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ANALYSIS from Israel: A look at who wins, loses from US-Russia Syrian ceasefire agreement

Jordan steps up taking a key position in a deal that concerns Israel’s national interests and shows Washington has stopped being an impotent observer of the Syrian catastrophe, now working with Russia to arrive at a solution.



A ceasefire went into effect on Sunday in southern Syria along the border with Israel and Jordan. It covers the provinces of Deraa, Quneitra and Suweida. US National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster provided the usual boilerplate reasons behind US support for it. The United States is committed to “helping to end the conflict in Syria.” This agreement would be an “important step toward common goals.” Continue Reading »

Syrian ‘spillover’ continues, IDF retaliates Saturday after ‘incident no.17 & 18’ this week


IDF attacked a cannon belonging to the Syrian army after two errant projectiles fall and explode on the border.
– IDF Spokesman: “We will not tolerate any breach of Israel’s sovereignty.”

By Yoav Zitun, Ahiya Raved


Two projectiles fell in the northern Israeli Golan Heights on Saturday evening, the 17th and 18th such instance this week of spillover from the civil war in Syria. No one was hurt.

In response to the spillover fire, the IDF attacked a cannon belonging to the Syrian army. The Lebanese Al Mayadeen TV network, which is affiliated with the Assad regime and Hezbollah, reported the Israeli retaliation targeted a position of the Syrian army near the Naba’a al-Fawar base. Continue Reading »

Israeli aircraft strike Syrian army post after errant projectile exploded in the Golan


IDF reported no injuries from the Syrian projectile which exploded in the Golan Heights, but Friday’s unprovoked incident was the 4th such incident this week.
– UPDATE: Watch IDF video report.

By Elad Benari


Israeli aircraft on Friday struck a Syrian army post hours after stray fire from Syria’s civil war hit the Golan Heights.

“In response to the projectile launched earlier today at Israel from Syria, an Israel Air Force aircraft targeted the Syrian army position that fired the mortar,” the English-language Israeli statement said, according to AFP.

IAF airstrike in Syria – Arab media

“The  errant projectile was a result of internal fighting in Syria,” it added. Continue Reading »

Ignoring Iranian threats, IDF retaliates again, after errant projectile explodes in Israel


Israeli forces strike back again at Syria after stray fire from internal infighting landed for the second time in open areas of Israel’s Golan Heights.

By i24NEWS


Israel Defense Forces struck back at Syria in retaliation for the stray projectile that landed in an open area of Israel’s Golan Heights.

Israeli security forces said there were no injuries and no damage from the errant projectile and it was the result of internal fighting in Syria.

IDF base and fence on Israel’s border with Syria – IsraelandStuff/PP

It was the second such incident in twenty-four hours.

In response to the spillover, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Israel’s firm stance that “whoever attacks us, we attack them.” Continue Reading »

Syrian rebel leader: ‘Israel, is not our enemy, Iran is.’


Salim Hudaifah, a former Druze intelligence officer in the Syrian army says, ‘Israel can help us. The treatment of the wounded has improved its image, but it is limited because the Arab media does not report it.’
– Assad and ISIS, he is sure, are cooperating behind the scenes.

By Itamar Eichner


“We have intelligence information that Assad is behind ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra in Syria. Assad deceives everyone on this issue, including the Russians. He’s the one who gives them orders. Israel must be very concerned that our assessment is that once Assad is cornered and feels distressed, he will order ISIS to attack Israel. Continue Reading »

Russian officials in Jerusalem seeking closer ties with Israel on Syrian unrest


In a new strategy that may end Syrian unrest, senior Russian parliamentarians meet with the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee members in Jerusalem, seeking closer cooperation based on Israeli influence inside Syria.



Russia wants to increase cooperation with Israel regarding Syria, and would like Jerusalem to use any influence it has to get opposition groups there to lay down arms and enter negotiations, Konstantin Kosachev, a senior Russian parliamentarian, told The Jerusalem Post.

Viktor Ozerov – Photo (L): Profimedia and Konstantin Kosachev – Photo (R): Medija centar Beograd

Kosachev, who chairs the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Federation Council, the upper house of Russia’s parliament, was in the country on Tuesday and Wednesday with Viktor Ozerov, the chairman of the Federation Council’s Defense and Security Committee, for meetings with the Knesset’s Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee. Continue Reading »

Wall Street Journal: Israel secretly supplies Syrian rebel groups


The WSJ reports that Israel’s policy is to ensure that Iranian-allied militant groups operating in Syria, most notably Hezbollah, are kept away from Israeli territory, including the Golan Heights.

By i24NEWS


Israel has been supplying Syrian rebel groups in the Golan Heights with funding, medical supplies, food and hard cash in an effort to create a security buffer to protect the country’s border from the maelstrom of the Syrian civil war, the Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) set up a military unit that is specifically tasked with supporting certain independent rebel groups who are not currently backed by Western powers, the Journal reported, adding that Israel provides money which the groups use to pay fighters and buy weapons. Continue Reading »

Iran backed brigade in Syria formed to liberate Golan Heights from Israel


An Iraqi Shiite brigade, supported with Russian tanks, trained by the Islamic Republic & backed with Iranian rockets, declared its intentions to liberate the Golan Heights for Syria’s Assad regime.

By Roi Kais


Equipped with Russian-made tanks (via the Syrian army), Iranian rockets and operating as an elite unit trained by the Islamic Republic, a brigade formed by the Iraqi Shiite militia declared that its target is to liberate the Golan. This brigade is the reason behind the message Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu conveyed in Russia, according to which Israel will not tolerate permanent Iranian presence in Syria. Continue Reading »

ISIS affiliate groups gaining ground in Syrian Golan offensive


The latest offensive by an ISIS-allied group in the tri-border region of southwest Syria, Israel and Jordan has quickly captured 4 villages and is currently endangering the Syrian city of Daraa, whose southwest suburb is already under ISIS control.

BY Roi Kais


ISIS-affiliated groups opened a major offensive in the tri-nation border of Israel, Syria and Jordan, attacking various rebel factions and have managed to take control of four villages—Adwan, Saham al-Jawlan, Jalin and Tasil—in addition to the strategic southwestern suburb of Daraa, which is the capital of Hauran.

Israel-Syria-Jordan triborders – Google Maps

Areas change hands somewhat frequently, but a rapid victory on this scale has not been seen in some time. Continue Reading »

IDF responds after Syrian mortar explodes in Israel


No reported causalities or damage after Syrian war spillover, when a mortar explodes near the border fence on the Israeli side of the Golan Heights Wednesday night.

By Meir Ohayon, Yoav Zitun and Nadav Papu


Earlier in the evening, a mortar shell fired from a tank in Syria exploded in open territory in the Golan Heights along Israel’s northern border. The IDF attacked a Syrian army post in retaliation.

mortar – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The IDF believes the shell was not intentionally fired at Israel, but was rather spillover from the fighting near the border between the Syrian army and rebels trying to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad. Continue Reading »

Ignoring all others in Syria, UN organization appeals for donations to assist Palestinians


Unique to only Palestinians, who have their very own UN refugee relief organization, UNRWA seeks $411 million to support only the Syrian ‘Palestinian’ refugees.

By i24news – AFP


The UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees on Monday appealed for emergency funds to provide aid to nearly half a million Palestinians affected by the war in Syria.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency, UNRWA, said almost all the estimated 450,000 Palestinian refugees still inside Syria are in “critical need” of humanitarian aid in order to survive.

UNRWA aid reaches Yarmouk refugee camp - Photo: UNRWA.ORG

UNRWA aid reaches Yarmouk refugee camp – Photo: UNRWA.ORG

It said it needed $411 million to support the Palestinians inside Syria as well as 47,000 others who have fled to neighboring Jordan and Lebanon. Continue Reading »

Hezbollah shows off its heavy weaponry, missiles in Syria

Hezbollah tanks & APCs -screenshot


The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah, with the military capabilities reserved for only national armies, shows off its arsenal of tanks and APCs on foreign soil for the 1st time ever.

By Roi Kais, Ron Ben Yishai


Arab media has published pictures of the massive amounts of Hezbollah forces in Syria. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported on the show of force, as did various Hezbollah media outlets.The Shia terror group didn’t officially publish any of the pictures.

Hezbollah tanks and APCs on display

Hezbollah tanks and APCs on display – Arab media

Lebanese media outlets are struggling to understand the message Hezbollah is trying to send with these pictures, especially since the pictures weren’t published by the terror group itself. Continue Reading »

Israel Retaliates: IDF Artillery Hits Syrian Military Targets


“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israel’s sovereignty and the security of its residents.”



The IDF on Wednesday launch and artillery strike on Syrian army targets in the norther Golan Heights in response to a mortar shell that fell in Israeli territory earlier in the day.

IDF base and fence on Israel's border with Syria - IsraelandStuff/PP

IDF base and fence on Israel’s border with Syria – IsraelandStuff/PP

The mortar shell was thought to have breached the border as fallout from fighting in Syria, however the IDF said it holds the Syrian regime responsible for all activities emanating from its territory.

“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israel’s sovereignty and the security of its residents,” the military said in a statement on the matter. Continue Reading »

Syrian mortar falls in Golan Heights, no one hurt, no damage


Israel is once again hit by stray fire from Syria following approximately 2 months of relative quiet.
• IDF reports no one hurt in the incident, with no property damage yet reported.

By Ahiya Raved and Yoav Zitun


A mortar shell from Syria landed inside Israeli territory in the Golan Heights region, the IDF reported Wednesday morning. No one was harmed by the mortar, and no property damage was reported.


IDF guard post and fence on the Israel-Syria border on the Golan Heights – Photo: IsraelandStuff/PP

The landing was likely the result of a stray shell fired during the fighting in the war-ridden country. Continue Reading »

IAF jets attacked Syrian regime cannons on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights


A military source stated that Tuesday’s mortar fire may likely have been accidental spillover from battles between Assad regime forces & rebels in Syria’s civil war, but Israel will always respond to military attacks against its sovereignty.



The Israeli Air Force struck cannons belonging to the Syrian regime late Tuesday evening in response to a number of mortar rounds that fell into Golan Heights just hours earlier, according to a military statement.

“The IDF will not tolerate any attempt to harm Israel’s sovereignty and security of its citizens,” the statement said, adding Israel holds the Syrian government responsible for any weapons launched into its territory. Continue Reading »