoIsrael’s Shin Bet and IDF forces confiscated 15 illegally produced automatic assault rifles in latest bust to stamp out unlawful weapons which are fabricated for nefarious use, including terrorism.

By Uzi Baruch


Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency) agents, together with IDF forces of the Menashe Regional Brigade, seized 15 improvised assault rifles overnight in the Palestinian Arab village of Ya’bad, near Jenin in northern Samaria.

The location of the weapons stash was revealed during a Shin Bet interrogation of a Palestinian weapons manufacturer.

The successful mission was only the latest phase of an ongoing joint Shin Bet-IDF counter-terrorism operation in Samaria. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Shin Bet arrests 5 suspected ISIS followers from Nazareth


After an intelligence search & investigation by the IDF’s Northern Command, joined by the Shin Bet, Israel’s Northern District prosecutors charged 5 men from Nazareth with severe security offenses at the Northern District Court on Tuesday.



Security forces arrested five Arab Israeli youths from Nazareth on suspicion of training with weapons and holding secret meetings after coming under the influence of ISIS ideology, the Shin Bet domestic intelligence agency announced on Tuesday.

Suspected ISIS members arrested by Shin Bet. – Photo: SHIN BET,JPOST STAFF

In a joint Shin Bet – Israel Police Northern District announcement, security forces said arrests were made throughout October and November, of men aged 18, 18, 22, 23, and 27, all from the Suleiman clan in the northern part of the city. Continue Reading »

Israel Pulls the Plug on 3rd Hebron Radio Station Over Incitement to Attack Israelis


Order signed by GOC Central Command chief supports the IDF in its anti-incitement crackdown, closing Radio Dream from broadcasting for 6 months.
• Earlier this month, 2 other Hevron radio stations were closed after spreading incitement and organizing violent demonstrations.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


For the third time this month, Israeli forces raided a Hebron radio station overnight Saturday as part of an ongoing effort to clamp down on anti-Israeli incitement over the Palestinian airwaves.

IDF troops raid the Al-Hurriyya radio station in Hebron earlier this month – Photo: Twitter

The raid, conducted against Radio Dream’s offices, was carried out with the help of Shin Bet security agency agents and Civil Administration officials. Continue Reading »

IDF closes Hebron radio station for encouraging terror and acts of violence


IDF statement after soldiers confiscated equipment, including computers & transmitters, “The El-Halil radio station has repeatedly broadcast content which promotes & encourages terror and acts of violence against Israeli civilians & security forces.”

By Lilach Shoval, Israel Hayom Staff & News Agencies


The Israel Defense Forces, Shin Bet security agency and the Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT) shut down on Saturday night a radio station in Hebron which the IDF said was broadcasting content that incited Palestinian listeners to attack Israelis.

An employee of the El-Halil radio station after it was shut down Saturday night – Photo: AFP

Employees at El-Halil radio station said IDF soldiers confiscated their equipment, including computers and transmitters, forcing the radio station off the air. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel special forces in disguise enter Hebron hospital and extract terrorist


Pushing wheelchair with woman ‘in labor’ as disguise, Israeli forces dressed as family members enter Hebron hospital to arrest terrorist in Hebron hospital early Thursday morning.
 – Shin Bet statement said its security forces “will not allow safe refuge for terrorist operatives, whoever they are.”



Security forces entered Al Ahli hospital in Hebron early on Thursday and arrested 20-year-old Azzam Shaldallah on suspicion of stabbing and seriously injuring an Israeli civilian on October 25.

A video emerged of the arrest operation showing the Israeli forces in plainclothes disguised as a family coming to the hospital with a woman in labor. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF officers arrest co-founder of Hamas, Hassan Yousef just before dawn


In the IDF released video, officers from the Artillery Corps Ra’am battalion, along with soldiers from the Binyamin territorial brigade, can be seen entering Yousef’s home & taking him into custody.



The Israel Defense Forces released a 67-second video clip showing soldiers arrest Hamas co-founder Hassan Yousef in the West Bank village of Beitunia before dawn on Tuesday.

Female IDF Capt. takes Hamas leader into custody - IDF Screenshot

Female IDF Capt. takes Hamas leader into custody – IDF Screenshot

In the video, troops from the Artillery Corps Ra’am battalion as well as units from the Binyamin territorial brigade are seen entering Yousef’s home and escorting him into custody. Continue Reading »