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WATCH: See What American Youth Think of Israel’s Bamba, Bissli & Crembo

Buzz Feed video clip presentation amusingly shows American youth tasting & critiquing  popular Israeli snack products.


Following their previous hits, “The Jewish Food Taste Test,” and “Hannukah Explained by Christians,” the BuzzFeed staff struck once again, poking fun at Israeli foods this time, with their latest video sensation: “Americans Try Israeli Snacks.”

The three minute segment features American twenty-somethings taste-testing and reviewing typical Israeli snacks such as Milky pudding, Bamba, Bissli, Crembo, and Pesek Zman.

Most of the reviewed foods got positive marks, with a comical twist–in typical BuzzFeed fashion.

Stardavid3_biggerThe brave tasters all marveled over Elite’s milk chocolate bar with popping candies, bewildered by the chocolate treat’s tendency to “crackle in your mouth!”; Continue Reading »

Report: Israeli teens unequaled in use of technology

Despite being consumed by technology with about 90% of those between 13-18 that use WhatsApp, the report also finds the number of teenagers who  volunteer for community projects on a regular basis climbed from 17.8% in 2004 to 46.4% in 2011.
• Number of underage drinking has decreased.

By Yael Branovsky


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Israel’s colleges, universities see record enrollment


New academic year kicks off with over 300,000 students enrolling, an increase of 1% from last year, in Israel’s 65 colleges & universities.

Some 310,000 students kicked off the academic school year on Sunday at 65 higher education institutions throughout the country.

Tel Aviv University campus

Tel Aviv University campus. – Photo: PR

According to the Council for Higher Education (CHE) some 238,420 will be enrolled in bachelor’s programs, 59,455 will pursue master’s degrees, and 10,860 will study in doctoral programs. These figures marked a 1 percent increase from the previous academic year, in which 307,020 students were enrolled in academic institutions. Continue Reading »

BDS couldn’t but Hamas rockets cancel Neil Young’s concert in Israel

Neil Young, Canada’s rock legend, was forced to cancel his Thursday’s Tel Aviv performance due to Israel Police’s decision based on the lack of public safety during Hamas’ ongoing rocket fire from Gaza.

By Ami Friedman


Legendary Canadian musician Neil Young’s concert in Israel, which was scheduled to take place at Tel Aviv’s Yarkon Park on July 17, has been canceled by the Israeli authorities due to the IDF’s operation in Gaza and the ongoing rocket fire from the Strip.

Neil Young - Photo: Reuters

Neil Young – Photo: Reuters

“It is with deep regret that we are forced to announce the cancellation of the Neil Young and Crazy Horse show,
which was planned for this Thursday at Yarkon Park,” the Shuki Weiss production company said in a statement Sunday morning. Continue Reading »

Israeli Children’s Rocket Alert Song Goes Viral

Developed by Joint Distribution Committee in 2008 for a Sderot kindergarten teacher, who wanted to do something to help the children in her class deal with air raid sirens and the ongoing rocket attacks against Israel.

This song is that much more relevant today.


The recent barrage of rockets fired by Hamas at Israel has revived the fortunes of a video developed in 2008 as part of a trauma intervention effort in Sderot by the Joint Distribution Committee.


Schoolchildren in Sderot, July 10, 2014. – Photo: Cheli Goldenberg

“The Code Red (Tzeva Adom) Song,” named for the code word for rocket attacks in Israel, is going viral on YouTube, with over 43,000 hits as of Friday morning for the version that was uploaded in 2012. Continue Reading »

Study: Israelis Exploit the Internet More Than Europeans or Americans

Survey demonstrates Israelis pay less for it’s use, but, what do online media outlets have to do to get Israelis to spend more money?

By Amir Teig



Everyone knows that Israelis are quick to embrace new technology and are avid consumers of locally produced content. What’s surprising is that Israeli media organizations struggle to leverage these advantages in order to survive in the digital age. New and old media companies alike are fighting for survival worldwide, but because the Israeli market is a small one the stakes are higher.

Israel Supporter (Illustrative) - Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

Israeli on the internet (Illustrative) – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The most interesting conclusion of a recent survey of Israelis and the Internet, commissioned by Google from the Boston Consulting Group, is that Israeli online consumers value the Internet more than their counterparts in Europe and twice as much as their counterparts in the United States.

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Tel Aviv holds its annual all-night culture & entertainment event ‘White Night 2014’


Tel Aviv annual all-night arts & culture festival includes live music, street theater & a yoga session by the Mediterranean at dawn.

By Ynet


Tel Aviv is on Thursday night holding its annual all-night culture and entertainment event, running from the early evening hours to the break of dawn. Most of the events are free of charge or at a discount price. On the menu: music concerts, parties, art exhibitions, multimedia theatre, dance performances, fashion, shopping and more.

Tel Aviv White Night 2014 (Photro: Shutterstock)

Tel Aviv White Night 2014 – Photro: Shutterstock

The events are taking place across the city, including various activities at the Jaffa flea market, Jaffa port, Hatikva market, Rabin Square, Sarona, the old Ottoman railway station (HaTachana) and many more locations. Continue Reading »

No.1 :Israel sent more ‘I love you’ tweets than all other country

Data released for Valentine’s Day 2013, shows 481 million “I love you” tweets. 


Israel tweeted the words “I love you” more than any other country in 2013, Twitter said on Friday.

Twitter bird with heart

Twitter bird with heart. – Photo: Dreamstime

According to data released by the micro-blogging site on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, people used the site to say “I love you” in 481 million Tweets and 116 languages in 2013.

“Where in the world Tweets ‘I love you the most’? Israel #ValentinesDay,” said a tweet on Friday.

Sweden came in second, followed by Norway, Spain, Hungary, the Netherlands, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. Continue Reading »

‘Love Boat’ experience quite shocking for Israeli couple


Israeli couple on romantic vacation cruise horrified to notice they were being observed by crew members as they were having sex.



An Israeli couple who recently endured a “love boat” experience gone awry will be compensated by the cruise-ship company, Channel 2 news reports.

Cruise ship

Cruise ship (illustrative) – Photo: Dreamstime

According to the report, the couple, who took a cruise to Venice to celebrate the man’s 65th birthday, marked the milestone with some post-swimming copulation. During the act, however, they were embarrassed to discover crew members watching them from a nearby balcony.

The couple complained and were initially offered compensation in the form of a 20-percent discount on their next cruise, Channel 2 reported. Continue Reading »

2 Israeli Air Force pilots jailed after maps found on smartphones


IAF officials say incident undermines national security posed by mobile technology and enunciates that air force culture must be reconditioned.


Two Israeli combat pilots were jailed for five days and 12 others were disciplined for storing maps and other classified information on their smartphones, Army Radio reported this week.

Air force pilots.

Israel Air Force pilots.- Photo: Daniel Bar-On

The incident underscores the security risks posed by mobile technology and demonstrates that the culture of the air force must be overhauled, Israel Air Force officials said.

“The ease of photographing and sending pictures, maps and classified information has become the enemy of information security and endangers operational activity,” an air force officer said.

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Video: Filipina caregiver is year’s ‘feel-good story’ on Israeli reality TV


On this season’s reality show ‘X-Factor Israel’  finalist Rose Fostanes, a Filipina care-giver to an ailing Israeli, has finally found fame.



A 47-year-old Filipina caregiver has emerged as the newest star of Israeli reality television, putting a human face on the thousands of foreign workers who toil away in menial, back-breaking jobs in this country.

New Diva (for web)

Rose Fostanes on the X-Factor set. – Photo: AP

Local viewers of this country’s myriad reality shows have grown accustomed to successful candidates from various backgrounds, including black-clad ultra-Orthodox Jews, Ethiopian immigrants and a German convert to Judaism who became a celebrity chef. Continue Reading »

This Summer the Israeli Opera returns to perform at Masada



Polish director Michal Znaniecki, who specializes in open-air productions, brings the Israeli Opera to the Judean desert in its performance of ‘La traviata’ in June 2014.




The Israeli Opera is bringing Giuseppe Verdi’s much-loved opera, La traviata, to Masada in June 2014. Conductor Daniel Oren will take the podium as he has done in years past at the Masada International Opera Festival, while Polish director Michal Znaniecki – who specializes in open-air productions—will meld the Paris salon with the Judean Desert.

Aida at Masada: The desert backdrop was perfect for the improbable love story of the Ethiopian princess and the Egyptian army officer.

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Israel’s Prime Minister & President sing Arik Einstein song

Bibi Netanyahu & Shimon Peres sing Arik Einstein’s Ani Ve’ata (You & I) along with Ofra Haza & Dan Shilo.



Amid the grief over the passing of iconic Israeli singer Arik Einstein, the internet has given us a gem:

Bibi Netanyahu and Shimon Peres sing Arik Einstein - Channel 2 screenshot

Bibi Netanyahu and Shimon Peres sing Arik Einstein – Channel 2 screenshot

Bibi Netanyahu and Shimon Peres — together, in the nineties — singing one of Einstein’s best-known songs, “Ani v’Ata” (You and I).

The clip starts with Israeli celebrities Ofra Haza and Dan Shilon singing the song on stage, but at about 1:30 they descend to Bibi and Peres, who stand and somewhat awkwardly sing along.

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Get Ready for the 19th Maccabiah Games from Jerusalem

For the 1st time since 2001, the opening ceremony is returning to Jerusalem.


Four years of waiting is to come to an end in spectacular fashion when the 19th Maccabiah gets underway with Thursday’s opening ceremony in the capital’s Teddy Stadium.

Maccabiah games ready to kick off.

Maccabiah games ready to kick off. – Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post

Around 32,000 people are expected to pack the stands, with thousands of Jewish athletes from 77 countries to march around the stadium as part of the Parade of Nations.

President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will be among the numerous local and foreign dignitaries present at the ceremony.

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U.S. law enforcement eying illegal Israeli mall workers

In the US, the thought of undocumented workers is more likely to conjure images of  Latino gardeners or nannies caring for the children of the affluent rather than pushy Israeli salespeople in air-conditioned malls selling hand creams.

By Gil Shefler


NEW YORK (JTA) — In 2006, aspiring Israeli singer Rami Feinstein faced a big-time dilemma: Would he sign a 19-year contract with a top talent agent and relinquish 45 percent of his future profits, or take a job illegally selling cosmetics at an American shopping mall?

Israeli worker demonstrating a beauty product at a mall kiosk.  (Creative Commons)

Israeli worker demonstrating a beauty product at a mall kiosk. (Creative Commons)

Feinstein took the job at the mall — and it worked out better than he expected. Continue Reading »