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Israeli Arab Muslim Attacked Over Pro-Israel Facebook Photo


Persevering after being attacked by fellow Arab for posting Israeli flag on Facebook, Khaled Abu Mokh says many more Arabs do love Israel.

By Israel Today Staff


Khaled Abu Mokh is an Israeli Arab Muslim who loves the Jewish state. He works at a hotel in Jerusalem, together with a number of other Israeli Arabs. Last week, one of those Arab co-workers violently attacked Abu Mokh over his pro-Israel stance.

Khaled Abu Mokh being treated for a head-wound in hospital. – Photo: JNi Media/Facebook

The confrontation began when a fellow Arab co-worker used his coffee break to surf Facebook, where he saw that Khaled’s profile picture included an Israeli flag.
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Palestinians were ‘invented’ to cause trouble for Jews


view videoWild Bill For America: “By far the most creative invention of Islam is the Palestinian: a person who has never been seen before in the modern world who supposedly lived in a nation that never existed… And the Palestinian came into existence with the express purpose of causing trouble for Israel.”

By Arutz Sheva Staff


A man calling himself Wild Bill described his support for Israel in a video that’s been seen about 280,000 times on YouTube.

“We all know that Islam is giving the world a lot of things that will be long remembered. They invented the fine art of skyjacking, suicide bombers and taqiya – the art of lying to infidels,” he began. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Christian Minority Stands Firmly With Israel


There is no apartheid, “Israel is the only island of safety that allows [Christians] freedom & democratic rights,” insisted Khalloul, pointing out that under the Palestinian Authority, Christians do not enjoy anywhere close to the rights & quality of life enjoyed by Israeli Christians.

Israel Today Staff


As a leading representative of the Holy Land’s reborn Aramaic Christian community, Shadi Khalloul this week penned for the Gatestone Institute a summary of where Israel’s Christian minority stands today.

(Father Gabriel Naddaf with) Lt. (Res.) Shadi Khalloul (seen standing on Netanyahu’s left) has been interviewed by and written for Israel Today on several occasions.

(Father Gabriel Naddaf with) Lt. (Res.) Shadi Khalloul (seen standing on Netanyahu’s left) has been interviewed by and written for Israel Today on several occasions.

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Interview With Muslim & Christian Girls Volunteering For the IDF


Listening to these young Muslim & Christian Arab girls who are volunteering for the Israeli army in ever greater numbers, you wouldn’t still think Israel is a racist, apartheid state.

By David Lazarus


Young Muslim girls are joining the fight, on Israel’s side! These courageous young women have a unique and important story to tell, and together with a growing number of Christian Arab girls, they are breaking new ground joining ranks with the Israeli army.

Combat Women Warriors in the IDF – Photo source: Israel Today

When Private ‘A’, one of the Muslim girls now serving in the IDF decided to enlist, her parents refused to support her. Continue Reading »

#BDSfail: Austrian student association rejects BDS, rebukes American & British universities


Rejection of BDS by the University of Vienna student group is believed to the first major European student organization opposing all the anti-Semitic & anti-Israel academic initiatives in Europe & the US.


Berlin – Student association at the University of Vienna issued a statement on Wednesday, declaring their opposition to every form of anti-Semitism, including the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) movement targeting Israel.

Members of the young Jewish community attend a commemoration ceremony for Holocaust victims in front of the synagogue in Vienna [File] – Photo: REUTERS

“As student representatives it is important for us to criticize the academic boycott against Israel, which entirely excludes Israeli academics,” the student council of the University of Vienna said. Continue Reading »

VIDEO: A Palestinian Arab Brought Up to Hate Israel, Learns the Truth After Visit to Jewish State


WATCH: Despite growing up in Kuwait, Mark Halawi now speaks out about how he was taught that as a Palestinian, Israel is his enemy.

Israel Today Staff


Mark Halawa is a Palestinian Arab who, like most of his people, was raised to hate the Jews and see Israel as his enemy.

After immigrating with his family to Canada, a place where he could finally examine the issues free of prejudice and intimidation, Mark found the truth to be a little different than what he’d been taught.

That led him to actually go study in Israel and experience the situation first hand. Continue Reading »

#RESPECT: Meet Ziyad, Muslim IDF tracker with a ‘long live the State of Israel’ tattoo


Hailing from a village in northern Israel, Samal Ziyad, an Arab-Muslim who serves in the IDF’s Bedouin Trackers Unit, and has a tattoo on his arm that reads: ‘Long live the State of Israel’ says, ‘Since I was little my father has encouraged me to serve.’ 

By Yoav Zitun


Samal Ziyad, an Arab-Muslim who serves in the IDF’s Bedouin Trackers Unit, could easily compete for the title of the most Zionist soldier serving in the West Bank today.

One of only a few dozen Arab Muslims serving in the army, he chose to volunteer for military duty, drawing fierce opposition from Arab society and the risk of personal attacks. Continue Reading »

WATCH LIVE: WOW- NYC comes alive with 51st Celebrate Israel parade

Watch: Netanyahu address parade participants. View Twitter feed as the parade features former Maccabi Tel Aviv basketball stars David Blu & Derrick Sharp, Grammy Award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari, Golem, SHI 360, 12 marching bands and 29 floats.


Tens of thousands of people are set to march in solidarity with Israel in the 51st annual Celebrate Israel Parade in New York on Sunday.

A sea of orange, the RAJE float is marching #TogetherOnFifth - Twitter

A sea of orange, the RAJE float is marching #TogetherOnFifth – Twitter


This year’s Parade features Grammy Award-winning violinist Miri Ben-Ari, Golem, SHI 360, Maccabi Tel Aviv Basketball stars Derrick Sharp and David Blu, 29 floats, 12 marching bands and hundreds of thousands of spectators. Continue Reading »

Mid-East Christian Arabs Praising Israel More Openly on Social Media

Young Arabs throughout the Mideast have begun posting their love for Israel, and a Christian from Nazareth says that’s also true in Israel.

By David Lazarus


Young people from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Yemen and many other Arab countries are turning to social media to tell the world that they love Israel.

Declaration of love for Israel from Yemen. – Photo: Courtesy

The trend began, according to Al-Monitor, a popular pan-Mideast media outlet, when an Israeli Arab Muslim who served in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) wanted to convince other Israeli Arabs that the (IDF) are not an “army of evil” and that its soldiers are not as bloodthirsty as they tend to be portrayed in Arab propaganda films. Continue Reading »

Jane’s Crusade – A Danish Christian One-Woman Campaign For Israel

Jane Kiel, a 42 yr-old Christian Dane has made it her life’s work to prove to the world that Israel is not the bad guy, saying, “I truly love your country. You deserve to live here in peace….If I have to shout it for the world to hear, I will.”

By Bat-Chen Epstein Elias


Last October, Jane Kiel, a 42-year-old single, Christian Danish woman, moved to a Palestinian town near Jerusalem. She stayed with a friend there for five weeks, looking to soak in the aroma, the colors, the sounds and the commotion and “to pray in the Palestinian city for a unified Israel.”
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Watch: Iraqi shows his Support of Israel from in the Middle of Baghdad

Anonymous Arab activist posts a video on his Facebook page declaring his support for Israel & the IDF, from the center of Iraq’s capital city.

By Ari Soffer


Rising anti-Israel sentiment and anti-Semitism has made supporting Israel a tough job for activists in places like Western Europe, particularly on university campuses where Islamist extremism and far-left sentiment are rife and students often face harassment and abuse for expressing pro-Israel views.


But have you ever tried being an Israel-advocate in Iraq?

Well, one brave man has – and even uploaded the proof from a bridge over Baghdad’s Tigris (Dijla) River. Continue Reading »

Joan Rivers fights for Israel: ‘BBC & CNN should be ashamed of themselves’


The legendary comedienne attacked Gaza supporters in an interview: ‘If New Jersey fired rockets into New York, we would wipe ’em out.’


Israel’s advocates who are disappointed in Jon Stewart’s apparent lack of support can now take comfort. There is at least one comedy icon firmly in the pro-Israel camp – Joan Rivers.

Joan Rivers fights for Israel – Photo: Joan Rivers Facebook timeline

Accosted at the airport by the show business gossip web site TMZ, Rivers was passionate and eager to argue Israel’s case as she responded to questions from the reporter about events in the Middle East in what TMZ headlined as an “epic Israel/Palestine rant.”

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Shots Fired as Palestinian Thugs Attack Pro-Israel Demonstrators in Los Angeles

Homeland Security officer fired at least one shot at fleeing PLO flag brandishing assailants, the latest in a string of assaults on supporters of Israel.

By Ari Soffer


A pro-Israel rally came under attack Sunday night outside the Federal Building in Westwood, Los Angeles – the latest in a worrying string of similar instances in the US and Europe.

More than 2,000 supporters of Israel were demonstrating peacefully against terrorist rocket fire from the Gaza Strip, and in support of the Jewish state’s measures to defend itself, when witnesses say four men in a pickup truck launched a violent assault, according to the Jewish Journal. Continue Reading »

Sheikh Aladoan of Jordan: ‘Israel Belongs to the Jews!’

Sheikh Ahmed Aladoan teaches that in the Koran, “there is no name ‘Palestine’ for this land, and therefore, the Arabs should not be fighting the Jews over control of this land.”

By Yossi Aloni


Sheikh Ahmed Aladoan of Amman, a member of Jordan’s well-known Adwan tribe, posted to Facebook this week that there is no such place as “Palestine,” and provided references from the Koran to back up his assertion.

Sheikh Ahmed Aladoan of Amman (in middle) – Screenshot Ynet clip

One of the Koranic verses provided states that Allah gave the Holy Land to the sons of Israel until the Day of Judgment (Surah Al-Ma’ida, verse 21), and the other (Surah Al-Shara’a, verse 59) says that the land was bequeathed to the Jews. Continue Reading »

Germany’s Council of Jews honoring Pastor, a dedicated defender of Jewish right’s

Council of Jews in Germany is honoring the Protestant pastor for his support of Jewish life in Germany, his dedication to Israel & his “unconditional solidarity in the circumcision debate”.


BERLIN — The Central Council of Jews in Germany is giving its highest honor to a pastor who defended the Jewish right to ritual circumcision.

Nikolaus Schneider, president of the council of the Evangelical Church in Germany

Nikolaus Schneider, president of the council of the Evangelical Church in Germany

Nikolaus Schneider, 66, president of the council of the Evangelical Church in Germany — the country’s main Protestant body — will receive the the Leo Baeck Prize on Thursday in Berlin.

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