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IAF jets destroy Hamas ‘terror targets’ in Gaza after multiple mortar fire at Israel

In response to multiple mortar fire on southern Israel, the IDF responded strongly in Gaza; despite no damage or injuries from the attacks yesterday were reported, an IDF spokesperson said, “The IDF will continue to use all means to thwart attempts to attack the citizens of Israel. The IDF will not allow any breach of Israeli sovereignty.”

By i24NEWS

Israeli fighter jets bombed “terror targets” in the Gaza Strip in retaliation for rocket fire at southern Israel, a military spokesperson said early on Thursday.

“In response to the projectiles fired at southern Israeli communities throughout yesterday from the Gaza Strip, IAF (Israeli air force) fighter jets targeted a significant terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip,” Israeli forces said in a statement.

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Israeli jets hit Hamas military compound in retaliation to rocket fired Monday evening

Holding Hamas accountable for all rocket attacks on Israel, IDF aircraft attacked a Hamas military compound in southern Gaza despite the rocket exploding in an open area, not causing injury or damage.

By Elad Benari


Israeli aircraft on Monday night attacked a military compound belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in southern Gaza, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

IDF retaliates after Gaza rocket explodes in Israel – Twitter

According to the statement, the airstrike was carried out in response to earlier rocket fire directed at Israel.

“The IDF considers the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip,” it said. Continue Reading »

IDF reports IAF jets launch fresh retaliatory strike on additional Hamas targets in Gaza

IDF reports Israel launched a second strike, destroying two Hamas observation posts in northern Gaza, just a day after a mortar fired by Palestinian terrorists hit an Israeli structure during a birthday ceremony for slain IDF soldier, Oron Shaul.

By Yoav Zitun and Elior Levy


Israeli jets attacked a Hamas observation post Saturday evening in northern Gaza in response to rockets that were fired Friday morning at Israel during a ceremony held in memory of an IDF soldier who was killed during Operation Protective Edge in 2014.

IAF F-15i (Ra’am) takes off –  Photo: IAF website

One of the rockets hit a structure in the Sha’ar HaNegev Regional Council, while the Iron Dome system intercepted two other rockets.The Continue Reading »

IDF strikes multiple Hamas targets in Gaza following rocket attack on Southern Israel

Israel Police confirmed that the third rocket fired struck an Israeli community, hitting a building in the Negev region bordering the Gaza Strip, causing damage but no injuries.



Three rockets were fired from the Gaza Strip towards Israel on Friday morning, the IDF said, adding that two of the rockets were intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system.

Israel Police confirmed that a third rocket struck an Israeli community in the Negev region bordering the Gaza Strip, causing damage to a building but no injuries. Police bomb disposal experts are working at the scene.

IDF tanks – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

In response, IDF tanks and aircraft targeted two Gaza Strip outposts belonging to Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip. Continue Reading »

IDF Fighter Jets retaliate fiercely after Gaza terrorists launch salvo of mortars on Israel

IDF Spokesperson’s unit reports IAF responding for the 2nd time, after IDF tanks & jets fired on 4 terrorist positions in Gaza earlier in the day, when Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired their first salvo of about 12 mortar shells towards an IDF outpost earlier in the afternoon.



Israel Defense Forces fired on two terrorist positions in the central Gaza Strip with Israel Air Force fighter jets on Thursday in response to mortar fire, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s unit.

Earlier in the day, IDF tanks and aircraft fired towards four positions in the Gaza Strip after Palestinian Islamic Jihad fired about 12 mortar shells towards an army outpost earlier in the afternoon. Continue Reading »

Hamas Threatens Israel for Retaliatory Airstrike In Response to Gaza Rocket Fired Into Israel


Israel’s Air Force launched an overnight retaliator airstrike on 2 targets belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization in northern Gaza, in response to a rocket fire from the strip that exploded in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council on Tuesday evening.
 – Hysterical Hamas warns the IDF, “This is crossing a dangerous line.”

By AP, AFP, Ynet Reporters


The Israeli military says it carried out airstrikes against two Hamas positions in Gaza overnight Tuesday in response to a rocket fired from the strip which landed in open territory in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council.

Border Policeman retrieving remnants of exploded rocket – Photo- IsraelandStuff/PP

Ayman Sahbani, an emergency director at Gaza’s Shifa hospital, says three Palestinians were wounded in the strike, including a 26-year-old man who was in serious condition after being struck in the head by shrapnel. Continue Reading »

WATCH: Israel’s Air Force retaliates after Gaza rocket explodes in Israel


IAF F-35i “Adir” stealth fighter jets were reportedly used in the strike on Hamas targets.
 – Palestinian media reports injuries resulting from the IDF strike, with one person rushed to Gaza hospital.
 – IDF Spokesperson after the strike, “Israel holds the terrorist organization solely responsible for activities on the Strip.”



The Israeli Air Force targeted two Hamas posts on the northern Gaza Strip late Tuesday night following an earlier rocket attack from the Hamas-controlled territory, according to the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit.

F-35I “Adir” armed and ready. – courtesy

“Israel holds the terrorist organization solely responsible for activities on the Strip,” stated the IDF after the strike. Continue Reading »

Israeli Air Force retaliates, hits two Hamas military targets after Gaza rocket attack

The IAF airstrikes on two Hamas military infrastructures were carried out in response to a rocket attack on southern Israel that emanated from Gaza Monday evening.

By Elad Benar


The Israeli Air Force launched airstrikes on two military infrastructures belonging to Hamas in northern and southern Gaza overnight Monday, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit said.

IAF F-16 fighter jet – Photo: IDF SPOKESMAN’S OFFICE

The airstrikes were carried out in response to a rocket attack on the Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council on Monday evening.

“Since the Hamas terrorist organization is the ruler of Gaza, it is responsible for any attempt to harm the State of Israel,” the IDF statement said. Continue Reading »

IDF retaliates after rocket fired at Israel, Palestinian killed throwing fire-bomb


• IDF tanks & fighter jets target Hamas sites in Gaza after rocket explodes in open area – causing no injuries.
• Palestinian neutralized while throwing Molotov cocktail Friday, ending in young terrorist’s death.


IDF tanks and fighter jets attacked Hamas targets in the northern Gaza Strip on Saturday. The attack was in response to a rocket fired on the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council, which surrounds Gaza.

Early Saturday morning, a rocket was reported to have fallen in an open area in the Hof Ashkelon Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. Continue Reading »

After Gaza rocket hits southern Israel, Air Force jets destroy 2 Hamas facilities


Following the explosions of a Gaza rocket shot at Israel, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit explained the IAF retaliatory strike saying, “The IDF considers the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip.”

By i24NEWS


The Israel Defense Forces reported a projectile was fired into southern Israeli territory Wednesday night, landing in an open area in the Negev.

There were no injuries reported and the defense forces are searching the area.

Part of an exploded rocket found in the sand.- Photo: Israel Police Spokesperson’s Unit

An Israel Air Force aircraft subsequently attacked subsequently attacked two terror targets, the military said in a statement. Continue Reading »

Israeli Jets & Tanks Respond to Two Days of Unprovoked Attacks From Gaza


Even though Israel didn’t respond to last night’s rocket fired on Israel, today shots were fired at IDF troops carrying out routine security activities near the security fence along the Gaza border.
– IDF jets & tanks destroy 3 Hamas posts in Gaza in retaliation, leaving Defense Minister Liberman saying, “We will respond to every firing to our territory. That is what we did today and that is what we will also do in the future.”



The IDF carried out an airstrike and artillery shelling against multiple Hamas targets in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip following gunfire shot toward IDF troops, the army stated on Thursday. Continue Reading »

IDF report: Israeli jet downs Hamas drone over Mediterranean


The drone, operated by Hamas militants, was identified immediately after takeoff from Gaza and was under constant IAF surveillance.
– The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit reported, “The IDF will not allow any airspace violation and will act resolutely against any such attempt.”

By i24NEWS


The Israeli Defense Forces on Thursday intercepted a Hamas operated drone launched from the Gaza Strip.

According to a statement from the army, the drone was shot down over the Mediterranean sea by an Israeli air force jet and crashed into the water, preventing infiltration into Israeli airspace.

Hamas militants showing off the Qassam 1 drone during their 27th anniversary rally – Twitter

“The IDF will not allow any violation of airspace and will act resolutely against any such attempt,” the IDF spokesperson said. Continue Reading »

IDF hits Gaza for 4th time after multiple attacks against Israel, IDF


IDF attacks four separate Hamas targets throughout Gaza in retaliation for rocket fire at the western Negev and rocket fire a short time earlier against IDF soldiers.

By Reut Hadar


The IDF today (Monday) attacked Hamas positions and infrastructure in the Gaza Strip in four separate strikes.

The last air strike was carried out in the evening, with three Hamas installations in the northern and southern Gaza Strip confirmed hits.

The IDF spokesman said that “the attacks were carried out in light of events that have been occurring over the last month. The IDF holds the Hamas terrorist organization solely responsible for what is happening in the Gaza Strip and will not tolerate any attempt to harm the security of Israel and its citizens, and will work to preserve quiet for both sides.” Continue Reading »

Israel Air Force hits multiple Hamas targets in Gaza after mortar attack on southern Israel


IAF jets launch reprisal attacks overnight, taking out 3 Hamas terror targets after a mortar shell fired from Gaza explodes in southern Israel Wednesday evening.

By Yoav Zitun and Elior Levi


The IDF launched a fresh wave of airstrikes overnight Wednesday against three Hamas terror targets in the Gaza Strip. The move comes as a retaliation for the firing of artillery shells on the Eshkol Regional Council late Wednesday.

The IDF spokesperson’s Unit said that it held Hamas exclusively responsible for all activities in the strip and would continue to operate in a determined manner in order to maintain peace and quiet for Israel’s southern residents

The mortar shells exploded near the border fence shortly before midnight Wednesday but no red alert siren was sounded.

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Israel’s new Defense Minster demonstrates: New retaliation policy far more severe


After the IAF hit dozens of Hamas targets in Gaza overnight in retaliation for unprovoked rocket fire on an Israeli city, Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman demonstrated his change in the retaliatory strike policy of Israel’s defense establishment.

By Ido Ben Porat


Avigdor Liberman demonstrated on Sunday for the first time that it paid off to seat him in the chair of the Defense Minister on the 14th floor of the Kirya building in Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Defense Minister, Avigdor Liberman

The Yisrael Beytenu chairman made it clear that the retaliation policy of the IDF has changed, and that from now on all rocket fire from Gaza into Israel will be met with a strong response from the Israeli Air Force. Continue Reading »