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Another mysterious accident takes out 3rd Iranian launch this year

Satellite photos show black plume of smoke from explosion on Iran Space Center launch pad, in what appears to be a result of their third satellite launch failure this year alone.
– Iranian officials didn’t immediately acknowledge the catastrophic event.

By Associated Press


A rocket at an Iranian space center that was to conduct a satellite launch criticized by the U.S. apparently exploded on its launch pad Thursday, satellite images show, suggesting the Islamic Republic suffered its third failed launch this year alone.State media and officials did not immediately acknowledge the incident at the Imam Khomeini Space Center in Iran’s Semnan province. Continue Reading »

Israel unveils supersonic air-2-ground missile that penetrates protected targets

With pinpoint accuracy, Israel’s supersonic, ‘Rampage’ long-range air-to-ground assault missile is compatible with IAF’s F-15, F-16 & F-35 fighter jets, and is designed to be released outside protected areas, then its advanced navigation will guide it successfully to ‘high quality targets’ protected by advanced air-defense systems.
– Watch Video



With tensions still high between Israel and Iran, a new supersonic air-to-surface missile designed for the annihilation of high quality targets has been developed by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Israel Military Industry Systems (IMI).

Dubbed “The Rampage” after a popular video-game, it is an accurate supersonic, long-range air-to-ground assault missile with a warhead, rocket engine and advanced navigation suit which allows for precision targeting at a very low mission cost compared to existing solutions. Continue Reading »

Syrian airstrike by IDF was direct reprisal for Iran’s launching drone on Israel

Israel’s bombing of the T-4 airbase in Syria last week, that also killed Iranian officers, was Israel’s first direct engagement after Iran ‘changed the rules’ when Iranian soldiers launched an armed drone to Israel from Syria’s T-4 airbase
– IDF official: Israel is now in direct conflict with Iran, no longer fighting through proxies.

By David Rosenberg


A senior Israeli military official confirmed that Israel’s air force was responsible for last week’s bombing of the T-4 airbase in Syria last Monday, adding that the conflict between Israel and Iran had entered a new phase of direct confrontation.

Last Monday, combat aircraft bombed Syria’s T-4 airbase, killing 14 people, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights claimed. Continue Reading »

Fox News: Iran’s new military base in Syria stores missiles for attacking Israel

Mere months since Israel reportedly destroyed an Iranian military base south of Syria’s capital, Fox News published a set of satellite images depicting a new military base northwest of Damascus, reportedly operated by Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards, with newly constructed warehouses, stockpiling missiles able to ‘strike all of Israel.’

By Ynet


Iran has gained another foothold in Syria by establishing a permanent military base outside Damascus, according to a report by Fox News, despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s repeated warnings that Israel will not allow any Iranian military entrenchment in the war-torn country.Western intelligence officials, the report says, say that the base contains hangars used to stockpile missiles “capable of hitting all of Israel.” Continue Reading »

Jordanian Army’s Chief of Staff: ISIS unit in Syrian Golan have anti-aircraft missiles


In a BBC interview, head of the Jordanian army says ISIS unit in Syria’s Golan Heights, near the Jordanian border, may have possession of American anti-aircraft missiles.

By Chana Roberts


Jordanian Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mahmoud Freihat warned in an interview with BBC on Saturday that  fighters have anti-aircraft missiles.

In the interview, which was given in Arabic, Freihat referred specifically to the Syria-Jordan-Israel border, near the Golan Heights area.

Iron Dome anti-missile system – Israel Air Force

Photo credit – Israel Air Force

“This faction is a constant and close threat to Jordan. Some of the areas its fighters are in are a kilometer away from the border,” he said. Continue Reading »

Report: 2 Hezbollah members killed during air-strike on Syria


Arabic-language press reports alleged IAF strike targeted sites storing Russian-made advanced Syrian missiles for Hezbollah.

Moscow demands explanation.

By Roi Kais


Two Hezbollah activists were killed Sunday in what foreign sources have said was an Israeli airstrike on military targets in Syria, the Al Arabiya news channel reported Monday. The report contradicts earlier claims by Syrian security forces, who said Sunday that there had been no casualties in the attack.

Smoke trails over Syria allegedly left by IAF warplanes.

Smoke trails over Syria allegedly left by IAF warplanes.

While official Israel continues to keep mum on the daylight attack in Syria that has been attributed to it, the Arab press has in the meantime published more and more details about the alleged Israeli assault. Continue Reading »

New Israeli-Indian defense cooperation passes first test


Indian gov’t describes test of IAI’s Barak 8 system, designed to shoot down incoming aircraft or missiles from land or sea platforms as, “a milestone in the cooperation between 2 countries in developing advanced weapon systems.”

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff


An aerial defense system developed jointly by Israel and India passed its first trial simulating combat conditions on Monday, Israel Aerospace Industries said.

An illustration of the Barak 8’s multi-platformed capabilities – Photo: Israel Aerospace Industries website

The Barak 8 system is designed to shoot down incoming aircraft or missiles from land or sea platforms. Defense industry sources have said the value of the project is $1.4 billion and highlights burgeoning Israeli-Indian defense ties.

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India’s Ministry of Defense to acquire Israel produced anti-missile defense system

The Indian Navy is replenishing its inventory by purchasing an additional 260 Barak-1 missiles for from the Israeli firm, Rafael, for  $143 million.

By Globes


Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. will provide the Indian Navy with hundreds of Barak-1 missiles over the next 18 months in a deal worth $143 million. India’s Ministry of Defense approved the procurement in recent days in part because naval commanders have warned of a grave shortage of such missiles in the Indian Navy’s inventory. The Barak-1 is an anti-missile defense system, and the Indian Navy is reportedly down to its last 150 such missiles. Continue Reading »

Hamas Detonates IDF Missile Negligently Killing 5, Including Italian Reporter

5 dead & several others seriously wounded when Hamas tried to dismantle unexploded IDF missile, only to end up detonating it.

By Ari Yashar

Hamas sources in Gaza report that a dud IDF missile exploded on Wednesday, killing five including an Italian, after Hamas terrorists clumsily tried to dismantle the missile.

Hamas emergency services spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra stated that in addition to the five dead, there are several more who are seriously wounded.

“A number of explosives experts were killed while dismantling a missile in Beit Lahiya. Among them was a foreign journalist,” Hamas Interior Ministry spokesperson Iyad al-Buzam told AFP. Continue Reading »

Israel’s psychic spoon-bender to assist Israelis defy disasters


Spoon-bending Uri Geller will participate in a new Home Front Command commercial to educate the Israeli public on how to find shelter during a rocket attack.

By Reuters


Celebrity psychic Uri Geller is the beaming new face of Israeli disaster-readiness, starring in army-sponsored TV and Internet advertisements on how to take shelter from missile attacks or earthquakes.

Uri Geller - Photo: UriGeller.com

Uri Geller – Photo: UriGeller.com

Launched on Wednesday, the campaign marks Geller’s return to his native country from Britain and aims to keep Israelis vigilant, though public fears of any imminent war with Iran, Syria or Lebanese and Palestinian guerrillas have receded. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Navy to begin installing defensive system to neutralize Russian Yakhont missile


Watch Video: The Barak 8 medium range missile is designed to intercept airborne threats, including enemy aircraft, UAVs, anti-ship missiles & incoming cruise missiles.

Defensive System could be operational on Israel’s Saar 5 missile boats within the coming months.

By Lilach Shoval

Israel’s Navy has begun installing a new defense system on its missile boats which would protect them from the feared Russian Yakhont anti-ship missile.
The Eilat class Sa'ar 5 corvette - Photo courtesy: globalsecurity

The Eilat class Sa’ar 5 corvette – Photo courtesy: globalsecurity

The Barak 8 medium range missile is designed to intercept airborne threats, including enemy aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, anti-ship missiles and cruise missiles. Continue Reading »

Propulsion system of long-range rocket tested by Israel’s Missile Defense Organization

Spokesperson at the Defense Ministry says missile launched from army base in central Israel was part of planned test by Israel’s Missile Defense Organization

By Ynet



A rocket was launched from the Palmachim army base in central Israel Friday morning as part of a test that was planned in advance by the security establishment. The launch tested the propulsion system of a long-range rocket.

שניות לאחר השיגור (צילום: אלכסנדרה לוקש)

Seconds after launch – Photo: Alexandra Locsh

“This morning Israel conducted a launch of a rocket propulsion system from the Palmachim base. The launch was conducted in the framework of a test that was planned in advance by the security establishment and was carried out on schedule,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. Continue Reading »

CIA Director John Brennan makes unpublicized visit to Israel

Brennan & Israel’s defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, talked about Israel’s intent to continue striking shipments of advanced weapons destined to Hezbollah from Iran or even Syria.



JERUSALEM — CIA director John Brennan made an unannounced visit to Israel to discuss the situation in Syria.

CIA director John Brennan - AP Photo-Charles Dharapak

CIA director John Brennan – Photo: AP/Charles Dharapak

Brennan and Israel’s defense minister, Moshe Yaalon, in their meeting Friday reportedly compared intelligence assessments on Syria and its two-year civil war. They also talked about Israel’s intent to continue striking shipments of advanced weapons destined for Hezbollah from Iran via Syria.

Syria has threatened to strike back at Israel the next time it strikes a weapons system on its soil, Britain’s Sunday Times reported.   Continue Reading »

Report: Israel briefed US on planned Russian advanced-missile sale to Syria


WSJ reports Israel informed the U.S. that Russia has sold advanced S-300 anti-aircraft missile batteries to Syria, making any future no-fly zone impossible.

Intel comes a day after Kerry left Moscow.

By Reuters & Israel Hayom Staff



Israel has warned the U.S. that Russia plans to sell advanced ground-to-air missile systems to Syria despite Western pressure on Moscow to hold off on such a move, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

Continue Reading »

Netanyahu: Israel Can Learn From China’s Great Wall

On a tour of the Great Wall of China with his wife Sara, Thursday, PM Binyamin Netanyahu said that the wall was an apt simile for Israel’s situation.

By David Lev


On a tour of the Great Wall of China Thursday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that the wall was an apt simile for Israel’s situation. China had constructed a wall to defend itself, and Israel must do something similar, he said.


“Just like the Chinese defended themselves by locking themselves behind a great wall, we too will continue to do so in a similar manner on our southern border, on the Golan Heights, and on all the fronts we face,” Netanyahu said at the Great Wall. Continue Reading »