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Abbas’s Fatah: ‘It is the right of our young men to kill Israelis’


Top Fatah official at rally puts up memorial to the murderer of Jews, lauding the Old City stabber declaring ‘right’ to cause ‘Israeli women to cry.’

By Ari Yashar


Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah faction is at it again, heaping praise on the Arab terrorist who stabbed two Jews to death in Jerusalem’s Old City in early October and declaring that the murder of Jews is a Palestinian “right.”


Fatah Central Committee member Jamal Muhaisen took part in a rally honoring the terrorist Muhannad Halabi, as reported by the Palestinian Arab Ma’an News Agency and translated and revealed by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW). Continue Reading »

Palestinian media continues its incitement as PA blames Israel for Paris terror attacks


Fatah equates Israel with ISIS on its official Facebook page, PA media claims Mossad behind was behind the attacks, and individual Palestinian officials continue to incite against Israel to the media.

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Palestinian Authority (PA)’s ruling Fatah movement exploited the Paris terror attack to spout its own agenda, Palestinian Media Watch reported Sunday, equating Israel with Islamic State (ISIS).

Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 03.19.08

Fatah implied that Israel is the equivalent of Islamic State by showing the Palestinian flag next to the flags of Russia, Lebanon and France in a Facebook post.

The flags refer to recent ISIS terror attacks that took place in and against these countries: the explosion on a Russian plane in Egypt that killed everyone on board, in total 224 (Oct. Continue Reading »

Norwegian councilman seeks to disassociate from immoral Arab Nablus as ‘Twin City’


view videoLocal politician from Stavanger, Norway calls to cut ties with Nablus after learning that the Palestinian governed city names squares after deceased terrorists, suicide-bombers responsible for the deaths of dozens of random civilian Israelis.

 By Channel 20


A local Norwegian politician has called for the cancelation of his city’s twinning arrangement with Nablus after it was revealed that a monument praising terrorism was erected in the Palestinian city.

According to an exposé by the Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), the Nablus municipality had named a town square after Naif Abu Sharah, who was involved in a number of terrorist attacks – the most notable of which was the double suicide attack in Tel Aviv on January 5, 2003, which killed 23 and wounded dozens. Continue Reading »

Palestinian Daily Portrays US as ‘Occupier’ “on the Ruins of the Original Inhabitants”


Official PA daily also demonizes Republican Presidential candidates as ‘inane,’ ‘aged teenager’, ‘ swindler’ and ‘rabid’, despite the U.S. having given them over $1.5 billion in aid, [that most was skimmed and stolen].

By Tova Dvorin


The Palestinian Authority (PA) has demonized its largest donor, Palestinian Media Watch reports Friday, after a columnist for its main publication painted America as an “occupier.”

“It is possible that the US is the biggest settlement country, since it was established on the ruins of the original inhabitants, wiped out millions of them, enslaved millions of Blacks, and today enslaves millions of Hispanics in the same manner,” columnist Hafez Al-Barghouti wrote in official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida. Continue Reading »

Official PA Children’s Programming Repeats Show for 3rd Broadcast: Jews are Bloodthirsty, Evil

Watchdog group exposes poem broadcasted for third time on the official PA TV saying Jews are animals, claiming they are ‘brought up on spilling blood.’

By Arutz Sheva Staff


The Palestinian Authority (PA) has once again broadcasted anti-Semitic content, this time “informing” viewers that Jews are bloodthirsty and subhuman on a children’s show, Palestinian Media Watch reports Monday.

Official Palestinian TV incitement – PMW screenshot

On the latest broadcast of the official PA TV children’s program “The Best Home,” a young girl recited a poem calling Jews “barbaric monkeys,” “the most evil among creations,” and those “who murdered Allah’s pious prophets.” Continue Reading »

Abbas’ PA Arrests Gov’t Clerk for ‘Slandering’ Arafat on Facebook

Claim against Fatah arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat, as not have being a “martyr” on Facebook, sparks arrest after Birzeit University gives Hamas election win over Fatah.

By Tova Dvorin


The Palestinian Authority (PA) is cracking down on dissidents, Palestinian Media Watch reports Monday, after it arrested a man for “slandering” Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) leader and arch-terrorist Yasser Arafat as not being a “martyr.”

Yasser Arafat, not yet dead

“The [PA] General Intelligence Service arrested today [April 25, 2015] Khalil Ali Afaneh, a clerk at the Ministry of Religious Affairs in Abu Dis, after he attacked and slandered Yasser Arafat, the eternal Martyr leader and the symbol of the Palestinian people,” official WAFA news reported last week. Continue Reading »

Hamas official: Destroying Israel would be easier from the West Bank


“[Some] have said Hamas wants to create an Islamic emirate in Gaza,” Mahmoud al-Zahar a senior Hamas official tells Palestinian news outlet Al-Ayyam. “We won’t do that, but we will build an Islamic state in Palestine, all of Palestine.”

By Daniel Siryoti


If Hamas manages to establish a foothold in the West Bank, it would be able to wipe out Israel and establish an Islamic state in its stead, senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar told Palestinian news outlet Al-Ayyam on Wednesday.

Senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar – Photo: Reuters

The interview, translated and posted by Palestinian Media Watch on Sunday, revealed Hamas’ previously covert intention of taking over the West Bank.

Continue Reading »

Watch: With Flawed Logic PA Charges Israel of ‘Same Terror’ as Al Qaeda’s 9/11

Devoid of logic and common sense, the PA TV runs an anti-Israel Propaganda ad juxtaposing IDF strike on Gaza terror building and Al Qaeda’s terrorism in New York.

By Ari Yashar


The Palestinian Authority (PA) official TV channel has launched a particularly factually indefensible ad campaign against the IDF, accusing it in Operation Protective Edge of committing “terror” comparable to the September 11, 2011 (9/11) World Trade Center attack.

screenshot 2

The ad was aired several times on PA TV News during the past week according to Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which translated it. In the ad, a split screen shows the Al Qaeda terrorists ramming a plane into the iconic New York buildings, alongside the IDF airstrike last Monday on a 12-story Gaza building used by Hamas terrorists. Continue Reading »

Incredible compilation of Palestinian corruption, the EU & US won’t look at

Since 1994, the EU has provided certain representatives of the Palestinian people with financial support of nearly €5.6 billion.

Discounting Arab & American contributors to this scam, Europe gives the PA 40% ABOVE the annual budget of Sydney, Australia, a city of roughly the same population.


Need I ask: Where has this money gone?…and why do the Palestinians continue to receive free money?


Surprise !!! Corruption in the Palestinian Authority

A member of US Congress has called to cut off aid to the PA,  due to the growing impact of PMW – Palestinian Media Watch exposure  of salaries being paid to terrorists . Continue Reading »

PA Official: ‘Allah Will Gather Israelis Together So We Can Kill Them’

On official Palestinian Authority TV a senior PA official calls Israelis ‘advanced instrument of evil’ that have ‘no belief, no principles,’ .

By Ari Yashar


A senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official appeared on PA TV on Wednesday, where he called Israelis “an advanced instrument of evil,” claiming “Allah will gather them so that we can kill them.”

zzzxcvThe official, Abbas Zaki, further opined Israelis “have no belief, no principles.” He is a close associate of PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas; last October he reportedly went to Syria as Abbas’s personal representative, and he has spoken at public events representing Abbas’s Fatah movement. Continue Reading »

PA TV: ‘Minister Livni Is A Murderer Who Threatened To Kill President Abbas’

Conspiracy theorist & lecturer from the University of Palestine said on PA TV that Tzipi Livni has assassination plans for Abbas and calls her a ‘criminal murderer.’

By Ari Yashar


Justice Minister Tzipi Livni “is a murderer threatening to kill” Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas – so claims Muhammad Abu Saada, a lecturer in International Law at the University of Palestine in Gaza during an interview on official PA TV.

Saada’s wild accusations stem from a statement Livni made last Sunday, when she said that by refusing to recognize Israel as a Jewish state, Abbas is taking positions “that are unacceptable to us or to the rest of the world.” Continue Reading »

Mahmoud Abbas’ Party Continues to Incite with Threats to ‘Bomb Tel Aviv’

Palestinians Speak with ‘Forked Tongue’? Because as ‘peace talks’ continue, official Facebook page of PA Chairman’s Fatah party is AGAIN featuring calls for violence against Israel.

By Ari Soffer


The Fatah party of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has posted threats to bomb Tel Aviv on its official Facebook page.

Calling us 'racist' seems empty considering the source.

The threats came in the form of a video by Fatah’s armed wing – the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade – which threatened to turn Tel Aviv “into a ball of fire”, as well as escalated rocket fire on Israeli civilians.

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade has been declared a terrorist group by the US, EU, Israel and Canada, among others. Continue Reading »

Abbas Honors Arab Terrorist for Murdering 125 Israelis, Almost Exclusively Jews

Slain Palestinian terrorist Abu Jihad receives PA’s Star of Honor by Abbas: ‘He was the model of a true fighter & devoted leader.’

By Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas has granted a post-mortem honor to arch-terrorist Abu Jihad, who was responsible for the murder of at least 125 Israelis in numerous terror attacks that he planned, including a bus hijacking in 1978, in which 37 civilians were murdered.

Official PA TV News reported that Abbas, in order “to honor the founding leaders and the first generation of the Palestinian revolution and the PLO, and out of loyalty to their history of struggle,” chose to decorate Abu Jihad with “the highest order of the Star of Honor.” Continue Reading »

Facebook prevents PMW from exposing Palestinian promotion of hate speech

Facebook allows Palestinian promotion of hate speech but prevents PMW from exposing it

by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik


Following Palestinian Media Watch’s bulletin exposing the PA TV broadcast of a girl reciting a poem referring to Jews as “enemies of Allah, descendants of pigs,” Facebook, like YouTube, decided to remove PMW’s post.

Facebook: “We removed the following content you posted or were the admin of because it violates Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.”


Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities stipulates that “you will not post content that is hate speech” or “incites violence.”

While Facebook is preventing PMW’s exposure of the PA’s hate speech, Facebook’s policy has not been applied to the explicit terror promotion and terror glorification by Fatah on Facebook, which PMW has documented, all of which were posted by Fatah’s Facebook page administrator:

Fatah in Lebanon encouraged violence and terrorism by posting a picture of a mother dressing her young son with a suicide belt. Continue Reading »

PMW’s ‘Puppet Show’ Report Shuts Down PA Website

APalestinian Media Watch (PMW) report on a PA puppet show encouraging children to replace cigarettes with guns led to one PA website shutdown and a probe of an NGO.

By Chana Ya’ar


One non-governmental organization website has been shut down, and a second NGO is under investigation by funding agency “Save the Children UK” following an article published by Arutz Sheva quoting a report by media watchdog agency the Palestinian Media Watch.

כל אחד רוצה להיות שאהיד. ילדים במסיבת הסיום

'Until I die as a shahid.' Gaza kids during party

Earlier this week, the PMW had reported on two Palestinian Authority NGOs that were spreading hate speech and promoting violence against Jews and Israel. Continue Reading »