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Sinai Terrorists say their group was target of Israeli drone strike

Sinai Al-Qaida-linked terrorist group Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis, says 4 of its members were killed while preparing to fire rocket into Israel (cities).

Egyptian army reports no drone attack ever occurred.



An Al-Qaida-linked group active in the Sinai Peninsula said Saturday that its fighters were the target of a reported Israeli drone strike into Egyptian territory, a rare operation that could indicate increased Egyptian-Israeli security cooperation against militants in the lawless border zone.

Archive photo of Israeli Heron TP drone, also known locally as the Eitan.

Archive photo of Israeli Heron TP drone, also known locally as the Eitan. – Photo: AP

Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis, in a statement posted on a militant website, said that a Israel Defense Forces drone that crossed into Egyptian airspace killed four fighters as they were preparing a cross-border rocket strike into Israel. Continue Reading »

Egypt:There Was NO Israeli Airstrike in Sinai

Spokesman for the Egyptian army: ‘There is no truth whatsoever that Israel attacked in the Sinai.’

By Elad Benari, Canada


Egypt denied on Friday evening that Israel had carried out an airstrike in the Sinai.

At least five Egyptian terrorists were reportedly killed as they prepared to launch a rocket into Israel.

Some sources spoke of an Israeli air strike conducted from Israeli air space, but the Egyptian military denied this.


“There is no truth whatsoever to any Israeli strikes inside Egyptian territory and the claims that there is Egyptian and Israeli coordination on the matter is utterly baseless,” military spokesman Colonel Ahmed Aly said in a statement quoted by AFP. Continue Reading »

Hamas: Egypt Curtailing Our Income by Sealing Smuggling Tunnels

Gaza’s leaders are furious with Egypt for destroying their smuggling tunnels between the Gaza and the Sinai.

By Dalit Halevi & Elad Benari



The Hamas terrorist group, which controls Gaza, is upset with Egypt over its actions to shut down the smuggling tunnels which are used to transfer goods, weapons and even terrorists between the Sinai and Gaza.

Since the Egyptian military overthrew Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, whose Muslim Brotherhood movement is Hamas’s parent movement, the Egyptian army has been operating in the Sinai to eliminate terrorist cells who take advantage of the lawlessness in the region to carry out terrorist attacks.

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Sinai heats up so IDF deployed Iron Dome battery in Eilat



Because Egyptian army is preparing to launch large-scale operation against terrorists in Sinai peninsula, IDF moves anti-missile battery to southern city fearing rocket attacks.

Yoav Zitun

The IDF has deployed an Iron Dome battery in the southern city of Eilat as the Egyptian army launches a large-scale operation to purify the Sinai Peninsula of al-Qaeda inspired terrorist cells.

(צילום: מאיר אוחיון)

Iron Dome in Eilat – Photo: MeirOhayon

The battery was deployed at the height of the tourist season for fear the city would become the target of rocket fire. The IDF has arranged that the city’s siren system be connected to the alert systems installed on the Israel-Egypt border. Continue Reading »

Egyptian Helicopter Flies Over Gaza for 1st Time Since 6-Day War

An Egyptian army officer died & 5 other soldiers were wounded Wednesday morning in ongoing battles with Islamist terrorists in Sinai.

By Chana Ya’ar


One Egyptian army officer died and five soldiers were wounded Wednesday in ongoing battles with Arab terrorists in the Sinai Peninsula.

Apache helicopter – Israel news photo: IDF

With the agreement of Israel, Egypt has increased its military presence in Sinai in order to fight the terrorist presence in the region, including an AH-64-D Apache helicopter to be deployed in the eastern Sinai Peninsula.


Egyptian helicopter over Gaza

An Egyptian military helicopter that flew over Gaza on July 12  for the first time since the 1967 Six Day War. Continue Reading »

Egyptians Arrest Palestinian Returning to Gaza for Pipeline Explosion in Sinai

Egyptian security officials arrested a Palestinian in connection to the 15th bomb blast that destroyed a Sinai gas pipeline that supplies Jordan.

By Elad Benari


Egyptian security officials arrested a Palestinian Authority Arab man on Friday in connection to a bomb blast which targeted a gas pipeline in Sinai last week, security officials told the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency.

Mohamed Abu Hashem, 30, was detained in the Sinai Peninsula while trying to return to Gaza, Egyptian officials told Ma’an, and faces charges of blowing up a gas pipeline in north Sinai last Sunday.

Saboteurs blew up the pipeline, which supplied natural gas to Jordan, in two places. Continue Reading »

Egyptian soldiers kill dozens of Hamas terrorists

Egypt turns to Israel for green light to expand its counter-terrorism war in Sinai

By:  Israel Today Staff


The Egyptian army’s new offensive against terror organizations operating in the Sinai Peninsula is well under way, and one of the groups paying a heavy price is Hamas.

Egyptian army soldiers stand guard on the border with Egypt in Rafah

Egyptian army soldiers stand guard on the border with Egypt in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, July 5, 2013. – Photo:AP


Many expected Hamas to suffer as a result of the recent ouster of Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood, which is the parent organization of Hamas.

Over the past several days, Egyptian military officials told Arab media that some 200 gunmen had been killed during battles in Sinai, including at least 32 members of Hamas. Continue Reading »

Egyptian soldiers kills dozens of Hamas terrorists in Sinai

Hamas officials renounce involvement in activities in Sinai yet, scores captured & killed by Egyptian army.

By and Reuters


Egyptian security forces have killed dozens of armed men and arrested hundreds more as part of a crackdown on extremist cells operating in the Sinai Peninsula, pan-Arab daily Al-Hayat reported on Thursday.

Egyptian army soldiers stand guard on the border with Egypt in Rafah

Egyptian army soldiers stand guard on the border with Egypt in Rafah, southern Gaza Strip, Friday, July 5, 2013. – Photo:AP

At least 32 Hamas fighters that entered Sinai through underground smuggling tunnels and joined the cells were among those arrested, according to the report.

Tensions flared between the Egyptian army and Hamas about a year ago, when armed men ambushed an Egyptian military base in Sinai, killing 16 officers. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Terrorists from Gaza Sneak Into Sinai to Fight Egyptians

Muslim Brotherhood-linked terrorists from Gaza are infiltrating via the illegal smuggling tunnels into the Sinai so they can attack Egyptian army outposts.

By Chana Ya’ar



As the death toll rises in clashes between Egypt’s army and pro-Morsi protesters, Muslim Brotherhood-linked Gaza terrorists are infiltrating the Sinai to attack Egyptian army outposts.

Although the army has sealed at least 50 tunnels in the past two weeks, hundreds remain open and active under the border between Egypt and Gaza.

A senior Egyptian official told the London-based Al-Hayat newspaper on Saturday that at least 150 Izz a-Din al-Qassam operatives – members of the Gaza-based Hamas military wing – were seen heading into Sinai via the tunnels. Continue Reading »

Israelis told to leave Sinai immediately over security threat


Counter-terrorism Bureau & Foreign Ministry define threat as very high and imminent, reiterating warnings against being in the Sinai for fear Israelis may be targeted and/or kidnapped by terror groups operating in the area.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Israeli tourists are again being urged not to travel to the Sinai Peninsula, as the volatile security situation there sparks renewed concerns that they may be targeted by terror groups operating in the area.

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Israel watches as Egypt’s military battles Jihadists elements in Sinai


The Egyptian army is currently engaged in battle with Islamists across the Sinai. According to an Egyptian newspaper, the Egyptian military are battling “terrorists and jihadists elements” in the Sinai.

Former head of Counter Terrorism Bureau suggests Israel permit additional Egyptian forces into Sinai and amend Camp David accords allowing it.

Gas pipeline attacked for first time this year.

By Gideon Allon, Shlomo Cesana and Israel Hayom Staff

Israel should do all it can to help the new secular government in Egypt beat the Muslim Brotherhood, even if that means amending the Military Annex of the Camp David peace accords to allow more Egyptian military assets into the Sinai Peninsula, the former director of the Counter-Terrorism Bureau in the Prime Minister’s Office Brig.

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IDF on Sinai border: Security coordination with Egypt remains uninterrupted

Despite political upheaval in Egypt, it continues to be in the interest of both sides to fight terror cells, says IDF liaison officer; ‘Egyptians are doing good work.’

By Gili Cohen 

Security coordination with Egypt remains in good shape despite the political turmoil in Cairo, Israeli officers serving in the border area say.

Egyptian soldiers on Sinai border.

Egyptian soldiers stand guard on at the border between Egypt and southern Gaza Strip, July 5, 2013. – Photo: Reuters

According to the rules of engagement, if the Israel Defense Forces spots armed men approaching the border, the preference is to let the Egyptians take action.

“In most cases the Egyptians are doing good work,” said a liaison officer. Continue Reading »

Sinai Jihadi movement claims they fired rockets at Eilat

The Jamaat Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis has claimed responsibility for rocket attacks on Southern Israel in the past and now, boasts its rockets ‘scared Israelis into shelters’ although explosions were heard, no signs of rockets were found.

By Roi Kais


The Jamaat Ansar Bayt Al-Maqdis group, which operates in the Sinai Peninsula, took responsibility on Friday evening for the alleged launch of two Grad missiles toward Eilat on Thursday.

החיפושים אחר הרקטות, בחמישי באילת (צילום: מאיר אוחיון)

Searching for the rockets – Photo: Meir Ohayon

Though Eilat residents reported hearing two or three loud bangs, security forces have yet to finds any trace of the rockets.

In an internet statement, the group boasted the bangs “frightened Allah’s Jewish enemies” and made them run for shelter. Continue Reading »

Egypt places Sinai on High Alert as Al Qaeda digs in

Egyptian security chiefs have placed Sinai on alert following Al Qaeda terrorist activity in the peninsula.

By Chana Ya’ar



The Egyptian government has declared a high alert in the Sinai Peninsula following a high level of Al Qaeda terrorist activity in the region.

Dahab View from dive shop - Photo courtesy  Wikimedia Commons

Dahab View from dive shop – Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons


The terrorists have set up a military base in central Sinai, Egyptian security officials told the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency on Monday.

Curfews have been imposed on the Sinai cities of El-Arish, Sheikh Zuweid and Rafiah, which straddles the border with Hamas terrorist-ruled Gaza.

Some 30 jihadists from Gaza entered the region via the tunnels, officials said, and it is believed they may join demonstrations against the Muslim Brotherhood planned for June 30. Continue Reading »

Egyptian Security keeps Gaza border closed

Egyptian Policeman say the crossing will remain closed until the 7 remaining kidnapped hostages that were taken by Islamic militants from the Sinai are freed.

They’re also demanding that the Interior Minister comes to listen to security concerns.




CAIRO – Egyptian police angered by the kidnapping of seven colleagues by Islamist gunmen kept a crossing into the Gaza Strip closed again on Saturday, stranding hundreds of Palestinian travellers, witnesses said.

Palestinian baby sleeps next to his mother at the Rafah crossing with Egypt in Gaza, May 17, 2013

Palestinian baby sleeps next to his mother at the Rafah crossing with Egypt in Gaza, May 17, 2013 – Photo: REUTERS

The protest began on Friday when police strung barbed wire across the Rafah border post and chained up the gates, local residents said, a day after the abductions. Continue Reading »