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Israel Shipyards launches OPV designed for Cyprus Navy

In a deal valued at tens of millions of Euros, Israel Shipyards is building a technologically advanced naval ship that will be delivered to Cyprus by the end of 2017.

By Israel Hayom Staff


Israel Shipyards has unveiled an offshore patrol vessel (OPV) designed and built for the Cypriot Navy. The project has been valued at tens of millions of Euros. The high-end vessel is slated to be delivered to the Cypriot Navy by the end of the year and integrated into the fleet patrolling Cyprus’ exclusive maritime economic zone.

In a statement released on Sunday, Israel Shipyards said the OPV, ordered in December 2015, was launched at a ceremony held last week at Israel Shipyards’ facility at Haifa Bay. Continue Reading »

WATCH: US Army eyes Israel’s Trophy active protection system for M1A1 Abrams tanks

Should the US Army decide to acquire the added defensive technology, they will be the first army outside the IDF to install the battle-tested, ‘Trophy’ active protection system.



After years of testing Israel’s Trophy active protection system, the US Army is close to giving the green light to having it installed on the M1A1 Abrams tank.

Trophy LV By Rafael Advanced Defense Systems for all combat vehicles. – YouTube

The US Army would then be the first army outside the IDF to use the system.

Maj.-Gen. David Bassett, who is in charge of the US Army’s programs in the area of ground combat systems, was quoted by the DefenseTech website as saying that he plans to make the decision on the system as soon as possible. Continue Reading »

Poland buys US Patriot defense system, but will produce Israeli missiles locally

Poland set to sign papers for US Patriot defense system but will produce the superior performance “Magic Wand” by  Israeli manufacturer, Rafael, at a cost of $7.6 billion, 10% of the price of its American competitor.

By i24NEWS


The United States has agreed to sell the Patriot missile defense system to Poland, Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz announced on Thursday. The Ynet news site reports that Poland insisted that the system by configured to use the Israeli missile marketed globally under the name “Skyceptor,” due to its superior performance at only 10% of the cost of the American Patriot missile.

“A memorandum was signed tonight that the US government has agreed to sell Poland Patriot missiles in the most modern configuration,” Macierewicz said in a press conference, according to the Reuters news agency. Continue Reading »

Joint Israel-France environmental research satellite ready for launch


The Venµs, a vegetation & environment monitoring micro-satellite is scheduled to be launched into space from French Guinea in August.
• It’s a collaboration between Israel’s Aerospace Industries, Elbit Systems, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and France’s space agency.

By Ilan Gattegno and Dan Lavie


The construction of Venus, Israel’s first environmental research satellite, has been completed, and it is set to be launched into space this summer.

Science and Technology Minister Ofir Akunis introduces the Venus – Facebook/Yakov Saar

Venus, a vegetation and environment monitoring micro-satellite, was assembled by the Israel Aerospace Industries in collaboration with CNES, France’s space agency. Continue Reading »

Israel Aerospace Industries signs historic $2Billion missile deal with India

Israel has been cooperating with India in various technologies & military systems, including missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles during the last few years, bringing India and Israel into a uniquely strong and strategic partnership.



Israel Aerospace Industries has been awarded a $2 billion Indian military hardware deal, considered to be “the largest defense contract in Israel’s defense industries’ history.”

IAI announced on Thursday that it has signed a mega-contract worth more than $1.6 billion to provide advanced medium-range surface-to-air missiles (MRSAMs) to the Indian Army. The balance of some $400m. in contracts has been awarded to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems. Continue Reading »

IDF’s secret missile unit Meitar closes with Artillery using 5th-generation Tammuz missile


Although the elite Meitar unit is being shuttered, the Israeli made Tammuz missile will continue to see action, as a new 5th-generation version with an extended range of 30km is already in use within the Artillery Corps.

By Yoav Zitun


After 30 years of operations, the IDF is closing the “Meitar” special operations unit. The Artillery Corps recently held a ceremony to mark the end of operations for the unit, which was responsible for operating the long range precision-guided Tammuz missile.

The missile system was designed by Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and entered service in 1986, originally being intended for tanks and armored personnel carriers. Continue Reading »

WATCH: IDF navy unveils Sea Knight by Rafael, rocket launching unmanned vessel


VIDEO: After two years of trials, the Sea Knight comes to replace an older, smaller, less efficient version, that’s been upgraded with heavier armaments and can participate in special ops without endangering soldiers’ lives.

By Yoav Zitun


The Israeli Navy’s 916th Company successfully concluded the experimental period of the first model of the Sea Knight—an unmanned vessel that was successfully put into action two years ago.

In most cases, it can be controlled from a mobile caravan located in the unit’s base in Ashdod. If necessary, it can also be operated from ships at sea during special operations.

The Sea Knight is an upgraded version of the Protector, both made by Rafael. Continue Reading »

Israel Missile Defense Organization upgrades Iron Dome for maximum efficiency (VIDEO)


Watch: Seeking to augment the Iron Dome’s capabilities, since its last upgrade was in 2015, Israel’s Ministry of Defense succeeded in improving the technology behind the country’s anti-missile system.



An upgraded version of the Iron Dome missile defense system has passed a series of complex tests in recent days, improving the system’s capabilities.

According to a statement released by the Defense Ministry, the Israel Missile Defense Organization, which is responsible for the development of Israel’s multilayered defense system, in conjunction with Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the main contractor of the Iron Dome system, carried out a number of experiments using American-made components in the course of the missile interception tests for the first time. Continue Reading »

Video: Israel’s David’s Sling anti-missile missile test concludes successfully


WATCH: Israel’s Defense Ministry announced Wednesday’s trial testing concluded successfully in its entirety, managing to intercept every single simulated target in the air, and at a high altitudes far from the Israeli coastline.

By Yoav Zitun and Reuters


The Israeli security apparatus completed an experiment stretching over a number of days of the new advance David’s Sling system capable of defending against mid-range missiles.

The system is being developed and manufactured jointly by Israel’s state-owned Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd and Raytheon Co, a top US arms maker.

During the experiment that took place on Wednesday, a number of precision missiles were launched from Israeli Air Force (IAF) jets above the Mediterranean, at which the advanced system dully fired interception rockets upon detection

According to the director of the Ministry of Defense and the head of the project’s designers Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. Continue Reading »

Israel modifies IAF Apaches to fire Israeli-made missiles


view videoAfter Obama refused to supply Israel with helicopter fired missiles during Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, the IDF was forced to adapt its Apaches to fire domestically produced munitions, enabling Jerusalem the independence to decide when and/or where they are used.

By Udi Etsion


The IAF has completed modifications to its Apache helicopters that will enable them to use Israeli—in addition to US-manufactured—missiles as part of a project which has been undertaken over the course of recent months.


IAF Apaches (Peten) – Photo: IDF Spokesperson’s Unit

The modifications were presided over following a problem which arose during Operation Protective Edge in the summer of 2014 when US leaders delayed the delivery of US-made Hellfire missiles to Israel due to concerns that Israel would employ them in areas in Gaza containing population centers. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Rafael unveils new anti-Drone defense system


Able to neutralize drones of all sizes, Israel’s ‘Drone Dome’ is designed to detect, track, & down enemy drones under all weather conditions with its 360-degree coverage, wide spectrum signal jammer.

By Hezi Sternlicht & Israel Hayom Staff


Israeli defense contractor Rafael Advanced Defense Systems unveiled its newest development this week, the Drone Dome defense system, design to intercept enemy unmanned aerial vehicles.

Continue Reading »

Israel & India sign multitiered defense cooperation agreement


Israel’s Rafael and India’s Reliance Defense firm sign deals to cooperate on air-to-air missiles, air defense systems & surveillance balloons, worth $10 billion.



Rafael Advanced Defense Systems signed a cooperation agreement with India’s Reliance Defense firm on Tuesday that will encompass future deals worth 10 billion dollars, the companies announced in Goa, where the 2016 Defexpo exhibition is taking place.

Rafael-produced Namer armored personnel carrier (APC) with built-in trophy anti-missile system. – Photo: DEFENSE MINISTRY

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems signed a cooperation agreement with India’s Reliance Defense firm on Tuesday that will encompass future deals worth 10 billion dollars, the companies announced in Goa, where the 2016 Defexpo exhibition is taking place. Continue Reading »

Video of IDF’s Newest Air Defense System: Israel Air Force Begins Receiving David’s Sling


view videoWATCH: Today Israel’s Defence Ministry & Missile Defense Agency transfers control of the ‘David’s Sling’ air defense system to the IAF, as they begin receiving main components.


The Defence Ministry and the Missile Defense Agency began handing over control of the David’s Sling air defense system to the Israel Air Force on Tuesday.

The development comes after a series of successful trials were completed in December, said the Ministry’s Home Administration, which is in charge of developing missile defenses.

IAF takes possession of David’s Sling air defense system. – Photo: DEFENSE MINISTRY

The IAF’s Air Defense Branch has now begun receiving the main components of David’s Sling. Continue Reading »

Final tests of Israel’s ‘David’s Sling’ air defense system were successful, Deployment set for early 2016


view videoWATCH declassified test clip: Like Iron Dome & Arrow, David’s Sling has drawn interest from prospective foreign clients, especially since it’s also designed to intercept cruise missiles.

By Yoav Zitun


Israel’s air defense system David’s Sling has passed its final round of tests, putting it on course for deployment in 2016, the Defense Ministry said on Monday.

David’s Sling test – Photo: Israel Defense Ministry

David’s Sling is designed to shoot down rockets with ranges of 100 to 200 km (63 to 125 miles), aircraft, or low-flying cruise missiles. It will fill the operational gap between the Iron Dome short-range rocket interceptor and the Arrow ballistic missile interceptor, both already in service. Continue Reading »

Israel’s Rafael announces ‘Trophy’ tank defense system debut at US expo


view videoIsrael’s Rafael Trophy LV, a ‘light version’ anti-missile system for smaller all-terrain military vehicles, will make its 1st field demonstration at the world’s largest defense industry event.

By Hezi Sternlicht, News Agencies and Israel Hayom Staff


Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is poised to debut a new version of its Trophy tank defense system at this week’s Association of the United States Army’s annual exhibition in Washington, the largest defense industry event in the world. Also known as Windbreaker, Rafael’s tank defense system has been successfully protecting Israeli tank crews against anti-tank missiles, RPGs and other threats since 2009. Continue Reading »