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Def. Minister Liberman pledges to close gaps in West Bank security barrier

Following numerous gov’t promises in the past of closing the gap in the security barrier, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman promised on Thursday to take action and not just issue statements.



Government pledges to fix the gap in the security barrier will do little to stop future attacks like the one that occurred in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night.

Palestinians walk near an opening in Israel’s security fence in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of A-tur. – Photo: REUTERS

That is because what’s missing is 320 kilometers out of a 790-kilometer route. Although work on the barrier began in 2002, during the height of the second intifada, the project had ground almost to halt by 2007 based on shifting defense needs in the aftermath of the Second Lebanon War. Continue Reading »

Palestinian MK Tibi gets History lesson on Twitter about Nakba Day

Palestinian Knesset Member responds to former Likud minister’s Tweet  slamming former education minister Piron for supporting to teach ‘Nakba Day’ in Israeli schools.

By Ynet


Former Likud minister Gideon Sa’ar and Arab MK Ahmad Tibi engaged in a war of words on Twitter on Saturday night over a call to include “Nakba Day” in the Israeli school curriculum.

Arab MK Ahmad Tibi (left) & Former Likud minister Gideon Sa’ar (right) – Photos: AFP, Alex Kolomoisky

Sa’ar slammed former education minister Shai Piron of Yesh Atid on Saturday. over the latter’s support for the addition of Nakba Day to the curriculum. Continue Reading »

Israel’s designation of Christian Arabs to Aramean causing tension between Muslims, Christians

Israel’s Muslim Arabs claim Jerusalem’s recent recognition of Aramean as a nationality, is part of Israel’s ‘divide & conquer’ policy toward Arabs.

By Lily Galili


September 16th 2014 was a big day for the Christian community in Israel: The Ministry of the Interior recognized “Aramean” as a nationality. Since then, about 20,000 Israeli Christians of Aramean descent going back to the time of the Bible and early Christianity, are entitled to be registered as having “Aramean” rather than “Arab” nationality. A new nation was born, or rather resurrected.

Nazareth Billboard warning Christian minority – Photo: Julie Eltes

The decision, having obvious political implications, has triggered a chain reaction. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Interior Ministry officially recognizes ‘Aramean’ as nationality


Shadi Halul, the Aramean-Christian community leader responds,“It’s a historic decision … proof that Israel protects its citizens & identity of its minorities, unlike all the Arab nations around us,” 

By Yori Yalon


Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar on Tuesday approved having “Aramean” as a nationality on Israeli identification cards, a move warmly received by Israel’s Christian-Aramean community.

Aramean-Christian community leader Shadi Halul – Photo: YouTube

In a letter written to Population Authority chairman Amnon Ben-Ami, Sa’ar said that after receiving an appeal on the matter, he heard the recommendations of three experts from three different academic institutions, who said the Supreme Court had found that “the Aramean nationality clearly exists, and has the conditions required to prove its existence, including historical heritage, religion, culture, origin and common language.”

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Israel to call to arms 40,000 reservists for extended Gaza operation


After Hamas ignored Jerusalem’s ceasefire attempts in it’s onslaught of hundreds of rockets aimed at Israeli civilian centers, the Israel cabinet votes to call up 40,000 reservists.

PM Netanyahu tells IDF to ‘take glove off’ and prepare for long Gaza operation.

By Yoav Zitun & Attila Somfalvi


The security cabinet has voted to call up some 40,000 reservists in preparation of a possible ground operation in Gaza Strip as part of Operation Protective Edge, hours after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered the military to “take off the gloves” in its confrontation with Hamas.


IAF attacks Gaza terror targets – Photo: AFP

Netanyahu placed responsibility for the current round of fighting on Hamas, and said “Hamas chose escalation and it will pay a heavy price for it.” Continue Reading »

Israel to Grant Special Visas to American Investors & Vice Versa


As a part of an experimental program with the U.S. State Dept, Israeli businessmen will also be granted benefits, including investor visas allowing them to stay in the U.S. for up to 2 years.

By Omer Efraim


The government has approved Sunday a proposal by Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar to set unique entry visas to American investors who seek to visit Israel frequently for business. The arrangement is a part of an experimental program in which Israelis seeking to invest in the US and wish to stay there temporarily in order to develop and manage their business, will be given similar special conditions. Continue Reading »

More illegal African aliens choosing to leave Israel


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Interior Minister Saar: Returning to ‘1967 Borders’ Are Out of the Question

Interior Minister Saar said that Israel will never agree to the Abbas’ demands that Israel withdraw to the indefensible 1949 Armistice Line, the ‘Auschwitz borders’.

By Elad Benari


Interior Minister Gideon Saar (Likud) said on Thursday that Israel will never agree to pull back to the indefensible pre-1967 borders as part of a peace agreement with the Palestinian Authority (PA).

Saar made the remarks during a toast in honor of Rosh Hashanah (the Jewish New Year) which he hosted in Tel Aviv. The event was attended by ministers, Knesset members and mayors.

Saar explained that Israel was obliged to resume negotiations with the PA in order to maintain a series of security and international interests, but stressed that this time around it was necessary to negotiate using a different approach. Continue Reading »

Iraqi children come to Israel for heart surgery


‘Save a Child’s Heart’, 

an Israel-based int’l organization, coordinates arrival of children, 1, 4 & 5 at a time to the Israeli hospital.

180 Iraqi children have been treated in Israeli operating rooms in past decade.

By Omri Efraim


Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar approved Sunday the arrival of three Iraqi children – aged one, four and five – to Israel, in order to receive lifesaving medical care at the Edith Wolfson Medical Center in Holon. The three are expected to arrive at the Israeli hospital within the next few days.

שאמה ואמה. הגיעו מעיראק בסיוע עמותת "הצל לבו של ילד" (צילום: שילה שלהבת)

Shama and her mother, from Iraq – Photo: Sheila Shalhevet

Sa’ar approved the children’s entrance to the country on grounds of humanitarian aid, promoted by Save a Child’s Heart, an Israel-based international project, which has so far coordinated cardiac surgeries for some 3,000 children from 44 countries. Continue Reading »

Interior Minister Sa’ar: Illegal African infiltrator problem can not be solved in a day


On Tuesday, Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar toured south Tel Aviv neighborhoods to get a better understanding on the illegal infiltrator problem, saying, “There is a need to act to change the situation, and that’s what I intend to do”.

By Dan Lavie & the Israel Hayom Staff


Interior Minister Gideon Sa’ar toured south Tel Aviv neighborhoods on Tuesday to get a better feel for the migrant worker and illegal infiltrator problem in the area. Within the framework of his street tour — accompanied by a large police contingent — Sa’ar also met representatives of the south Tel Aviv neighborhood committee and visited small businesses in the area.

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Netanyahu appoints Sa’ar as Interior Minister & Ya’alon as Defense Minister


PM says Ya’alon has all the necessary experience to deal with ‘turmoil around us’ & that Erdan will be the Home-Front defense minister, placed in charge of strategic talks with the U.S.

Gideon Sa’ar to head the Interior Ministry.

Moran Azulay


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu informed Likud Knesset Member Moshe Ya’alon that he will be replacing Ehud Barak as defense minister.

Ya’alon, who currently serves as minister of strategic affairs, was one of several Likud members who were summoned to the Prime Minister’s Office Sunday morning. Many of the lawmakers from the ruling party expected a promotion.

“During such a crucial time for the security of the State of Israel, when everything is in turmoil around us, it is important that a man with Moshe Ya’alon’s experience hold this position,” Netanyahu said. Continue Reading »

Education Minister Says Study Claiming Palestinian Textbooks Don’t Vilify Jews “biased & unprofessional”

In contrast to the cold Israeli reaction, the office of Palestinian PM Salam Fayyad released a statement saying that he “expresses his satisfaction with a main finding of a study … that confirms that Palestinian textbooks do not contain any form of blatant incitement, which is based on contempt towards the ‘other’.”


By Nathan Jeffay


Controversy quickly engulfed a new study that said Palestinian textbooks do not incite hatred for Jews with Israel blasting the report — with some members of the report’s advisory panel claiming they were blindsided by its release.

Gidon Saar – Levy dudy/Wikimedia

Bar Ilan University Talmud professor Daniel Sperber, a member of the panel, slammed the decision to release the report when Israeli-Palestinian relations are strained and when Israel is in-between governments. Continue Reading »